Friday, 26 November 2004


Baby Fawwaz Amin 1-day old

Eid Mubarak with my family :)

Firzanah Amni's first birthday

Thursday, 25 November 2004

Sleepless nights

I do not have enough sleeps for 3 days in a row. The baby keep waking up every 30 minutes to 1 hour. I will try to sleep somewhere else today and let see whether the baby will give me another sleepless night.

Dh returned here yesterday. He took a 6.30 p.m. bus and arrived here at 9 p.m. since I said I miss him. I guess I am better with him around - orang tak biasa berenggang.. hehe. Puke, if you may. But I did feel mushy when he's not around since he helped me to take care of the baby. I guess I really miss him a lot. He will be coming back tomorrow and we will be heading back to KL this Sunday. My aunt is coming from Kelantan to take care of me and she will bring her 11-year old son along. I guess that means we will have to watch Sembilu drama every Tuesday at 9.00 p.m. Believe me, the last confinement with my aunt, I got stuck with watching Malay dramas and even get to memorise all the dramas' timing. Sembilu has been running its airtime since my last confinement with Amni [like more than a year ago]. Haiyoo..

Wednesday, 24 November 2004


+ Abang tak record masa Aida bersalin ye?
- Tak.
+ Banyak sangat ke darah keluar?
- Abang tengok pun dah cukup.
+ Kalau Aida tengok, maknanya Aida pun boleh pengsan yek?
- Ha-ah.
+ Aida tahu tak doktor potong kat situ masa Aida push?
- Eh, tak rasa pun?
+ Aida pakai Epidhural, kan. Tapi Aida teran, terus-terus keluar anak dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.
- Oh, kuat ek Aida teran? 3 kali je.

+ Eh, patutnya tak turun sangat awak punya ni [nurse sambil tekan-tekan perut]. Awak teran kuat sangat yek tadi?
- Ha-ah. Suami cakap keluar terus satu badan budak.
+ Oh, awak kan yang diaorang cakap ada problem tadi. Tumpah darah, kan?


Monday, 22 November 2004

Family planning

I was seriously considering for family planning after my friend, Aima also wants to implant Implanon in her arm. She gave birth to her second child [like me] with only one year gap between her first and second child.

I have a chat with one of the staff nurse in the labour room during my contractions [so bear in mind some conversation may have been forgotten due to the 4 minutes contraction at 4.30 a.m.]. She also suggested to me to use Implanon since the medicine does not interfere with breastfeeding. Even the nurse wants to implant one for herself. I was seriously considering to go with Implanon after the talk with these two women.

After giving birth to Fawwaz, I have a chat with Dr. Rahman at 8.40 a.m. -during his stitching / sewing of my parts after labour [the wonder of Epidhural, you can have a chat right after you just gave birth]. Here are some options for the planning part:

[1] Implanon
He disagreed with my suggestion of using Implanon since he said it is hard to find the capsule to remove it. And the possibility of having another child is much harder.

[2] IUD

He suggested for me to use IUD, but I couldn't bear to have another operation to implant and yet another operation to remove that thing from my vagina.

[3] Pills -Mercilon
Haha, we didn't get far for this option since I said I tend to forget to eat pills and the pills can only been eaten after your period comes back. For breastfeeding moms, this is not an option since you don't know when your period cycle will be coming back.

[4] Injection
I might consider this option of taking injection every 3 months. I don't have to remember about forgetting to eat my pills, I don't have to do some major operation and I don't have to worry about not having another child.

The trip to hospital last week, Dr. Rahman reminded us about family planning or else, I might be pregnant again next year.. Erkk!

Thursday, 18 November 2004

The blog's name

I have retitled my blog to accommodate another addition to our family... Fawwaz Amin :)

The trip to hospital

We went for postnatal check up today. I have to bring Fawwaz along since he is breastfeeding. Arrived there before the clinic opens. Dr. Rahman celebrates his Hari Raya at KL.. hmph.. Fawwaz got some pocket money from doctor. We went back to our house and rest for a while before making the trip back to Malacca.

I was glad we choose Dr. Rahman as our O & G. There is a difference between male and female O & G after experiencing both. The male O & G tends to be more relaxed, calm and give lots of advises while the female tend to panic and always opt for ceaserian for problematic[?] causes such as in the case of Amni.

One of Aini's colleagues suggest Aini went to Dr. Rahman during her pregnancy since she delivered all her children with the doctor -so you can guess how old he is if the first child of Aini's colleague is already 17 years old- Aini suggested him to me and I am glad we heed with Aini's advice and literally begged dh to consider for a male O & G.. heheh

Boy, I am glad with him. Thank you doctor for your guided advice when one of the GP told me I cannnot deliver normal after giving birth less than one year after ceaserian.
I proved her wrong [but that's another story].

And I know dh is proud of me [but I still thinks his doas really works wonders when you only hope for the best from Allah]

Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Ahhh.. the wonder of technology

I can online whenever I want. Check company e-mails (I am a dedicated co's staff BTW), on the out of office Auto Reply, pay my bills, check my a/c balance and etc. during my confinement period. I am a techno mama.

I have live my first confinement period without the computer and it makes me really out of date from the current news and happenings [hint.. hint.. gossips] and now I have the luxury of spending my second confinement with the Internet.

Oh God, I am so hooked to the computer. And nothing much we can do during confinement you see, you have to pantang most foods, you have to sleep well, you cannot move around much because of the delivery and fear of bleeding heavily and I cannot see much of the outside world except for the trip to hospital and home..

Hmm, how did the old people survive without the technology.

On another note, one of my friend was [and I think, still] amazed that my kampung [which is located near the border of Thailand] can have Internet connection. Hehehe.. even though we live at the end of Malaysia, we are also technology advanced!

Sunday, 14 November 2004

Happy Birthday Firzanah Amni!

Happy burp-day to you
Happy burp-day to you
Happy burp-day
Happy burp-day
Happy burp-day to Firzanah Amni

Eid Mubarak dear Amni. Ibu and abah love you so much!
Baby Fawwaz wishes kakak a happy 365 days :)

Birthday presents? Wait for all your dear 'aunties' balik kerja, then you will have lots of them.

Saturday, 13 November 2004

Fawwaz Amin bin Muhammad Firdaus

[tulis dalam bahasa ibunda. sesekali tukar angin]

Alhamdulillah, bertambah lagi seorang cahaya mata kami pada hari Selasa, 9 November 2004 pada 8.28 pagi di Hospital Tawakal. Berkat doa abang, selamat melahirkan Fawwaz secara normal. Dimudahkan segala urusan olehNya. Hari Isnin lagi, sudah turun darah -tapi bukan dalam kuantiti yang banyak, hanya beberapa titik. Itu pun kurang pasti adakah tanda sakit untuk bersalin. Perut rasa sakit setiap 4 jam dan 3 pagi, tiba-tiba rasa seperti hendak keluar sesuatu. Jangkaan memang benar apabila ke tandas, terus saja ketuban air pecah [bayangkan seperti belon yang penuh dengan air pecah]. Abang terus terbangun dan aku terus telefon ummi untuk mengambil Amni dan kami ke hospital.

Sampai dalam pukul 3.40 pagi, aku terus dimasukkan ke dalam labour room. Jururawat keluarkan ketuban aku dan bukaan sudah 4 cm. Terus saja rasa sakit bersalin dalam 5 minit sekali. Pukul 5.00 pagi, bukaan 6 cm dan terus minta epidhural untuk hilangkan rasa sakit.

Doktor standby tengah bersahur dan tiba jam 6.00 pagi. Dr Rahman datang jam 7.20 pagi dan melihat bukaan sudah mencapai 8 cm. Dijangkakan bersalin dalam pukul 9.00 ke 9.30 pagi. Dalam pukul 8.00, bila aku cakap aku terasa nak meneran, jururawat melihat bukaan sudah 10 cm dan terus panggil doktor. Selamat melahirkan Fawwaz jam 8.28 pagi. Mujur sekejap saja sakit, dalam 5 1/2 jam.

Dan perkataan pertama bila doktor letakkan Fawwaz atas perut, "Ya Allah, lebatnya rambut anak ibu."

Tumpah darah yang teramat. Dr Rahman nampak panik walaupun terus melakukan jahitan terhadap luka aku. Dalam pukul 9.00, dia minta jururawat monitor dan jika masih lagi berlaku ketumpahan darah yang banyak, mungkin aku akan dibedah jam 10.00 pagi. Mungkin berkat doa abang, alhamdulillah, aku sudah tidak mengalami tumpah darah yang teruk.

Berkat doa kami, anak yang dilahirkan sihat dan secara normal. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..

P/S: Esok birthday Amni, jangan lupa bagi hadiah kat budak tu ye kawan-kawan :)

Monday, 8 November 2004

Dear friend

I am glad you take the initiative to talk to me last gathering. I was still reeling in shock at that time when suddenly you came to me when I was on my way to go home. The last incident before our conversation makes me bitter nearly 2 years come to think of it. I thought our friendship bond is broken because of the heartache caused by it. We may have rifts during that time, but believe me, I always remember you well as my friend that I knew for such a long time.

When I arrived there, one of the juniors quickly asked me whether I know you, and I answered that I knew you well. She pointed to me where you sit and I was shocked to see you after a long time. It has been ages isn't it that we didn't sit down and have a nice conversation? The last encounter was not face to face, but it left me bitter and I have painful memory about it.

I did cried every time I remember it. Come to think of it, our friendship was broken because of some hurtful things that we say to each other enflamed by only one person.. I don't mind he talks badly about me, but I was saddened by the fact that he was angry with you while it was I who made the regretful mistake.

I was in the prayer room when I saw you again. But I didn't know how to strike a conversation with you since the painful misunderstanding still lurked in my head.

I just want you to know, I am glad that you take the initiative to come and chat with me even though it was short. And you got to see my dear daughter who seems sleepy.

You know who you are. I wish you success in all your undertakings, and pray to God that our friendship will never been broken again.

Saturday, 6 November 2004

The Incredibles

We watched The Incredibles way ahead from the US premier at GSC Midvalley Megamall for our father's foundation. Yes, yes, not only Lynn got free tickets you know.. hehehe...

It was really incredible and the visual is really stunning! Especially the waterfall building -heh, what do you expect from people who creates Toy Story? And RottenTomatoes gave rating of 97% for the movie! Wow!!

And it was gobsmacking fun - even though, well, Amni only watched like 30 minutes of the movie and went to sleep.

Friday, 5 November 2004

Doing MAPS in advance

I am so pleased with myself since I have finished doing my MAPS last week and set the status to complete last Wednesday.

And right now people are jamming the MAPS server because of today's dateline.
So, you should learn your lesson well, dears. And don't comment on why I did my MAPS early for 2 years in a row.

You know why right now... tehehehhe


And I know you guys are wishing that you realise the MAPS dateline much more earlier.

Thursday, 4 November 2004

Good luck to Lynn!

Entering my 37 weeks and I still didn't give birth yet to my unborn baby in my stomach. I am on MC today [one day only] and the doctor asked me to walk a lot here and there. I am just praying that I could have a normal delivery and I don't have to spend my Aidilfitri at my home with no one.. *tsk tsk*

On another note, wish all the best to Lynn who is thinking to run [take leave or something la dear] from that evil guy who love to mess with everybody. Thank God we are not like him or the company will be dead with backstabbing and bad mouthing. Alhamdulillah...

I miss my puasa yesterday due to an overwhelming hunger.. bohoho..
About counting the sheeps and eating lots of food, that might come in handy for my sleeping problem.. *wink*

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

How to overcome my sleeping problem?

I have sleepless nights lately. I tend to sleep late at night and wake up very early in the morning to prepare for sahur.

I tend to have weird dreams nowadays.

I have tried bathing during the night, holding my husband, use perfumes all over me [believe me, the bedroom smells of my perfume all the time] and read Al-Fatihah and 3 Quls like I used to when I was a child but none of them work.

Could you guys give me a suggestion? And I need the solutions fast to overcome my sleep deprivation. I think I really need time out for myself.

And this backache is killing me! Err, where is the tabib when I need one to soothe my aching muscle?

On child molestation

"Every 1 out of 4 child under the age of 18 are molested in America."

I am an Oprah Winfrey's fan for her famed Oprah show. Usually, she didn't touch much on sensitive issues but last Friday she interviewed people who had history of child molestation. I must admit, I did cry when a woman named Angeline came to the show and admitted she was molested from the age of 9 till 16. Her step father also molested her mentally disabled older sister and she didn't know who she should trust since she had a very strict mother. She was into drugs, alcohols and free sex at a tender age because of the impact her step father did to her. He was jailed for only 6 months because of the crime.

Then in the next shooting, her step father came to the show and explained about the molestation and the factors behind it. Once, when Oprah asked about whether he will do the same thing again to another person, he honestly said he wouldn't do it again as to what he did to Angeline and her sister. The driving force behind his change is the deep hatred he saw from his step daughter's eyes when he was hand cuffed by the police. He said he read the letters that Angeline sent to him and that make him realised he was up to no good and joined support group to overcome his behaviour.

On the next segment, a father was killed by his own daughter because of what the father did to his 3 daughters. Janice was molested for 15 years when she reached her breaking point and decided to shoot her own father. Beside the sexual abuse they have to endure, her father was also abusing their mother and them physically. She did report her father's crime to the police when she was small but he was jailed for only 3 days. And the price that Janice has to pay because she took her own action? 7 years in prison.

The law is still quiet weak when it comes on child molestor's prosecution, I believe. The law didn't see the damage the child molestor has done to the child -which had been sexually abused. For Angeline, she still cried when she saw her step father. And for Janice, she had sleepless nights years and confessed she sleep like a baby the day she shoot her own father.

The show also promoted a movie called Woman, Thou Art Loosed about child molestation. I think I would cry if I saw that movie that is based on one priest's story about his support group on overcoming child molestation. The trailer and video clips are just heart wrenching to watch.

"Ya Allah, Kau lindungilah anak-anak kami daripada segala kejahatan yang telah Kauciptakan"

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Chicken curry & MC

Yesterday is my off duty day and I successfully cooked chicken curry!
Ok, this is my first time I cooked the curry all by myself, without the help of my mom who keep blaberring here and there at the kitchen since I am such a slow learner.

Actually, my mom is also shocked when she found out the tiny detail that I cooked after we moved. Maybe because of the reason that everytime she came to my house, I will be busy crunching my McD's burgers or KFC's chickens with Amni and dh.

BTW, I received MC last Friday graciously extended by my O & G [yang sangat pemurah dengan MC]. The conversation between me and the doctor goes on like this:

Nurse: Hello, Klinik Dr. Rahman
Me: Akak, Aida sini. Saya nak mintak MC boleh tak?
Nurse: Cakap dengan doktor, ok?
Me: OK

[some silly songs behind and passing of the phone]

Dr. Rahman: Kenapa Aida?
Me: Saya nak mintak MC, sakit belakang, doktor.
Dr. Rahman: Kot awak contraction. Sekarang kan dah 37 minggu [first O & G that I knew who remembers his patients' records really well even though he had tonnes of patients]
Me: Tak, tak.. heheh.. kalau saya contraction, saya pergi terus la ke sana.
Dr. Rahman: OK, awak nak MC berapa hari ni?
Me: Hari ni je.
Dr. Rahman: Esok tak nak ke? Cukup ke tak satu hari? [see how gracious he is]
Me: Cukup-cukup, esok saya tak kerja doktor. Nanti suami saya datang ambil MC.
Dr. Rahman: Saya prepare terus MC awak ni.
Me: Terima kasih doktor :).

How should I discipline my baby?

Now that my baby is crawling around and getting into everything, I'm wondering how best to discipline her.

Disciplining a 7- to 9-month-old probably won't have much effect or make much of a difference in her behavior - and it's usually unnecessary, as babies this young aren't really capable of manipulation or consciously "being bad." But you can already start getting in the habit of using techniques that will work. For example, pay a lot of attention to your child when she's playing nicely or lying on her back looking around the room. That way when she's older, you'll already be used to paying attention to her before she misbehaves instead of trying to figure out how to punish her afterward. You can enhance the effectiveness of almost any disciplinary procedure - such as a brief time-out - by making the time when your child is not misbehaving more enjoyable (or, as I call it, "enhanced time-in").