Friday, 31 December 2004

Amni's reading time

I went frenzy after finding out Ameer had started reading his first book. So, dusting here and there, I did found two books for Amni's reading pleasures entitled "Baby 1-2-3" [which I bought during MPH Warehouse Sale] and "Fly, Butterfly" [which her grandma bought during her trip to Australia].

Her first reaction after seeing those books? Oh, she didn't bite the book [as before]. My, my. My dear Amni has good manners. She sat properly on the floor and opened her book, leafing through the pages one by one. She would stare at one page for a long time because of the vibrant colours.

Later, she would try to bite the book.

But then, she will sit again properly, and leaf her books. Again and again. She loves her books and I will read to her a page sometimes. This is done while folding the clothes or cooking. I am good at multitasking nowadays [a road to become Elastigirl, the supermom in The Incredibles].

Notice the difference between a girl and a boy on their reading style, eh?

Thursday, 30 December 2004

This is a reaction to Tini's post

Funny how the Kelantanese viewed jewelleries as necessities in their life. Yes, I know, I know. Gold is much cheaper in Kelantan. You can CLEARLY see all the makciks at Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah wearing all those jewelleries while selling vegetables and fruits. Get what I mean? Even those makciks consider them as basic needs.

When it come to Raya, you can clearly see everyone wearing their best jewelleries.

"Hok ni beghapo?" looking at one of my aunt's bracelet. It was studded with diamonds all over.
"RM 2000."
Erk. The part of buying and owning it suddenly evaporated from my mind.

"Come eh, so set. Ado batu putih ni." [the white pearl stone is very BIG!]
One of my aunts was wearing one set of matching jewelleries.

Oh girls, never used the tactic of speaking out loud to make sure your husband overheard the conversation as if to remark to them to buy you that piece of jewellery. It never works.

When I looked all over, my cousins, even the little ones were wearing jewelleries. It's like wearing your baju raya, you know. It's a trend wearing jewelleries in Kelantan rather than the opposite.

So, I can pity Tini actually when one of her 14 year old SIL said she wants to buy jewelleries. Even though my sisters have Kelantan pure blood, we never favour jewelleries much. What I got for my wedding [a gold bracelet] and some inheritance from my mother is what adorned me during Raya [not much since I do not favours the big ones]. OK, so I am not materialistic.. hehehe. Lucky my husband, he can save money and spend it for PS2 :) [in the future].

Even though sometimes I looked longingly at others who adorned jewelleries, the thought of owning it would never cross my mind since we have to save moneys for other much more important matters.

I am the kedekut type, dear.

But I do wish that it would rain gold. I would be running and collecting the golds like a mad woman if it happens [which, I guess, would never ever happens]. OK, but if it DOES rains gold, be prepared to see me go berserk.

Other option of owning a piece of expensive jewellery item would be entering the Roda Impian contest and won the Juara Jumaat [the bonus prize is usually a necklace or ring sponsored by Habib Jewels.]

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

How to charm your parents

A girl knows how to charm others easily.

Yesterday, a smelly sign showed that one of our kids poo-ed inside their diapers.
Then I asked, "Siapa bau busuk?" to both of them - heh, like Fawwaz or Amni understood what I am asking.
Amni shook her head twice - as if she understood our question.
We laughed really hard.

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

The weekend

We attended a wedding in Batu Pahat, went shopping for some health stuff, eat pizzas, with Amni tagging along with us. Fawwaz was graciously left behind by us since he is just 1 and 1/2 month old.

I also have a new haircut [done by my own husband] and a gold brooch!
Dh had graciously bought me a beautiful gold brooch for my belated birthday present. I haven't wear it yet, but I am sure looking forward to wearing it soon. Yey!!!

And who wants to sponsor me tickets to Australia for 4 persons? *winks*

Life is good!

Sunday, 26 December 2004

Husnul khatimah

Surfing through her blog makes us miss her again. I think we are still sharing the same feeling [dear Aini, Siti, Ieka and Hany] about Kak Nuun. Meeting my friend yesterday, she remarked, "Untung kan Aida, dia meninggal muda dalam keadaan diredhai. Dengkinya kita dengan dia."

I saw her Haloscan comments is still being filled up on her last post. And that makes us miss her even more.

"Dan kami akan sentiasa merinduimu.. berbahagialah akak di samping Pencipta yang Satu dan menunggu suami dan anak untuk menyertai akak.

Dan cara untuk ke syurga itu adalah mati, maka kami juga akan menghadapi mati, moga dalam keadaan husnul khatimah spt yang akak lalui."

limau nipis | Homepage | 12.25.04 - 9:37 pm | #

from kak nuun's blog

+ [related previous post]

Meeting an old friend

Is like savouring and old book. You open the pages and cherish the memories inside it. You smiled with rememberance on each page that you unfolds.

Meeting one of my dear friends in Batu Pahat yesterday makes me realise that. We attended her twin sister's wedding this year albeit her wedding last year. It was a rare occassion, once in a year that I got to meet her, with long telephone calls in between. She had a rough year with her miscarriage of her first unborn baby at a middle stage of pregnancy. She was really down for a month and we tried to cheer her up along the way.

She was the first work colleague that I got to work with and shares with me the same view, same unit and same boss [erkk!]. We got close along the way, even though she was my senior in our university days.

I, in my pre-university days knows her. I did idolise her and her twin in a positive way. Both were really active in extra curricular activities that I for once was thinking, "I want to be like them." And I did prove that I can be like them. When I entered my third trimester during my pre-U, I got involved in societies. I became SRC's treasurer for 2 and 1/2 years. I was active in PBMKM, hostel and UPG. Even Aini, who was diagnoised with a rare disease make sure it didn't hinders her involvement in many societies.

I believe that we did leave a mark in our university's days in a positive ways. We built the best team of SRC during our years that our councellor believe there will never be another team like us.

And to my dear friend and colleague, you really are a mentor [in a way!]. I wish you a beautiful journey for many years to come.

Friday, 24 December 2004

The DaVinci Code 2

+ Alyaa, dah baca DaVinci Code?
- Blom.
+ Best!!!
- Semua kawan Alyaa cakap camtu.
+ Heh, kita kan pemalas baca buku. Mesti buat stok jer. Kak Aida siap baca buku tu dalam 2 hari.

Menyesal start baca buku tu waktu malam. Sampai tidur pun termimpi-mimpi.

Oh wow, I am SO amazed with myself.

BEWARE AINI! You have been warned. Don't start reading the book at night or you might lose your sleep.

+ Eh Mek Ya, pinjam buku Can You Keep A Secret?
- Buku Alyaa ke tu??
+ Loh, ayah tak cakap ke? Penat je kite cakap tu buku birthday ko. Kak Aini bagi.
- Ntah, ayah letak atas meja jer. Bila ummi tanya buku sape, Alyaa pun cakap tak tahu.
+ Chehh! Ayah ni.. hu hu.

P/S: Anyway, The DaVinci Code in particular describe the hero looks like Harrison Ford from Indiana Jones, that's why me and Mas is having a really high expectation someone REALLY good looking will get the part.

Thursday, 23 December 2004

The other side of me

A lot of people might notice the other side of me from this blog. Some people who knows me from Bicara Muslim might be shocked to see my different reflection from this other side. This is the real me - the playful, messed up, with two kids in tow, with real problems and family life.

While the other me is still the sweet, cool and calm [even macho] who is still seeking for Islamic knowledge and aswered some problems through reference from Yusof Qardhawi, Imam Bukhari and etc. I might be called a fanatic of BMC. I surfed there on daily basis to gain more knowledge about Islamic matters and I particularly loved Bicara Fiqah handled by one of my ex-schoolmate [what a small world after all].

But I didn't hide myself under my nickname. I welcomed people who stumbled upon my blog and found astonishing difference between my blog and my other who is seeking knowledge.

I particularly didn't like people who left comments without a nickname - using 'Anonymous'. People who tend to leave comments [sometimes, sarcastic comments] without their names/nicknames, I believe, is afraid to reveal their own self. Maybe they noticed that a nickname tend to reveal a lot of things about oneself. Like my own.

This [limaunipis] nickname is what I created when I entered BMC. I used another nickname before that: alindalia [people who love writings of Abang Pat's famous Saga Artakusiad may be familiar with this name], but alas, someone registered the nickname way ahead before me in the forum. I choose a much more simpler one, and hence, the nickname of limaunipis was created. Forumers from BMC even tend to call me limau rather than my own name even though I have attended lots of gatherings and introduced myself with my own name.

This nickname got stuck with me. Even my earlier blog, which I created during year 2000 is much simpler [and have been deleted] is at this exact URL and talks about university's life.

I believe a nickname do reveals one true self. And my nickname actually showed that I am really a simple person, with a much simpler life [except when it comes to work].

P/S: Dh, when do you want to update this blog?

P/P/S: The DaVinci Code has been voted by MPH readers as the no. 1 book by foreign author.

Wednesday, 22 December 2004

Our second anniversary

Yesterday was our second anniversary. How forgetful of me [sign of me being old?]. We accomplished a lot during our 2 years of marriage. We support each other. We fight and we loved each other.

Dear dh, you are really patient with me in those passing years. You woke up at night and lull our babies to sleep. You help me with the household chores. You love me when I am in my worst appearance. You were with me when I gave birth to our precious.

But our biggest accomplishment would be getting 2 kids in our 2 years of marriage life. So, dear dh, do you want another baby next year?


Tuesday, 21 December 2004

The DaVinci Code

Since I shamefully admit that I am not a bookaholic anymore, I take back my word [err, for the moment]. The DaVinci Code is a breathtaking book, I have just finished reading it at breackneck speed.

My mom and youngest sis just came back from Jakarta. And guessed who they meet at the airport? And snapped pictures with the celebrity? I am ready to puke. Yes, Siti Nurhaliza [I always feel that my mom likes her - a little bit].

Received SMS from one of the regular forumers in BMC. Al-Fatihah again to Kak Shiqin. Her death is an eye opener. It makes us think about our priorities in life and sadly miss the fact that we often didn't tell others how much we loved them, until it is too late :|

Friday, 17 December 2004

Ode to Nor'Ashiqin Mohd Ali

Dear our beloved Kak Shiqin,

The sun shines today, the birds were chirping as usual. Nothing unusual happened as the days passed by. But today seems different. You were gone.

It seems only yesterday you were laughing and talking with us. It seems like yesterday you were paying me a visit and look at our beloved Fawwaz. It seems like yesterday we were talking about children. It seems like yesterday you were advising me about breastfeeding and family life. You came to the house and saw my son. But today, it will be different. You were gone.

You were one of the seniors that was close to us. We attend each others' wedding [seems like ages ago, right?] which was only one week apart. We laughed and snapped pictures during our grand day as if nothing will break our happiness. We got babies and we were joyous. We shared tips on handling children.

Remember our university days? You were famous because of the gossip on going between you and your husband. We know you well since we were in orientation committee and handling orientation week together. You were handling Engineering students with no girls inside the group.

And yesterday, you passed away. Leaving your beloved family. Yesterday, I saw your face. It was serene. I kissed your face. And I started to cry [and it comes from a girl who was telling herself she shouldn't break down in front of people]. We saw your husband kissing you with your Amiir Hussaini. We heard your husband clearly when he said to Amiir to look at you ["Amiir, tengok ummi, Amiir"]. I believed you have found peace with Allah.

Dear Kak Shiqin,
The coming days will be filled with your memories. May you rest in peace and be one of the Heaven's people. Al-Fatihah.

Thursday, 16 December 2004

House = Total chaos!

OK, who said raising two kids are easy? The house is in complete chaos since the day I came back from Malacca to continue my confinement at my own home. My hyperactive daughter is really helpful in organising the house.

She just discovered she had a baby brother when I came back. She loved her baby brother so much and she wanted to play with him, but the baby brother only knows how to sleep and drink milk. The first time she discovered she had a brother, she was joyous till the point she wanted to sit on her brother! So we have to bring the baby cot downstair and put Fawwaz inside the cot to keep Amni away from him. Oh, that reminds me of Tini, of borrowing Ameer's baby cot and his mattress too.

Amni loves to follow her brother's activities around, like his bathing time and his nappy change time. And imagine that both of them poos at the same time! I freaked out last time [I was on high fever that time, so I am helpless in organising the kids] both of them poos at the same exact time since my aunt had to clean Fawwaz first and Amni was tagging along with her to see her brother being cleaned up. And the next cleaning was Amni herself.

And the day Aini came to visit us with Auni in the morning, she went to shops to buy nappies for her daughter. And imagine us in complete chaos with three growing babies inside the house. And all of them want milk at the same time! Phew, whoever works at the nursery, tabik spring from me.

I just can't wait for the maid to come (yes, we are finally hiring maid) because it will be much easier for me to do other works with someone watching both of them [or the other way around: where I will be lazing around..hehehe].

If you guys want to pay me a visit, wait till I finish my confinement period [which is this coming Sunday] for me to spring clean the house.

P/S: I am updating my blog with my baby on my lap, trying to lull my baby to sleep. I am quite a multi tasker after having 2 kids in the house, I believe.

Wednesday, 15 December 2004

The gold brooch

I asked for 4 tickets to Australia for my birthday but instead I get Invent Your Scent perfumes from The Body Shop. Ceh.. some big dreams I am having. Thank you girls for the lovely present yesterday, anyway :). Even Tini wrote in the card for me to wear the perfume when we went holidaying in Australia :P. Anyway, thank you Lynn and Tini for not considering to buy Siti Nurhaliza's poster for me in the first place [it will be excellent for me to practice playing darts, though].

Dh wants to buy a PlayStation2 for my birthday. That will be a big no. I will not be using that thing, however, I suspect that my husband will be playing with it all day long.

I am thinking of buying something nice for myself. A gold brooch, perhaps. Just a small one that we use to pin our tudung under the chin. That may cost less than RM200 [and within my budget]. I have such a sensitive skin that I cannot wear something else rather than gold for my skin. I can detect in one day whether the thing I am wearing is real or fake gold. If it is fake, my skin will itch. My mom once remarked that I should be marrying a gold merchant. Unfortunately, I am not such a gold digger and ended up marrying someone that is like me.

I will go hunting for my gold brooch later, perhaps. Or I may end up with no birthday present for my own self. Now, that doesn't seem to be a bad idea. Of not getting yourself a birthday present [since I have never done it before].

P/S: Girls, if you want to test whether your jewellery is true gold or fake, do bother to loan it to me. I can give the answer after the 24 hours test.. nyehehe :D.

Tuesday, 14 December 2004

The ripper

Amni was ripping the newspaper.
I suddenly laughed hard. Dh was obviously stunned with my reaction.
And I said to him, "Imagine next year, at this same time, we will have two growing babies ripping the newspapers together."

Saturday, 11 December 2004

Breastfeeding or bottlefeeding

I have been feeding the baby for one month. And most of it, it has been a really hurtful experience for me. My right nipple is sore and cracked, and everytime Fawwaz is feeding, I will be crying and crying because it hurts. And the problem is really weird. When he starts feeding, it will be like hell for me because that's when the nipple cracks the most and 3 minutes later, it will be soft. However, if he stops feeding and does not feed after 30 minutes [which he usually feeds back after 2 hours], the nipple will crack some more. And the longer I have to wait for the next feeding, the cracks got much worse. And I will cry even harder.

And today I have just healed from my 3 days high fever [which I did not feed Fawwaz during that time]. We went to the clinic yesterday and I said I am on fever. The doctor said it was because of the infection [cracked] on my nipple. I am totally thinking of not to breastfeed again because of the pain. And right now I keep pumping my milk to give to the baby.

I do not feel bad if I cannot continue to breastfeed the baby. It hurts when you have cracked nipple and it does not heal. Bottlefeed if you can with your breastmilk. You are not a bad mother if you cannot breastfeed your baby properly.

Friday, 10 December 2004

Berita Terbaru

Jumaat 10-12-2004

Aku kenyang.....

Thursday, 9 December 2004

Testing Post

Sebabkan Tinee soh aku updatekan status blog ni, aku dengan rela hati mahupun hempedu bersedia menerima dugaan dan rintangan ini.

[Minggu ni]

Ahad lepas baru berkesempatan nak bawak Amni gi jumpa doctor untuk enjet setahun. Sebelum gi, kitorang dah prepare air(kot2 amni nangis kena enjet) dan pampers(kot2 amni nak gigit waktu kena enjet). Seperti biasa, nurse (baca: pembantu klinik) akan ambil berat amni. So lepas timbang baru laa aku sedar yg amni sudah 10.5 kg. Patutlaa aku terasa diri ini semakin tough di bahagian tengkok, dagu dan buku lali. Tak sampai 5 minit, dr panggil masuk. Aku mintak dr ubat ruam ngan ubat demam. Sekali dr enjet amni, dia buat dek jer. Cam takde ape berlaku. Ingatkan nak nangis ke ape rupanya seperti seekor lalat menghinggap di tepi jendela. Cam takde ape2 berlaku. Hmmmmm
Hari yg bersejarah ni jugak, Hassan anak Mak Long (baca: Yg jaga Aida) bersunat kat KL. Malas nak cerita panjang, tapi peristiwa itu berlaku lebih kurang begini:

Aku: Hassan dah sunat ke?
Hassan: Lom lagi. Hari tu ingat nak sunat dah, tapi sebab Mak dtg KL, tak jadi.
Aku: Oooo.
Aida: Bang, kang masa bawak amni gi enjit tanyakan sekali dr berapa ringgit kos nak bersunat kat klinik.
Hassan masa ni muka dah cuak.
Aku: Ok....
Lepas tu semuanya berlaku pantas. Petang tu terus booking Pakej A, slow and painful. Dan yg paling aku tak duga, Dr ajak aku masuk sekali. Sebelum tu ada sorang pakcik ni, nak pitam sebab tgk anak dia sunat. Dr tu ckp laa jugak, kalau nak pitam gi amik angin kat luar. Tp aku selamber jer dok sebelah hassan, tgk dengan lebih jelas cara2 potong burung. Dr tanya, tak takut eh awak tgk darah. Aku jawap, nak bagi sokongan moral kat budak ni.

Fawwaz lak nangis kejap2 waktu malam. Amni dulu pun tak sekerap ni. Tapi nak buat camana, mmg baby boy susah sikit nak jaga. Aida sampai demam nak breastfeed fawwaz. Dugaan-dugaan. So sebab aku baru dengar cerita yg menyentuh hati aku waktu kuliah zuhur Ust. Ishak Baharum semalam (baca: Bekas Mufti Selangor). Aku nak passkan kat sesapa yg baca ni, kot2 boleh jadikan teladan.

Ade seorang lelaki yg mengidap penyakit buasir di zaman rasulullah. Walaupun sakit, hati dia sentiasa tenang. Susah payah nak uruskan diri, dengan darah, nanah etc tapi hati dia sentiasa tenang. Ni disebabkan Malaikat yg sentiasa datang melawat beliau, pagi dan petang. Terasa tenang dengan kedatangan Malaikat. Namun begitu, sebab agaknye tak selesa dengan penyakit tu, beliau berjumpa rasulullah s.a.w, dan meminta baginda berdoa agar disembuhkan penyakit beliau. So rasulullah pun Doa, dan dia pun sembuh. Lepas dia sembuh tu, dia rase cam kekurangan jer, cam hati dia rase tak best walaupun 5 jam main game Siti Sojourn. Malaikat yg dulu sentiasa jenguk dia, dah tak mai lagi dah. Dia dah sembuh, takde lagi malaikat dok datang tgk. Tu yg die rase sunyi. So dia gi jumpa Nabi balik, dan mintak doa agar sakit dia datang balik. The end.

Moralnya: Time sakit tu, sentiasa sabar dan ingat pada Allah. Kemungkinan besar ada Malaikat datang menjenguk dan mendoakan kita, insyaAllah.