Friday, 27 February 2004

Job satisfaction

Yesterday in En Jalil's office -Company Secretary TM International Sdn Bhd

Mama Amni: En Jalil, the way you work, I really admire that you are willing to come to office walaupun tengah cuti dan kerja sampai tengah malam untuk siapkan kerja.

[actually, En Jalil was on MC because of his eyes, but he came to the office to help me and my HK counterparts for board resolution]

En Jalil: It's the job satisfaction, Aida. I believe that and that's why I am willing to do all this.

Yerp.. it's the job satisfaction... if you really loved to do your work, you are willing to go for another milestone doing it. And I do admit it, I do not have the job satisfaction yet. Just click in my mind En Jalil, it's the job satisfaction you are aiming for.

Tabahnya budak itu.. yang tak pernah kutahu nama untuk menjadi dewasa lebih daripada usianya
Tabahnya budak itu.. untuk gembira dan bersukaria dan sudi lagi melayan anak aku ketika diri sendiri terumbang ambing

Cut + paste from Alang's blog..

KAU KUSAYANG (untuk Firzanah Amni)

Kau tersenyum
Ku terpaku
Cahaya di wajahmu
Hanyalah untukku

Sinaran matamu
Menusuk di kalbu
Tak mungkin ku melupakan
Sebegini pengalaman
Lalu hati pun berkata
Segala untukmu

Satu masa nanti
Pasti kau temui
Tabahkanlah hati
Jangan lupakan Ilahi

Akan tiba bahagia
Tak mungkin sendirian
Terhurai dalam lagu berkumandang
Di buai dalam mimpi
Kau ku sayang

Segala untukmu

p/s: Lagu ditujukan untuk baby Amni, atas permintaan maknyer si Aida tu...:P

Notes: Alang, Amni da' glamour baby got a song for her to sleep... wakakaka

Thursday, 26 February 2004

Wasiat ke-46:

Dari Al Husain bin Muhsan, bahawa makciknya datang kepada Nabi s.a.w., untuk suatu keperluan. Namun dia tidak mendapatkan apa yang diperlukannya, lalu Nabi s.a.w., bertanya kepadanya:
'Apakah engkau mempunyai suami?'
Dia menjawab: 'Ya'
Beliau bertanya: 'Bagaimanakan kedudukanmu di sampingnya?'
Dia menjawab: 'Aku tidak mengabaikannya kecuali yang memang aku tidak mampu mengerjakannya.'
Beliau berkata: 'Maka lihatlah, di mana kedudukanmu disampingnya, kerana dia adalah Syurgamu dan Nerakamu.'

+ Bererti: suami merupakan sebab yang boleh memasukkan dirimu ke Syurga, iaitu selagi engkau melaksanakan haknya atas dirimu.
+ Namun selagi engkau meremehkan hak-hak tersebut dan tidak mengetahuinya, maka suami boleh menyebabkan dirimu masuk ke Neraka.

Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah... how lucky I am to be with a husband who never complaints to me about anything, just listening and doesn't even raise his voice even though I keep complaining about everything
Ya Allah, I never realise how great his love to me even though I am not a perfect human being
Ya Allah, I never thank him for bringing me smile when I was down
Ya Allah, I never thank him for being there with me all the time and stood the test of time

Ya Allah, I never even tell him how I was full of love when he unexpectedly kissed me on the forehead before the operation of delivering Firzanah Amni [that is one sweet tender moment that I really remembered well]

Ya Allah, thank you for giving Muhammad Firdaus Sahak to guide me throughout our marriage life

Tuesday, 24 February 2004

Amni is down with fever after her 2nd HIB injection and polio. Bought her KoolFever and paste it on her forehead.

She was like.. "duh, what is this thing sticking on my forehead?"
Keep playing with KoolFever on her forehead. Her eyes also are going up to see what's on her forehead. Hahaha

Also bought a digital thermometer and put it in Amni's mouth. She doesn't like it though.. Her baby soother is much better.

She has two of it- one yellow and one green (in the picture: 1st from the right). High taste, perhaps? Avent is really expensive- keep making holes in my pockets.

Sehari dalam hidup Firzanah Amni

12.00 a.m.
Nangis- dapat upah susu

4.00 a.m.
Nangis- ibu upah susu lagi. Aku tidur dengan puting botol susu dalam mulut

7.00 a.m.
Nangis- dapat breakfast susu cap Snow. Sambung tido balik

10.00 a.m.
Feeding time lagik. Ibu tukar baju dgn lap badan aku sikit. Ibu cakap nanti takut demam balik sebab aku baru kene injek dgn doktor 2 hari lepas.. sakit oo. Ibu pakaikan gaun Minnie Mouse

10.30 a.m.
Aku muntah susu. Abah tukarkan baju. Dia cakap, kalau jalan-jalan baru boleh pakai gaun.

11.00 a.m.
Aku melepas. Baunya menyengat cam telur busuk. Aku buat muka cool. Ibu ngan abah basuh aku kat sinki dapur.

11.30 a.m.
Aku merengek- nak suruh abah angkat. Abah masukkan aku dalam buai. Tengok siling sambil kena buai. Tido.

12.30 p.m.
Minum susu lagi. Apsal susu ni rasa pelik?

12.45 p.m.
Tengok Kal Ho Naa Ho dengan ibu. Sambil-sambil tu, tengok mitten aku warna biru. Aku hisap mitten [kena marah ngan ibu]. Sambung tido balik

2.30 p.m.
Hisap botol lagi. Aku sambung tengok hindustan ngan ibu [apsal lama sangat ha citer ni?]. Pastu tengok ibu kesat2 air mata ngan kain lampin aku

3.15 p.m.
Akhirnya habis gak citer hindustan. Pergi kacau abah yang tengah tido. Ibu angkat baju

3.30 p.m.
Praktis meniarap sambil kejutkan abah. Berjaya gak kejutkan abah

3.45 p.m.
Berkali-kali praktis, hari ni tak meniarap pulak. Semalam kat rumah nenek, terer pulak. Aku nangis nak dukung. Ibu dukung pastu bagi puting. Aku hisap puting dan tidur

5.00 p.m.
Nenek dgn Che Su datang- aku masih tido

5.15 p.m.
Jaga dari tido

5.30 p.m.
Nangis- nenek upah susu Snow lagi -sedapnye :P
Pastu ibu mandikan aku -dia cakap dah bergelen-gelen peluh aku, tu kene mandi

5.45 p.m.
Dah wangi. Nenek ngan Cik Su pakaikan baju. Ibu bagi puting. Aku main ngan tangan aku lagi, pastu tido

7.30 p.m.
Feeding time again. Abah kata nak gi klinik -die demam

9.15 p.m.
Aku nangis lagi- feeding time again. Nak suruh abah dukung tapi abah masukkan dalam buai pulak. Aku tengok siling sambil isap puting

9.45 p.m.
Tido laa

12.00 a.m.
Kejut ibu, nak susu.... waaaaaaa

Tuesday, 17 February 2004

Alhamdulillah, we manage to pull off our 'jalan² cari makan' open house last Sunday. Amni wore 3 gowns.. she keep vomitting her milk.. -bless her - so, we have to change her gowns quiet frequently. To the last count, 76 people came and makan² in our home. I love ikan bakar done by Auntie Faridah (Ummi's next door neighbour). The guests ate so much that they are just so full when I keep passing them the curry puffs and homemade agar². The seniors from my husband's batch did come.. especially the long lost one.. like abang Jas. Nisa' was the last guest and we chat quiet a lot. Irra did came with Maryam and Salman (her siblings). Well, I was expecting her family will be coming.. all of them, in fact (10 in a row.. hahah). I guess all end well.

I took leave yesterday. Thank God, since Amni was down with high fever and she just keep sleeping all the time. She did not kick quiet frequently -that's a sign she is unwell- and she did not turn over her body -that's also another sign-. I guess she's just so tired because she did hit 39 C yesterday

But today, alhamdulillah, she is already in her high spirit -she keep kicking in the air.

p/s: Alang, my blog is just so full of Amni

Friday, 13 February 2004

From The Sunday Star
22nd July 2001

Use the best of both worlds
On The Beat With Wong Chun Wai

DEVIL-worshipping may have become a trend among some young Malaysianswho fancy black metal music but worshipping foreigners is certainly more prevalent.

Take a walk along the trendy restaurants in Bangsar and Desa SriHartamas and you wonder why these young Malaysians are going out withCaucausians who are old enough to be their fathers.

It's of course a blow to the ego and self-esteem of many Malaysianmales.

One possible explanation for the preference of these white men couldbe their bulging wallets or our Malaysian women's misconception that these foreigners are more romantic, having watched too many Hollywoodmovies.

But it is the preference for a foreigner, a somewhat novelty, in their arms that is the more the likely reason for the increasing number of"sarong party girls."

Like satan-worshipping, it is a sign against local convention and Asian traditional customs and religious rules.

Local political satire Politik Kedai Kopi naughtily claims thepreference for a Caucasian male partner is particularly prevalentamong Malay women.

It describes foreigner-worshipping as among the sins of the Malays besides being involved in poison-pen literature and get-rich-quick schemes.

But Malaysian men ought to share the blame too. After all, they areunlikely to take these often well-endowed "sarong party girls" home tointroduce to their mothers as prospective brides.

My Malay colleagues also wonder why the more religious Malays prefer to dress up like Arabs with serbans and long flowing robes.

Beside Caucasians and Arabs, young Malaysians, particularly theChinese, seem to imitate anything Japanese these days.

I thought Malaysian youths only have black hair but these days, theycome in red, brown, orange, red and even blond.

It is terribly confusing for someone like me, who still thinks he isliberal-minded at 40 and having grown up with Saturday Night Fever. Iam finding it hard to comprehend this fondness for multi-colouredhair.

Hong Kong used to be the benchmark of youngsters from Cheras and Kepong. No longer.

When the Prime Minister initiated the Look East policy, where we were told to emulate the industriousness of the Japanese, he certainly didnot have in mind Frankenstein-like platform shoes.

My Indian colleagues are still trying to understand why their younger brethren within the community prefer to dress and talk like they havejust stepped out from a Bronx ghetto in New York although they arefrom Brickfields and Sentul.

With their clean-shaven heads and poor attempts to sound like a soulbrother, one can sense the underlining admiration and adoration theseyoungsters have for American Blacks and their desire to hide their Indian roots.

It's a crying shame because the Tamil culture is rich and isrecognised for its intellectual history.

But that has been sacrified for some mindless rap talk which is a pale shadow of the Indian heritage.

Tune into our radio stations and there is no shortage of disc jockeys who think and believe that speaking correct English means sounding like a white man or a black man.

We laugh at our Malaysian-accent English but strangely, and without thinking, we embrace the French and the Spaniards for their heavilyaccented, even flawed English, with the misguided belief that theysound romantic.

And many of us think they really sound good simply because that has been grounded into our minds by the media.

Paris is perceived as a romantic city simply because that's what the media, especially the movies, say.

Never mind the fact that Parisians are snooty, rude and refuse to acknowledge English-speaking Malaysians struggling to buy a croissant, which is tasteless compared to the local roti tissue.

There's no end to foreigner-worshipping, really. Many of our hotel receptionists and restaurant waitresses are guilty of giving preference to foreigners, especially whites.

I am sure many of us, at some point, have experienced the contempt of some hotel workers for locals.

But thank God, our Culture, Arts and Tourism Ministry officials have more sense than our hospitality services workers.

Malaysia is being aggressively promoted in India, China and West Asia because tourists from these areas have a passion for shopping, which is good for our economy.

The older white tourists prefer to sit by the pool with a book, the middle-aged prefer the sex industry in Phuket and Bangkok while the young are backpackers with tight budgets.

Having said that, Malaysians should be mindful of not enouraging racism or xenophobia, the hatred for foreigners.

It will be myopic for us to be inward looking. History is filled with leaders who bring disasters to their country because of their narrow nationalistic views.

Malaysia needs to be wary of politicians who refuse to accept the importance of English or orthodox religious types who preach against liberalism. Worse still, those who think circus acts are immoral.

Let's take the best of foreign values and assimilate them into our local context. Not everything foreign is wrong and not everything Malaysian is right either.

Devil-worshipping or foreigner-worshipping aside, nothing will stop many of us from watching the Red Devils at work tonight.

The Star

This is quiet a good article Alang
yes.. yes... Amni turns her body over last night.. twice i might repeat.. TWICE! I already told everyone in the family about it.
And Farid, you should see Aini... her tummy is already big like the size of basketball :P

Thursday, 5 February 2004

Last 2 days, received e-mail from gurubesar informing that the pengendalis in BMC was grouped. Another pengendali was on the boat i.e. nahzaluz. I was handling Bicara Muslimah but abg Aliff is the one who keep updating it.. hehe *thanks abg Aliff.. a lot*

I am considering myself as the die hard fan of BMC since I have make the page my homepage and I surf BMC all the time. I think I really love to surf there because everyone throw their ideas based on hadith and Quranic verses. I always use logic to answer questions but I think it's a good start that sometimes I answer the users' questions based on hadith that I found in the internet. And I was wondering why did in the first place abg Aliff considered me as the pengendali for Bicara Muslimah forum?

Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Back from Malacca yesterday.
Went to KLCC and bought Bagaimana Akhirnya Saya Bertudung. Just read a few pages and sleep with Amni. She woke up only 2 times last night *good girl*

Today, we sent her to Makcik Minah's house. She still sucks her pacifier when I send her there. My husband was really helpful in preparing her things. I don't know how I am going to send Amni when my husband will be outstation soon.

The office mood was down since everyone is still in holiday mood. I arrived at 8 a.m. and still, at 8.30 a.m., only a few was around - 5 people to be exact