Saturday, 28 August 2004

Update on vacant post

Since the AM who take care of budget [who is supposedly coming from Sabah] is not reporting over here at all, there is one vacant post under our unit to do budgetting which I bloodily covers for her and get mad to that inconsiderate budget lady in the first place. The boss informed me that a contract staff -supposedly Telekom scholarship, is coming. Whoever wants to swipe place with that unlucky person and work with me with a very cool boss and most noisy makciks talking about Akademi Fantasia all the time and shopped at Masjid India, give a call to my boss, ok? ;)

Hari tutup kedai!

Due to Merdeka Day holiday this coming Tuesday, we will tutup kedai [as the boss announced] on Monday! [since everyone had already applied their annual leave.. ngee]
If anyone wants to contact any of our unit staff, please contact us this coming Wednesday.

Thank you very much!

P/s: I still feel full because of yesterday's buffet.. mehehehe :P
P/p/s: Oik, oik.. I am feeling soppy.. today is our last working Saturday.. our fun day.. bo ho ho

Thursday, 26 August 2004

The kitchen is my domain

Notice MAJOR changes when I get married. I love to cook! Oh God.. I am doomed for life!

You see, my siblings and I wouldn't even enter the kitchen while my mom was cooking. She said, we hassle her kitchen job. I would happily laze around with my siblings at the time she marked her words that sounds suspiciously like this, "This is my domain, anyone entering it will have to be equipped with 4 arms, 4 legs and a very detailed eyes for precision [that means 0 mistake] and a very fine skill on cooking OR YOU ARE DEAD!"

Erk.. that's doomed for life. Our mum is VERY garang that we didn't dare to enter her kitchen.

Our siblings didn't know how to cook except when my mum is not around. I used to watch her cook when I was small and we would attempt to burn the kitchen when there is no one around. We slowly master specific skill on cooking, our mum would ask Aini to tumbuk the sambal belacan, and me or Alyaa to do the rice cooking on stove -yes dear, we don't use rice cooker at all during our pre marriage days. And I never masak nasi hangit.. hehehe. And up to date, I find rice cooker is useless -except for the time that I have to cook for a lot of people

Now I notice different things..

The kitchen is now my domain- erk...
I LOVE to do new recipe
I LOVE to watch cooking show
I have a sense of memorising recipe very quickly
I can learn and memorise new recipe during a telephone conversation
I am really good in my first attempt to cook new recipe
I BROWSE recipes from the Internet almost daily for a new change
I BUY cooking books

Guess I have the knack for it, cooking various dishes and my guinea pig is dh :P
Oh God, I am doomed for life.. arghhh arghh arghh
And now I am going to force my husband to learn how to cook a proper meal to ease my burden, of course! >:)

"Perempuan, tinggi mana belajar pun, mesti masuk dapur"
How true the old philosophy is!

Mailbag: Last Friday to Jolly!

From: Mama Ameer
To: Me, Aini, Lynn and Ina
Subject: Last Friday to Jolly!

Babes sekalian,
As you have already know, our dearest CEO dah pon hint2 in his perutusan that org pompuan takyah la gatei2 nak perasan break kol 12.30 - 2.30 on fridays. tu utk org lelaki yg gi sembahyang jumaat saja kay?

So, esok dpt gaji, jumaat mesti semua org dah kaya kan, takde apa2 plan ke? As for me, kalao you guys plan nak joli moli bersukaria kat Midveli, i nak khabaq mai la yg i nak banjer lunch buffet kat Cititel tu. JJ Card member nyer promotion, buy 4 free 1 mueheheh so boleh la ajak sorang lagi.

So,what say u?

p/s: Dek Ina, emel ini memang sengaja diforwardkan kepada anda untuk meningkatkan darjah kejelesan anda ke tahap cipan menggelupor kepanasan muehehehehe *evil*

Me commenting: Muahahah, padan muka mek Ina. Tercampak lagi kat hutan belantara cyber.. sila le mendengkikan diri anda ye :P

Wednesday, 25 August 2004

Inconsiderate lady

Remember that woman I wrote last Friday saying her dateline is much MORE important?

She called today and asked us to submit something by today. Hello? You just opened your e-mail by today? And then you bang us last Friday saying that you need the data urgently. It's like 3 working days has passed and you just read and sort your e-mail and ask us to submit a NEW one by TODAY?

Shesshh.. inconsiderate manager. When you talked on the phone pun, I want to SCREAM! Macam tak boleh je cakap elok-elok. And my boss is on EL and she said there is no time to discuss with my boss. Hello? Kang overstep boss lebih-lebih, aku kena marah dengan boss pulak!

Hey you lady, consider la orang lain sikit. I know you are the one who jaga budget, tapi janganlah nak marah kita aja. And we only compile that thing :(

P/s: After I am cool, then I will consider deleting this post

The tudung perception

I was asked by many people how did I have friends from many backgrounds. It seems to them, the tudung labuh girl cannot mix around with other with short skirts, sexy outfit, the non-tudung type and the funky types. Why should discriminate between friends that I know? And people that I know from other universities were shocked at how we mingle with them. But well, some people assume me to be in sekolah agama during my school days in Kelantan.

After all, in MMU, we were in the same class for 3 years. The Chinese mingles around with us, the Indians and even one international student from Malawi. Heck, I even went for the faculty annual dinner every year.. without fail! [err.. except for the final year dinner, which I couldn't make it because I was involved with UUM trip]. One of the Chinese guy even hugged me during my pre-u days, I was shocked nevertheless, my Muslim friends were stunned and I can see their eyes pop wide open! After the incident, I explained to my Chinese friend about Islamic law, and he took it so well I was relieved.

But to be biased by others people perception that the tudung people cannot mingle with that sort of people? I think its nonsense. Muslims teach us about love and friendship, but when it comes to this kind of thing, it's a no no?

I was once even scolded by one of my oversea friends on why our usrah is not compulsory and quiet a small number of people in the usrah group, even though we have half number of Malay Muslims in the university. Well, to say the least, it's one owns choice whether they want to attend it or not. Yes, the MMU usrah is small in number, but the willingness to attend it is not forced.

I am still in good contact with my classmates. I have worked and teamed with many types of people during my assignments and projects at the university.

But puh-lease, do not discriminate others with how my friends look. They are well behaved, mind you! I even have one non tudung girl in my assignment group and another one just wearing a simple short sleeve with a short tudung. I even give tudung as souvenirs for my friends after my umrah, even though they do not wear one. Why should my gifts be different from my tudung friends and my non tudung friends?

And here they say MMU is a social university. Duh, we have some black sheeps, also. But at least we are prepared and not 'culture shocked' when we enter our working days. Gosh, the working days were much worse. Torrid affairs, back stabbing, rude people.. you just name it, the company got it.

I remembered one story from my junior;

She had a motivational group by an Indian woman. At the end of the day, the speaker gave something for each one of them -the girls all were wearing proper tudung- and said this is the best group she ever had. She had changed her perception on tudung people, since my juniors mingle with her and even shake hands with her. She said, that there are certain students [from other schools/universities] wearing tudung that she know who doesn't want to shake hands with her simply because she is a non Muslim.

Ahhh, a simple gesture of only shaking hand can change one's perception :)

Monday, 23 August 2004

UIA Convest 2004

Went to UIA Convest 2004 yesterday for a small gathering with dh and my online friends of BMC. One of our friends happily snapped pictures of our little ones.

Here are our sunshines! :)

Firzanah Amni, the cool girl with shades :P

Auni Syifa', the sleepy baby - baru dapat upah susu. Notice me? I was wearing the beautiful green blue scarf.. hehehe

..sleepy sunshine.. with her abah and some gathering friends behind

More pics, please click to Aini's blog :)

Since it is very hot that afternoon, we decide to ronda-ronda the stalls at night.. Well, UIA is just 10 minutes drive from our home and bring my sis-in-law along that just arrived from Malacca. The stalls have so many scarfs, I love one stall selling all kinds of tudung labuh. However, since I have already burst my allocation money during Mega Sale time, guess it's bye bye for all the scarfs and tudung labuhs that I have seen.

On another note, the jubahs that I saw - exactly like Aini - is highly overpriced compared to the boutique's price. So, please shop till you drop at Butik Sentuhan Jelita (exactly in front of Sogo) during the mega sale period for its cheap price!

Friday, 20 August 2004

The big plan

Am still here at the office at 12.45 p.m. Some people, who is really inconsiderate of others and think that THEIR dateline is the most important than us make us work around the clock. And I was even scolded by that people because I received the e-mail late and etc. Eh hello? Don't you know the meaning of 'communication breakdown'? How should I know you would like the budget planning by today if you send the e-mail to my boss and my boss is.. DUH.. on MC because he got this ketumbit on his eyes -sekodeng orang la tu :P

And then, I blantantly answered.. "My boss is on MC, your e-mail hasn't been received by me at all".
Oi oi, last time I had really big fights with AGM ok? You are only a manager pun dah nak tunjuk bagus.. Cit poodah, kepiang tui!
She even told me like this, "Sacrifice la Sabtu dengan Ahad awak tu untuk benda ni."
Duh, she just e-mailed that thing 2 days ago and expect us to submit it by today. Hmm..

But then, the big trip to Jalan TAR also jalan what.. heheheh :)

Frantically called Aini and informed I can go to Jalan TAR -if I finish my work early and met there. Went to BestOne store and guess WHAT? Everything is on 70% tag! And right now, I think Aini was banging her head through the thick wall since she just bought the same baju kurung at 50%... HAHAHAH. She keep saying that she will save RM 20 per baju kurung if she waits today.. And dear Lynn, she shopped till she dropped! Mind you! Well, guess that explains why I inherit such a crazy behaviour over going fanatic over sales. The gang of four is always crazy about the cheap prices.. I bet Tini will go ga-ga over it, even though she mentioned that she has no budget at all.. :lol: :P [ow, BTW, forgot to mention Tini did not join the shopping spree due to urgent work from her boss]. Lynn also want to grab a jubah, but she said the manequeen looks better dressed in that jubah rather than herself.. Oi kak, that manequeen is lifeless and had a perfect figure.. duh.. kalau nak banding our body with that patung, of course la sampai ke mati tak dapat figure patung tu ;)

Ah, and to end the shopping spree with a nice yummy ice cream and cake from Secret Recipe :). Yummy! Another surprise in store, we met Roszie, our ex-schoolmate -looks stunning mind you!

P/s: This is a session to make Tini jealous.. mueheheh :P

Thursday, 19 August 2004

Oh no!

Received a call from my [and Tini's] former boss asking whether I would like to join back the team.

Oh no! This is my nightmare.
This is just too much.
I don't want to receive death threats from the so called high nosed people anymore.
Enough is enough.

And I know that my former boss will rely on me 100% for organising it all over again. I don't want to be miss goody two shoes anymore... doing other people's job.

Just thinking to be back to my former post make my blood pressure go really TOING! Well, if she was thinking to put me back, better I get my plan organised, such as get pregnant every year [hohoh, baik apa idea ni], so I don't have to be so productive on my work like last time.

I hoped Haji Razak wouldn't let me go. I am quiet happy doing my current job right now.

Impression of a guy

I had a meeting yesterday at ITD. And along with me was another guy from BRD to look at the overview of a system called BIRAS -haha, sape le pilih nama ni.. ROTFL :D. Tak ada idea lain ke?

During the meeting, he was opening his laptop and connect through the Internet using the wireless modem while sharing the laptop with me. He clicked open IE and click on Favourites and these are what I saw for HIS favourite links:

Free XXX at the Internet!
Young HOT CHICKS ready!
Top 20 XXX

and others I did not dare to mention.. urghhh

I was going to smack him in front of all people. How could he? How could? He is like one of those tabligh people with a beard. He talks softly in front of others. He was one of the beriman guys that I knew during my working days. And he kept a DARK SECRET! Argh, oh no.. dunia nak kiamat ke? Tidak tidak tidak!

I was staring at the ceiling like 10 seconds to comprehend what I just saw on his laptop and I was like looking somewhere and not at him. Urgh, tidak!!

He said to me, "This is a pool laptop, ok? I don't know who put all those fav links"

Oh, ok... plan to karate him with my heavy bag has been aborted.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Creative way to decorate your cubicle

How would you define a mom with a mindset of playing with her daughter's toys?
Childish, I guess? But I don't care :)

I love this Fisher Price's Peek-a-Blocks thing. Even though the toys is really suitable for my daughter, I am CRAZY over it! It's so cute.. so small.. so rattling.. I am thinking to decorate my office cubicle with it - in case Amni doesn't want to play with it

Picture source: Fisher

In fact, this is my wish list for my birthday present - Aini, TAKE NOTE!

Dh would ask, what's the use of this thing?
I am so childish.. kid me not, but some thing are just so adorable. I even surfed the website everyday to see the toys. But the hefty price tag, urgh.. I guess I will be buying the toy this month because of the current Mega Sale craze. Actually, I have surveyed it at Carrefour and wanted to buy the things, but dh keep reminding that the toys are expensive.. huhuhu.

Guess I better grow up to get over this craze on wishing to collect these cute toys.

On another note, nak pergi survey kat Sogo lah pulak -> Aida, you never learn your lesson!

Monday, 16 August 2004

Dead mode

Received a call from HR asking where I am situated and what I am doing right now. I told her what I am doing and she said I didn't report duty to State GM.. Hello!!! I am working here near 2 months already and you said I did not report duty?

And last week I received an e-mail from HR asking what is my colleague post. And I was like, duh.. isn't it HR the one who designed the organisation chart? Why bother to ask us? Aku lagi le bengap pasal carta organisasi.

The HR people need to reorganise themselves. Major restructuring. I am dead serious.

Saturday, 14 August 2004

Amni and her abah

He was back at 2.15 a.m. this morning from Penang and I was worried sick since he promised that he will be arriving latest at 11 p.m.

I woke up in the stillness of the night at 12.30 a.m. and knew that somehow, he is still not back yet and waited for him till 1.20 a.m.

Try to call but he didn't pick up the phone many times.
Uh ow, there is something wrong here..
And I cried when he picked up the phone because I was so relieved!

Amni woke up this morning and saw her abah.. and she was grinning.
I love both of them :)

A note to share:
Please call your loved ones at home when you are away, so we are aware of your whereabout [because we care]

Friday, 13 August 2004

On shopping during Mega Sale

[1] Be equipped with enough money
- I bring RM 200+ in my wallet for my shopping spree... alas, it is still not enough!

[2] Use your credit card wisely
- Mama used her credit card when I bought 2 jubahs for over RM 200

[3] Do not be fooled by the discounts
- The discounts are just too much.. 40%, 50% off.. arghh!

[4] Do not buy many useless things
- I bought 3 jubah seluar and 1 maternity blouse. Unfortunately, I am pregnant right now and cannot wear these clothes until I got my figure back. I also bought 2 Belissima scarfs [with my mom's money, of course]

[5] Do not go CRAZY!
-Erk.. am I a shopaholic?

I am happy to bought 3 jubahs, 1 blouse and 2 scarfs.
And I did not follow any of the rules above.. KA-CHING!

Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Penang island

Dh is going to Penang tomorrow, and he is staying at Shangri-La Hotel, alone.

I wish he brings Amni and me. The hotel is so romantic.. the last time I stayed there. I wish he brings me something memorable, like Punjabi suits.. hehehe.. [tengah buncit pun nak berangan beli baju lawa-lawa ye]

He will be leaving Amni with me for 3 whole days. And how about me? Aku kene compile database untuk meeting KLBC pulok!!

Right now, I am trying to karate chopping my desk because of the dateline.. erkk. Time suami outstation, dan time aku mengada nak ikut dia ler, mesti ada je kerja dok kacau. Havoc mode, I should say.. since Finance HQ altered the Essbase templates again and again and give us the latest one yesterday and we have to do the P & L extraction again and again.

Pergilah hai suamiku, selamat pergi dan pulang
[Maksud tersirat: Belilah barang-barang best kat aku, cam jewellery ke.. tehehe]

Monday, 9 August 2004

Lord Voldemort

Ralph Fiennes is Lord Voldemort.

Ah, what a fine choice the director of Harry Potter has made.

I am TRULY smitten.. Right now, I would rather be love struck with Voldemort rather than with Harry Potter like someone else :P

What a really fine looking man! I am hoping they will choose a crippled, ugly, old man, or some other people that I hate.. I am swooning right now. Maybe this is the way the film producers redeem themselves after choosing Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.

Other people who has been trying for Voldemort's role is: Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean :D

Students Activities (Result Online -SAPS)

Wahey, I just surfed my old university's website and found my CGPA result for SAPS. I remember filling the form since I was one of the selected first batch to test the system developed by STADS.

Look at my best and worse results:

Trimester : 2 1999/2000

Student Activity Performance
GPA : 4
Class of GPA : Very Active

Position/Type, Activity/Level, Club/Achivement/Description
Director, University, Student College Committee
Director, University, Student Representative Council - Src
Director, University, Persatuan Bahasa Malaysia & Kesusasteraan Melayu
Exco Members, Student College Committee
Treasurer, Student Representative Council - Src
Vice President, Persatuan Bahasa Malaysia & Kesusasteraan Melayu

Trimester : 2 2001/2002

Student Activity Performance
GPA : 0.5
Class of GPA : Non.Active

Position/Type, Activity/Level, Club/Achivement/Description

Wohoo.. if I got this for my calculation [my CGPA is 2.45 for SAPS, mind you], wonders what Dollah gets for his? He also cannot achieve 4.00 for SURE!

Tsk.. tsk.. Aini, what's your point?

The stairs climber

OK, a 8-1/2 month baby is practicing climbing the stairs yesterday.. Uh uh, go Amni go go!

Lajunya anak ibu naik tangga semalam, ingat selama ni anak aku main acah je panjat 2 anak tangga. Semalam, kalau tak kena angkat mahu dia panjat sampai ke tingkat atas.

Hadoi, kena beli pagar besi cepat-cepat! Nenong nenong.. [emergency mode]

Friday, 6 August 2004

The day I finished reading 1511H [Kombat]

Would be today. I feel I am such a slow reader concerning novels right now. Ina, when do you intend to take back your novel?

Sure, maybe it was a shock I finished reading it. Mind you, I am a slow reader nowadays.. Don't know why, even though I am still a bookworm, I have to be pushed around to finish novels.

The reason I finished reading Ina's novel?
I was sent [compulsary] to Masjid WP this morning for a seminar and since the blabbering from old VIP peoples make me sick and sleepy and I want to cry because I am so bored to death. That's when I just pop open the novel and start reading happily.

I peeked to the person beside me, also a Telekom staff and she also bought a novel to conceal her boredom about the Islam Hadhari issue. Two people sitting next to her also bring a novel each. Mind you, what a similarity that I found despite their old ages.. Guess there's something that the youngs shared with the olds.. hehe

Duh, but the hall is really hot.. and since I finish reading the novel, I just slept. Guess it is an art that I had mastered skillfully while attending such boring courses or seminars.

One funny thing is similar though. Before the talk, the MC told us, if we completed our survey form, they will be giving a mystery gift courtesy from Celcom. The hall was in OHHs and AAHs and everyone is rushing to fill the survey forms. And when the VIP finished lecturing about his paper, we rushed outside and aimed for the counter. It was like some bunch of people gone berserk over a mention of free mystery gift.. It was nice though, pushing between people, I got a nice red bag.. hehehhe - I exchanged with Kak Yati who sat beside me though, the red bag is limited in numbers..

Old behaviour dies hard, I think. We, Malaysians, will always go crazy over goodies- even though, maybe, the free gift will only be a pen :P

Thursday, 5 August 2004

A picture worth a thousand words..

My two darlings:
Amni (left) sleeping with Auni, her cousin.

For more pics on Aini's baby, click to her blog

Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Oh my dear Amni...

Why do you wake up at 4.20 a.m. and plays in the middle of the night?
Why when I put you down, you pop up like Jack in the box?
And why do you sleep later at 5.20 a.m.?

O dear, do sleep my daughter. Don't go crawling when your parents were sleeping
But then, you are a good girl

Tuesday, 3 August 2004

Legenda Numerius

Argh, I am so jealous of Ina since she met Abang Pat @ the launching.
Tapi, Ina dengan aku nak ambil buku jer.. Amni tidur pula petang Sabtu tu..

Ada orang tu lagi beriya kan dik, cakap nak ambil gambar la, ambil autograph la..
Last-last, dia juga yang tak pergi kan dik kan? Heheheh
Yang tak tahan tu... hari Khamis tu, dia siap nak simpan surat yang Abang Pat sain untuk jemputan ke launching tu.. aku rasa dia nak framekan kot surat tu.. muahahaha

P/s: Went to Diethelm sales.. wa, so cheap maa everythin'

Some accounting concepts I would like to share

Our company has acquired Plaza Cygal and all movement for restructuring has been stopped at the moment. The Wholesale Group will move to Cygal while the Retail and SSO Group will move to Menara.

The ball starts rolling:
From Tini's shoutbox:

Ina: saya mungkin ke menara sygal.. sebelah rebung.. yey!
Tini: kitaorang pun beb.. gila telekom ni banyak no duit beli building sana sini. patut la bonus selalu ciput

The accounting concept
The company acquired Plaza Cygal and was rumored to be selling Wisma Telekom [beside Menara]

Net book value of asset (Wisma) = Cost of acquiring Wisma - Depreciation

In a/c book, Wisma's value will be low ->historical cost because the value of the building is depreciated every year. Who knows, maybe the book value of Wisma is RM10 only?

However, the market value of Wisma is really high. Why?
[1] Fastly developed area
[2] Near shopping complex - 5 minutes drive to Midvalley
[3] Walking distance to Putra LRT

Plaza Cygal, on the other hand, is an abandoned project, so the management must have acquire it at a very low price, maybe lower than its market value. Do remember though, our CEO has financial background.. sure he has his own analysis.. right?
Well, let say if Plaza is really expensive, it is actually an investment.. if Telekom decide to sell it, look at the factors above to contribute to the high market value of Plaza later.. heee

So, revenue from disposal of asset [Wisma] > cost of acquiring asset [Plaza]

Opther options to be considered for Telekom on Wisma:
[1] Make it as a parking lot
[2] Rent Wisma to other companies

Some interesting concept, eh? Appreciate your view ;)

P/s: Anyway, Retail KL will still be 'ere.. duhh
P/p/s: Pasal bonus tu, jangan bising.. sini kerja relax.. walaupun bonus ciput, environment kerja bukannya tak menentu :)