Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Orang merokok dan haji

Katalah perokok ini ditakdirkan mati awal..
Allah mungkin akan bertanya, "Sudah pergi haji?"
Perokok menjawab, "Belum, tidak sempat hendak ditunaikan"
Allah bertanya, "Habis tu, duit banyak RM **** setahun untuk beli rokok, boleh pula dibazirkan?"

Macammana nak jawab? Ini mungkin perbualan Allah dengan hambaNya

Tuesday, 29 June 2004

From: Aida
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 10:22 AM
To: ****

Assalamualaikum Puan

Saya difahamkan bahawa saya akan melaporkan diri di bawah Sales, KL bermula 1 Julai ini, tetapi saya telah memohon terlebih dahulu untuk ke Bahagian Interconnect Billing, Finance Wholesale.

Saya telah memaklumkan kepada Finance Wholesale mengenai perkara ini dan mereka telah memberitahu saya bahawa nama saya telah dinaikkan ke dalam Finance Wholesale dan telah dipersetujui oleh En GH. Walau bagaimanapun, HR telah mengeluarkan surat untuk saya melaporkan diri ke Sales, KL sebagai AM, Business Performance Analysia (Finance, KL).

Mohon bantuan untuk mendapatkan penerangan.

X o X o X o

Kes penempatan aku la ni.. tak settle lagi. Bila telefon boss Finance, Sales KL.. tak dapat pulak [number not in service]. Aku tak kemas barang untuk pindah pun lagi ni.. huhu

Monday, 28 June 2004

I first saw this car last week when we were on our way to work and I laughed all the way to the office because of its wierdness. The Mercedes Smart car is a small and cute 2-seater car.

And then I notice the most peculiar thing, there are actually many Smart cars parked at LG4 - as for me, I think it is mad that such a compact car will fit with one parking space that is more suitable like [ahem!] our car, a Proton Waja.

Now, do you guys notice that car is really taking Menara Telekom's parking space? I am still laughing, HAHAHA.. in terms of practicality, this car is a "no no" for me -with the exception that if my husband give it to me as my present :P

I guess the hefty price tag means that we cannot afford it at all.. hihi

Went to PD yesterday for grand liqa' and my husband joined the game soon after we arrived there and leave Amni with me..

Left PD at 1 p.m. and my husband drove us all the way to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya for some sight seeing -well, there's a new building under construction at MMU, it's for Faculty of IT.. muehehe.. I want to go at some Putrajaya garden and have a picnic there but our daugther was SO lazy to wake up from her slumber that she just woke up after we arrived home. And last night, she was still energetic after sending Alyaa to UiTM - ummi borrowed her for the purpose.

And just yesterday I realised our sister had her OWN laptop! And she owned it for one year already. Chis, durjana betul Alyaa. I didn't know my father brought a laptop for her. And it doesn't come cheap, mind you :P. Now I know how Aini update her blog during her confinement period :P

And I have to share with Aini our desktop -BTW, it's brand new when we left MMU last time. People actually laughed when we told them that our OLD computer only have 1 GB as the harddisk storage- and we used it for 2 and 1/2 years. Gosh, people were shocked we survived with that computer. So, ayah change the computer after constant nagging from ummi since we keep telling him that our computer always hang.

Anyway, back to the above story of Alyaa having a laptop -gosh, I didn't realise that ayah is just so rich that he bought all the newest and latest gadgets for Alyaa. Erk, asyik lupa la ayah.. sorry la, you were working really hard at the office and I forgot you are so lousy rich but still doing your normal thing as a dad at home - our house is double storey, ok? On another hand, my ummi is so stingy that she always bought stuff at discounted price. Well, so I think you can guess where I get those trait going crazy after big discounts.

So, this come to the equation of:
Filthy rich + Stingy = Higher savings in the bank


P/S: We have decided the Jusco Fest will be our annual event.. hahahahaa

Saturday, 26 June 2004

My left leg is aching since that incident where I stubbed my feet with a very rusty nail along the way to Wasbudi.

Could someone please slow down while walking for me to catch up? It hurts a lot.

I need a hug and I have to declare in my blog to get one. How pitiful it is for my state of mind.

Thursday, 24 June 2004

+ What are you doing?
- I am checking whether the clerk do this right or not. It's a simple job for God's sake. Gosh, I hate this division!
+ Who doesn't?

Point noted Lynn
This is the division where we have tonnes of gossips and torrid affairs and back stabbing
This is the division where someone get a higher grade or salary because of who they know and not what they know
This is where people bad mouthing each other till it hurts just to think about it

Boy oh boy! No wonder I just don't like being stuck in here. But the wonders of it. Our division is the most talked about because of the hot gossips.

Who doesn't know that one of the singles have an affair with the married man?
Who doesn't know even the married have affairs with each other and they got busted by the secretary?
Who doesn't know that the sales team keep blaming the development and operation team for everything?
Who doesn't know that people are backstabbing their own team member just to get what they want?

And who are us to complain our state of mind? We are just their low down, dear..

Ah, let the sales team target for the sales and let the operations team clean up their dirty jobs all over and over and over and over.

Ah, do you know that one of the oversea expatriates got the post because he is good with the Chairman?
And now I realise, he keep blaming others but not himself for his under achievement. And he called names to my boss, dear. I don't think it is right for him to call names to people. If you do not respect their work, at least respect them as person. I was quiet angry by that actually, even though, let say- maybe my boss didn't know how to do her job, let just say, we respect her personally. Haven't you heard of the word budi bahasa?

And do you know about the other oversea expatriates?
He had been badmouthing our unit quiet a lot dear [esp. to the boss], and people believe him.

Sirs, I believe I don't respect you anymore at all, even in person. If this is the way you work, please consider that somewhere, somehow, you will see us all over again even though we will not be here anymore. And who knows, in the future, maybe you will report duty with the one you consider your low downs before.

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Used some facial mask yesterday -made from clay. Went downstairs and looked at Amni.

Firdaus asked me, "Does she recognise you?"

She looked at me funnily and couldn't even blinked her eyes for 5 minutes. Oh, better wear that mask at midnight!

Tuesday, 22 June 2004

At 10 p.m.:
+ Amni, you go to sleep, ok?
- [Giggle, giggle]

At 10.30 p.m.:
+ Amni, it's past your bed time, tidur, ok?
- [Blaberring nonsense]

At 10.45 p.m.:
+ Amni, TIDUR la.. [tension mood]

Adoi, sorry la dear, if I layan you some more.. you will just stay up and keep playing till the clock ticks past midnight.
Thanks hubby for helping me to get her to sleep. This pregnant mode is really something, sometime I am up and sometimes I feel really down -depress ke ha?

Sorry hubby I couldn't keep my mouth shut, going to see my O & G tomorrow and I feel scared because of my gaining weight at a fast rate.. boo hoo hoo -ya, it's me: fat Aida

Wonder why pregnancy will make us think we are less unattractive? It's also the husband's doing that our once envied figure goes haywire. Uh, and how hard it is to maintain our figure back to normal post pregnancy time.. huhuu

Hubby, I want that body toning dress :|
Received my appointment letter during lunch yesterday stating that I will be reporting to State General Manager, KL and will be doing Business Performance Analysis, Sales KL

Also attend the briefing for Finance Wholesale and I was informed that I already got a post under Interconnect Billing

And now, the Wholesale-Retail task force is preparing a paper to maintain my current post..

Hehe, boy, ain't it funny? When I was a floater, nobody wants me. But when I am searching for a post, 3 posts are viable for me -anyway, the Finance Wholesale post is what I applied for in the first place.

"Are you pregnant?"
Aiyoh, yo lah my friend.. I do feel fat entering my 4 months of pregnancy. And here I thought people wouldn't notice that I am pregnant again.

Aiyoh, keep in mind-lah, Aida: You have been pregnant before, surely you couldn't expect people not to notice your 2nd pregnancy since you have already given birth before.. Of course-lah macam belon, lepas kena tiup, bukan dapat bentuk asal balik lepas angin belon keluar.. heheheh

Chill out, pregnant mommy is on tow!

I make myself and my husband freaked out last evening.
I was just reheating the KFC leftover and push the "Ready meal" button and let the microwave do the work.
But when I entered the kitchen 2 minutes letter, there were SMOKES coming from the microwave! And my leftover KFC was burnt down -huhu, macam nasi hangit pulak aku tengok.. At that time I didn't laugh, ok?
But then remembering it just now makes it funny enough, I slept with my kitchen still have that burnt smell.. kahkahkah

P/S: Oi Lynn, I didn't have much practice with our microwave oven, ok? It's quiet new BTW :P

On another note, I received a sample of LUX Spa from the counter at Menara. I said to my husband I want it framed somewhere because the sample was just SO BEAUTIFUL! And here I thought the booth will be opened again today. Guess what? They only open it for one day! Argh, someone must have told them I am coming to get some more..

Monday, 21 June 2004

Much ado about nothing last weekend.
We went to see Harry Potter at Cheras Leisure Mall last Saturday and left Amni with my parents -oh, aku ibu yang sangat kijamm!

And yesterday, I helped my husband by drilling some wall to hang Amni's [she got 3, mind you! One was from Australia which is shaped like koala] and my bag. Yey, one new skill acquired! [tapi satu mata drill patah sebab kerja aku :P]. He, of course, was engrossed with the ceiling painting using water proof solution. He was just suggesting for us to go to IKEA or somewhere, but thinking of our home's state make me decide to stay at home to improve the living condition... mehehehhe :D.. Love you hubby for yesterday's hassle.

I have already receive a package from Dawama containing MY books on Saga Artakusiad.. nyeh nyeh nyeh! My husband asked me what is so spellbinding about these books and I answered, "How many Malay writers do you know that write science fiction?" Well, Ina also ordered the new sequel book to Pedang Aurora entitled Legenda Numerius for me. Thanks girl! *wink wink*

"Untuk menjadi Artakus, hati mesti cekal, jiwa mesti kental.."

On another note: I receive an e-mail last Thursday confirming that I will be joining TM Wholesale Financial Revenue and Operation. Yeyyy! Thank God I will not be handling this work anymore after 30 June :D

So next week list of activity:
[*] Saturday - go somewhere?
[*] Sunday -grand liqa' by Usrah Cyberjaya at PD
[*] Pack my things and move to a new division! Yeyyy! Yipee yey!

Thursday, 17 June 2004

[2nd part of PJJ]

Ok guys, don't take me seriously in all those advices.. especially the spare bfs part. Ina, you got to have guts to do the things that I've done last time. I actually told these guys that I am involved in serious relationship before they find the fact themselves later.

Girls, I do have guts with these kinds of stuff. As for me, I would rather tell them the truth rather than beating around the bush. They are also quiet aware that I flirt with others as well, as a matter of fact.

Even with most of my serious relationships, I was the one who make the first move. Usually, the guys are just TOO dumb with the hints that were given by girls [believe me!]. That's why I encourage Lynn to make the first move because I am well prepared for the rejection part.. tsk tsk..

But for the last relationship that I have with my husband, I didn't even consider to flirt with others at all. Guess that is the sign that I have found my true love.
So Ina, take note of this: If you toyed with the idea of flirting with others, but you do not want to get involved with others but with one and only, then he's the one for you.

And my friends just don't even bother to ask me whether I am single or not because I am the one who doesn't bother to tell others if I break up with somebody. So, most people just assume I am not available most of the time, even though there is about 2 years + in my university life where I truly do not have attachment with other half.

A good advice though, maintain the good friendship with your ex. It's good to know you parted in good terms with them. Heck, I even invited them to my wedding last time! -that's how good it feels that even though you have a memory with them, they still considered you as one of their friends.

It's nice to know that my ex[s] maintain a wonderful friendship with me! *wink*

Wednesday, 16 June 2004

I have done it.. yey! Stayed back till 6p.m. yesterday and finish doing the works today.. Thank God, Zul is back in the office.. so half of my burden can already pusing his kepala back already! Yeyyy!

Oh, I do feel accomplished!

Lynn, you better think fast before the guy that you really liked move away.. better still, marry him girl.. Aiyoh, I hear wedding bells already. If you marry him, then you can stay at Canada with him! Hehe.. what a wild imagination I have.

Let me list to you some of PJJ positives:
1) Your boyfriend is away, so you can berpoya with anybody you like -or worse still, he can also poya with other girls.. :P
2) You will feel appreciated much more if he comes back and see you or make a long distance call, this will surely increase your love graph.. toing toing!

However, the odds are:
1) You will miss him every moment that you remembered him
2) Communication is also not as frequent as you might think possible, sometimes, the girl have to sacrifice more to save the relationship

My experience of the furthest PJJ that I got is when I was coupling with my ex-schoolmate when he has already entered UTM (Johor) and me in Malacca.. [not like Ina, much farther :P] so, that should be far away already.. The relationship REALLY did test my patience as I was the one who was saving the relationship -but not to blame the bf at all, since maybe he was busy with his study (excuses, excuses I invented myself).

I have a theory of this relationship:
If you want to survive, you better be prepared to sacrifice -especially the phone bill part- I have one box of my phone card last time even though the serious relationship lasted for 1 year only.

And another theory that is tested again and again in most of my relationships (mind you, 3 out of 4 of my serious relationships didn't work because of this):
The guy would REALLY try hard to woo you before you become his girlfriend, BUT when the relationship started, the guy wouldn't care anymore about you. It's just a matter of showing off that he has a girlfriend.. nyeh nyeh!

So my payback time [and boy, how fun was is!] with the above statement is I used to have lots and lots of spare boyfriends in addition to my serious relationship... that's the fun of having PJJ.. rather than you makan hati, better you payback by your own way. Even one of my spare bf is located at USA.. so that shouldn't be a problem if you want to enter to as many relationships as possible -the farther and less known your spare bfs of each other, the better meh!

Yes girl, I was once the play girl type.. I flirted with 2-3 guys at one time [in addition with 1 serious relationship].. and I still wonder how did I managed it? Even my grandma is SO pening, why at one time my bf is at Kelantan, and the next that she knew, another is in Penang. Sorry grandma, I make your head pusing with all my relationships..

Hua hua.. the wonder of telecommunications for your good dose of relationship[s].

Tuesday, 15 June 2004

A quick update: Heard this rumor saying that the restructuring is put on hold for about 3 to 4 months because of the new CEO.. oh well, I am SO fed up of this job already

O please God, hear me, hear me, I pray that the restructuring is done this 1st July 2004 and not later.. huhu -I want to cry

I will have to stay back at the office to finish 2 lousy jobs of 2 peoples who is most probably happily vacationing around before they are off to their 'so called' based country.

Monday, 14 June 2004

I have a confession to make.

I truly hate this one particular person from work calling me when I didn't know where he gets my personal number [note: I didn't give it freely to my co-workers except for my close friends] and messaging me through my Yahoo! ID [this YM is for leisure purpose, not work laa]. I don't know where he obtained my phone number and I don't know how did he know my Yahoo! ID.

He even have the nerve to call me at home when I am on leave and during my lunch hour! Ngaa, masa aku tengah makan pun ada masa lagi nak call. Better cancel the handphone line. What do you think, friends?

P/s: Lynn, I think you know what I am feeling right now... I don't like it when people cakap manis depan kita, but then bad mouthing us behind our back.
I have watched Harry Potter yesterday with my lovey dovey at our home.. Yes! I am supportive of DVD and VCD cetak rompak. The story was good, but oh well.. I suspect by the 7th book, Harry will be dead since he is connected to Lord Voldemort. Care to write that dark ending, Rowling?

Friday, 11 June 2004

Since everyone [especially Mas and Su] is making such a big fuss of my remark about going back to UK, here is the story behind it..

Ayah: You guys want to book taxi to the airport?
Me & Firdaus: Yes!
Ayah: Here is my friend, Haji Imam. You guys can go with his taxi
Haji Imam: So where are you guys going? To UK?
[because my family is going to Australia, maybe Tuan Haji was assuming us to go holiday to some expensive countries]
Firdaus: [Laughing] No, no.. it's just Kelantan
Ayah: Yaa, they are going to Ulu Kelantan la, Tuan Haji.. hehe

So, that's how we got our UK joke, ok? :D
Anyway, the UK trip was good.. and I was hoping to go back to the kampung during Hari Raya next year to make lots and lots of cookies and share the excitement of fighting for the toilet turn.

Thursday, 10 June 2004

Amni's first word on 4 June 2004: aaaaaaaa-bah, aaaaaaaa-bah
Ok, she mentioned my husband's title.. but who cares? My baby is talking, yey!
One 24-year old cousin: Me
One 13-year old cousin: Raihan
One 12-year old cousin: Aiman
One 11-year old cousin: Abiza
One 10-year old cousin: Nani
One 4-year old cousin: Afiq
Two 3-year old cousin: Izah & Aifa
One 2-year old cousin: Iziyan
One 1-year old cousin: Amsyar

That sums up my holiday at my grandma's house eh? It looks like I am the only sensible cousin in the list.

My aunt's magazines has been ripped off apart by the younger cousin whilst the older ones were playing football in the house.

Thank God only 3 families were there. If all of us gather together, maybe I have to fight for the toilet turn.

A surprise for year 2004- Aini delivered a baby girl weighing 2.15 kg last Sunday, 6 June 2004 at 7.05 p.m. Her due date should be early July and she's one month earlier. Thank God she's at KL and do not follow me back to UK. I guess she will not be updating her blog for 2 months.. teheheh

Ibu Amni: Amni, apa perasaan Amni mengetahui Amni mendapat cousin baru?
Amni: Best sangat ibu, sebagai cucu sulung, Amni dapat kepok baby kecil dengan jayanya seperti yang telah Amni lakukan semalam, ibu

Ibu Amni: Amni, nama baby baru pun dekat sama dengan Amni, kan?
Amni: Ye ibu, memang Mak Long ni takde idea kot nak cari nama.. nama ala-ala Amni gak yang diambilnya iaitu Auni Syifa'. Mungkin agaknya Mak Long nak meneruskan tradisi dengan nama bersukukata NI.. macam nenek, nama Rohani, Mak Long; nama Aini, nama saya; Amni, dan nama anak Mak Long; Auni

Ibu Amni: Ok Amni, dah tamat interview ni. Ada apa-apa pesanan untuk penaja di luar?
Amni: Sokong lah saya, baby besar untuk mengepok Auni di rumah nenek.. Mueheheh... Anyway, I love you Auni

Friday, 4 June 2004

The Ahmad's daughters: (L-R: youngest-oldest) Afiqah, Alyaa, me & Aini

Factors to be considered while looking at the above pic:

1. Aini
2. Me
3. Alyaa
4. Afiqah

Notice that the most hardworking is the eldest while the laziest is the youngest?

1. Afiqah
2. Aini
3. Me
4. Alyaa

Notice that the laziest girl is the most fair of us all? Cheh, tak adil betul

Manja - yucks!
1. Afiqah
2. Alyaa
3. Me
4. Aini

Notice that the most manja is the youngest and the not-so-manja is the eldest?

Brats of the family
1. Alyaa
2. Me
3. Afiqah
4. Aini

The middle girls are always the brats of the family and always buat lawak bodoh

Fanatics of CSI and Detective Conan comics and book fair and Hindustan so-so
ALL OF US! :D -girls power! Nyehnyeh

Me.. of course la who else? :P

Actually, Alyaa is the most beautiful even though she is dark -like Hindustan movie star :P -this is not a promo of "Who Wants To Marry the Ahmad daughters", ok? -even though the 2 youngest are available :P

P/s: I am going back to UK tomorrow.. Yey!!!


Date : June 6th 2004, Sunday
Time : 10 am - 2 pm
Venue : Mutiara Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Formerly KL Hilton)

* Over 60 vendors
* Pregnancy, Baby and Kids' products
* Jumble Sale of gentle used baby/kids' items. Nursery furniture,
clothes, books, toys and more!
* Kids' Playroom. Keep the kids happily entertained while you shop.
* Bake Sale, Goodies Bag, Superb Bargains, and lots of family fun!

Thursday, 3 June 2004

Last 2 days at Kak Shiqin's house for her son's aqeeqah, we were watching 5 very fat gold fishes swimming happily in the aquarium.

I asked Aini, whether she remembered that our dad has an aquarium and had like 30 very small fishes (besar jari kelingking). Ayah put those fishes inside the aquarium with the gold fishes.

She remembered it well. And we will caught one fish everyday, and cruelly kill it with a pin. I don't know whether ayah notice the fishes were missing, but he did notice after we killed like 15 of it that his small fishes are diminishing and he presumed that the big, fat gold fishes ate the small ones.. Hahahaha

Aini mentioned that our sister is much more cruel though, that both of us remembered Alyaa's incident with the aquarium fishes really well when we were actually quiet small.

Alyaa keep coming in and going out the house so much and keep peeking at the aquarium (mind you, the aquarium is outside the house) that Aini asked what she was doing.

And she said in her most innocent tone..
"Adik syampu ikan tu, kesian ikan dalam akuarium tu, tak pernah mandi"

Masya Allah! When we rushed outside, all the fishes are dead, and the shampoo bottle that we found was half empty.
Our ummi was quiet garang those days but she just shook her head and smiled when Alyaa explained to her what she has done.

Ah, those childhood moments..

Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Amni's working day at the office.. last Saturday (29 May) with me

Pictured here with Ameer's mum, Lynn and my own self

Ayah tolong hantarkan Amni ke office since petang nak balik Melaka. Ramai lah makcik nak dukung dia.. tapi semua fail nak dukung lama-lama, maklum la, anak ibu kan 8 kilo lebih

Sempat lagi Amni minum susu dan melepas kat ofis, mujur ramai auntie tolong ibu bersihkan Amni dan tolong bancuh susu.. thank you girls ;)

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

our YM! custom message for the day

hubby's CM - akhirnya, Claudio Ranieri kena pecat
my CM - siapakah claudio ranieri tu? loyer? majistrit? atau ahli muzik?
hubby's CM - en Claudio Ranieri tu tukang petik buah duku

Claudio Ranieri is actually Chelsea's former manager, ok? Saja buat lawak dengan husband
Amni is already 6 and 1/2 months old. Last time, when we were back at kampung, my sis-in-law asked me..

SIL : Amni ni dah ada gigi ke belum?
Me : Takde lagi
SIL : Hah? Takde lagi?

Duh, that's when I started to worry. Maybe Amni was thinking that her ibu goes crazy to worry about her toothless mouth. I was worried, for God's sake! -since someone was shocked that Amni has no tooth yet.

But browsing through baby's development, and asking someone that I am familiar with, I was glad that her son is also toothless, at least, someone is in the same boat as Amni.. ngee :D

Bear in mind, baby's development varies from one baby to another. And as Puan Tini told earlier, it's not as if your baby is really fast in her development, then they will be a genius later... sorry to say, the learning ability is a different skill altogether and cannot be measured with their development when they were small.

Am quiet happy my baby is toothless right now, because if her tooth erupts, then it will bother me to brush and take care of her teeth..

Note to myself: Lazy, lazy Aida