Monday, 31 May 2004

To my abah and ibu for their concerns on my all-over spots skin. I still have the red spots when they send me to the baby sitter's house this morning -Firzanah

You are dressing your 3-year-old when you notice a rough, pimply red rash on her back and chest. You also find it on her arms and legs. What could it be? Should you call the doctor?

You pick your 6-year-old up from school and notice his cheeks are bright red. He feels a little warm and then shows you a red lacy rash on his arms. You rush over to the doctor's office; afraid he might have some usual illness.

An hour after dinner you are giving your one-year-old a bath. You notice a red and white, raised welt on her tummy. You find more on her legs. Fifteen minutes later she is practically covered in welts. What could this be? Should you rush her to the ER?

Such situations are very common during childhood. Children are constantly exposed to a variety of illness and irritants that can cause a rash. The purpose of this site section is threefold: to help you recognize several of the most common childhood rashes, to help you figure out what the cause of your child's particular rash might be and how to treat it, and most importantly to help you decide if a rash is dangerous and requires an urgent page to your doctor or if it can wait until the next day to be evaluated.

In fact, there is basically only one rash that requires immediate medical evaluation - this is a rash called petechiae or purpura, which involves ruptured blood vessels under the skin. We will discuss later how to recognize this rash. Virtually all other rashes can wait until you can call your doctor's office to schedule an appointment.

Here are two general guidelines:

1. If your child is happy, and the rash does not bother her, you don't need to get it evaluated.

2. Most of these rashes can stay around for weeks. They will eventually go away on their own. Your doctor should evaluate any rash that persists for more than four weeks.

This rash is called petechiae or purpura. It is caused by ruptured blood vessels under the skin. Petechiae appear as tiny, red, pinpoint, flat spots. They look as if someone used a fine-tip red ink pen to put little dots on the skin. Purpura is similar, but is larger and can be more purple or blue in color. The two most important signs that you can use to distinguish these spots from other rashes are:

They don't blanch when you press on them. Many other kinds of spots, when pressed, will turn white or skin colored for 1 or 2 seconds, and then turn red again. Petechiae and purpura will stay red or purple. They won't blanch at all when pressed.
They are completely flat. Because they occur under the skin, you won't be able to feel any bump.
Last Friday's nasi goreng kampung, quiet nice for the husband to eat and I don't know why I was so rajin to do the complex nasi goreng rather than just plain and simple that I always prepare. Here is the recipe -quiet easy actually ;), I don't look at the recipe book, just do it myself.. jeezz.. :)

Nasi Goreng Kampung
Bahan A:
2 biji bawang merah atau 1 biji bawang besar
1 ulas bawang putih
7 biji cili padi
Segenggam ikan bilis

Bahan B:
1/2 batang lobak merah
Sayur campur (secukup rasa) -mixed vegetables (the one usually found in supermarkets in big packs)

1 biji telur
Nasi putih
Garam secukup rasa

1. Kisar bahan A dan ketepikan
2. Panaskan minyak dalam kuali
3. Masukkan bahan A ke dalam kuali
4. Apabila baunya harum, masukkan bahan B
5. Masukkan telur dan kacau
6. Masukkan nasi putih
7. Tambah garam secukup rasa

Your nasi goreng kampung is done in 5 minutes.. no need for any kicap to be added.
Happy cooking!

Friday, 28 May 2004

Berborak-borak di chatter box Alang.. kes jealous dia asyik tribute kat orang lain (spt Amy dan Caza) dan bukan aku.. ngee

Refer posting May 13, 2004 for Caza
angah: die buat tribute kat caza je.. kat kite takde lak [kes jeles kemain] :P
along: :P :P
Alang: Aini, Aida, jangan jeles ekk..nanti cepat tue!!

Refer posting May 24,2004 for Amy
Alang: Amy, perasan tak lagu background is Time To Say Goodbye, it's for u..
angah: ahaha.. ingat nak nyanyi lagu Selamat Tinggal Amerika :P
angah: bile nak buat tribute kat aku lak
along: sabo sabo ngah :p
angah: khas untuk aini -> :P
Alang: Heheehe..janganlah mintak-mintak..aku tulis spontan ajer ngah..
angah: oo kire nanti when i die ke, baru ade tribute kat aku
Amy : ha..ha.ha.. angah, relax2 nanti farid buatlah special tribute kat, cam mana lagu selamat tinggal america tu, nyanyi jap...
angah: camni a amy.. oo oo selamat tinggal bush, kan kurinduimu
along: haha, aku gelak sorang2 kat sini. lex a, blog ni sumer personal expression masing2..amy dah siap ada tribute tu way to go!
angah: tu tulis kat kamek lak.. suh a kamek nyanyi lagu selamt tinggal NY pulok :P [refer posting May 27,2004]
Alang: cuba semua bawak bertenang leh dak? leh dak treat blog ni cam blog aku? leh dak? lemas laah..(luahan perasaan nih)
[part chatterbox lepas ni disambung oleh pelakon extra kita.. Miss Caza.. yeah , so tak perlu paste la.. tak penting, muehehe]
angah: aik, chatterbox pun takleh tulis luahan perasaan kiteorg ke .. oo oo selamat tinggal alang , aku malas nak kacua mu lagi

Sorry Alang, aku dah tak kacau engkau ek.. Ok kengkawan semua, hari ni aku akan start memboikot blog Alang - aku takkan masuk dan baca apa yang kau tulis sebab aku nak cari orang lain untuk dikacau sebagai penggantimu..

[background music: Selamat Tinggal Alang, akan kucari pengganti.. oo.. ooo..]

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Ceh, some mak-budak-to-be already posted the fact about Noritta's case.. telepati ke Aini that we are writing about the same thing? :P
Made some Bihun Tomyam yesterday for husband. He even praised me and keep saying before our dinner, "Mesti tomyam tu sedap kan..."
Ngee... :D, love you hubby

His belly said it all.. we ate the tomyam until our belly become so full :D

Yesterday, when I was chatting with Aini, we were talking about Noritta's case and she asked what we were doing talking intellectually about something like this case... jeez, girl, I don't know.. maybe it's a sign that we are OLD and matured. Well, usually we keep blaberring and talking nonsense yada-yada -the sign of us still being childish. Anyway, back to that case, I think KL has already lost its virginity a long time ago. It's not shocking to know people are still talking about her after she died, and I keep thinking, if we do not do anything that will shame our family in the future, then if we are brutally murdered *erk*, the case will not be as high profiled as this one.

One of my Terengganu friends once remarked to me that before she entered MMU, she had the perception that ALL KL people are BAD and have no morals. Sorry to disappoint you dear, even though KL is the city of life, there is still a bunch of decent KL people -like me *wink wink*

P/s: Oh yaa Aini, there is a sale going on at Menara today and tomorrow :P

Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Went to see Shrek 2 last Sunday. I love Puss-in-Boots! And Donkey! Uh, ow.. they are just so adorable.

Amni was rolling happily on the new green mattress her grandpa bought from the kampung. We were thinking of going back to Kelantan this coming school holiday. But just called my mom and she said our kampung is really HOT rite now -duh, mesti la panas since my kampung is just at the border of Thailand. Told dear hubby about it and he suggested we just go back to Malacca during the break. I want to go to Sagil and bring Amni along.. anyway, I want to see her in her diapers only mandi-manda at the waterfall. It must be freezing cold!

Here is Amni's picture taken after we bought a new vacuum. I even wrote Amni's box on top of it. Isn't she so adorable?

Friday, 21 May 2004

I was to write about something else when Lynn's friend called and mentioned he is on the run for this year Hero Remaja.

And then someone behind me remarked "Eeee.. Hero Remaja, jijiknya"

We burst out laughing because he said it really LOUD that we wondered whether Lynn's friend heard it on the phone.

That's when Lynn turned around and asked me what happened. Ina and I were laughing like mad -err, not sure whether Tini heard his exclamation or not.

And to cover his remark, he even said to Lynn to ask the friend how to enter Hero Remaja.. Sheesh, of all people -I couldn't imagine the anak Dato' behind me will be entering that contest.

BTW Lynn, maybe you have to be nice to him, he might vote for your friend *wink wink*. One more vote courtesy from Lynn :P

Anyway, I did remember my sis classmate appeared in Remaja last time. The fact is, that guy is sort of jambu-jambu type and wear a pair of green contact lenses that even the ustazah remarked in class.. "F****.. please don't wear that green eyes thing, it makes me scared"

He brought the magazine everyday to school to show off in class (unfortunately) about it. And he even remarked in the magazine that his glamour name is Erry and people called him by that.. euwww, puh-leasee.
My sister had a bad time trying to puke at us at the mention of his glamour name every time after the Remaja incident.

Thursday, 20 May 2004

New Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Japanese Trailer
from: Godrics Hollow

There is a new Japanese Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer (from The Official Japanese Harry Potter Site) out, that includes some brand new footage! It is very similar to the French trailer released earlier, but in much better quality. Some of the new footage includes: A better look at the dementors (They seem to fly, not's very spooky!), a little bit more of the Lupin transformation, Harry looking into a crystal ball, and more.

My own review:
The Japanese trailer is WAY much better than US trailer. It is much longer and you keep seeing the Dementors flying all over it. Somehow, it looks much spookier with the trailer showing much more of the Dementors including the part of the Dementors coming to Harry to bestow its death kiss. I feel sick waiting for the new movie.. boo hoo

Click here guys! This Japanese trailer is longer and more powerful than others I've seen

I feel like Harry Potter tonite, like Harry Potter tonite :P

Wednesday, 19 May 2004

We are switching to Mix.FM for our listening pleasure on our way to work. The DJs are always playing the 90's song. Why do I feel OLD?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban promo is on Mix.FM. The premier for the movie is on 2nd June -can't wait for it

Last Sunday, the husband was staring hollowly at our TV set. I asked him what happen and he answered lamely EPL is over. Duh, and on our way to work just now, I said to him, "You have been bugged with the EPL syndrom. Chill out, it will be back on August". And he said that is way far too long for him to wait.. Hah, the joy of being a football fan, you also feel the pain when the EPL is over.

Oww, now I know how to identify some symptoms of EPL syndrome:
1) Stare at the TV set lifelessly
2) Say the next EPL season is way too long to wait
3) Feel like dead inside when EPL is over

We are talking about the English Premier League football, ok?

Tuesday, 18 May 2004

A baby girl went cranky yesterday. I took EL just because of her and she cried all day long. She woke up, smiled and cried and sleep. And repeat the routine all over again. That sums up her routine yesterday.

The best part is -when the husband got home at 5.45 p.m., she just went over the moon and smiled like there is no tomorrow.

Ceh, this one is abah's daughter - maybe next time I shouldn't be the one who took EL, but the husband :P

Thursday, 13 May 2004

I am feeling happy yeydee!

We are going to get our bonus by next week and are fulling our mailbox with craps of mails talking about giving Ina a treat from 5 of us.
I was thinking to treat her with Rotiboy, so the five of us can save cost and contribute RM 0.30 per person.. yayayay! :P. Lynn mentioned I am more evil than her >:)
After all, I am an accounting person and must think to save cost of my own pocket money. Ina can be considered as a liability at the moment >:)

The wonders of credit card had bugged me and I have to pay more than RM 800 this month because of my mercifulness to MPH warehouse sale, Carrefour and Lancome. Allah has answered my prayers of paying my credit card by treating us with the company's bonus!
Uh oh, the reality just sinks. Ok bye bye money! You are going to the Maybank credit card centre. Bo ho ho ho! :| And what did we get in exchange for the cc payment? Giftpoints that we have to collect lots and lots of points like 20,000 (after spending like RM 20,000) to exchange for a RM 20 KFC voucher. Duh, that's how they appreciate us?

P/s: No Baiti, I am not taking master - I would rather be sleeping with my SNORING baby rather than being MAD finishing assignments. We were talking about our requirement to grad in MMU last time, kay? -huh, what kind of university force undergrads to do thesis, I wonder? The answer is underlined and bold [as above].

Wednesday, 12 May 2004

One of our bloggies here, Ummu_Umar asked me about the cost of Tawakal Specialist Hospital.

Dear Ummu, I have been to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital for my first child and is now doing check up for my second child at Tawakal Specialist Hospital. The doctors in Tawakal is way much older and have vast experience. I would recommend you go to the same gynaecologist I am currently seeing, Dr Rahman. He was very informative and helpful. He even charged as little as RM 30+ for all those pills that he subscribed to me [plus consultation!]. Add the scan cost, it will be RM 110+ (around that figure). Tell him that you are paying by yourself and he will surely charge cheap. He has lots of patients but his check up is usually quick and his patients were usually satisfied.

As for Ampang Puteri, the last time I was admitted with planned ceaserian, it costs me about RM 6000. My collegue was charged RM 7000 because she took epidhural. Both of us stayed in double bedded room.

For Tawakal, the cost is much cheaper, for a planned ceaserian and to be admitted to single room, the cost would be less than RM 6000. But bear in mind, this cost is high because certain companies [like mine] issued guarantee letter for the payment. The hospital will have to wait for the money- that's why they charge high. If you are paying by yourself, and you mention this to the admission counter, it will be much more cheaper because you are paying on the spot.

Hope it helps :)
I feel tired all over.
I think I am so bored of the current job that I wish the new structure is implemented much sooner.
Then I will happily be a floater.
And right now I have to do 4 jobs at the same time - how I wish that F*** does not leave for her cuti tanpa gaji. And handed me bundles of her leftovers papers and ask me thru my former clerk to file it accordingly -without me having any basic knowledge in technical.
But my unit is very helpful, they do help me in lots of things.

Err.. I think I am insane.

Tuesday, 11 May 2004

One sunny afternoon in our supervisor's office a long time ago.

Me and Munir were staring blankly at the computer.

Me: How to do this eh?
Munir: How to get that ratio ah?
Aini: Hey guys, I want to sleep. ZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz

[One and half hour later]
Aini: Fuyoo, so terror. Did Puan Junaini did this? [staring at the financial ratios all over in the Excel]
Me and Munir: No-lah, we did it ourselves :P [and thinking, Aini was sleeping all the time]
Aini: And I was sleeping in front of our supervisor
Me and Munir smiled :P -we were tired and bored of the ratios and she sleeps.. meheheh :P

Moral of the story
Even if you sleeps pun, if you have dedicated team members like me and Munir, sure you can get A for the thesis maa :P
Me- still having nightmares about finishing the thesis

Monday, 10 May 2004

It's Monday -the doomsday for working people.

Anyway, when I woke up last Saturday, a baby suspiciously sounded like Ella -sore throat case.. Hehehe [naughty of me to laugh at my daughter]

Yesterday, I bought myself a new pair of shoes- it's cheap. RM 30 only. I did find one beautiful pair at Debenhams, but the salesman said they do not have size 4 in stock. Maybe I will go and check again later.

Hint to hubby: buy me THAT pair of shoes :P, please..

Friday, 7 May 2004

This is what I bought for my mom.. shessh, since someone got her mom The Natural Source gift set [hahah, this is not classified as jealous case]

Tresor Japonica Gift Set -thanks to Puan Tini for helping me to decide which gift set to buy

The boss told me that my post will be abolished in the upcoming restructuring. Well, that confirm my suspicion that I will be a floater :). Lynn, care to join?

However, she told me she already asked HR to create one post for my current job.. argh, please -I don't want to do this messy job again!

Me: Praying hard to be out of this current post in every solat

p/s: My skin still feels glowing because of the first time facial yesterday.. Err, and someone still look pinkishly radiant because of the facial also :P

Thursday, 6 May 2004

Browsing through Baiti's blog, she wrote about her experience of giving birth to her Aufa :). Lucky her to give birth to Aufa in such a short time and thru normal delivery :)

My experience with Amni was quiet different though. Well, of course it would be different from most people since I have Amni through Ceaserian. I remembered that we were having our check up on Tuesday and scanned the baby in my tummy. The baby was still in breech condition at that time and the gynaecologist suddenly told us that she want to do the C-section on Friday. Woww.. that was quick.

I settled my GL at the office and my husband applied for his paternity leave. So we came on Friday and registered at 8 a.m. and I was admitted to room 321 (nice number eh?) :). The nurse told us that I will undergo the operation at 11.30 a.m. since there was one mother before me who is in the operation theatre. The nurse poked me with a wire connected to the heartbeat machine on my tummy and when I try to stand up, my baby's heartbeat goes very high. I waited like 2 hours or so [that's the longest 2 hours in my life]. At 10.30 a.m., the nurse asked me to change my clothes and go to the toilet. The nurse pushed me to the waiting room at 11 while my husband was tagging along beside me. Then the nurse said to my husband that he cannot enter the OT. He kissed me on my forehead and hold me tight.

I was waiting outside on the bed when my child's pediatrician asked me history of my family's illness. Then two nurses pushed me inside the OT -it was really cold and I was shivering and the doctor asked me whether I want epidhural -it's a medication to be awake during the operation and I said no. She thought I was afraid, but I was thinking about the cost, actually (epidhural costs around RM 800-1000) ;). The OT was really big, with 10 nurses and 2 doctors to do the operation- my gynae and pediatrician. The doctor said to me to relax and close my eyes and I was unaware during the whole operation.

Err, the cutting of my tummy took around 8 minutes, since Amni was out at 11.39 a.m. The husband was so excited when she came out [I suppose]. The next thing I remember, I was being called by the nurse around 1.00 p.m. to wake up and when I woke up, it was really painful [for 2 days I was bed ridden and the nurse had to bath me on my bed].

I said to the nurse I want to speak to my husband and I want to know my baby's gender and weight [Amni was in breech condition, and her gender is a mystery till her birth]. The nurse called my husband during his Friday's prayers and he came to see me at 2 p.m. I finally have a look at our darling daughter when the nurse bring her in at 2.30 p.m. Her incubator had a pink tag that wrote -I'm a girl! And at that time, I totally forgot about the pain when I held her close to me :) She was asleep but quiet strong and the pediatrician gave her scorecard: 8/10 :D

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a healthy baby even though I have to opt for C-section. I would still prefer normal delivery, though. But Allah has some mysterious ways that we don't understand and it's for our own goodness. Hopefully, this time I will have the experience of normal delivery that is as smooth as our mothers out there, insya' Allah

Wednesday, 5 May 2004

Uh oww.. some mama look different today >:)
Finish reading The Bride of Willow Creek last Saturday. Yaa, shame on me, last time, I can finish reading that kind of book in two days. But I am still a bookworm - never worry about that.

Here are the books that is on queue for my readings + Amni's:

To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn
Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon
365 Days of Baby Love by Sheila Ellison, Susan Ferdinandi
My Shapes -Ameer wants to borrow or not? hehe
Superstars by Jacqueline Wilson (The Suitcase Kid + The Lottie Project)
Mecca the Blessed, Medina the Radiant: The Holiest Cities of Islam by Ali Kazuyoshi Namochi, Seyyed Hosein Nasr

And the Cluedo game.. Err, there are some books my husband bought, but I didn't bother to memorise the title.. cheeky me :D

Harry Potter is still my favourite book. Can't wait for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie :)