Thursday, 30 September 2004

Wan Azizah, pride of all Malaysians

Sep 21, 04 3:18pm
Source: Malaysiakini

That former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim has been freed is certainly reason for us to be joyous and to hope for a better future for Malaysia. However, in the euphoria, I think we must also applaud his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail for her courage, fearlessness, humbleness and good grace shown over the past six years.

True, she may not be a first-class debater in Parliament. She may not be the kind of tough and fiery leader we expect from a party of the old-style opposition.

However, the fact that she could weather all the storms as the wife of a man who was wrongly accused of being a sodomist while being the top leader of a multiracial movement during one of the most turbulent periods in Malaysian history speak volumes of her moral quality as a courageous and fearless but still very humble and humane person.

Don't forget: she had to take care of her children too, at the same time.

She wears a 'tudung' and has never lectured Malaysia or the world on theories of women liberation or gender equality. But Wan Azizah practiced these concepts in her daily life during the past six years.

At the risk of being accused as a sycophant, I must say that she is the most modern and liberated woman Malaysia has ever seen; not because of what she has preached but because of what she has done and what she has inspired others to do by her personal example.

Let us salute this brave woman - the wife, mother, fighter and conciliator named Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

She is the pride of all brave Malaysians. Syabas! Kudos!

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Tips in scoring English SPM Essay Question

My SIL is sitting for her SPM this year. And we drilled her about so many subjects that if she didn't scored, she will be bullied by her 3 older brothers (including my dh) and one evil SIL (me) :).

She did asked on how to do well in her English paper -essay part. Oh boy! Her imagination is so lame, she always do her essay on fact basis and she scored disasterous marks because she did fact essay.

"An, let me see your essay questions." Me, the evil SIL, ordering her.. muehehe

Ok.. flip flip flip..

"So, which question did you attempt?"

An showed me no 5: Television

"And what did you write?"
"I write about the pros and contras of watching tv."
"Aiyoh, no wonder you have not been scoring for the essay part. You, what do you think about the 'Television' title when you see the title itself?"
"Facts about television"
"That is SO boring, dear An. Use your imaginations, let it flourish.. Takkan pasal pro and contra je when you see the title?"

At this point, her 2 brothers [including the evil dh] were also slamming her, joining me.

"Yalah An, fact essay is for university's students. Not for SPM level, lah"
"Eeekk.. no wonder you didn't score well. I did fiction last time. Azu, how about you?"
"Ya, me also la. Fact essay is really hard."

So, here I come again, to save the day. Pity my SIL even though I was slamming her before.

"You see, An, this title: TELEVISION. It doesn't have to be facts. You can write about magic television. You can write about Poltergeist coming from TV -that Steven Spielberg's movies. You can write moral story about how one boy didn't do well in his study because he keep watching TV. Or how he has no life because he keep studying and do not know how to entertain himself on watching TV."
"Eh, macam tu ka? I didn't know. I though the title suggest me to be doing pros and contras."
"Hey, you like watching Doraemon or not?"
"Ya, I like it."
"Well, let the imagination runs wild, la dear. Doraemon has magic door, and why can't you have a magic TV?"

[1] Do not do fact essay. It will tend to be boring for the examiner. Use your imagination. Let it flourish. Make the examiner dance with your essay! ;)

Dh interrupted.. "An, what do you think about pencil, if the topic was given to you?"

At this point, I want to smack my own head. I know my SIL can do it, but she didn't use her full potential yet.

Me: "Write about your magic pencil. How about one student scored 100% for each paper in the final exam because of the pencil!"
"Oh, I got it."
"And please don't start your essay with 'I have a magic pencil' statement. Start with something like..
"An, why you haven't been scoring in your exam lately?" asked the teacher. That's when I remembered my magic pencil. It was stolen from me.'
You see? Catch the attention of the examiner."

[2] Do not start your fiction essay with a lame and boring statement, catch the examiner's eyes with an event -like conversation.

"And please don't end your essay with statement 'Alas, it's only a dream.' It will surely kill the joy of the examiner reading your fiction. Bayangkan mu tengah kena kejar vampire, tiba-tiba.. akhirnya saya bermimpi? The examiner will slash the marks, for SURE! Tengah syok baca, tiba je An tulis camtu sebab nak habiskan esei."

[3] Do not end your essay lamely. And never use ending like: "It's only a dream" or "It's only my imagination".

Azu: "Fiction essay, you will have no wrong grammar. It will all be in past tense."
Good point BIL!

"Ohh... I always do mistake with present tense."

[4] You do not have to worry about your grammar. All fiction essays are in past tense.

"Use the English peribahasa to score. Like 'It is no use to cry over spilt milk anymore'."
"Err.. I do not know how to insert idioms in the essay la kak Aida."

-Aiyeeee... your SPM is just next month and you said this? Smack my head, smack my head.

[5] Use your English idioms. But, DO NOT OVERDO it. It's like showing off. 2 or 3 idioms in the essay would be nice :)

Hope my SIL and friends will score for the upcoming SPM! Even though, it's a bit TOO late for it. Good luck!

Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Melayu kaya dengan budi bahasa

Hahaha.. The Malays are not kaya with budi bahasa, especially the men. I am 32 weeks pregnant, travelling with LRT to and fro. And did any Malay gentlemen offer me their seats even though it was CLEARLY stated -These seats are reserved for pregnant women and elder people: Aren't we courteous? Err, NO!

The ride back home from Masjid Jamek to Terminal Putra was much scarier. The LRT was packed but not a single gentleman would offer their seats. OK, I got it.. if I shout out I am delivering a baby at that moment, then, whould they offer their seats? *hmm, that's one of Aida's brilliant ideas* I wonder how I am going to travel during the Ramadhan time if everyone is ignorant?

A Malay gentleman once just ignored my bulging tummy in front of his eyes and keep chatting with his wife once!
Eh hello, mata mu dok mana? Kat lutut ke?

I stared at him really really hard and wished that stare would start a fire on his shirt for his 'un'budi bahasa manners. Hmm, some wishful thinking. I am not Clark Kent from Smallville. And he ignored me all the way!!!! Arghh..

I much prefer the Chinese, they offer their seats when they saw me and just stand up, without their sweetness. Boy, was I glad! It's weird that some weird persons noticed me pregnant and offered their seats- you know? The Chinese boy with the red coloured hair, the very sexy Chinese lady and even one Chinese auntie were kind enough to me. I was stunned, nonetheless!

Some mantra the Malaysians have: Melayu kaya dengan budi bahasa. Blegh :P! Maybe they should change it to: Chinese know their manners. Reserve my opinion for the Malay women, some young women did graciously offer me their seats with the exception of aunties of 30 years ++.

And now, me feeling really breathless just to walk from the office to Masjid Jamek station. Usually, I would just take less that 10 minutes to arrive at the station, but I have to take slow, long walk rather than the usual fast walk I have adopted. Yesterday, I was panting and out of breath, since I ran all the way to the station since it will be raining. Masjid Jamek is seriously a water flooded area, and I don't want to be stuck in the heavy rain and see some dead drug people in the flood.. Euwww! I would surely freak out!

Am seriously considering driving the car to the office, but the 5.30 p.m. jam makes me want to cry. I wish that they would adjust the office hour from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday, 27 September 2004

On that MU!

Manchester United won 1-0 over Tottenham Hotspurs last Saturday.
And here I was hoping the Manchester United glory days would be over since they keep getting equal goals and there is no Ruud Van Nistleroy or Wayne Rooney to save the day.

And the 1 gol was contributed by Ruud Van Nistleroy. Ceh, pergi le sambung honeymoon kau -Ruud just got married, dear friends.. aku baru nak celebrate kejatuhan Manchester United.

Seems that MU climb the EPL league back to 5th place. Before that, Liverpool that played like **** already potong MU. Hopefully Arsenal [or Chelsea?] will maintain their EPL winning streak.

Hampagas betul. Wayne Rooney is back after his leg injury, d***!



Pacifier and the weekend

We spring cleaned the house. Me and my hubby. I swept the floors with broom while the hubby mop it. He was helping me, with a very manja baby on his arm. So we have to do the task alternately. Thank God we spring cleaned the house. There is no room for Amni to spring cleaned it all by herself.

Next week list was to spring clean the upper floor and to clean the bathroom.

Went to Jusco Wangsa Maju and bought some day clothes for the new baby.

Did nothing, just make some bihun sup for hubby. And went to IKEA in the afternoon. We just look here and there.. There's nothing much since I have to decorate the house in a very simple way - thinking with a baby in tow.. So, buat penat je kalau pasang decorations mahal-mahal, lepas tu ada pula budak kecil nak ambil semua decoration tu. We bought lots of storage items, like baskets and boxes..

Faham-faham jelah budak kecil suka memunggah barang yang tak simpan elok-elok dalam box. Barang mainan Amni pun dah ada bakul sendiri.

Now the list of items still pending for the new baby -pacifier. Kak Long Amni kedekut puting, taknak bagi kat adik baru puting yang dia pakai [mementang puting dia dah lembik :P].

Went to Aini's home and forgot to bring Amni's pacifier. Has to borrow Auni's and I think she tends to think the puting has a really weird taste since she keep popping it out of the mouth and tend to look closely at it.


Friday, 24 September 2004

To those who has been missing me...

My out of office Auto Reply:
I am on training at TTC from 20-23 September 2004.
Any urgent matter, please contact my superior: En Z or my staff, Puan S and Puan Z.

I have started reading Saga Artakusiad back. As now I am an avid book buyer, most of my books were stacked and in the waiting list to be read. I think I have become like Alyaa, wasting money to buy books, but lost the interest since my daughter also wants to read the same book with me.

This week, I travelled to and fro the training centre using LRT, so most of my times in the LRT, I spend by reading the books of Abang Pat. I just moved to the second book: Kota Arialun.

But the training is really fabulous. The class consist only 15 people, and the instructors DO ignore me sleeping in the class. But, since everyone is alert and hear the lecture really well, I do feel ashamed of myself. Bohoho.. lagipun, kelas training yang aku ambil ni pasal 7 Kejayaan Mukmin. Siap belajar pasal time management lagi. Uh, rasa macam membazir masa laks - 'insaf sekejap' mood, sekejap je tapi >:)

So right now, I think mama is really jealous of us because we got to ronggeng puas-puas for 4 days [mind you!] at TTC and she has to finish her works.. muahahahaha :P

That's my post of the week. Sekian, terima kasih :)

Friday, 17 September 2004

A housewife: supermom, tough job but BIG at heart

When Tini and Aini both voiced their heart's desire to be a housewife, seems like we were having sort of magic feelings to be surirumah mithali.

I have a cousin who get married after she finished her master. But, up to date, she never tried hard to find job and she is happy with her decision to be a housewife. Once she told my aunt, that if she knew she will be a housewife, then she only need to study till SPM and do not need to study further anymore. But I was like thinking, why housewife is always considered to be having a limited education, it's a good exposure to study for degree and master, but it is also a very wise decision of being a housewife.

This is where our heaven stood, ladies. Being with our family, jihad at the kitchen, shed tears and smile to see our babies growing.

You know that kids tend to develop really fast when you are not aware. And when you realise it, your kid has grow up! *sob*- I seem to be VERY emotional lately.

Yesterday when I told my husband about my heart's desire for the **th time, he wisely keep quiet. That old man, he knows that housewife is really a challenging job.

And hey, if I did become a housewife, I would take care of my children and Aini can send hers to me and I can charge RM200 per child.. teeheee >:)

Our old people tends to think housewife is not a job and encourage us to work and study, but this where our pahala lies, o dear wives. It doesn't matter that you miss the latest gossips in the office, or you don't have the money to support your own self. I believe Allah will show us the way if we redha about our fate and decision :)

So, here is to all working moms out there, wishing to be housewife -may Allah bless you for your heart's desire and may He granted your wish :)

Thursday, 16 September 2004

Being a computer literate person

Ok, I am just back from the new executive's place and he asked me to insert a table in Microsoft Word. I was like, wow... no wonder he didn't know how to use Microsoft Excel in the first place, and he doesn't know how to link from one Excel sheet to another. And here I was being a teacher, a very quick and fast teacher teaching the application because I was thinking he knows what I am talking about.. hehehe

I attribute my computer skills after studying in MMU for 4 years. Gosh, and here I thought I was the one who is dumb enough because I didn't know there were so many Excel functions -oh ow, BTW, Excel is a very powerful tool since it can extract account from A to Z.

Like Aini just said in her e-mail :P, she has to teach her UIA grad lawyer husband on how to design websites :P

I guess studying in MMU is not bad at all, eh? Compared to the new exec - he graduated from UK (no offense oversea students).

Duh, like we have one joke of MMU student..
How fast we can type [like how many words per minute] if we used Yahoo Messenger?
[ok, the fast typing skill is very useful when you want to update blogs, chatting and sending e-mail to kawan-kawan.. hahaha]

I think MMU can get the Malaysian Book of Record certificate for producing the highest number of computer literated graduates.

And here I thought me like so-so when it comes to computer since dh has gracefully installed Windows Server 2000 and Red Hat Linux in the laptop..

Teheee... useful skill eh?

Wednesday, 15 September 2004

My husband

Since everyone is comparing about their 'handsome' husbands, ok, I am going to remark about my husband :P

-He is really patient, I mean REALLY and never scolded me :)
-He can wake up at night and give milk to Amni and I would zzzz till morning
-He is in for fast foods
-He is used of me bickering around and babblering about anything, but he wisely keep silent
-He fulfills my food cravings during pregnancy
-He is a part time tabib for me if I have headache or leg cramping or saja mengada.. ngee :D
-He adores our daughter really much
-He helps me with my household chores and please do not twitch your eyes when you see him do the washing (I mean hand wash, ok?) or cooking.. *wink* ;)
-He always take the initiative to take care of Amni when I say I am tired
-He doesn't mind showing that he cares by holding hand.. eeps :D
-He is really alim :)
-err.. can't think any right now.. hehehe

Busy with State Business Plan. Will be updating you guys later, k?

P/S: Thanks Kak Tini for yesterday's KFC

Monday, 13 September 2004


I am alone in the office and everyone has left the office punctually at 5.30 p.m., including my Seremban staff who always stay back. Waiting for dh since I have a backache due to the pregnancy [drumming my fingers nervously].

Weird to be feeling like this when you are alone. I think I have watched lots of scary movies lately.. teehee

On the path that you choose

The question was thought provoking, to say the least.
We have to live with the decision that we make for the rest of our life. There should be no turning back, no regrets, whatsoever.

Me talking about one of our friends, he has a well paid job in a private company and he got an offer to work somewhere else [in a government sector] that he justified; much nearer to home, the pay is higher than what he is earning and the benefits are termendous. It was great, for him.

We did have the sense to talk to him and consider many aspects before he make the big decision on changing his job. I even relate to my mum, who is a government servant on how much the pay rise they were getting [not much], about the annual leave, MCs etc. But our friend said, he has justified everything and make the move.

And now, he keep nagging to us about his current state of job, on how little MCs he's been getting, on how the medical expense only covers government hospitals. To say it in his own words.. "Indah khabar daripada rupa"

But he has to live with his own choice. I have enough sense to shut my mouth - remember that we did advise him in the first place to consider everything? And now he is turning into someone that keep complaining about everything and keep comparing how much bonuses he is getting with others. That is the path that he choose, and he has to live with it.

For me, I did complain about my old post a few things here and there [about the kuli job], but I just shut my mouth about the bonuses, about the annual leave, MCs and pay rise. Who am I to complain much about the company's policies? I didn't choose to work here in the first place, I have a contract with the company, so just make amends about what I am doing and be happy with the current state of work. Be happy about your current salary, don't compare with others, and most important, the job satisfication that you are getting. Do'a and tawakal banyak-banyak for the change of job, and my prayer was answered after 1 and 1/2 years I got stuck with the old post.

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wish..

That's just another story.

And about Aini, she once believe she is not getting married because of her disease. But who cares, right now.. she is happily married and I have a very cute and cool and nice niece :). She choose the path of getting married and dropping her master, to be a dedicated working wife and mum - and she's happy with her decision.

So make amends, and do not regret your decision. You have choose your own destiny, and you should not regret it.

I just wish I muster enough courage to tell that to my friend.

Friday, 10 September 2004

Notes on Cinta Si Penggali Kubur

It was touching and I was moved to tears. I saw it last week at Best of Cerekarama @ TV3. The telemovie did win for best telemovie of the year and TV3 courtesly granted my wish by showing it again.

Nasir Bilal Khan's performance was spectacular as the grave digger who found love with a spoilt brat (brilliantly potrayed by Sheila Rusly). He married her while she was pregnant with someone else child - hadoi, the grave digger is the alang-alang bodoh, lurus type. He was happily in love with her and didn't see her spoilt behaviour and mistreatment by his wife.

I was moved by one scene where the wife asked for a 25-inch brand new TV, but the husband does not have the money to pay for it. What he did was to buy a second hand 14-inch TV and at the same time, a guy who really plays hard to get Nasir's wife give the wife a brand new 25-inch thing. And the 14-inch TV? The husband traded for a fan [since the wife keep complaining the house is hot] but alas, the wife got an air cooler machine from the other guy.

Even the time she gave birth, the husband adored their daughter really much and took care of the baby when she was sick. I was really disgusted by the wife behaviour of thinking she is still single and can do whatever she wants.

She left him after the baby died - astagfirullah, sudahlah jatuh, ditimpa tangga pula. And he was still patient with all the burdens that he had to face.

At the end, he was demented, and when the wife came back to ask for forgiveness, he couldn't remember her at all.

A must watch! Kalau ada VCD lagi bagus!!

A note to Alang: I did saw PHSM, it was good even though not scary -lots of deep thinking, but then the last part makes me laughed really hard.. boleh lagi Marsani tu negotiate dengan pontianak Maryam apa kehendak dia :)

Dh is house husband today :)

Right now, I am in the office and dh is at home [on leave] to take care of our baby. He asked a lot of questions since this is his first time alone with Amni at home - so he is learning a lot about when she bath, poo and pee, feeding time and sleep time. The baby is hyper active right now, jumping around and making his life miserable.. hahaha. And she already poo-ed, so that settles the time of her 'nature's calling' :P

He didn't take his bath yet, and I am sure he finds my ambition to be a full time housewife or to be a working mom with a maid at home to be fully justified :)

Thursday, 9 September 2004

MPH Garden of Knowledge Book Fair

The MPH Garden of Knowledge Book Fair is back!
Offers, savings and value buys await you

Visit MPH @ Alpha Angle Shopping Centre, Wangsa Maju from 2-12 September 2004 from 10 a.m. - 10.30 p.m. (Sun - Thurs) and 10 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. (Fri & Sat).

Happy Birthday Ameer!
Aini, Giant got promotion for Peek-a-Blocks *hint hint*

At home watching the Putera Mahkota Brunei getting married to a commoner, Sarah. Royal wedding of the year kot! I thought I saw Sarah's shoes studded with diamonds!! Aiyohhh..

Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Good luck!

Sorry for the blog to be full of mommies stuff dears. After all, the subject is still about the daughter who has measles.

So here I am wishing good luck to Tini and hope she can bear with Ameer's sickly and manja behaviour since the prediction that after his high fever, he will get measles -like Amni :)

Used the video cam yesterday to record her state of illness and my comments on the video cam starts like this..

"This is our dear Amni with 2 days measles" and start zooming the camera to a sick 9 1/2 months old baby.

Next, when I start drawing on her face all over with the white lotion the doctor gave us [she looks like a mortal combat], I commented on the video cam

"This is Amni with her face full of doctor's lotion" and zoomed on her white dotted face.. hehehe

Some memories that I record of our baby. Mahu kena tanya dengan Amni bila dia dah besar.. kenapa la ibu ni record Amni time sakit :P

Monday, 6 September 2004

Some network.. [huh!] and on worry state

My network computer is so DOWN and DOWN and DOWN that I am updating my blogger at someone else place.

Amni is on high fever starting from last Thursday and when she's well, she got measles all over her face. It's funny though to see her face had red spots all over but I was worried sick about the HIGH fever that I don't mind at all if she has measles break out since that indicate she's well from the fever.

Am taking leave starting tomorrow till Friday. Measles boleh berjangkit tau? Kang Amni kena saman kalau budak lain berjangkit.. huhuh

She doesn't want anyone else but me and dh during her high fever period. Imagine if I want to go to the toilet and when she saw me leaving, she will scream and cry and scream some more. Ye la, masa nak demam ni la nak manja. If not, she will be happily playing and doesn't mind if I am doing something else and other people pick her up.. Kasihan anak ibu :| Her temperature shoot up when it's night. Guess it is because of the cold weather. I have to cool her off with water till she sleeps.

For mama and Aini, tunggulah masanya nanti.. Nanti kita pun rasa nak menangis anak demam panas sangat gara-gara nak tumbuh gigi.
Some tips to cool down the fever - mandikan anak macam biasa (but not with cold water please), dan sentiasalah berjaga malam lapkan badan anak. Insya' Allah, when it's morning.. the fever wil cool down somehow.

Sayang anak ibu ;)

Wednesday, 1 September 2004

Notes on hyperactive baby girl

Amni was playing happily when she just went PLOP! and sleep. Get what I mean? She can sleep anywhere.

I attend the small gathering at KLCC with my old schoolmates (this is not the gathering of sekolah agama, ok?). Went back to the house around 3 o'clock and while I was waiting for dh at the main entrance to pick up the car and drive us home, I put her in the stroller. You know that some stroller has a milk bottle holder attached in front of it right? She was biting it when she feel asleep. Notice my face when I saw her asleep in that action.

Oh, BTW, before we arrived at KLCC, she was happily playing with the seat belt connector and when I saw she's not moving, I was like.. here she goes again, doing her stunt while sleeping. She was asleep while biting that seat belt connector.

Wow. How I wish that I can be like her! Play, play, play and the next thing that I know is to fell asleep anytime and anywhere I want.

The mornings during our 3 days holiday stints were much worse. We were sleeping on her mattress and let her go berserk inside the master bedroom since dh and myself cannot layan her hyperactiveness anymore. When I woke up, she was asleep on the floor with her hand holding her 'toys'.. err.. [her toys = her Drapolene cream, dh's pimple gel, handset charger etc.]

And last night was really.. REALLY annoying! Thought she wants to sleep and gave her milk bottle around 10.30 p.m. Guess what? She was FULLY energised again, doing all her stunts and when I put her in the babycot, since we cannot layan her energy anymore.. she shakes her play things in the cot.. That thing from Sesame Street keep playing its music after Amni press the button again and again and again! 5 minutes quick discussion with husband, Amni is out from the cot and I just let her run berserk on the floor. I couldn't stand the music from that Sesame Street thing after it repeatedly plays the same music ALL OVER. We went to sleep and pick her up after I woke up and saw her not moving anymore..

Heh, some kind of parenting job..