Thursday, 28 October 2004

Beauty advice for the women [and men]

I guess I am lucky that I can use any beauty products for the 3 most important steps in the regime -cleanse, tone and moisturise.
However, let me share some beauty tips for people on the go.

Cleanse (to clean the face)- try BodyShop, it's good
Toner (to tighten)- I use Nivea, very refreshing and smells good
Moisturise (to nourish) - a quick pick me up in the morning, if you want something creamy [for the dry skin], go for L'oreal, if lazy like me, use air paip pun boleh jalan :). Air wudhu' much better.. heheh

If you wear make up, please.. do not forget to clean your face with the 3 steps regime. Or else, you will wake up the next day in the morning, and you will look like some monster went berserk the night before. If you are like me, do not wear make up, then it save a lot of trouble.. heheh :). Dh must be thanking his lucky stars since I am not so into make up.

If you tend to have combination skin like me, thank your lucky star. I once went to a dermatologist and the doctor said, people who have oily skin tends to look much younger than their age.. hihi

Don't be tempted to buy products that is all glitzy and expensive. Ask for a sample first before buying any products over the skin care counters. FYI, I never buy expensive skincare products.

I once had a major breakout, which my dermatologist said, jerawat air.. which pimples tends to break out on your face all at once. And every person will have to endure this once in a lifetime. Thank God I endured mine after my SPM. My mom freaked out when she saw how those jerawat air break out all over my T-zone and arranged for appointment with the skin specialist. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY! Mind you, if you have major breakouts, do not be cheated by off the counter products. Go straight away to your nearest skin specialist. Even though it DOES cost a lot, bear in mind, for each visit, the bill will reduce. My mom was so excited to use my cleansing lotion, since first use already makes the skin much MORE softer and you don't feel any pimples at all.

Don't forget to exfoliate your skin once a week with face scrub, and tend to use mask every 2 weeks. Don't be like me, so lazy to stick to a beauty regime.

If you want my beauty advice, I would go for the simpler one. Air wudhu' and smile a lot. I am not much into my beauty regime, so if people ask for secrets, every time you wudhu', wudhu' with hati yang bersih and niat dalam hati muka pun bersih :)

People tend to look weird when I said I do not stick to a good regime. Heh, my parents have flawless skins and look really young, so the genetics tend to inherit to all of their daughters.. hehehe

And you men, do not forget to clean your face also and main bantai skincare products. You guys should have crash course on how to maintain a good regime for skincare.. :P

What newsblog?

Hey, what happened to Shouldn't it be a newsblog rather than a USJ community blog? Or my eyes are playing tricks?


Wednesday, 27 October 2004

The evil boss

We discussed about our MAPS and KPI yesterday, and I have done my targets accordingly as instructed by the boss. However, I am lagging 10% from the 100% marks the MAPS set and I don't know what to bluff about. Need to think really hard on that soon before I go kapot at Hospital Tawakal delivering my 2nd child.. heheh

The boss told me that he didn't want to confirm the new executive's post since the job is quite easy and the new executive didn't even want to learn a thing even though the boss already given the job descriptions months ago. I was shocked for a moment, but then I consider that it's never too late to learn, but that new executive just keep dumb of the things he had to do and I have to cover for him in most places. Oh well.. He had 8 non executives reporting under him but he didn't bother to learn much.. and I was the one keep knocking my head here and there [and rushing all over for the dateline] to do the budget and business planning even though his post's title is Executive, Budget and Business Planning. I even once get angry with him in front of other staffs because he didn't bother to do his job well and I have to correct his mistakes -which is quiet a lot-. Well, guess if you have a father with a really high post in HR, if you didn't do your job well, then let's conclude, it's the end of your career profile since the boss will not like you well.

The boss asked me whether I can cope with the new executive's job soon and I said, it should be ok with me since I covered 3 posts in my previous division without any people reporting under me. Well, guess I will have to learn new things under a/c receivable and asset/payment soon.

And about that E&Y thing, he just went to the interview last Monday and he confessed to one of the staff he didn't want to do audit actually. So what the he*k did he go for the interview in the first place?

[Aida drumming fingers, thinking]

Oh ya, BTW, he is quiet fickle minded in deciding his future. One thing I know, he wants to continue doing Master, the next thing I know, he wants to sit for professional papers and another thing pop up in his mind, he wants to leave the company VERY VERY soon.

As for me, I still have my hope to continue my study, but with dh taking the course with me and our children in tow, so at least one of us are not lagging and we can do assignments together, insya' Allah. For the moment, let's hope all turns well, and as Kak Nuun pointed out in her post yesterday..
"Dan janganlah kamu membunuh anak-anak kamu kerana takut kemiskinan. Kami akan memberi rezeki kepada kamu dan kepada mereka." ( Surah al-An'am : 151).

Maybe the rezeki will come unexpectedly at the right timing.. insya' Allah :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

My early birthday cake!

I am so delighted, I feel excited. I got my early birthday cake. Dh said it's nothing really, just a cheap cake. But it's nice and yummy and delicious. Dh bought chocolate sponge cake for me.. yeye..

Err, considering I celebrate my last birthday during confinement and my upcoming one, I will also certainly celebrate it in my 2nd confinement. So this is a special treat for me to eat as many as I like before I deliver the baby inside my tummy. Now what do I want for my birthday present? Mueheheh... >:) *and girls, please give me presents since I can't have cakes during confinement :P*

Amni also loves it, in fact, she keeps flapping her arms -like a chicken- to get more bites on that cake. I am also thinking to buy a cake for her this coming Aidilfitri, she will be 1-year-old at that time. She has grown termendously, my 10 kilogrammes daughter, who loves to eat :)

So today is our 12th day of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. Come to think of it, we are actually 12/30 (that equals to 2/5) through the holy month. How times flies by, the next thing we notice, we will be halfway through it and the next thing we know, it's Syawal already. And I haven't prepare any new clothes for dh [he already had bunch of baju Melayu during our wedding affair] and my ownself, but for Amni, I already bought her clothes during Jusco anniversary sale.. Better early than never, eh?

And our raya baby will be coming, insya' Allah...
[Still counting the days]

Monday, 25 October 2004

Baby on the way

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda: "Berilah makanan kurma pada wanita yang hamil sebelum dia melahirkan, sebab yang demikian itu akan menyebabkan anaknya menjadi seorang yang tabah dan bertakwa (bersih hatinya)".

+ Alhamdulillah, I eat kurma everyday especially during Ramadhan.

Jamu - CHECK!
Baby's clothes - CHECK!
Mummy's clothes - CHECK!
Toiletries - CHECK!
Hospital bag - CHECK!

Oh my dear baby, when are you coming out?

Who likes Monday?

Someone shouted at me yesterday on the phone. I always wonder, why we couldn't talk in a civilised manner once in a while? It's ALWAYS sarcastic remarks that tend to leave ugly scars in my heart.

Maybe that's why I grow up with a very low self esteem as indicated in those quizzez about loving your own soul.

I cried and dh gave me a hug. I feel better afterward.

Anyway, today is a new day. New beginning.
Have a happy weekdays everyone.. err? Hehehe
Who likes Monday, btw? ;)

Friday, 22 October 2004

Book review?

Talking about books, is like you are really addicted with books. For me, I am not the kind of writer that can writes really well and give book reviews to people. I used to read tonnes of books when I was small, too many I suppose, since our siblings are addicted to it. We can finish one book in 2 days time (if we are not disturbed). And don't mention about all that book stacks at our father's house. The whole area for books is actually neatly stacked one book upon another, that our racks were overflowed and we have to stack most of the books on the floor. The house has a really big attic where we would keep our books. Last time, when we want to dispose our books- which we once read and wanted to throw away because of the overflowing books in the attic, we have to beg father to bring back 3 VERY BIG boxes and sell all the books 1/2 price! -I think, there is 1 box which father still put in his office, so if any of you wanna have a look, please tell me so I can arrange with my father to bring back the box.

When our teacher asks about our favourite hobby, 'reading' is on top of the list. While most students seem to write 'reading' as their hobby, we write it truly as reflected. Reading is still our favourite hobby -even though we are not SO into text books. I guess our parents plays a vital role in nurturing our reading, which both of them take the initiative to bring us to book warehouse sale, library and book shops. They wouldn't mind buying books for us and there is no questions asked about the amount spent.

But I guess reading makes us more knowledgeable about current issues. Even when I was eating my lunch, I can read the newspaper which covers my food quiet well. I guess the norm is not in for our Malaysians yet, which reading book along our way to work is like some people staring at aliens holding something in their hands.

So imagine my excitement when I meet my colleague who is SO INTO books like us! And err, another colleague who considers herself as not a bookaholic, but then still read books.. :)

I once wrote an article and send it to The Star about our book obsession. It was published in the internet and the editor requested me to do some book reviews on the books that I read, but somehow, I maybe just laze around and the project did not kick off as what the editor expected. I suppose writing is like a hobby that you have to really love, and it is not in my priority!

However, as to recommend some of the books that I read and I think good to share, I can list a few. But writing a review? Hmm, maybe if I am a little hardworking and have the idea, then I can write :). Later?

Thursday, 21 October 2004

Last night

I woke up at 3 a.m. in the morning when someone was touching me. I saw my daughter clinging to our bed post with her wet pants. She had crawled from her mattress and saw us sleeping on the bed.

I smiled to her.

It was good to know you are loved by the kid.. *tsk*
And it was heartening to know you see an innocent face who adores you well.

Pahala puasa ditolak [ding dong]

You know the anak orang besar HR who worked with me in this unit?
He wants to leave the company and join E&Y as auditor. I know that I should not bad mouthing him during Ramadhan, but I am so tired of doing his job that even my boss pitied me.

He OBVIOUSLY didn't want to learn much about his job and decided that TMB is not for him even though YTM has graciously give full scholarship for him to study oversea. Agaknya dia tengok kerja kat sini relax je, until he didn't want to learn anything.

Hadoi, I remember the first time I join TM, I stick to one of the staff like bee and honey to learn everything. I was actually defensive of him in the first place last week when the boss said he wanted to send the new executive to our GM's meeting. I told my boss, he is quiet new, but the boss ignored it and said.. "How long we should wait till he learn everything?" Ok, ok, good point boss.

And his computer skill.. let's just say, I wish him all the best. Powerpoint pun tak reti nak pakai, hadoiii! Sakit camni nak suruh buat kerja. Tapi chatting kat MSN dengan YM! terror pulak. Musykil aku dibuatnya - that's why in the first place I am so lazy to teach him about his work, since he cannot master the basic computer skill.

[ok, stop talking about him, pahala puasa aku dah kena tolak]

Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Oil price

On the rising oil price, let's hope the government will not rise the price of books. O pretty please, please *with sugar on top*. Not my books..

But I think even if the book price rise, we will still be addicted to buying it. It's like we are bookaholics? Like people addicted to cigarettes even though the government impose a higher tax? Euw.. sorry if my comparison seems a little weird. On a much happier note, book relief for the EA form will be increased from RM 500 to RM 700. And for those couples who choose self taxation rather than joint taxation, that will mean that both of you will get RM 700 relief from books (that accounted for RM 1,400 savings!), yeyyy!

To Aini, I am currently reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot and abandoned my quest of reading Abang Pat's series at the moment.

Chicken rice

I am back! I am back! -even though maybe some of you were thinking I have delivered my baby.. hehehhe.

Went back to Malacca last Saturday till yesterday. It's good to balik kampung after such a long time since we have to postpone our trip for a few weeks since the upper toilet was making our life difficult and the plumber had to come last few days to continue his work.

For those who has been trying to contact me, sorry since I didn't bring my charger and the handphone went dead. Try contact my husband's number in the future if I cannot be reached.

Our little girl also joined us during sahur as if she also fasts in the holy month of Ramadhan.. heheh.. So I have to also feed her.

I prepared chicken rice for the whole family last Sunday. Since anyone is not complaining about the chicken rice and all the chickens were gone in such a short time, it must be finger licious for them. Thank God -ok, this is the first time I cooked for dh's family [consisting of 8 person- including Amni] since MIL complained she had headache since she had been helping my FIL rubber tapping in the morning and it was raining.

I made the buka puasa meal in less than 1 hour [compared to MIL's recipe, and she even mentioned it took such a long time that my FIL complained when the chicken rice will be ready], so if anyone wants the quick recipe of chicken rice, I will post it later, k? Gosh, I am so amazed of myself!

P/S: And to Aini, Amni was still wailing till she went to sleep yesterday. Tak sempat nak cakap Mak Long dia kirim salam. She woke up at 5 a.m. to sahur with us :)

*And on last week adventure, Aida's and Firdaus's rides back home is REALLY not enjoyable.

Friday, 15 October 2004

The adventure of Aida and Firdaus

Ramadhan al-Mubarak is here, alhamdulillah :). The adventure of Aida and Firdaus starts early at 6.55 a.m. after they send their Amni to the babysitter's house. Their car vroomed smoothly along the way to Sentul [amidst traffic jam and honking cars, lorries, motorcycles] and reached the STAR Sentul station at 7.20 a.m. Firdaus was puzzled to see the parking lot empty and most cars parked outside. It seems that STAR car park had already started charging RM 2 per entry [o drats, there goes Aida's RM2/= for a car park]. Bear in mind, next time, oh my dear Aida, that if Firdaus park outside, it will be FOC. And Aida keep saying "Cheh, cheh and cheh" in her boggling mind.

Aida bought the to and fro ticket to Masjid Jamek station and hopped in STAR with Firdaus at 7.25 a.m. and arrived at the station at 7.35 a.m. -o gosh, the efficiency of STAR compared to PUTRA LRT.. hehehe

Firdaus boarded PUTRA for his next journey to the tall, very UN-unique buluh building situated next to Kerinchi station around 7.40 a.m. and Aida thinks he arrived there at 8.00 a.m. [as confirmed by Firdaus in his YM!]

So that's the end of their journey to work today.

*Let's see whether their journey back home will be as enjoyable as their journey to work
*Wishing a pleasant Ramadhan to dear reader/s [if any] and hope you guys get back on time as to not break your fast in cars or public transport.. ngeee :)

Thursday, 14 October 2004

On handphone and meditation

My handphone is personal. Sorry if I cannot attend to you friends out there a call, since some people from my old division keep calling me to ask about everything that I handover to them.

Excerpt of my conversation with the old division:
Mr I: You letak mana ye Mr S punya borang TT?
Me: It is sealed under Box 4 that I handover to Global Sales WAY back in July.
Mr I: How about Mr A claim?
Me: I put all the outstanding items under Box 4, ok? I DID handover to you guys 8 boxes of files.
*at this point, I am really angry. Last time they want my COMPLETE handover but they didn't even bother to check the 8 boxes that I handover to them and keep calling me to give the box number for them to check*

It is already middle of October by the way. Masya' Allah, sometimes there are certain people from my old division keep ringing my phone again and again and again as if they don't understand I am in a meeting or discussion. Tak hormat langsung - I wish they realise how valuable the people in operation team is.

Sorry o friends if I sometime forgot to answer a phone call. I am on meditation right now and my resolution is not to pick up the handphone unless you call me at the office. My apologies to Ina and Alang :)

Eating healthy during pregnancy

To ensure your baby is not overweight, do not eat or drink sweet things since glucose can make the baby REALLY big.
Ideal weight gain for pregnancy is 12 kg only, not as the Malaysian myth, around 20 kg max.
Do not consume more than 8 glasses of water per day to control the mother's weight
Eat healthy, more vegetables and fruits.
Eat the doctor's pills such as calcium lactate, folic acid and obimin. The pills do not make the baby bigger, as old wives tale told us.
There is no term on eating for two, eat like before you are pregnant, only much healthier choice of foods.
Heed for the doctor's advice, at all time.

On a much happier note, the doctor said I can deliver normal since the baby is progressing steadily and I pantang all those things he said to me that I cannot eat. Yey!!!

Huh, it's tough to tahan your urge not eating my favourites food, but I do not have much choice in this matter since I got pregnant after c-section.

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

On traffic jam

We were late because it was raining cats and dogs along the way and people use cars to travel to the office. And mind you, in front of Batu Caves to Jalan Kuching, there is a FALLEN construction crane.. Notice eh that KL is really developed and they like road construction here and there? It was like you want to develop everything really fast but the construction always will not finish as scheduled, ait? And the workers love to work after our office hour where there will be like tonnes of cars racing to go back home. Batu Caves loves road construction and I don't know why [last construction took about 5 years to finish] but the jam was really testing many people patience and we en route to Sentul.

However, since it was raining and there is also traffic jam along the way at Sentul, I managed to punch my card at 8.26 a.m. and not the usual 7.50 a.m. *note the boastful tone of me coming early to work*

Hope dh reach the office on time.

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Haiku for my Amni

A wailing Amni
Left finger got bruised
Grew a teeth

Amni menangis
Jari kiri tersepit
Tumbuh gigi

Monday, 11 October 2004

The Race

Once upon a time there was a Malaysian Rowing Team.

To prove Malaysia boleh, there will be annual rowing race against Japanese Rowing Team.
It was agreed that each team to be made up of 8 men.
After months of intensive training, the Race began.

..the Japanese won.. by 1 km!!

Malaysians were furious with the team dismal performance.

The top management decided to win the race next year at any cost.
So they established a team of analyst to observe the situation and recommend an appropriate solution.
After several detailed analysis, the team found that the Japanese had 7 rowers and 1 captain.
Of course, the Malaysian team had 7 captains and... only 1 rower!

Facing such a critical scenario, the management team showed an unexpected wisdom: they hired a consulting company to restructure the Malaysian team.
After several months, the consultants came up with the conclusion that there were too many captains and too few rowers in the Malaysian team.
A solution was proposed on this brilliant analysis.


As of today, there will only be 4 captains in the team, led by 2 managers and 1 top manager and 1 rower.
Besides this, they suggested to improve the rowers working environment and to give him higher competencies.

Next year, the Japanese won by 2 km.

The Malaysian team immediately displaced the rower from the team based on his unsatisfactory performance.
But the bonus award was paid to the management for the excellent motivation the team had showed during the preparation phase.

The consulting company further prepared a new analysis, which showed that the strategy was good, the motivation satisfactory but the used tool had to be improved.

Currently the Malaysian team is designing a new boat.

Friday, 8 October 2004

To boast about my confidence level

I am really expanding my waist line with this second pregnancy. Today I realised, my jubah did not fit me anymore since I have gained weight at alarming speed.

However, to boast about my confidence level, I am much lighter than my 25 year old staff who is 62 kg, and I am only 58.5 kg being 8 and 1/2 months pregnant.


Confessions of a shopaholic

I don't know what to write about since we have the same idea how to make Kak Tini calm after her hectic days in the office. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. We scribbled and babbled about it at her shoutbox.

Aini: when r u going to get my ikea's catalogue? shopping is soothing experience, u know :)
Lynn: Yeah.. retail therapy rocks! hehehe
Me : aini, the four of us are shopaholics.. since shopping is soothing for us B-)
Me : u shd take a break.. go to ikea or jalan TAR for a change.. hehehe

I don't know why, but we went ga ga over preview sales, discounts and warehouse sale. Even the freebies part. Lucky at that time I was working @ Menara and when we saw an advertisement about Metrojaya or Jusco Preview Sale, we would worked our way out.. WAY before our 1 p.m. lunch break [actually around 11 a.m.] and shop hopping in Midvalley. We were not even guilty spending our moneys to buy lots and lots of items. But most of us resolved on buying something just because of the 70% off tag or special rock bottom price! And we have vast knowledge about the price before the discounts and keep asking opinions all over the gang whether this is worth buying -a.k.a. the cheap price.

And about the MPH warehouse sale? Hehehe.. since the four of us went frenzy over book sales, and we forced Lynn to drive all the way to Kelana Jaya, got lost along the way.. like 40 minutes, so we redeemed our lost times by buying tonnes and tonnes of books even though Aini and myself went to the warehouse sale a day before. I was spending like RM200+ on the books. And at 2 o'clock, the Visa and Mastercard machines got stuck somehow.. so we have to wait some more and went back to the office -amidst traffic jams and of course get lost again!- at 3.30 p.m.

Our communication chain were much faster. I would use e-mail to inform advertisement about warehouse sale somewhere during the weekend, and believe me, we found lots of warehouse sale advertisement in the Star - baby items, household, consumers, perfumes.. you name it, we found it!

I am not keen too much in spending when it is not sale time, but mention to us about sale, we will go ga ga all over, and even bought one or just two items to make us calm. As what Aini mentioned, shopping is a soothing experience :). But when it comes to rock bottom prices, bring us on, baby!

P/S: I don't feel guilty admitting I am a shopaholic since I spend my own money to shop and do not ask for my dh's moneys [including Tini and Aini].

Thursday, 7 October 2004

Over the moon

I didn't go ga ga because I saw diamonds or pearl jewellery -although I wish for it.. heheh.

But I went over the moon because dh bought me Lexus vegetable sandwich cream cheese cracker.

Remember that dh has a knack for remembering things vividly?
I want the biscuits like one month ago and he has been searching high and low for it in our area. But yesterday, he went back to his hometown and settle some matters. Went to a grocery shop [there are 2 grocery shops in Malacca that are MUCH cheaper than Mydin, Carrefour and Giant combined together] and saw my crazed biscuits :) and told my MIL he has been searching for it for a long time *hugs*

I am feeling romantic right now just because of some biscuits. Heh, how hard it is to please a woman?

Wednesday, 6 October 2004

The power of blog

I read in The Star like 3 weeks ago about frustrated parents who found out their teenage son has a blog. They feel sad that their son expressed his feelings through it. Strong words like "I want to kill my mom!" were used to express his anger towards his parents. They were saddened by it and do not see any good in writing the blog if it just expressed their son's negative attitude towards them.

Ahh, that's the power of blogging my friends. Here, a blog, is like an open diary, where our thoughts were read by real people, not just in Malaysia but all over the world - like what Neri expressed - IS IT LIKE COOL OR WHAT?

The blog opened our deepest secrets, tend to have ugly scars and memories of happy moments because we pour our heart and soul inside it. The parents should not view their son's blog as negative, but should tend to think outside the box, where they should see the blog as understanding their teenager's life and how to improvise it.

Yes, in a teenage life, the parents is always the upper hand. But the teenage life is where the transition is taking place, a stage where we transformed ourselves from a child to an adult. And along the way, there is sure anguish feelings towards the parents somehow.. and the thinking of "Why my parents said NO to this? And why they give permission for that?" That kind of stuff. So, the parents in the first place shouldn't been saddened by the view expressed by their son, teenage life is hard, more so with the influence of other people in the son's life -mostly from friends.

Even some blogs found stardom [there is congested traffic as a proof] like DZ's Gongkapas and Screenshot. A few days back, Screenshot ruffled a few feathers over here and there. And the blog owner was warned to be detained under ISA because some visitor (obviously) left a comment that is deemed not appropriate for the government. Hey.. it's like what? You cannot imprisoned the blog owner's or stop the blog from going, but what were they thinking, really? Go and catch the visitor who gave nonsense comments about Islam Hadhari, not the blog owner. If the government can trace back who starts the sensational e-mail on Siti, then why can't they trace back the visitor who keep writing negative comments at Screenshots?

Tehee.. I wonder why.

Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Flatter your wife

Guys, surprise your wife! And don't be a fool, like you don't know what to do. As if men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.
I really mean this, how bad it can be? It's simple, really. Your wife will fall in love head over heels all over again. It will spark the marriage. Don't be dumb founded when you husbands come to these stuff. You will find yourself pleased when you saw that you have pleased your wife BIG time :)

My suggestion:
A dinner date with your couple at night in some fancy restaurant, with candle lights and music
A nice vacation - really, to help you guys release the work stress and enjoy!

Eh, too much money? Here are other suggestion when budget is a concern:

[1] A simple home made meal
[2] Flowers - I don't mean just roses, you can try orchids, sunflowers etc.
[3] A box of chocolates
[4] Buy something that she will cherish; like scented candles, small bottle of perfumes - alah, the small one is quiet cheap, 5 ml costs around RM30+
[5] Toiletries - like Body Shop
[6] A card - like 'Miss You' or 'Remembering You' or etc.

And if you do not intend to spend money at all, why don't you:

[1] Hug and kiss her when she throws a tantrum? That's really the MOST EFFECTIVE method to chill her down
[2] Try calling her for once, not the other way around - note that it's always the wife calling their husbands and not the other way around
[3] When you are outstation, remember communications is REALLY important. Just give a quick call or SMS after you arrive to ensure us that you are safe and sound :)
[4] Peek at your wife's cheek
[5] Try to fix the house when she keeps babbling about it all the time - like trying to fix the sink - she will appreciate it that you do not have to be told again and again this or that need fixing
[6] Help with her household chores, she will feel much appreciated
[7] Just a stroll along the park / at the beach
[8] A simple heart to heart talk

See? It's that simple, REALLY. Like the time dh surprise me with the blue-i Samsung handphone since I gave my Nokia 3315 to my mom. I was flattered, really!
And when he kissed me before I went for Ceaserian to deliver Amni, that was really touching.
And when he helped me to boil the water for our daughter's milk :)

Keep the sparks in your marriage. A marriage is like playing a pack of cards. Do not lie it all at once, you will lose the thrills. Instead, lie it one by one, and there will always be surprises along your journey ;)

And give a target to each surprise. Like once a month, or once in a fortnight. She will be pleasantly surprised.

And please, do not forget the important dates. Like birthdays, wedding anniversaries. And try to make it up if you forget -buy a cake or presents- I mean really NICE present. She will be forgiving, you see? Ya ya, the wife always says she doesn't mind you forget this or that, but deep in her heart, she actually cherish if you remembers and give her nice things. And she will cry in her hearts when you forget your promises. Ask for forgiveness. Bak kata Ustaz Baharuddin - "There's no one right or wrong. Sesiapa yang meminta maaf dahulu, dialah yang paling baik". Remember your wife's duty, if there is a punch clock, I bet the wife's punch clock will start REALLY early in the morning [at 5 a.m.] and ends late at night [maybe around 11 p.m.].

And don't be too stingy on the budget, ajak makan luar la sometimes. Takkan asyik nak makan kat rumah je, give your wife and kids a treat :)

Hope I did supply you guys with some points ;)

Monday, 4 October 2004

Trip to PD

Was on EL last Friday. But since my boss is so nice and understands that having kids really make you feel sick, he let me off easily. I think this is my 4th time taking EL because of the daughter. Ummi called and asked whether we would like to join for her division's family day. Dh already planned to go back to Malacca this week but we are still 50-50 about it since I complained about my tummy ache a lot. Me and him were quiet confused since I have never had experience for normal delivery before and I was feeling like a ticking bomb already to explode, waiting whether the baby will come out. Eh, mama and Aini, how was it like to have labour pain?

So, a quick call by dh to ummi and we decided to enjoy ourselves in PD - not like some other mama who has to go there and attend a workshop.. tehehehe >:). Since it is a 'balik hari' event, I don't mind packing all those clothes to go swimming and extra clothes for Amni plus my own labour bag -in case, you know.

Arriving there at 9.20 a.m., we went to the beach straight away, but since the event were for kids, and Amni is not eligible to enter for it.. teheheh.. the staff at my mom's department said Amni can only enter 'makan pasir' contest, we went to the swimming pool. Luckily, ummi did not forget to bring Afiqah's pelampung -gosh, that swimming equipment was bought when Alyaa was like 2 or 3 years old [and now, my sis was like 19 years old]. She didn't cry when we first put her in the pool, although she seemed scared at first. It must be quiet a shock for my baby since the pool water is SO cold and she was freezing since we rendam half of her body in the water. It was fun clicking pictures here and there with Amni and dh in the water. In fact, Afiqah joined us to play in the kid's swimming pool. We were inside the pool till 11 a.m.

The next event started at 2 p.m. Since there is no accommodation, Amni had to sleep under a coconut tree and it was REALLY HOT that I pitied her.

Ummi got herself a mountain bike for her lucky draw and a BIG hamper since she won 2nd place for her musical chair contest. Dh joined the tug of war and volley ball event and won both! As for me, I joined tiup belon contest and isi air dalam botol. We cheated, of course during the isi air dalam botol event and landed ourselves with a nice BIG hamper, yum yum! And the balloon was so hard to blow that I was amazed some women managed to blow it until pecah! Gosh, they must have a very BIG tank of air inside their lungs..

The family day finished at 5.10 p.m. and we went back with sun burned skins. Amni macam puteri lilin, duduk bawak pokok pun, muka merah macam udang terbakar. During our way back, we were talking excitedly about Malaysian Idol - ok, my mom watched that TV show, heehee..

And this morning, I feel so LAZY to start working again, but have to do it since our CEO will pop in to look around this week.. hmmmm