Thursday, 29 April 2004

Firdaus is coming home today from KT.. can't wait for the keropok lekor... yipeee
And someone to share my chores.. hahaha

Aini, thanks for the best of luck wishes
Err.. why one of our toilet cubicles is locked? It has been 4 days already, maybe someone is dead inside :gosh: A murder, perhaps? I keep banging the door when there is no one around. Err.. but if someone did make a sound from inside that cubicle, I might have a heart attack.. teheheh. Is the toilet being used by some drug syndicate to stash their drug stocks inside? Most probably.. hmm

Can someone tell me why?

Wednesday, 28 April 2004

Macam bosan nak update blog
Mungkin masa angin ada, baru mula menulis balik
Kerja aku bertimbun bak gunung sekelumit cuma -macam org Admin sini cakap.. duhh [life is ironic]

Makin ramai pula tegur aku nampak pucat -stress of work la guys, kalau korang duduk kat tempat aku pun korang benci dengan kerja aku
Those OLD days!! You grew up watching He-man, Transformers, Thundercats, Silver Hawk, Space Cop Gaban, Ultraman, and Mighty Mouse. Not to forget, Ninja Turtles, Mask and Smurfs too. You grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in primary school after recess time. You squatted by a drain with all your classmates beside you, and brushed your teeth with a colourful mug. Remember the days when the school nurse comes with a list for the dentist appointments, the sound of the drilling when your friend has a fill in his tooth.

You remember the packets of milk (Projek Susu Segar) and milo we get in primary school to encourage us to drink more milk. And when we had to line up just to get one cup, and some of us would line up again for another cup of cold milo. And remember we use to buy susu sekolah and get stomach-ache the next day. During primary (some KBSR & 3M) school days, the teacher will punish you using a long ruler to hit your palm. A bowl of noodle soup cost only 40c in primary school days. When you were in primary school, girls like to go to the bookshop to buy cute stuff such as animal erasers, sharpeners, notebook etc. Play with these paper doll... with all the paper clothes.. etc etc In secondary (some KBSM) school, girls go to the library to borrow their favourite romance storybook. In secondary school, girls altered their school skirt to shorten it and guys will go to the school appointed school uniform tailor shop to tailor make their school trousers to the then fashionable "baggy pants" , or the GQ one with all the 'batik' or buckle at the edge of the pocket! the straight cut jeans.. or codroy... In secondary school days, you buy the Bata BM Turbo school shoes. Some guys like to wear those china made ankle high shoes. Some even like to wear those very thick socks with their school shoes. remember the panda, carefree or warrior shoes.. :)

Internet? E-mail? What the hell is that? So you thought a decade or more ago. Your friends don't have pagers or handphones in school. CDs? What's that? Cassette tapes were the norm. Movie tickets used to cost less than $5 last time. there is no KLCC.. Pertama or Bukit Bintang the only place we have.. The goodies from Mamak shop used to be Mamee, Ka ka, Kum Kum, Ding Dang choco balls (with toys in the box) + the mat sentul voices as a jingle, colourful hard "egg", "cigerette" chocolate, pink bottle of bubbles, and small tubes with yellow sticks to blow "more lasting" bubbles that you can pop more air in or slam it on. You never forget 'Ti Kam'. When exams are over, the board games (eg: UNO, Monopoly, CLUEDO) & hand held video games will be all over the class room. Girls will start playing 'batu seremban'. guys with 'tudung botol oren' Your favourite sound is the bell! For it's the homemade ice cream man. The cream that tops Haagan Dazs! The pink colour ice-cream with eyes plus a wide smile. Another bell is the recess bell, a time to get away from school work and to eat. Another time when there is no bell but all guys will anxiously wait for it...The PJ, PE time (time for football!!)

Your favourite childhood games were playing "guli"(marbles), five stones, zero-point, catching, and/or "Pepsi-Cola one two three"! The best thirst quencher of all times is the yummy colourful ice tubes you can buy from provision shops. To eat them, break the tab and suck while holding the freezing tube! All gals had barbie > > dolls, My Little Pony, pound puppy, Polly Pocket and etc, while all boys had star wars figurines or a rubber band catapult that shoots folded paper or eraser bits. Once was the era whereby ice-cream sticks were valueable items, than came the paper aircrafts, chalk fights. Everyone envied the class monitor and his assitant, cos they were the ones who came up with the daily duty roster, giving names to teacher on who makes the most noise and who's running around the class. The elite group are the prefects, the one with license to move around, they consider themselves above the law when not many students actually listened to them, and that's when the PK Hem comes in. Some boys made their own guns from wood,and used 'Bacali' as the bullets. Some even used matches to shoot and burn kids' lanterns during Latern Festival.. and you also rather to 'ponteng sekolah' juz to watch final episod of Moero Attack .. miss that much.. sommersault berkembar... hehehe.. still remember this one..

Cheers to the 70's..80's babies... WE RULE THIS WORLD!

Smile in front of the computer.. say cheese :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2004

(1) Amni in Shahzan Inn, Kuantan with saliva dripping on her jumper
(2) Amni smiling with tongue stuck out

Monday, 26 April 2004

The Ahmad's daughters strike back.

11.15 a.m.
Me: See the Star yesterday? Ada MPH Warehouse Sale.
[Aini went CRAZY about the news]

2.55 p.m.
Me: Wanna go to the MPH Sale tak?
Aini: Hey, of course-lah
Me: Better call Alyaa. She might want to go. We are one whole bunch of bookworms.

[On the phone]
Me: Alyaa, ada MPH Warehouse Sale? Wanna go?
Alyaa: OF COURSE-lah. Wait, can we go at 3.30? Afiqah hasn't finish her homeworks.
Me: She also wanted to GO?
[Alyaa and Afiqah went CRAZY over the news] -well, the Ahmad's daughters always go CRAZY if there is a book warehouse sale.

4.30 p.m.
Me: Aini, put the books in the box, I have already picked one
Aini: Huh? So small. We are going to buy lots of books
Me: O ha-ah. Terlupe laks we are bookworms. Ok, I will get a bigger box

5.40 p.m.
Me: Hey, sis, where are you? We want to pay for your books [talking to Alyaa in the phone]
Aini: Ummi give them RM 300 to spend on books, no need for us to pay

5.45 p.m.
Aini: How much did you spend?
Me: RM 300
Alyaa: RM 150 for me, and RM 150 for Afiqah
Aini: Around RM 200 +

Wowee... MPH so kaya to get us as their customers. Our family spent RM 800 + on the book warehouse sale.

The Ahmad's daughters will go CRAZY and strike again. Over book sales. [as usual]

I bought this for RM 159.00 -photographed by a Japanese Muslim ;). Anyone want to borrow?

Saturday, 24 April 2004

I said to my husband like a million years ago that I would like to buy a new pair of shoes. So every time we went to a shopping complex, the husband would suggest me to look around for my pair of new shoes. Being fickle mided, I would said to him that my shoes is still OK even though I also looked around to buy a new one.

Some drastic actions that should be done by my husband before I rethink whether I should buy new shoes or not:

Use my shoes until it is worn and torn and maybe make a hole like Aini's
Make my shoes look VERY dirty and disgustable [in fact, till the point that I don't recognise it as my own] - for this one, you can use the black wax that we are using for cleaning your black shoes
Throw away my shoes somewhere that I didn't know - hutan belantara would be much better
Cut my shoes with scissors
Burn my shoes with a big fire - when we go camping


Be a shoe murderer- use a very BIG knife to cut and slash my shoes - parang would be excellent

After the husband implement one of my suggestions above, then I know it is time to buy a new one.

Friday, 23 April 2004

What Amni is good at:

(1) Roll over and over and over till her head got stuck under the buai
(2) Burping with lots of sticky milk coming out -after 1 hour of feeding
(3) Playing with her pacifier in the mouth and making sounds like 'POO', the next thing I know, the puting goes VERY high in the air
(4) Poos here and there -especially at a BIG mall (example: Midvalley and Kuantan Megamall)
(5) Smile with her tongue stuck out and her saliva keep dripping on her clothes
(6) Sleep and woke up the next morning with one whole body sweating

Oh ya.. another list for Farid. Since Farid had been asking around for us to recommend a girl friend for him, let me list some of his.. err.. qualities:

Very independent and for sure can win your parents' hearts
Very jolly and LOYAL
Love to see Hindustan movie [err?]
And LAST... he really can COOK!

Anyone interested, give me a call, e-mail or jot under the comments section. Selection is strictly based on the interviews done by ..ehem.. US [me + Aini] -well, if Shaza balik, sure can join us in the selection process. If you failed to impress us, then it is a NO NO for us to recommend you to our big hearted Farid. No disco type, no ronggeng ronggeng type and no dangdut type. And, er... must be beautiful, alim and smart -bimbos shouldn't apply- since our Farid has a really sharp mind and can speak about politics for hours. If bimbos apply, then you will surely stare DUMBLY at him.

If you want to submit your resume to us, please don't forget to send a picture also

P/s: Farid, any criteria you want to add up? I can amend my list :P

Thursday, 22 April 2004

The Ultimate Mom Test
from: Tickle

Aida, you've got what it takes to be an All-Natural Mom!

Recipe for: The All-Natural Mom
Quote: "Yes, it's fruit for dessert again!"

A big dose of care (with a dash of concern)
Plenty of fiber
Green, leafy veggies (either encouraged or enforced)
Wholesomeness sprinkled throughout
Add if desired: tofu

Mix all ingredients with fresh air, sunshine, and a sense of humor. Serve with love.

Whether you're just trying to make sure something green (Gatorade doesn't count) passes your kids' lips once in awhile, or whether you're calculating your family's intake of antioxidants, you're a woman with health on your mind. Which is why we might find you outdoors playing tag with your kids before dinner (with plenty of sunscreen on everyone), or reminding the kids at bedtime that they only have to floss the teeth they want to keep.

You have a lot more on your busy mind than just fats, carbs and proteins—you know that food is more than what keeps tummies from rumbling. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and so do your healthy choices. The good habits you teach can last a lifetime. So what if the raisin snacks and low-fat dinner recipes don't always make you the most popular member of the household. You've got your mind set on a higher goal.

Your style is full of energy and ingenuity. Which is why you can leap over junk food and lethargy in a single bound, and juggle all of your responsibilities in- and outside of the home.

Tip: Don't forget to indulge every once and awhile! Nutrition is important, but that occasional gooey treat won't ruin your healthy lifestyle. It'll just make it more fun!
Woww... two days in Kuantan.. Really tiring. We booked a double room -with two single beds at Shahzan's Inn. Amni sleeps with me in her abah's kain pelikat. She was really something, keep moving in her sleep. Firdaus only has to go for about 30 minutes to each Kedai Telekom (only 2 Kedai Telekom in Pahang), so we spent a lot of time with Amni. Went to Kuantan Berjaya Megamall and she poos again at a BIG mall.. ick icky yucks.. I washed her at the wash basin.

We bought DVDs at RM 12.50 each [very good price!]- Forrest Gump, Harry Potter 2 [shame on me, fanactics of Harry but still haven't seen the 2nd movie], Lord of The Rings 3 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Oh yeah, this is the video cam that we bought last Sunday


New Mobile Compact Low-Profile Design
1/4", 1.33 megapixel CCD
HG Digital Stills (1600x1200/1280x960/1024x768/ 640x480)
Web Camera Function and MPEG-4 Email Video Clips
10x optical/ 500X Digital Hyper Zoom with Spline Interpolation
3.0" 110k-pixel LCD Color Monitor

And added Kak Rai's blog link :) -another preggy mom in the boat ;)

Monday, 19 April 2004

Going to Kuantan tomorrow. My husband has field work for 2 days in Kuantan. Will update in Thursday - insya' Allah
Mak Su held a birthday party for 1-year-old Yasmin last Saturday. We ate a lot until we were so full and have to cancel our suggestion of having dinner at Satay Kajang Haji Samuri that night! And to think Kak Hannah didn't know there is Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, euww.. she has been here more than 17 years.. I have never taste Satay Kajang before I got married, but I did know Kajang is really famous of its Haji Samuri's satay :)

Went to PC fair yesterday, and Firdaus bought a JVC handy cam.. I don't know which model it is, but I will soon let you guys know after my husband show me which one in the JVC website ;). It's really a good deal, to grab those handy cam with their free gifts such as tripod, bags, cassete, USB cable and remote. The first person we experiment using the handy cam is our baby, Amni. Maybe I can send the audition tape of Amni talking to the camera for a part in TV commercials of Fitti Basic or Pureen Basic :D

Due date for this pregnancy is 21 November 2004. Last year, I delivered Amni during the holy month of Ramadhan and this year, the same date for Amni's birthday is the first daya of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Two years in a row for me with no new baju raya. Hope I can taste some kuih raya for this year's raya.

Thursday, 15 April 2004

This is one really tough baby.

I thought I may have to abort it, since I keep bleeding, but when the doctor scanned yesterday, the heartbeat is VERY loud. So, the hubby hugged me during our way to the pharmacy and said "This baby is really strong, Aida." And in a way, he was implying that this is God's gift to us and Amni.. another addition to Firdaus' family.

Before yesterday's check up, I still have mixed feelings about my pregnancy. It's still quiet new for me to get pregnant again after I delivered Amni 5 months ago. However, Allah's willing, He did show us yesterday that this baby can survive despite the oddity that the baby faced with the mixed feelings of the parents. You go, my darling baby...

Ok guys, I am on MC till tomorrow. Don't miss me, I am quiet happy at home, and will be making some spaghetti for my hubby.. *nyam nyam*

p/s: Lynn dearie, has your sis-in-law deliver the baby? Hope she is as healthy as Daniel and Maria ;)

Monday, 12 April 2004

Father's blues

Last Friday

Me: Abang, ayah told me they will babysit Amni 2morrow.
Abang: Ok, but Amni must sleep here 2nite.

Oh, so sweet.. why don't you admit you miss Amni?

X o X o X o


Abang: When is Amni coming back? She has been spending the entire Saturday with her grandma & grandpa. We came home everyday late at night and she was fast asleep. When it's weekend, she is also not in our home. How can we spend time playing with her?


Thursday, 8 April 2004

Naughty girl

A 4 1/2-month naughty girl berak on my lap this morning while feeding her Snow. She was feeding quiet happily for 5 minutes and suddenly she stops. Just going to burp her when I hold her high and icky yuckss.. her berak is all over her clothes.. I shouted at my husband to come upstairs and clean that girl. Suddenly Firdaus the handsome asked me if the naughty girl's berak also affected my baju kurung. And I saw that our lovely naughty thing has also left some souvenir for me. This morning, I have to clean one naughty girl and one baju kurung altogether.

Even when we send her to Opah's house this morning, she also give me another souvenir on my baju kurung. She burped on me and I have the naughty girl's smelly milk all over me.

Wednesday, 7 April 2004

Hindustan blues

Last Thursday, watched Kal Ho Naa Ho for the 2nd time
Last Saturday, watched Lagaan for the.. mphh mphh.. 6? 7? 8? times
I love Lagaan :)

So here is my Hindustan movies fav list:
1) Lagaan
2) Hum Dil De Chuke Sanaam
3) Kal Ho Naa Ho
4) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
5) Dil Chahta Hai
6) Yes Boss
7) Pardes

And I think most new Hindustan movies are craps with the young faces- about college love.. and more love stuff.. yucks
Oh, did you guys notice Karan Johar in Kal Ho Naa Ho? He was in the 'Pretty Woman' song wearing t-shirt and cap.. FYI, Karan Johar is the director for the hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Ok guys, ask me anything about Hindustan.. please??? I am so desperate to answer anything about Hindustan right now.
And hey, ever wonder how did the Hidustan actors / actresses preserve their looks eh? Neelam has been acting since I was in Standard 4 (1990) but her face never ever have wrinkles when I saw her in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Heheh, should be asking what jamu did she take to look so good in her mid-30s.

Ever wonder why is it that when the actresses were lip synching, they all have the same voice?
Only one singer for Hindustan actress, Lata Mangheskar. She is now 60 + and she had been singing for Hindustan movies since 18.

Ever wonder why is it that when the actors were lip synching, they have different voice?
Each actor was assigned to one singer as they have the same tone of voice.. Like Shah Rukh Khan, his voice is like Abhijeet or Udit Narayan and for Aamir Khan, his voice is like A.R. Rahman

Do you know Aishwarya Rai is Miss World and Sushmita Sen is Miss Universe in the same year?
Yayaya, and India also won the hat tricks for Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific in year 2002

Ever wonder why I write all these Hindustan craps?

p/s: If you guys want an answer for the mystery that surrounds Hindustan film, do not hesitate to jot down. I will readily answer everything.

p/p/s: Next time, I will be testing my knowledge about English Premier League. btw, I acquire vast knowledge about football after I married a Manchester United's fan (read between the line: fanatic of MU).

Friday, 2 April 2004

Baby blues

Went to Tawakal yesterday. Met Dr. Rahman and the first thing he asked was

"How long have you guys been married?"

Duh, is it me or my husband who looks like a high school student or what? The hubby gleefully told him we have been married for one year + and we have a daughter last November. That doesn't surprise him much though. But when I told him I deliver my baby through Ceaserian, he was stunned. For me, that spells, bad news. I saw him put a note inside my record and asked what is Amni's weight at birth. I told him: 2.9 kg. He looked relieved though. He said I have a good chance delivering normal. THAT'S A VERY GOOD NEWS!

Sorry doc, one baby every year, a productive family.. hehe
He scanned my tummy and said the baby has not develop yet.. it's just 16 mm. I stared at the screen and just barely see the baby's form after Dr. Rahman magnifies it like 6 or 7 times for us to see. He was quiet concerned since I have been bleeding and not sure whether the baby is still intact or not. Ok, have to wait till 14 April to confirm that. Meanwhile, at any time if the bleeding occurs too much, he asked us to go straight away to the hospital..

He offered longer MC for me yesterday, but I said no. Wonders how I can cope with my work if I keep MC-ing for a long time. Just looking at the piles of works yesterday makes me dizzy.

I am taking a break and the hubby is in the office. Just wish that the bleeding stop somehow.. it just keep worsening

Thursday, 1 April 2004

Tips on how to get free MCs from the doctor

1. Get married and get pregnant
2. Try walking quickly down or up the stairs (the higher the stairs, the better)
3. Wait a moment
4. Check whether you are bleeding (from the vagina) or not
5. If there is blood, go straight away to the clinic
6. Mention to the doctor you are pregnant and bleeding
7. Doctor will give 2 or 3 days MC straight away!


OK guys, I am going to Hospital Tawakal after this. The doctor said I would be admitted to the hospital next week (whether bleeding/not) since I have continuosly bleeds for a week. However, I request her to do a referral letter today so I can be in the hospital earlier rather than waiting nervously for next week while I am still bleeding.