Saturday, 31 December 2005

MMR injection

We just came back from the clinic for Fawwaz's first year-old injection, finallyyyyyyy (and I thought we are going to delay it for another week :P), after delaying it nearly 2 months.

He was really cool. OK, that's the kind word. Actually, he was emotionless when the kind doctor showed him the syringe and injected him just now. And the doctor muttered Subhanallah for quiet a few times since this is a first time a 1-y.o didn't even cried or showed any expression. She said MMR injection was really painful for a baby.

But we just laughed with his really stoned face. His face was screaming "What happened just now, dude? Huh?"

The doctor keep asking whether he would be alright and I just laughed and said not to worry. I told the doctor he had excess fats stored under his skin.

Friday, 30 December 2005

An e-mail about lost friendship

I do not know where I plucked the courage to write this to my dearest friend yesterday.

I wrote:

I think it is hard to meet you nowadays. Kita ni masih baik lagi ke? Akak nak jumpa pun susah, tak jumpa dah berapa lama agaknya. Anak kak Aini pun dah sampai 2, bet you haven't seen her for years. Sorry for being blunt, it's just that I missed all the fun we had before.

And she replied: tq for the email

What did it mean? I seriously do not know. On the different path that we took, the friendship had lost its magic. The joy of sharing happiness and sorrow. The laughters, the tears. Maybe my friend [or myself] had just let the friendship gone. We may not have the same easiness as before, she had a boyfriend, and I am really happy with her. Seriously. It's just that, I missed the moments that we had together.

I was actually quiet soppy when I mentioned about her. Yes, we have drifted apart. In many ways. I do not know whether we have drifted because of our laziness of not keeping in touch with each other. But I do sometimes wonder, that I have to force my husband to drive to her place just to meet her. She is like a sister to me. She is a sister to me.

I was waiting from morning till late afternoon for her to come to our open house, but there is no sight of her at all.

Is it really hard for us only to meet? I do not want to blame her.

I wish the new year will give me hope on renewed friendship.

Thursday, 29 December 2005

Brother: Accept Moorthy’s conversion to Islam

My eyes watered yesterday when he was buried being a Muslim. I followed the case since last week controversional issue after he passed away.

via The Star Online

Brother: Accept Moorthy’s conversion to Islam

KUALA LUMPUR: M. Moorthy’s elder brother has advised his widow and family to accept the fact that he was a Muslim and that he had to be buried according to Muslim rites.

Sugumaran @ Mohd Hussin Abdullah, 46, also a Muslim convert, was the only family member among the more than 50 people at his funeral at the Taman Ibu Kota Muslim cemetery in Setapak yesterday.

He poured scented water on Moorthy’s grave after prayers were recited by Surau Al-Muhajirin chief imam Bakri Abdul Rahman.

“There is no point in the family pursuing the case because it is a court order. No matter what, they have to accept,” he told reporters after the burial.

A distressed Sugumaran was comforted by those present, with some giving their contact numbers should he need help.

Moorthy, who was with the Projek Malaysia Everest 1997 expedition, died last Tuesday at age 36.

The former army lance corporal was said to have converted to Islam on Oct 11 last year and adopted the name Mohammad Abdullah.

Earlier, about 50 policemen, headed by Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Kamal Pasha Jamal, were at the KL Hospital to ensure everything went smoothly when Federal Territory Religious Department (Jawi) officers went to claim Moorthy’s body at 1.40pm.

In Rawang, Moorthy’s widow, S. Kaliammal, held a symbolic cremation ceremony for him at 4pm to “appease his soul”.

At the couple’s apartment in Taman Tun Teja, a small pile of wood was burnt followed by the breaking of coconuts and scattering of flowers.

“My husband was a Hindu. I want his soul to go to heaven. What they have taken was his body. I am now doing something for his soul,” she said.

The family would place the symbolic ashes together with the coconuts and flowers in a river, said her lawyer A. Sivanesan.

Moorthy joined the armed forces in 1988 and was absorbed into the Commando Unit.

He was paralysed from the chest down after injuring his neck while attempting to somersault over a barrier at the Sungai Udang camp in Malacca on Aug 14, 1998.

He went into a coma and was admitted to the KL Hospital's neurology department on Nov 11.

Kaliammal found out about his conversion and filed a civil action to restrain Jawi from claiming the body.

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

My brain's pattern?

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a tempered, reasonable way of thinking.
You tend to take every new idea in, and meld it with your world view.
For you, everything is always changing. Each moment is different.
Your thinking process tends to be very natural - with no beginnings or endings.

Menyusu si permata hati 2

I am posting this as a sharing experience to the readers out there. Thanks for the encouragement, and I really mean it.

k.aida, we have the same experiance. aufa + amsyar menyusu badan x sampai 2 minggu. i was soo frustrated, sbb mmg tekad nk bg susu ibu. susu bdn mmg byk. pengalaman ngan aufa buat saya tekad nk susukan amsyar. tapi, x berjaya jugak. menangis sendiri tiap kali amsyar menangis2 minta disusukan kerana tidak puas. hubby byk bg semangat, tapi diri rasa x b'daya. t'paksa dgn berat hati minta hubby carikan susu formula. mmg salute dgn mereka2 yg boleh susukan baby even for just a month.
bAiTi | 11.23.05 - 12:26 am | #

aida, mine was more or less the same. Kat spital susu tak kuar, blk umah the third day mak aku tuam, mlm tu baru susu kuar melimpah2 sampai bengkak. tapi by that time idlan dah tak mahu dah hisap direct sbb dah rasa botol. that resorted me to keep on pumping n pumping, siang mlm pagi ptg...mlm siap bgn awal 2-3x sebelum idlan bgn utk pump..tido x penah cukup. penat tak terkata, tp sbb susu bdn nyer pasal terpaksa. Confinement day aku abiskan dlm bilik perah susu jek. Kadang aku paksa gak idlan isap, kadang dia mau tp slalunya dia degil...aku tahu bukan degil tapi dia tak reti kan,,and dia takleh sabar...masuk ofis still continue perah tapi sekali sehari due to time constraint...last2 susu makin idlan cuma dpt susu bdn aku sampai 3 mth plus jer...and sampai skang aku nyesal sbb tak perah sekerap mungkin kat ofis bila tgk idlan slalu sgt kena sesema...and am so determined to breastfeed adik idlan nanti insya allah...kena kuat semangat dan kena beli pump mahal yg berkesan hehe. Bila pk kan zaman confinement ni, mesti buat aku sedey, terlalu byk dugaan..dia takmo isap direct, dia slalu muntah, memacam lagi..mlm aku tido brape jam je sbb kalut nak perah susu. Mak bidan yg urut aku pon heran kenape idlan takmo isap sbb dia kata susu byk puting lawa etc etc...tersgtla dia heran...tapi tu la..tade rezeki aku, lain baby lain perangainyer. tapi takper, sumer tu dugaan, and aku kena blajar dr kesilapan aku
yatipruzz | Homepage | 11.23.05 - 12:43 am | #

takpe... ada hikmah di sebalik semua tu. cam contoh, kalo amni minum susu badan, ada kemungkinan memudaratkan kau, dia dan fawwaz yang dalam kandungan ko masa tu. hal ni nabi muhammad pon ada acknowledge. nak info lebih lanjut, boleh baca article dalam hehe.

tak minum susu ibu pon amni jadi angel gak kan?

jangan sedih lagi kay? nanti berat badan naik balik hohoho.
tinidewi | 11.23.05 - 1:09 am | #

aida, alhamdulillah akak dapat menyusukan anak 2 tahun tepat.(beza umur si abang ngan adik 1 tahun 11 bulan).
memang rasa teramat2 seronok dan bahagia dapat menyusukan anak sendiri tetapi,,, disebalik tu.. macam2 org kata kat akak dan juga dugaan2 lain..
antara yang paling perit diterima hatta dari keluarga sendiri, org mengandung tak boleh langsung susukan anak... etc2...tension sgt2..
saat paling menyedihkan bila siadik lahir dan siabang belum putus susu.. balik dari hospital menangis2 minta susu dan waktu yg sama mak akak bising2 tak boleh susukan 2 baby.
tapi biarlah apa org nak kata kan? masing2 punyai hak bak kata suami aida sendiri kan? akak pun org tak tanya dulu pernah susukan 2 baby ke?
UmmuNaqiha | 11.23.05 - 1:11 am | #

UmmuNaqiha, memang ada kemudaratannya menyusukan anak semasa mengandung, tapi takde la sampai LANGSUNG takleh menyusu. over laaa org2 tu hehe. Dlm hal ni, Nabi Muhammad nasihatkan suami2 supaya tidak "termengandung"kan isteri yang masih menyusukan anak mengikut cara family planning yang dibenarkan dalam Islam, tetapi kalau dah termengandung juga hehe, boleh teruskan penyusuan jika tidak mendatangkan kemudaratan.
tinidewi | 11.23.05 - 1:19 am | #

tak pe, next baby dah tambah pengalaman kan?

as for me, anak kedua je tak dapat breastfeed lama..dalam 4 bulan je sebab puting melecet lah..yang first tu dapat 10 bulan, lepas tu dia sendiri tak nak sebab time tu jugak akak preggy..may be dia rasa lain kot.

yang kedua tu akak determine nak pam susu so beli la pam pakai batteri - sudahnya sakit sangat dan melecet - berhenti bagi - susu alhamdulillah, byk..yang ketiga awal2 dah niat nak bagi susu badan betul2 dan syukur dapatlah 12 bulan, lepas tu berenti sendiri, sebab? akak preggy lagi...

yang ke-4 ni dah masuk 2 tahun dah 8/11 hari tu dan alhmadulillah masih lagi menyusu badan - dia ambik formula masa akak pegi kerja, lepas tu bila akak ada kat rumah je, mmg tak ambik formula lagik dah..sekarang akak sendiri lah pulak nak wean kan dia sbb dah byk sangat gigi, tak tahan kena gigit

one more thing, pasang niat masa preggy tu pon penting kalau kita niat nak menyusu badan, insyaAllah susu kita for me lepas bad experience with battery pump, I bought Avent Pump, mmg mahal sikit tapi amat berbaloi, susu pulak byk, dalam 15 minit pam boleh dapat 12-15 oz..

kes aida ni, niat mmg cantik tapi Allah uji sikit, tak pe muda baby try lagik okay?
onde | Homepage | 11.23.05 - 1:28 am | #

Anyway...seronok breastfeed far kisah tragis cumalah kena gigit puting,perit gila sampai meleleh airmata.Lelain tak der....semuanya seronok belaka.Kita tetap ibu yng baik pada anak2 kita selagi kita sayang dan kasihkan mereka...pada mereka ibulah segalanya ...Insyaallah
tyha | 11.23.05 - 1:29 am | #

hempp.. rasanya Aida pon dah tahu citer pasal kite kan? Julie lagi sedih.. at least Aida ada banyak susu.. boleh dipam.. Julie pon ceasar jugak mcm Aida.. & nurse2 kat hospital tu tak spend banyak masa utk ajar Julie breastfeedkan baby.. maybe dia ingat kita dah reti.. memula dlm kepala pk anak2 ni mmg akan minum susu dari puting ibunya no matter what.. tapi sebenarnya tak.. masa lepas bersalin, rupanya si hubby dah benarkan nurse bagi susu botol kat Aisya sbb Aisya dah lapar.. sedangkan Julie still tak keluar dari OT.. patutla dia tanak isap puting walaupon dipujuk.. lepas balik dari hospital, sampai je rumah, hati mula runsing.. Julie dah takde mak nak tunjuk macamana nak breastfeed.. mak mertua pon tak datang lagi time tu.. takut sangat baby terjaga dari tidur & minta susu.. at last dia bangun jugak & menangis kelaparan.. yang ada hanyalah Julie & hubby.. bila disua puting dia tak reti nak isap.. nak pegang baby pon belum pandai.. sampaila sejam dia nangis.. lastly Julie give up & minta hubby pergi belikan susu formula.. sedih sangat.. the next day, cuba pam susu dgn pam Pureen yg pakai battery tu.. tapi sikit sgt dapat sbb susu pon tak banyak.. takde sapa nak tuam or urut badan utk banyakkan susu.. Julie berpantang sendiri for 2 weeks kat sini sbb nak tunggu doktor buka jahitan.. masak, jaga baby, semuanya buat sendiri.. penat sangat & tak sempat pon nak pam susu.. kecewa sangat & sedih tambah2 bila teringat kat arwah mak.. terasa senangnya orang lain berpantang ada org tua yg boleh jagakan.. teringat balik kata2 arwah mak dulu.. dia pon takde mak masa berpantangkan kami 5 beradik.. nilah dugaan Allah, supaya Julie pon merasa keperitan mak beranakkan kami semua.. after 2weeks, bila dah balik Kelantan, mak2 sedara asyik tanya kenapa tak susukan Aisya.. malas sangat nak jawab soalan tu.. rasanya, kalau dikumpul2, jumlah susu badan yg berjaya Aisya isap tak sampai pon 10oz.. sikit sangat.. tapi Alhamdulillah.. setakat ni Aisya takdela pernah sakit teruk.. setakat demam2 & selsema, which anak2 yg menyusu badan pon ramai jugak camtuh.. plus Aisya anak yg sungguh baik & dengar cakap.. now ni, barulah ada pengetahuan sket & bsemangat nak susukan baby, insyallah adik Aisya nanti.. maybe nak cuba beranak di hospital yg promote susu ibu macam Pantai.. macam Semah, Alhamdulillah berkat tunjuk ajar misi Pantai, sampai sekarang masih susukan 2nd babynya w/pon 1st baby kesahnya macam Julie jugak..
myjulieyana | 11.23.05 - 1:57 am | #

huhu kan julie kan, igt x time pantang dulu kiter bersms sesama? ehhehe tapela, kita sumer blajar dr pengalaman & kesilapan time try to improve...pd aku kes julie lg sedey sbb tade mak di sisi utk support and tlg diri kita..masak sendiri lg tuh...tabahkan hati eh!
yatipruzz | Homepage | 11.23.05 - 2:38 am | #

suka nak nyampuk citer pasal bf nih..

akak bersalin dua kali di hopsital di middlesex, uk. alhamdulillah.. mungkin environemnt hospital nih yang mmg campaign gila besar2an breasfeeding.. jadi misi2 sumer helpful bila tengok akak dok sumbat2 puting cam kekok gitu... jadinya dapatlah akak breasfeed si abg yg sulung dekat 10 mths b4 dia sendiri tak puas dan nak stop(akak dah pregnant dan susu mula menyusut).. kebetulan jugak midwife yang datang rumah selalu kasi semangat dan tips utk breastfeeding...

masuk baby no 2.. alhamdulillah dah ada pengalaman... kali nih berjaya nyusu lama sket.. sampai si adik awatif dah cecah sethn setengah disusukan... kemudian sedih yg amat sbb akak decided nak stop sbb nak tinnggaikan dia kat umah nenek dia kat mesia dan akak continue study kat uk nih...

apa yang dapat akak cakapkan.. based on my experience abroad.. esp uk nih.. cuti bersalin 6 mths aida! mmg buleh sangat nak susu badan tak yah nak pump2 buat stock cam kita2 di mesia.. majoriti akak jumpa time2 playgroup ke.. toddler playtime ke.. mmg menyusu badan.. lepas dah abih cuti bersalin.. buleh plak nak mintak amik part time or berenti terus.. at least gov di uk nih mmg prihatin pasal breastfeeding nih compared to us islamic country kan?
benefits utk ibu2 dan anak2 mmg berlambak toksah citerlaa..

masa parenting class pun dia tunjukkan secara teori dan praktikal penyusuan yang betul... er tadelah dia amik baby dan brast yang real.. penah tengok citer yang meet the fucker? alaa yang dia susukan cucu dia guna fake breast tuh tapi ala2 cam real breast? haa... kami kat class ada lebih kurang fake breast camtuh laa sama baby doll yang buleh nyonyot puting tuh.. dia ajar cara nak pegang.. nak sua breast dan sebagainya.. but still came tu real life.. kekok gak.. masa lam kelas tuh dia kasi sumer couple cuba pegang baby dan lekapkan fake breast tuh kat dada pasangan kita.. yelaa kita kan masa tuh dah berbreast camna nak lekapkan.. hehehe.. kelakoo.. gamat kelas..!!

masa di spital plak.. si misi2 nih elok jer dah bersalin.. dia dah pesan selang sejam kena letak baby kat puting samada dia hisap atau tidak.. jadi aida time kita leletih tuh.. selang sejam misi datang check tengok kita breastfeeding ke idak.. siap ada chart tuh... lambat 30 mins.. abis kena bambu.. sakit telinga nak dengar!.. walaupun masa tuh susu tade, tapi salah satu cara nak kuarkan susu dengan cara baby hisap selalu.. itupun kataya satu cara tak kasi puting merekah... waallahualam

satu hal lagi... tak byk pilihan susu formula kat uk nih..kalau tak silap ada 4-5 brands shj! nespray ke dumex ke s26 ke dan seangkatan dengannya mmg tade langsung!! kalau aisle bhgn baby nih.. 2/3 shelves je susu..! time akak balik mesia bulan 4 baru nih.. nak pilih susu punyalah pening sbb sepanjang2 aisle tuh susu budak aje berlambak!!

tape aida... masih muda.. jgn putus asa... anak baru dua.. insya allah buleh cuba lagi akan datang.. sebagai ibu aida dah cuba ynag terbaik... itu harus dipuji ju
kak inaz- ibu fitri + awatif | 11.23.05 - 6:47 am | #

aida pun ada problem rupanya... ingatkan dulu semua org especially kawan2 sendiri mcm takde masalah.. ingatkan, dilla jek mcm ada masalah..

my baby premature.. 28 weeks.. lepas lahir jek dah kene bwk lari masuk inkubator.. 2-3 hari masih tak dpt nak bg susu bdn sbb susu susah nak keluar (tak tau pun apa2 pasal puting pecah masa tu..) nak perah pakai tangan sakit plak sbb dah bengkak sikit masa tu.. pastu try pakai pam bateri yg pureen tu.. lambat gak la mula2 susu nak keluar.. rasa sedih sgt.. kesian kat baby.. dgr2 plak nurse kata bdn dia nak kuning sikit.. mmg susah hati jugak... akhirnya dpt gak la 1-2 oz utk htr ke hospital.. lepas2 tu, mmg hari2 akan htr dlm 8 - 10 oz utk stok dia sehari semalam kat spital tu.. kalau tak cukup, mmg nurse bg susu spital la..

baby duduk spital lama, dlm 45 hari.. so mmg hari2 kene pam... sehari biasa leh dpt 2 botol aje... kdg2 mcm skang ni bila baca cerita2 org, mcm musykil jek camne diorang leh dpt berbelas2 oz dlm masa yg sekejap... nipples pun masa tu mcm tak timbul sgt.. ye la sbb baby belum pernah hisap betul2.. kdg2 tension gak sbb takleh nak perah byk2.. sbb mcm dah abih.. org kata perah selalu br susu sentiasa byk, tp tgk2 sama aje..

bila baby dah leh balik, try la ajar menyusu badan.. selalu mcm gaduh gak ngan dia sbb dia masih bersaiz kecil dan agak susah dia nak menyusu... nak pegang dia bg adjust kedudukan utk menyusu pun mcm susah.. hisap lama2 pun tak puas... dah biasa minum susu perahan pakai botol kat spital.. cepat jek susu tu masuk perut dia.. senang kenyang... tu yg terpaksa pam dulu utk kasi dia ikut botol barulah dia tak ngamuk... tp tu la, dia minum byk, bdn ni plak takleh nak produce ikut kehendak dia.. terpaksa gak la pakai susu tin.. skang ni pakai susu preNAN yg khas utk baby premature... tp ajar gak la dia menyusu badan walau bagaimanapun... paksa gak sbb tak larat nak bgn ke dapur buat susu bila dah malam2...

2-3 minggu ni, baru la dia pandai hisap direct betul2.. maybe sbb kalau ikut due date, mmg dia sepatutnya lahir waktu sekarang ni.. br nak cerdik la kot hisap susu..sbb dah cukup umur... nipples pun sekarang dah tak tenggelam aje mcm dulu.. so far, baby mcm tak cerewet lagi la... bg susu badan dia minum, bg botol pun dia minum... kat taska mmg bg susu tepung la.. nak buat stok mcm tak cukup... balik umah jek baby hisap sentiasa sampai abih... kalau nak buat berjaga buat stok EBM tuh, mmg tak tido langsung la jawabnya.. tp takleh la nak buat, kita ni keje.. nak gak rehat...

dah nak 3 bulan umur baby, harap2 susu badan ada lagi la utk bulan2 yg akan dtg... sbb baby premature mmg lemah sket.. kene bg byk susu badan utk dpt antibodi... kalau dah terpaksa campur2 ngan susu tin nak buat camne kan... asalkan dia besar ngan sihat ok la.. so far pembesaran dia ok, belum ada masalah lagi.. skang br jek bersaiz baby newborn walaupun dia lahir awal bulan 9 hari tu..

takpe la aida, bukan betul2 breastfeeding pun, kita bg pump-feeding through bottle.. eheheheh...
dilla | 11.24.05 - 10:56 pm | #

bagus betul UK about bf ni ya..
thanx alot ibu fitri and awatif for sharing..cuti sampai 6 bulan, kita 2 bulan tu pon dah memekak2..
onde2 | Homepage | 11.25.05 - 12:45 am | #

Monday, 26 December 2005

The pool kids

Am flat. We just got back from Malacca, and on the way back, we went to POTGH to meet our family who were lazing there..

Amni & Fawwaz loved the pool so much that I have to force them to be out.

Since Fawwaz tarik muncung mulut simpang 44, I have to do another round of pool cum bathtub. They were playing like mad inside the tub and the boy shivered but wailed when their father or I picked him up. The same thing went around for 3 times when Fawwaz decided for himself the bathtub time was enough.

The father recorded aksi terlampau inside the bath tub. I hoped he didn't accidently MMS it to anyone.

Would you like to receive an MMS entitled "Aksi Terlampau Dua Kanak-kanak Bawah Umur di Dalam Tab Mandi?". I don't think so.. :P

Friday, 23 December 2005


So, I have found the perfect rent-a-book shop which is conveniently located in Central Market.

And the 'Book Corner' shop is really nice, but since there are lots of books, they have to stack the books above each other and it looks like a warehouse.

And to see bookworms lurking around, hunting the books endlessly even though the owner stacked it with rows and rows and rows of OHMIGOD.. like 1,000,000 books, I think I have gone to heaven.

Ok, so what? I always envisioned myself that I will be in a book heaven.

Thursday, 22 December 2005

The gangster

..from the nursery

+ Fawwaz ni suka tolak orang tau.
- Huh?
+ Kalau ada budak pegang makanan, dia tolak jer budak tu.
- *blink blink*
+ Biasanya dia tolak Auni. Apa lagi, menangislah Auni kena tolak.
- *blink blink* [ampun Aini, gangster betul anak laki aku ni]

P/S: The T* scarf measures 45" actually.. aku pergi telek orang kedai punya semalam masa tengah audit.. hehehe. No need for reformasi membangunkan ummah :D!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

21122002: Happy 3rd anniversary

It has been 3 years already?
How time flies!


Note to myself: Thank God I didn't forget our anniversary this time.. I am a busy person, you know :P

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

A cool outing

I was waiting for dh after a meeting at PJ outlet.

My head (AGM) came from behind and said, "Aida, tunggu suami kat sini je? Tu kedai depan sale! Jom pergi!"

What? And I said, "Hish, nama pun perempuan, kalau sale tu laju je :D"

So there we were, walking side by side - the AGM and State Accountants. Alemak, malunya.. macam shopping partner pula si AGM ni dengan Kak Min dan aku.

The shop is quiet nice, it sells English country themed items at a bargain price. The sale ends this Saturday.

I bought a nice porcelain flower at 50% off and the AGM bought a nice porcelain set at RM40.. see, nice isn't it the price?

Last time we had a meeting somewhere in Bangsar and she gave us (again, we were her shopping partner) a tour of a flower boutique showing fresh flowers imported from oversea. And the price for a dozen of roses is like RM20!!! Wow...

Cool or not the AGM? Boleh buat geng shopping tuuuu!

Monday, 19 December 2005


Mind the glitches. I am trying a new skin for the blog.

Ron said that about my new skin, not me! Heheheh :D

Harrod's butterscotch

Saya pergi kenduri kahwin kawan sekolah hari Sabtu lepas.
Dia nampak sangat lain.

Saya jumpa kawan baik sekolah masa di sana.
Kami jarang berhubung selepas masuk universiti.
Saya terkelu tidak tahu hendak cerita apa, cuma pelik sebab dulu kami kawan baik tapi kenapa dia tak sudi jemput saya masa dia kahwin tahun lepas.. huhuhu :|

Saya tak sempat jumpa Aida sebab dia datang lambat.
Untuk Cik Aida, terima kasih kerana bagi saya Harrod's butterscotch.
Yey yey.. Aida ingat saya :)
Anak saya sakit gigi sebab cuba gigit [dengan gigih] gula-gula dari London.

Friday, 16 December 2005

Surprise! Surprise!

I said to dh just now, I want to connect to the Internet. And I was like, huh, why the Internet connection is so laju?

D%&^%*, he just installed TMNet Streamyx with wireless modem.. cheit.. And it was like yesterday I just gave the permission for him to install.

You know the first thing that he did after he installed the Streamyx?
Donwloading the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter!

No wonder the laptop is on since Maghrib.. cheit :P

Pesan Kak Nuun

the kenduri gang
The kenduri gang.. masa tu yang baru kahwin aku dengan Kak Shiqin. Kak Aza dah selamat berumahtangga. Faham-faham jerla siapa yang masih single and available :). Gambar lain tak tunjuk, kang kena saman dengan Abu Amiir :D

Assalamualaikum Kak Shiqin, how are you doing there? :) [after one long year]

I still kept her advice for married life (before we end our bachelorhood) after these 3 long years..

hmm akak fikir banyak pasal tanggungjawab lepas kahwin
syurga dah jadi bawah telapak kaki suami pulak
akak belajar 2 sikit sikit dari mak ayah
mak abah pesan
kalau balik kg
jgn sekali kali balik sorang
kecuali kalau ade urusan outstation kat kg la
sebab nanti jadi fitnah
mak pesan lagi..
kalau balik rumah.. makan minum suami kena jaga.. penat camana pun kita.. balik sekali ke.. sama sama penat ke
benda tu takleh abai
takleh dijadikan alasan penat kerja
mak abah pesan lagi..
kite takde duit cemana pun.. jgn tunjuk kat org
jgn citer kat org
kalau org nak pinjam duit ngan kite.. jgn lokek.. insyaAllah nanti Allah murahkan rezeki rumahtangga kite
mak ayah akak nasihat
kalau lepas kawin.. katil tempat yg kene pastikan sentiasa bersih
lebih dr tempat lain

Aida: Mungkin kena muhasabah diri balik, usia perkahwinan sudah hendak mencecah 3 tahun, sudahkah ditunaikan pesanan yang kak Shiqin kongsi dengan aku?

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Sorry, I still couldn't ditch the movie yet. It seemed like ages ago that I read the first Harry Potter book back in year 2000 -where Malaysia still has not gone Pottermania yet. I just hope the next film is much better than the book.

Rottentomatoes rating:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 89%
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 88%
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 82%
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 79%

By Devin Faraci

With the fourth film in the series, the Harry Potter films may have set a real record - it's the first franchise where each movie is better than the last one for this long.

A lot of the credit must go to the source material. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was, at the time, the biggest book in the series, and it was the most ambitious by a long shot. JK Rowling opened her world up - while the prior three books had been almost completely set at and about the grounds of Hogwarts, Goblet of Fire gives us our first real look at the rest of the wizarding world with the Quidditch World Cup and the international TriWizard Tournament.

But it isn't just geography that's explored in Goblet of Fire. Rowling moves her characters into adolescence, making the whole book about the end of childhood. Wisely this is what director Mike Newell and longtime adapter Steve Kloves have chosen to focus on, filling the movie with the first stirrings of sexuality - and the first encounters with mortality.

Goblet of Fire is a real achievement as a film in a lot of ways. The book was the toughest adaptation yet, but you don't feel anything missing in the final film. Mike Newell was new to this genre and to the sheer amount of effects, but the movie is effortless and lovely, with a both a charming eye for detail and a vision of grand spectacle.

But the best achievement may be in just how much of a damn good film it is. It's a real competitor for a spot in the list of great coming of age movies. As a Harry Potter film it profits from being the fourth - Newell doesn't need to waste any time on the introduction of characters or the world, and we're plunged headfirst into the story. The responsibility is on you for keeping up with the details - if you don't remember what a polyjuice potion is, no one is taking the time to explain it to you. Don't despair - Newell doesn't let that stuff weigh down the film. He knows that the magic and the monsters are there for color, and not to be the center of attention.

The center of attention is the tribulations our heroes must face as they hit puberty. Harry has no problem summoning up the courage to take on a fire breathing dragon in one of the deadly contests of the TriWizard Tournament, but asking a girl out leaves him frozen in fear. Sex and the complications that come with it are the real Big Bads of the story, although by the end a new Bad joins them - death.

Death is something that has always been present in the Potter series, from the very beginning of Harry's life when his parents were murdered by the evil Lord Voldemort. But death was something that happened to adults, or villains, and the dangers to the kids were minor. Everything would turn out OK. Goblet of Fire upends that. Suddenly the danger is very real, and very immediate. This is the darkest film yet, although it lacks the gothic grace of Alfonso Cuaron's Prisoner of Azkaban. The darkness in Goblet is of a different sort, no longer the darkness where monsters lurk but the darkness that confronts teenagers whose bodies have begun to change and who are slowly becoming aware of their mortality. It's an existential darkness, the one that reminds you that one day you, too, will die.

It sounds like heavy stuff, but Newell has a more natural understanding of the way children behave, and the kids this year are rambunctious and mischievous. Everything is darker, but everything is also more fun. And the magic seems less silly and more majestic, more important. The film is energized, like Newell has turned the knob up another notch.

When the first film was released there was speculation about whether the original kids would stay with the series for all seven movies. Thankfully the decision was made to keep them. While none of them are going to be winning any awards anytime soon, they've all made the roles their own. There's a lack of artifice in the acting, and as a result the relationships and situations feel more genuine.

As for the rest of the cast, it's hard to pick out any one actor. It feels like the adults have a little more to do this time out than in the last film, and it definitely seems like they're having a blast. Maggie Smith appears delighted in many of her scenes, and Ralph Fiennes deftly treads the hammy line as the incredibly creepy looking Voldemort.

Things just get worse for Harry Potter and friends after the events of this film. Is it possible that the franchise can keep bucking the odds and keep getting better? I thought that Prisoner of Azkaban had set a very high bar, but Goblet of Fire easily ups the ante (and without resorting to mixing metaphors, mind you, unlike me). For years I've felt bad for the people who resisted the wonderful universe JK Rowling has created in her novels - maybe this excellent, fantastic film will convince them that Harry Potter isn't just a fad or silly kiddie stories, but a great contribution to the modern imagination.

9 out of 10

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

The medical check up report

The medical check up report came last Monday.

It was like, to sum up, my death report.. erkk

I got red for 4 items

Creatinine 63 Normal: 64-122 mmol/l
Serum Uric Acid 420 Normal: 142-416 umol/l

Total Protein 88 Normal: 66-87 g/l

Lymphocyte 48.2 Normal: 19-48%

The doctor's advice is to reduce my red meat intake.
Err.. so there would be no McD's double cheeseburger for me for a long time?
Eh hello? Don't you know it's my favourite indulgence.. grrr

Ok, so no red meat for me.. Sob sob.. No double cheeseburger for me for like one week? Hohohoh.. I am *seriously* thinking how am I going to constrain myself from the cheeseburger temptation.

Should I or shouldn't I constraint myself from the cheeseburger?

Hey, I am only 25!! *tanduk dah keluar*

Tuesday, 13 December 2005


Happy belated birthday to me :)
We didn't celebrate it but dh gave me a nice necklace. Which, unfortunately, I have to grumble about it everyday to make sure he get the hint to buy me a nice birthday present. (The matter with men is they can't understand their wife's working mind).
And I bought a bangle as my own birthday gift.. hahaha

Well, I am flat broke.

While on leave yesterday, we managed to catch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.
My question stands: Why do Cedric Diggory has to be so handsome and make me cried when he died?

Friday, 9 December 2005

Job Offer: Imam of Grand Mosque of Istanbul

I stumbled upon something interesting today from Esprit De Corps

Imam of the Grand Mosque of Istanbul (time: Sultan Sulaiman al Qanuni (the Lawgiver, otherwise known as the Magnificent in Europe who ruled Ottoman Turkey between 1520AD-1566AD)

To have mastered the languages of Arabic, Latin, Turkish and Persian
To have mastered the Qur'an, the Bible and the Torah
To be a scholar in Shari'ah and Fiqh
To have mastered physics and mathematics up to teaching standard
To be a master of chivalry, archery, duelling and the arts of Jihad
To be of a handsome countenance
To have a strong melodious voice

What Pakdi wrote:
Me? Kalau Imam perlukan kemahiran macam ni, mintak jadi siak masjid belum tentu layak. Mesti nak jadi siak masjid paling koman perlu mastered the Qu'ran. Ciri ke-6 tu bolehlah sikit-sikit :P

Hm... kalau pakdi yang sekarang hidup di zaman Sultan Sulaiman al-Qanuni ... apa yang layak ye? I can't imagine.

Tuan-tuan, tepuk dada tanya iman.

Tuan-tuan, fikirkan betapa jauhnya kita hari ini ketinggalan dengan kemajuan Muslim zaman tersebut.

Tuan-tuan, dah sedar diri ke belum?
What niknazmi wrote:
Now, I don't think similar requirements (of course modernising some of the more medieval subjects or skills) apply in choosing the Imam of Mecca, Sheikhul Azhar or what more Imam Masjid Negara.

It's sign of how broad and cultured the Islamic civilization was in its golden era - and how far we're lagging behind.

Our open house

Aini & Yusoff with Aida & Firdaus cordially invites the blog readers to our open house, which will be held tomorrow at Aini's house (her house is much bigger than mine to accomodate our guests.. ngee :D) from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Anyway, what's the use of having twin if you cannot 'buli' her.. right?
Her house, her cookware, my menu.. HAHAHAHAH - oh, BTW, I contributed to the budget, ok? And as my good twin, she insisited that I do not have to take leave today to help her. I, as the evil twin, came to the office today.. but fear not, I will be helping her tomorrow with the makan-makan part.. heee

Click for the map -> Aini's house map

Thursday, 8 December 2005


She was busy looking at the sanitary pads on the bed.

"Eee.. ee.. pampers."

Hohoho.. si Amni dah mixed up ni.

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

The [weird] dream

OK, so I have a really really really weird dream (and I really mean WEIRD) in the past week.

I dreamt I gave birth to my third child.
And I dreamt I was pregnant with the third child.

So, about my first dream, I dreamt that I had gone to the hospital to give birth. Of course my O&G would be the soft spoken Dr Rahman (ngehehe) and the one who drove me there with me in pains was my twin.. ahaha. No husband eh? Oh yep, I forgot to mention that my dialogue with Aini was like 'dh is not here because he's at the office busy finishing his programming works.' (you know how TM works aight? The hardworking worker always got dumped with lots of works). And Dr Rahman saw me when I was in the labour room and he also asked where is my husband.

Oh gawd, now I feel soppy that my husband is not there because of the work and he missed me giving birth to our third child. Short to giving birth to my third child, I woke up.

And the second dream, which was incurred a few days later, I dreamt of being [like] 6 monhts pregnant and was busy touching my own tummy because it was so big. I was dressed in my brown jubah at that time. My dream stopped like that.

I asked dh a few days later, "You want a boy or girl for our next child?"
And dh replied "We are going to perform the hajj first."


Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Gara-gara Amni muntah

Kami dapat bersihkan kawasan ruang tamu, dapur dan bilik tidur sebab Amni muntah.

Untung juga Amni muntah, kalau tak, mana sempat ibu dengan ayah dia nak mengemas rumah.

Kami dapat kemas rumah secara tak rela hati lagi, tapi puas hati sebab cadar, sarung kusyen, karpet dapat dibasuh.. heheheh. Febreeze dengan minyak wangi Davidoff aku digunakan untuk menyah bau muntah Amni atas karpet.. *ngeee*

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Larangan untuk Tabarruj

Keterangan ini diambil dari buku Tafsir Wanita karya Syaikh Imad Zaki Al Barudi. Saya sangat mencadangkan para wanita membeli buku ini kerana penerangannya sangat lengkap, berdasarkan huraian ayat mengikut susunan surah al-Quran dan hadis-hadis yang membahaskan mengenai ayat-ayat Allah.

Larangan Untuk Tabarruj

Imam Al-Qurthubi mengatakan dalam Al-Jam'li Ahkaam Al-Quran: 14/158, bahawa Allah berfirman "Dan janganlah kamu berhias serta bertingkahlaku seperti orang-orang jahiliyah terdahulu," hakikatnya adalah penampakan apa yang ditutupi. Dikatakan' fi asnaanihi burj (di giginya retak-retak), ini dikatakan oleh Al-Mubarrid.

Para ulama' berbeza pendapat mengenai makna 'jahiliyah ula'. Disebutkan bahawa yang dimaksudkan adalah, zaman di masa nabi ibrahim dilahirkan. Wanita memakai pakaian dari lu'lu' dan dia berjalan di tengah jln untuk menampakkan dirinya kepada laki-laki.

Al-Hakam bin Uyainah nengatakan, Iaitu di antara Adam dan Nuh, yakni delapan ratus tahun, dikisahkan pada mereka kisah-kisah yang tercela.

Ibnu Abbas berkata, " Iaitu zaman di antara Nuh dan Idris." Sementara al-Kalbi berkata, " iaitu zaman di antara Nuh dan Ibrahim."

Disebutkan; Sesungguhnya memakai pakaian dari lu'lu' yang tidak dijahit dua sisinya, memakai pakaian yang tipis dan tidak menutup badannya.

Ada satu kelompok mengatakan, Zaman di antara Musa dan Isa.
As-Sy'bi mengatakan; Zaman antara Isa dan Muhammad.

Abul Aiyah mengatakan; Zaman Daud dan Sulaiman. Pada zaman itu, perempuan memakai pakaian dari kutiara yang tidak dijahit dua sisinya.

Abul Abbas Al-Mubarrid mengatakan; "jahiliyah ula" adalah sebagaimana dikatakan "jahiliyah juhala". Dia berkata, "Para wanita di masa jahiliyah juhala' menampakkan sesuatu yang sebenarnya buruk untuk ditampakkan.:

Mujahid berkata, " Wanita-wanita di masa itu berjalan bebas di tengah-tengah lelaki, inilah yang dikatakan tabarruj."

Ibnu Attiyah berkata:
Dalam pandangan saya, Allah mengisyaratkan pada masa jahiliyah di zaman mereka. Maka Allah memerintahkan untuk melakukan perubahan pada perilaku mereka. Yakni perubahan dari perilaku orang-orang yang kafir. Sebab mereka tidak lagi memilik perasaan cemburu. Wanita-wanita di kala itu tidak memakai hijab, dan menjadikannya sebagai sesuatu yang lebih baik jika dibandingkan dengan apa yang mereka lakukan saat ini. Dan bukan maknanya melakukan jahiliyah lain. Nama jahiliyah disebutkan pada masa-masa sebelum datangnya Islam.

Mereka berkata: Jahili, sebagaimana dalam syair. Ibnu Abbas mengatakan dalam hadis Al-Bukhari; Saya mendengar ayah saya pada masa jahiliyah berkata, "Dan juga masa yang lainnya."

Pendapat penulis buku: Ini adalah satu pendapat yang baik, dan ini sebagai pemaparan bahawa pada umumnya orang-orang Arab adalah orang yang meninggalkan gemerlapnya dunia, serta memilih kehidupan sulit. Dan sebagai penegasan bahawa kehidupan bersenang-senang dan menampakkan perhiasan telah terjadi pada masa-masa sebelum itu. Inilah yang disebutkan dengan jahiliyah terdahulu. Dan yang dimaksudkan dalam ayat ini adalah melakukan perbuatan yang berbeza dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh wanita-wanita dalam berjalan dengan lenggang-lenggok dan menampakkan keindahan-keindahan tubuh yang dimiliki kepada lelaki. Dan beberapa hal yang tidak boleh dilakukan secara syariat. Ini semua mencakupi semua pendapat dan berlaku umum, maka hendaknya mereka selalu diam di rumah. Jika ada keperluan mendesak untuk keluarga, maka hendaknya dia menutup auratnya dengan sempurna dan benar.

Kisah unik yang disebutkan oleh Imam Ath-Thabari dalam tafsirnya tatkala menyebut ayat ini: Ibnu Zahir mengatakan saya, dia berkata, "Telah menuturkan Musa bin Ismail pada kami, telah menuturkan Daud pada kami - Daud adalah bin Abi Al-Furat. Dia berkata, "Alba' bin Ahmar telah menuturkan pada kami dari Ikramah dari Ibnu Abbas dia berkata, 'Dia membaca ayat ini; "Dan janganlah kamu berhias serta bertingkahlaku seperti orang-orang (pada masa)jahiliyah terdahulu."

Dia berkata, "Yang dimaksudkan dengan 'masa' itu adalah antara zaman Nabi Nuh dan Nabi Idris." Dan masa itu sekitar seribu tahun. Ada dua kelompok keturunan Adam, salah satunya berdiam di dataran rendah, dan sebahagian lagi tinggal di pergunungan. Lelaki-lelaki pergunungan berwajah indah sedangkan wanitanya berwajah buruk, sedangkan wanita berdataran rendah berwajah cantik dan laki-lakinya berwajah buruk. Sesungguhnya Iblis datang pada salah seorang lelaki dari dataran rendah dalam bentuk seorang anak muda. Lalu dia menjadi pelayan dari lelaki itu. Lalu Iblis itu melakukan sesuatu yang dilakukan oleh para anak gembala dengan membunyikan seruling. Maka dia meniupkannya dan mendatangkan suara indah yang belum pernah didengar sebelumnya. Maka suara indah itu sampai pada orang-orang di sekitar mereka, maka mereka pun datang dan berkumpul mendengar tiupan indah ini dan mereka jadikan sebagai pesta tahunan. Maka para lelaki pada muncul dengan dandanan glamour yang mereka maksudkan untuk menggoda para wanita. Dia berkata, "Maka wanita-wanita itu berhias untuk menggoda lelaki. Ada seorang lelaki yang berasal dari bebukitan dan mereka saat itu sedang merayakan pesta tahunan. Maka lelaki itu melihat seorang wanita dan dia mendatangi kembali sahabat-sahabatnya dan menceritakan apa yang dilihat itu, maka mereka pun mengelilingi wanita-wanita yang sedang berdandan itu. Maka, lalu muncullah kekejian (zina) di tengah-tengah mereka."

Inilah apa yang diisyaratkan dari firman Allah Ta'ala itu: "Dan janganlah kamu berhias serta bertingkahlaku seperti orang-orang jahiliyah terdahulu."

Monday, 28 November 2005

Good news for us

Alhamdulillah, last Friday we went to ummi's house for dinner with them (I missed the SMS from ummi, and we already bought foods for hubby's buka puasa).

Ummi said that one of her friend had willingly said she will try to slot us for Hajj end of 2006 with the condition that we have to take the package deal (costs around RM 14,500+ per person). Dh agreed to the proposition.

I am so excited. Hopefully, everything will be as planned. Insya' Allah, rasa seronok sangat kalau pergi menunaikan Haji masa muda ni, dengan tenaga yang masih banyak.

The sink picture

This one is dedicated to Ieka (as promised). The pic was from my friend's house and not from Full House.. heheh

sinki macam full house korea
Sinki idaman saya.. ahaks

Friday, 25 November 2005

A mouse in my house

Thanks for such an overwhelming response on the topic before *hugs*
Am going to copy and paste it later, k?

Aini, the Nickoledeon letter B book was bitten by a 'mouse'. Ngeee :D

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Menyusu si permata hati

Kisah saya kisah sedih. Mungkin agaknya ada bernada ceria. Tapi banyak tonanya berbaur kesedihan dan kekecewaan.

Pengalaman menyusukan Amni

Saya tidak pernah dapat menyusu badan Amni. Saya cetek pengetahuan mengenai pengalaman menyusu (dan apalah yang boleh diharapkan oleh seorang ibu yang pertama kali bersalin?). Mungkin kerana bersalinkan secara pembedahan, maka saya tidak tahu bayi perlu menyusu badan secara terus daripada si ibu. Misi-misi pula rajin menyumbat botol kepada anak saya. Sebenarnya, hospital saya bukanlah hospital mesra bayi.

Susu yang dianugerahkan Allah memang sangat banyak. 3 hari di dalam hospital, 3 hari itu jugalah anak saya 100% diberikan susu botol. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana hendak menyusukan anak. Bila bertanyakan misi, mereka bagi tip, tapi bila mereka lihat anak saya berteriak dengan nyaring kerana saya tidak dapat menyusunya, terus saja ligat tangan mereka memberikan susu botol. Saya menangis berhari-hari. Saya jadi menyampah dengan misi-misi di hospital swasta itu.

Bila balik, saya cuba lagi. Anak masih menangis juga, memang tidak mahu cuba langsung kerana sudah terbiasa dengan botol.

Menambahkan rasa kecewa, ibu sudah bising-bising mengatakan saya tidak buat homework mengenai penyusuan bayi. Masa itu air mata mengalir lagi. Saya kadang-kadang rasa marah dengan ibu kerana saya tidak tahu hendak mencari maklumat di mana. Memang saya menangis lagi bila ayah sendiri berkata tidaklah perlu menyeksa anak sendiri kerana hendak bagi susu badan.

Maka terputuslah susu ibu kepada anaknya. Saya hanya sempat memberi susu badan tidak sampai 2 minggu (melalui pam), itu pun banyak dicampur dengan susu formula. Memang saya menangis dan menangis.

Saya tidak pernah sangka perkara ini akan terjadi kepada saya. Tambahan pula, banyak kawan yang baru bersalin ketika itu dapat menyusu badan dengan jayanya. Bila saya katakan saya tidak dapat menyusukan anak, mereka kehairanan dan ada yang pernah marah saya.

Pengalaman menyusukan Fawwaz

Mungkin sudah ada pengalaman pahit kali pertama, saya bertekad untuk menyusukan anak kedua. Misi di hospital swasta yang lain juga bersemangat hendak memberi susu botol kepada anak saya. Di saat bertarung sakit bersalin, saya sendiri bertegas, "Jangan bagi susu botol, saya hendak menyusu anak sepenuhnya". Begitu dalam keazaman saya, walaupun misi sibuk mengatakan susu saya tidak cukup.

1 jam selepas dilahirkan, terus saja misi menghulurkan kepada saya untuk menyusu. Tanpa sebarang tips, puting sudah mula pecah. Saya tidak pandai memegang anak, tapi kerana azam, saya teruskan juga.

Seminggu selepas menyusukan anak, keadaan puting saya melecet, luka dan merekah. Setiap kali hendak menyusukan anak, saya menangis semahu-mahunya. Memang pedih dalam keadaan diri sendiri masih tidak sihat. Saya cuba juga sehingga sebulan.

Hampir sebulan, saya mengalami bentan susu. Sakitnya teramat sehingga saya demam panas seminggu. Anak saya masih menyusu badan, walaupun pedih.

Bila pergi ke klinik, doktor ambil perkara ini sambil lewa dan tidak mencadangkan saya terus ke hospital. Saya tidak tahu, bentan susu itu sangat perit menanggungnya. Buatlah cara apa, demam masih juga tidak surut-surut dan susu pula makin membengkak di dalam.

Suami memang tahu keazaman saya. Tapi dia akur bila saya katakan padanya saya hendak berhenti menyusukan anak. Terlalu seksa menanggung derita kepedihan dan demam yang tidak surut-surut.

Dan itulah titik penghujungnya. Saya kecewa dengan diri kerana tidak kuat semangat bila diberi cabaran oleh Allah. Tapi saya betul tidak sanggup bila diri sudah terlalu lemah.

Mungkin saya pernah kecewa satu ketika dahulu, tapi suami memang sangat memahami. Ketika saya masih lagi di dalam post natal depression, suami akan memujuk diri. Dia memang tahu kekecewaan saya bagaimana. Bila anak-anak sudah besar, dia akan berkata, "Ada orang tanya tak Aida, anak kita menyusu badan atau tidak?" dan saya akan menggeleng. Lalu dia akan tersenyum dan berkata "Yang penting, anak-anak kita sihat. Dapat susu formula pun, masih sihat."

Biarlah cerita untuk penyusuan anak-anak saya seterusnya cerita gembira, penuh dengan bunga-bunga ceria.

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Amni, the hardworking girl

I was busy sweeping the house around at night with folding the clothes and preparing milks for the kids. Dh was sleeping with Fawwaz upstair and Amni was wide awake yet..

While I was folding clothes, Amni would come and she will also help me folding it. She had been improving her folding skills, and I was quiet impressed she can fold it nicely like adults.

While I was busy with sweeping the floor, she removed the carpets and the door mat and waited for me to finish sweeping. She will put back the door mat at the proper place.

While I was busy cleaning the sofa, she will give me the cushions and I even asked her to put back one by one by showing her the position.

She was reading her alphabet books on the sofa, not even one single sound while I was doing the dishes.

She came to me and bring her box of books and sit on the kitchen floor to read over there.

When I said "Amni, we are going upstairs," she will abandoned the books, and I have to clean them up *sigh*. "Amni, tidy up," and she will help me to put the books back in the box.

Now, that's my story of Amni who had acquired a lot of skills to help me around.

Word of the day

"There are 3 professionals who would never be out of job. They are the accountants, lawyers and doctors."


"Now don't you feel proud when you know you will never be out of job?"

Monday, 21 November 2005

Calling help for the office


Monday always makes me feel tiring because a 2-day break during the weekend.

My staff has voiced concerns about the 'others' in our office. Yep, it is quiet in the office since only 7 of us are in and we had the whole wing to us.

I am asking whether any of you can provide tips on how to ensure there is no ghosts (or the 'others', which I preferred to call) in the office?

I don't say I do not believe them, but they seemed scared talking about it and we have like 2 or 3 incidents about the 'others' encounter per week.

Please advise, and if possible, help us.

Friday, 18 November 2005

Amni & Fawwaz birthday party

Isn't it nice to have two kids who were born in the same month?
We save budget for birthday party planning!
It was celebrated last Saturday (12 November) :)

Menu for the birthday celebration:
1. American chocolate cake
2. KFC chickens
3. Mee goreng cooked by their grandma

They were happy celebrating it with lots of balloons!

Amni was born on 14 November 2003 and Fawwaz was born on 9 November 2004

The cake
American chocolate cake.. yummy!

Amni is going to cut the cake
Amni as the big sister

Trying to cut again!

Fawwaz is cutting it now
It's Fawwaz's turn now

The candy dolls
The candy dolls: Hello Kitty and ninja boy?!#

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Fawwaz, our hero!

Fawwaz, my hero

So this is a pic of Fawwaz (courtesy of Aini) during Hari Raya. Very da' debab!

P/S: And we have finished watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, the story is nice.. they altered the ending, and I think it's proper since I badly wants to believe Mr Willy Wonka is a really GOOD guy (Roald Dahl potrayed him as a bad guy in the book). And the Oompa-Loompas are irritating (duh, exactly like in the book)! And no, I don't think there will be another sequel (Charlie and The Great Glass Evelator) since Willy Wonka is nice... YESSS!!!

Monday, 14 November 2005

Happy birthday Amni

Today is Amni's second birthday.. Happy birthday dear :)
Moga menjadi seseorang yang faham dengan agamanya.

Both of my kids had a sort of joint birthday celebration last Saturday. They were really excited to look at the cake (American chocolate cake) and we blew up many ballloons for the children to play and share.. 2 balloons popped yesterday courtesy of Amni & Fawwaz. Hehehe.. They received flash cards from their grandparents and a box of alphabet books from Cik Aini.

We had a fun weekend to start with.. Friday, we brought Fawwaz along to Sarah's wedding celebration (my MMU junior) at Kelab Shah Alam and met our friends.. lots of them.. even as far as Malacca and Seremban. It's like a reunion of sort, and we chit chatted with our friends.

Yati was forced to do an open house on Saturday and I got to meet all the kids (like Semah's Amirul [baiknya si Mirul ni] and Atiqah [she's a chubby girl!], Julie's Aisya [she's really sweet] and Yati's Idlan [muka brutal beb!], even Zarid's boy, who I forgot his name at the moment of writing). Yati made a delicious pau -nanti post resipi ye!

Even I have to do a long overdue updates with Aniza and Hanizan.. puh, memang lama tak jumpa budak dua orang ni.

Ida's wedding was celebrated at Masjid Putrajaya and she wore a nice maroon songket. Her wedding is also like a big reunion for our batch!

And on Sunday, we came to Farid's newly redecorated, refurbished and extended house.. Memang besar habis rumah sempena mak ayah Farid nak sambut menantu baru.. hehe.. And the three stooges (Shima, Kemar with Ein) came to Aini's house.. ni pun forced open house lah kononnya.. :P

A weekend well spent :)

Friday, 11 November 2005

The request by...

"Amni.. Amni..."
"Amni nak berapa orang adik?"

Adoi... and when did she learnt to say 'lapan'?
Dh was laughing beside me.. caitt!

Thursday, 10 November 2005

Raya Puasa updates.. a long story

Monday, 27 Ramadhan
We journeyed back to my kampung.. Mak (my grandma) is in the house and the school is still open! Cik Ze, my aunt, mentioned, Kelantan still do not meet minimum requirement of 190 school days, so the school has to be opened till Monday! (Kelantan's school days starts on Sunday).

Tuesday, 28 Ramadhan
We went to Ngah's (another of my aunt) house in Kota Bharu after paying our zakat pendapatan at MAIK. We also went for a shopping spree of baju batik for dh and his BIL. Since the shop's owner is my father's good friend, we had a really GOOD offer :) for the baju batik. Amni, herself, (and Auni) got a nice necklace from their grandfather.

Dh also had a headache that night after a buka puasa session at Ayah Su's (my uncle) in-laws house. "Peninglah makan sup." And Mak was confused.. So she asked my father is it sup daging or daging singgang and my father gallantly replied, "Ado ase dale tu? Singe lah mek." (Ada asam (keping) dalam tu? Singgang daginglah). Mak was laughing really hard that night and asked me, why I never cooked daging singgang to my husband.

Wednesday, 29 Ramadhan
The last day of Ramadhan, Fawwaz woke up early and chased a katak pisang inside the house. So there, my boy, he was jumping really hard to catch the frog (luckily, Fawwaz did not managed to catch and eat the frog since the katak pisang escaped). Mak was shouting, "Katok pise, bangak gi katok.. gi katok!" and my husband was like, "Huh? That's a katak". And not to confuse dh anymore, katok had two different meanings which stands for (a) the frog and (b) ketuk dengan kayu. What Mak meant was, "Pergi ketuk katak pisang tu!"

Thursday, 1 Syawal
Everything is chaos in the household.. It's really a hectic morning with everyone rushing to be the first to enter the toilet. Since 5 families are already there, we have to take turns using the toilet. Thank God another 5 families were staying at their respective houses. Cik Yah (another of my aunt) and Mak Su (my youngest aunt) did not celebrate 1 Syawal with us this year.

There is no lemang or ketupat nasi whatsoever in Kelantan. We do not have special dishes like dodol or wajik for Raya Puasa, instead we ordered nasi dagang from Cik Bie's (also my aunt) MIL, who is a cook. The family was dressed in purple, and we snapped pictures after sembahyang raya. Fawwaz, obviously, had a hard time wearing his first baju Melayu while Amni had to be coaxed for a few seconds to wear her tudung sekolah.

Mak Long, Cik Nun, Kak Siti and Kak Ida's family came later that afternoon. The house was really hectic with everyone came and talking at the same time. We were busy speculating (with Mak Long and Kak Ida) whether Mak will be married to Pak Lah.. Hahaha, big dream! I also managed to catch updates with everyone from short conversations with them.

Friday, 2 Syawal
We went ronda-ronda to all my aunt's houses early in the morning. They haven't finish cooking yet when I came. Ngah prepared satay and Mak Long Ummi prepared nasi minyak (my Mak Long prepared spaghetti!). So there, a wide choice of foods for us.. Thank God there is no ketupat or lemang here or I will be easily bored eating the same delicacies in every house. Kak Pah gave birth to a baby boy during 2nd Ramadhan.. adoii. One whole month of ganti puasa for her later.

Saturday, 3 Syawal
Went to Fahmi's kenduri. The road back to Mak's house was jam packed with cars (duh, like KL) since most people from KL jalan-jalan raya today. Cik Nun makes soto ayam for us.

Sunday, 4 Syawal
Went to pekan Rantau Panjang, just a mere 10 minutes drive from my kampung. Yep, my kampung is actually 1 km away from Thailand border. It seems that everyone from KL came to have their last minute shopping. We took time since most of my family members already journeyed back to KL and bought lots of keropoks for my MIL.

Uh yep, I managed to gain my 1 kg back due to heavy eating during Raya.. hehe

Monday, 5 Syawal
Journey back home at 4 a.m. Wee... Good bye Mak, good bye Cik Ze!


I thought I want to update about my Raya week.. but my office was badly flooded by water from broken water cooler. And the cool part is, since we are at the highest floor, the water also managed to flood 3 floors below us..

Take a break.. breath in. I am figuring how to clean the mess.

BTW, yesterday is Fawwaz's 1st birthday :)

The Hari Raya update? Err..

Friday, 28 October 2005

Uhuk.. tersedak sat

CEO syarikat GLC gagal capai standard dikritik

....CEO TNB dan TM terdiri daripada mereka yang hebat, malangnya tiada perkara hebat yang dicapai.

"Ceo TNB dan TM dah setahun lebih mengetuai syarikat, tetapi tidak ada menunjukkan kehebatan mereka, kepakaran yang mereka tunjukkan masa ini ialah buang pekerja."

"Kurangkan kos syarikat agar syarikat untung besar dengan membuang pekerja tetapi pada masa yang sama tidak ada perniagaan baru diwujudkan."

via Utusan Malaysia paperback

Last day before holiday

Saya seorang pekerja TM yang berdedikasi
Saya seorang pekerja TM yang rajin
Saya seorang pekerja TM yang komited


Saya nak balik raya! YAHOOOO!
Angin 'hari terakhir bekerja sebelum raya' dah datang..

Thursday, 27 October 2005

My heart cried two days ago

And is still crying till today.

Imagine one of your friend is a Muslim but a Muslim only at name. I know him at university. The last time we talked to each other was during our interviews when he greeted me, "Aida, assalamualaikum. Sihat?" And I said, "Sihat" and just smiled at him.

He is really a nice guy. I do not know what happened to him- with all those booze and girls. Reading his blog, I have realised how he has changed his life. He was proud (and gloated) about all those bad things he has done. Yup, I know he is in those group who loves to hang out, but I do not expect he would go really far. He seriously need to think back about his action. And my heart cried again.

He was my friend.

And now everytime I am thinking about him, I will give him a du'a to make him realised that Allah still loves him, and he will has a turning point. To embrace Allah's forgiveness. And to be a new Muslim with a Muslim heart.

Insya' Allah.

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Happy Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak to all..
Mohon ampun zahir dan batin from Amni & Fawwaz

Amni & Fawwaz

The cute Amni and Fawwaz.. both of my kids are really full of baby fats.. hee *grins*

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Hari Raya Petronas commercial 1998

Do you still remember this commercial? The Rozie Rashid and Wan Maimunah's Raya advertisement? 1998; the first time Petronas did this kind of emotional commercial and I still loved it (and cried everytime watching it) till today.

Mohon ampun zahir dan batin

And to those who hasn't seen the Kasut Gombak Merdeka advertisement (like me, who is busy having final exam at that time).. here goes.. I remembered chatting with some guys and when they asked me where I am from, I was confused when they said.. ooo, iklan kasut Gombak. So this is the first time I've seen it (Vanida Imran and Ashraf Sinclair acted in the ad).

Seronoknya jadi orang Gombak

Monday, 24 October 2005

Lagi-lagi Celcom X-pax

+ Kak Aida tahun ni tak bagi duit raya tau kat korang
- Habis tu bagi apa?
+ Kak Aida bagi Celcom X-pax!!
- Taknak ler kak Aida! Nak duit raya gak!
+ Kalau korang ambil Celcom X-Pax ni dengan hati terbuka, koranglah adik-adik yang paling best kat dunia
[interframe Aini] Ooo, Kak Aida bagi prepaid ke kat korang? Kak Aini bagi 2 prepaid seorang!

Susah gak nak habiskan X-pax untuk capai KPI program keluarga TM ni.. hoho

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Diet progress report card 3

Alhamdulillah, diet progress untuk minggu ini.. berdasarkan statistik timbang 2 hari lepas (terlupa nak timbang hari ni), kadar penurunan mungkin dalam 0.5 - 1 kg. Note: Timbang macam dah nak rosak.

Dan plan seterusnya, nak mula skipping. Baru je beli tali skipping hari Isnin lepas. Harapnya dapat mulakan skipping by end of this week. Badan pun dah rasa mantap semenjak kurangkan makan nasi putih.

Pernah ada pengalaman naik berat badan pada tahun 2000 (naik 10 kg.. hehehe). Ini cerita saya, proven effective for weight loss. Saya ambil masa lebih 3 bulan untuk program diet sendiri.

Kenapa naik berat badan?
1. Pressure banyak kerja (masa tu jadi SRC, JKP, UPG dan lain-lain).
2. Pressure kena reject dengan lelaki idaman.
3. Makan makanan berat sebanyak 6 kali sehari (sarapan, minum pagi, makan tengahhari, makan petang, makan malam + late night snack).

Bagaimana menurunkan berat badan?
1. Paling penting, saya kurangkan nasi putih (dari 1 pinggan ke 1/4 pinggan).
2. Saya tukar habit pemakanan, ambil makanan berat hanya pada waktu tengahhari dan malam.
3. Berpuasa - sepanjang bulan Ramadhan (memang mujarab, tidak perlu kos tinggi dan dapat menghilangkan rasa ingin makan).

1. Saya dapat semula berat badan lama.
2. Baju raya saya longgar-longgar.

Dan sekarang, alhamdulillah, saya dapat kurangkan berat badan secara perlahan-lahan selepas bersalin 2 kali. Nasihat dari O&G untuk menjaga berat badan semasa mengandung telah saya amalkan. Saya sekarang berdiet untuk meningkatkan keyakinan diri dan menjadi lebih sihat.

Musings on the two kids

I was preparing my kids stuff to the nursery when a boy came and looked at my ironing spray on the ironing board.

He was standing there grabbing the ironing board and got my ironing spray and said (in his babbling), "Athiyaaa?". He was staring at it with curiousity. Roughly translated by myself.. "Hmm, what's this?"

And today, I was saying our names to Amni.. and she said back what I said during the car ride to the nursery.

Amni: ABAH

Amni: IBU


Amni: ADIK

She associates her name as kakak and her brother's name as adik. Oh nice eh?

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

6 batang gigi Fawwaz

Alhamdulillah... sebab Fawwaz dah ada 6 batang gigi, semalam, entah macammana, tergerak hati nak suap nasi biasa dengan lauk gulai ikan tenggiri..

Dia berjaya makan sambil mengunyah dengan bersungguh-sungguhnya.

Dalam erti kata lain, tak perlulah aku masak nasi bubur lagi untuk Fawwaz.. senang kerja.. MUAHAHAH!!!

P/S: Sesiapa nak order Phytofiber sebelum raya, boleh order cepat-cepat sebab stokis cakap laku sangat.

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Program Keluarga TM

A quick calculation on Program Keluarga TM - employee get customer program for Celcom.

Based on some readings I have done in The Star last Sunday and some information on target figures provided by the management.

Each employee has to get (based on grade):
Non executive = 15 new customers
Executive = 20 new customers
Top management = 25 new customers

Average: 20 new customers per employee

TM employees = 29,000
Targeted new customers (if achieve target) = 20 * 29,000 = 580,000 new customers
Market for Malaysia mobile phone users will mature at the end of this year with 1.7 million subscribers with 6 persons out of 10 will use handphone.

If the targets will be achieved, based on the assumption, Celcom will get 34.11% market share for new customers.

I haven't started my employee get customer program yet and our GM said all the RM10 prepaid has sold out. The postpaid package is not attractive based on feedbacks from family's friends.

And they said our bonus will be cut if the target is not achieved. But assuming some realistic approach, I don't think the company will achieve the target if this is the way they work (and seems like forcing the employee). And hey, I have been warned about no 3-month salary.. so?

Go figure! You guys have brains, aight?

P/S: I have shared the analysis with my staff, and they said it's realistic.

Friday, 14 October 2005

Diet progress report card 2

Huhu... baru balik training yang menyesakkan dada dan minda. Siap dapat stern warning dari CEO's office pasal audit issue.. Any State Accountant yang tak dapat jawab audit issue akan digantung 3 bulan gaji.. Nangis den mendengarnya. Udah ler dieorang mengerahkan 200 orang auditor datang berkampung kat syarikat ni.

Ok, next on agenda.. tinggalkan bad news tu dulu. Den pun dah pening dengar, malas nak komen.. dah lah bergaduh dengan kedai tak sudah-sudah.. erkkk

Jadi, kita masuk diet progress report card 2

Alhamdulillah, setakat ditimbang Rabu lepas, sudah turun 2 kilogram semenjak berpuasa.. erk, sama dengan Zilla. Itu pun tengah bercuti dari berpuasa dan masih lagi dapat turunkan berat badan, bangga rasanya! Rahsia kejayaan? Sebab TTC tak buka kantin, jadi alas perut dengan roti jer sebagai makanan tengahari.. huehehehehe..

Walau camnapun, rasanya range Zilla dengan aku lebih kurang jer ni.. Takpe takpe, kita lihat cabaran minggu depan bagaimana.

P/S: Timbang berat kat rumah baru pulak rosak.. err

Monday, 10 October 2005

Chicken rice again :)

"Hmm.. the rice is delicious!" one of my BIL commented.
"Eh hello? I make this rice for you 3 times already? Can't you remember?" that's me.
"Ha-ah, Izan at the house kan for all those time Aida cooked the chicken rice?" that's my MIL.
"Is it?"
"Ye-lah, I even prepared this when mom asked me. I cooked for your friend also!"

So there you go, my BIL couldn't remember I have been preparing this special dish for the whole family during buka puasa.. heheheh..

The healthy chicken rice recipe is still yummy-licious. And the plus part for the dieting type (like moi) is - all the chicken weren't cooked but boiled.

So lookee here for my chicken rice recipe post last year.. and happy eating + dieting!

Friday, 7 October 2005

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Nabi s.a.w bersabda:
"Telah datang kepadamu bulan Ramadhan, penghulu segala bulan. Selamat datanglah kepadanya. Bulan puasa datang dengan berbagai barkah. Alangkah mulianya tamu yang datang itu" (Riwayat at-Tabrani)

Ramadhan yang dinanti-nantikan kini hadir kembali. Datangnya disambut oleh seluruh kaum muslimin di mana sahaja mereka berada. Umat Islam bergembira, berseronok, dan berkasih sayang di dalam bulan ini. Ia terserlah di raut wajah-wajah mereka yang beriman. Balasan orang yang bergembira dengan kemunculan Ramadhan dijelaskan oleh sabda Nabi s.a.w yang bermaksud:

"Sesiapa yang bergembira dengan datangnya bulan Ramadhan, maka Allah mengharamkan jasadnya masuk ke dalam semua pintu neraka" (Riwayat Baihaqy)

Di bulan Ramadhan orang-orang beriman terbebas dari tipu daya syaitan yang sentiasa menggoda dan menipu daya manusia, kerana syaitan akan dibelenggu, pintu neraka ditutup rapat manakala pintu syurga pula dibuka.

Nabi bersabda:
"Bila tiba malam pertama dari bulan Ramadhan semua syaitan dan jin yang jahat dibelenggu, sedang pintu-pintu neraka ditutup rapat sehingga tidak satupun yang terbuka. Sebaliknya pintu syurga dibuka lebar dan tidak satupun yang tertutup, Kemudian terdapat seruan pada setiap malam: "Hai orang yang baik, majulah dan orang yang jahat berhentilah. Dan Allah membebaskan beberapa penghuni neraka dan hal ini berlaku setiap malam bulan Ramadhan" (Riwayat Ibnu Habban dan al-Hakim)

Thursday, 6 October 2005

Diet progress report card

Baru 2 hari puasa hari ni.. Caaiyok caiyok! Nampaknya kena menggandakan usaha kerana Puan Zilla telah memotong usaha aku untuk kurus. Melampau betul adikku ini, pakai slimming suit 20 jam, makan roti je, minum Phytofiber buat sahur tanpa makan.. isk isk!!

Hai, camna lah nak tahan berdiet camni, kalau buka puasa pun kena makan nasi, sahur pun masak untuk suami (takpe takpe.. pahala.. ngengehngeh). Walau bagaimanapun, Phytofiber telah kutelan 2 kali sehari. Sekali masa sahur dan sekali sebelum tidur. Dan pagi ini, sudah kukhatam bilik air sebanyak 3 kali. Masuk kotak ke-2 Phytofiber, baru keluar khazanah yang bersarang dalam perut.. Aduh, undescribeable.. memang tak sangka banyak betul toksin dalam badan.

Langkah-langkah seterusnya untuk kurus:
(1) Makan Spirulina sebelum makan nasi
(2) Makan nasi dalam pinggan kecil
(3) Ratah lauk lebih dari nasi
(4) Minum Phytofiber sahaja untuk sahur

GAMBATTE!! Semua telah mula dilakukan semenjak berpuasa..
Come on Aida, you can do it!

P/S: Tapi timbang berat pagi tadi, tak turun lagi, hohoho.. takpe, baru 2 hari berpuasa :D

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Afif Syafi's pic

courtesy from: Aini's blog

Yes, the one who holds the baby is Aini, with nice tudung and kerongsang (melaram ibu Afif walaupun baru lepas bersalin.. hihiks)

P/S: Any wish, please leave at her blog for her to view :)

A good samaritan

The motorcycle skidded really fast on a high speed highway. I was shaken after the incident but dh maintained his balance and slowly stopped the motorcycle on the emergency lane.

We were staring at a really bad and flat tyre.

A man stopped by.

"Teruk ye nampak motor abang berpusing tadi."
"Jauh lagi ke?"
"Rumah saya depan ni jer."
"Abang pakai motor saya dulu hantar kakak ni balik. Saya tunggu sini."

The guy is really nice.
We used his motorcycle to transport me back home.

"Abang, nanti bagi duit sikit ye kat abang tadi tu."

Dh came home later after fixing the flat tyre.

"Duit bagi tak?"
"Dia taknak."

Alhamdulillah... sungguh pertolongan dariMu datang dengan tidak disangka-sangka.

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

A scanned image from the newspaper

Refer to my earlier posting on 9 September.
Sorry the picture is crumpled. Amni graciously did that yesterday.

Monday, 3 October 2005

For the love of the family

I have just rejected an offer to fly to Sarawak this afternoon for Finance meeting. Oh oww!!

For the love of the family, and Ramadhan celebration, I am thinking to stay at home and berbuka puasa with dh and the two kids.

Except, if the offer is to fly to Australia, or Paris, or England.. MUAHAHAH *EVIL LAUGH*

Sorry lah, nak pergi Sarawak tak berseleralah time nak Ramadhan :)
Oh anyway, welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

P/S: TV2 already aired a cooking show entitled 'Kuih Raya 2005' last Sunday.. gasp!!

Friday, 30 September 2005

Downgrading the handphone

Imagine downgrading your handphone, that's what I did!

I have been handphoneless for nearly 3 weeks after a very nice nice nice nice nice nice 10-month old boy put my Motorola C650 inside his mouth.

We have resorted drying the handphone with hairdryer, but to no avail. Since I am not concerned about the camera or the GSM or 3G for the moment, dh decided that I should downgrade my handphone to the old Nokia 8250 (which I remembered, when it was first launched, showed a whopping price tag of RM 1000). And that give me ease, as I would not worry about having expensive camera phone anymore and having someone chewing a cheap handphone do not worry me at all.. hahaha :D

I think dh was fed-up with me being handphoneless, since I have a briefing to external auditor at one of the kedais yesterday and my staff had to call the kedai's staff to tell me that I have a phone call. That incident makes me remember our old days, where we still rely heavily on public phones and wired-line phones.

I did give a very blank and confused look when one of the kedai's staff said that I have a phone call from the wired-line phone (since I have been used to the idea that everyone used handphone nowadays).

And Nusayba, your dream handphone costed RM 1999 - so my advice: save every shillings that you have :)

Thursday, 29 September 2005

The diet challenge

Now, I have a competitor!! It's good to have someone to challenge yourself with (ayat skemanya...). Introducing, Puan Zilla!! *clap clap clap*

So, the diet plan has been 1 week ++ progressively.

I ensure that I eat my breakfast - with 3 kuihs and a cup of Milo.
Lunch with at least 1/2 cup of white rice, tauhu and vegetables. Usually, I just have my vegetable soup with no rice.
Dinner, I only eat cereal or fruits with vegetables. Sometimes, if I want to eat white rice, I will be doing ikan singgang (kak Onde-onde sure knows this easy peasy Kelantanese recipe) with vegetables. Last week, I have overstocked our salad.

At night, I will drink Phytofiber - taste like asam jawa to cleanse my internal - well, Zilla will be ordering some from me.. tehee :) and another supplement called BioLady [I really feel energetic even after 10 p.m.].

Apart from all that, I have been doing my sit ups at least 30X a day and wears my slimming suit [with body toning gel]. Alhamdulillah, dh commented yesterday that my flabby stomach looks firmer now.

But whether I can maintain my diet, who knows? Last Monday, it's makan-makan time with ikan bakar and lots of other Malay fattening dishes. I tried to control myself by eating lots of ulam, 1 ikan bakar and 1/2 cup of white rice.

The weight scale do not show improvement at all, but I do feel healthier. Last week's free check up showed I have excess body fat of 0.6%.. I am trying to lower it.

Wish me luck @-}--

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Hancur harapanku untuk berdating

Arghhh... tadi kerani BSKL cakap sudah 4 kali bahagian aku kena offer pindah Menara. Diaorang je taknak...

Kalau pindah sana kan best, boleh dating selalu dengan suami... ARGHHHHHHH

Ulasan buku: Pemburu Mimpi

Bila sudah asyik membaca karya Faisal Tehrani dan Ahmad Patria Abdullah, maka hati ini sering membandingkan tulisan mereka dengan karya Saleha Hussin dalam novel Pemburu Mimpi.

Saya tidak bersemangat membaca buku ini sehingga terjumpa tuan empunya buku dalam LRT dan Ieka dengan ringkas mengatakan "Kau akan terkejut endingnya lain daripada permulaan cerita." Lalu pantas sahaja menghabiskan masa membaca buku ini.

Konklusinya, saya tidak begitu gemar novel ini. Mungkin kerana bagi saya ada ceritanya yang terlalu meleret-leret sehingga saya merasakan rentak penulis ini seperti meniru gaya Norhayati Berahim yang asyik berkias mengenai cinta (saya tidak minat Norhayati Berahim). Tapi ada satu kisah yang menarik hati saya, kisah Halina yang ringkas tetapi padat. Walau bagaimanapun, saya mungkin perlu menerima hakikat gaya penulis ini tidak menekankan aspek agama.

Saya unjurkan ulasan buku yang dikongsi bersama rakan-rakan seonline lain di ruang Books and Literature

Tajuk Buku: Pemburu Mimpi
Penulis: Saleha Hussin
Penerbit: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Dibeli Di: Pinjam dari rakan

Watak-watak utama:
1. Dr Hamimah
2. Hayati
3. Halina
4. Ariff

Tentang Apa Buku Ini:

Buku ini menceritakan mengenai ketabahan anak-anak perempuan Hendon di mana mereka ditinggalkan oleh bapa mereka, Johan dan terus-menerus berjuang untuk kehidupan. Bapa mereka berkahwin lain kerana hendak meneruskan zuriat dengan adanya anak lelaki. Bagi Johan, anak perempuan merugikan dan tidak membawa apa-apa faedah dalam kehidupan.

Apa Yang Saya Suka:

Buku ini mempunyai pelbagai cerita mengenai anak-anak Hendon dan menfokus mengenai kehidupan mereka.
Kisah Halina yang ringkas tetapi jalan ceritanya padat dengan unsur-unsur yang tidak dijangka.
Perjuangan Dr Hamimah dalam politik dan isu-isu berat yang dibangkitkan sepanjang perbincangan politiknya.

Apa Yang Saya Tidak Suka:

Kisah cinta Hayati dan Ariff yang terlalu meleret-leret menyebabkan saya naik muak dengannya.
Penulis juga terlalu berdeskripsi tentang sesuatu perkara (seperti jenama kereta, baju etc) sehingga saya rasakan buku ini seperti tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. Hanya golongan aristokrat sahaja yang digambarkan dalam buku ini.
Cerita hubungan Johan dan anak-anaknya tidak dikupas dengan mendalam dan hanya berlaku di awal cerita sahaja.

Kalau Anda Suka Baca Buku Ini, Anda Mungkin Suka Baca Buku-Buku Lain:

tiada cadangan

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Ramadhan diet untuk Mama Zahra dan Ummi Afif (moi included!!)

Bila tengok muka Mama Yot yang berubah tang aku cakap aku dah 10 bulan bersalinkan Fawwaz tapi berat masih tak turun, uh oww... berat badan tak turun isu sensitif.

Rupa-rupanya ibu Afif pun baru turun 3 kilo selepas bersalinkan Afif.

Sempena bulan puasa dan diet untuk mencantikkan diri masing-masing (tanpa perlu Marie France Bodyline), harapnya dapat semula berat badan ideal - disertakan menu Ramadhan.. teeheee

Stylo Full House: AJA AJA! FIGHTING!


Sahur - Eaten BEFORE Fajr

2 boiled eggs
2 strips of turkey bacon
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)

Iftar - Eaten BEFORE Maghrib

Break your fast with ONE FULL glass of water.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter with Celery (As much Celery as you wish.)
1 string cheese or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
16 dry roasted almonds (not salted)

Dinner - Eaten AFTER Tarwiha or ISHA

Salad with chicken (Stay away from Carrots, Corn, Beets, etc. They are high sugar content veggies.)
Sugar Free Fudgescicle, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Jell-O, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding. (OPTIONAL)
Sugar Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)


Sahur - Eaten BEFORE Fajr

2 boiled eggs
2 strips of turkey bacon
1 Piece of Fruit or 1 cup of fresh fruit salad
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)

Iftar - Eaten BEFORE Maghrib

Break your fast with ONE FULL glass of water.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter with Celery (As much Celery as you wish.)
1 string cheese or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
16 dry roasted almonds (not salted)
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)

Dinner - Eaten AFTER Tarweeha or ISHA

Salad with chicken and light dressing. (Stay away from Carrots, Corn, Beets, etc. They are high sugar content veggies.)
1 slice of Whole Wheat Toast or your hand size of Wheat bread of any kind.
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)
Sugar Free Fudge icicle, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Jell-O, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding. (OPTIONAL)

Monday, 26 September 2005

Something funny

Amni was with me and Fawwaz was with my BIL in the car from the Saturday's pasar malam. We reached home and my BIL said he will help us open the house's gate. We were out from the car and I was at the kitchen doing some food organising. Amni was watching the TV and dh was helping me.

5 minutes passed. Dh was searching for something.

"Azu, Fawwaz mana?"

They were looking at the car.

Someone was shouting and knocking the car's window from inside.

Ler.. camno leh lupa Fawwaz ada dalam kereta :P

Friday, 23 September 2005


Oh, I just noticed the nice Miss Nusayba (bodek bodek *wink* since I want the dory fillet :P) tagged me to do this list.

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1 - Perform Hajj by the age of 27 (insya' Allah)
2 - Perform Umrah again and again
3 - Have at least 6 children
4 - Built a nice house
5 - Double degree on architecture (or something else out of accounting)
6 - Holiday at Manchester (for dh)
7 - List 100 things that I want to do.. and do it one by one (before I die)

seven things I could do:
1 - Be a good wife
2 - Be a good mother
3 - Be a better Muslimah
4 - Talking (a lot obviously)
5 - Spring clean the house
6 - Read books
7 - Advise on basic accounting

seven celebrity crushes:
1 - The wonderful Mr Knightley (from Emma)
2 - Gilbert Blythe (from Anne of Green Gables)
3 - 7 : (blank)

I can't think of any person's name right now. But if I list it down, it will be characters from movies or books and not real person..

seven often repeated words:
1 - Fawwaz
2 - Amni
3 - Abang
4 - Iye ke?
5 - Ok. ok.
6 - Apa dia?
7 - A'aa.. a'aa...

seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
answering, but not applicable at all. thank you :)
1 - Religion
2 - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - err...
3 - 7: Look at my husband and identify by yourself ..tehee.. :D

seven tags go to:
1 - bunga-sakura
2 - tinidewi
3 - lynn-z
4 - rozas22
5 - zueika
6 - zunnurain
7 - fitrahzh

The dream home library

This is nice.. for a built in home library :)

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Adab Sopan Santun Keluarnya Wanita dari Rumahnya

Assalamualaikum.. something to share from Tafsir Wanita (Syaikh Imad Zaki al-Barudi)

Wajib bagi wanita untuk beradab sopan santun seperti garis panduan ini:

[1] Meninggalkan wangian (yang boleh menggoda) jika dia keluar rumah.

Dari Zainab At-Tsaqafiyah, sabda Rasulullah saw:
"Jika salah seorang perempuan di kalangan kalian menghadiri solat Isya', maka janganlah dia memakai wewangian pada malam itu." -HR Muslim:443

Dari Abu Hurairah, sabda Rasulullah saw:
"Siapa saja dari perempuan yang memakai wewangian, maka janganlah dia ikut solat Isya' bersama kami" -HR Muslim:444

Dari hadits Al-Asyaa'ri, sabda Rasulullah saw (sanadnya disahkan hasan):
"Barangsiapa di antara wanita yg memakai wangian, dan dia berjalan di tengah-tengah manusia dgn tujuan utk mencium wanginya, maka wanita itu berzina" -HR Ahmad:4/313 dan An-Nasai: 8/513 dgn sanad dinyatakan sahih dalam Shahih Sunan An-Nasai

[2] Berjalan di sisi jalan (bukan di tengah jalan untuk mencari perhatian).

Diriwayatkan Ibnu Hibban dan lainnya dengan isnad yang hasan, kerana adanya beberapa jalur periwayatan dari Abu Hurairah dia mengatakan, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:
"Tidaklah wanita berhak berjalan di tgh-tgh jalan" -HR Ibnu Hibban dalam sahihnya: 5601 dari hadis Abu Hurairah.

[3] Hati-hati dengan menutupi diri jika dia memasuki rumah seseorang yang didalamnya banyak lelaki.

Hadis Ibnu Majah dan lainnya dengan isnad sahih dari hadis Aisyah dia berkata pada wanita-wanita penduduk Hamsh;
Mungkin kalian adalah (seperti) wanita-wanita yang masuk ke kamar-kamar mandi. Saya mendengar Rasulullah bersabda,
"Wanita mana saja yg menanggalkan pakaiannya di tempat selain rumah suaminya, maka sesungguhnya dia telah menghancurkan penghalang yang ada antara dia dengan Allah" -HR Abu Daud:4010

[4] Hendaknya dia keluar dengan menutup aurat.

Hendaknya dia menutup semua auratnya kerana sesungguhnya wanita itu adalah aurat.

Imam Ahmad meriwayatkan, dengan sanad hasan dari hadis Usamah, dia berkata:
"Rasulullah memberikan pakaian asal Mesir yg agak tebal. Kain itu diberikan sebagai hadiah oleh Dahyah al Kalbi. Maka saya pakaikan kain itu buat isteriku."
Maka Rasulullah bersabda, "Kenapa kamu tidak memakai pakaian yg kuberikan padamu itu?"
Saya katakan: Wahai Rasulullah, saya pakaikan pakaian itu utk isteriku!
Rasulullah bersabda: "Suruh dia untuk memakai pakaian dalam di bawah pakaian itu, sebab saya khuatir kain itu menampakkan bentuk tulangnya" - HR Ahmad:5/205

[5] Wajib baginya untuk menghiasi diri dengan adab sopan santun.

[6] Wajib bagi dirinya untuk menghiasi dirinya dengan perasaan malu.

Sebagaimana difirmankan Allah,
"Maka datanglah kepada Musa salah seorang dari kedua wanita itu berjalan kemalu-maluan." (Al-Qashash: 25)

28:25 Afterwards one of the (damsels) came (back) to him, walking bashfully. She said: "My father invites thee that he may reward thee for having watered (our flocks) for us." So when he came to him and narrated the story, he said: "Fear thou not: (well) hast thou escaped from unjust people."

[7] Wajib baginya untuk tidak bercampur baur dengan para lelaki, dan jangan sampai dia berhias dan bertingkahlaku sebagaimana perilaku orang jahiliyah terdahulu.

33:33 And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless. (Al-Ahzab:33)

[8] Dan jika dia terpaksa harus bicara dgn seorang lelaki atau untuk meminta sesuatu, misalnya, maka wajib baginya untuk tidak merendahkan (mendesahkan) suaranya dengan mendayu-dayu.

33:32 O Consorts of the Prophet! Ye are not like any of the (other) women: if ye do fear (Allah), be not too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire: but speak ye a speech (that is) just. (Al-Ahzab:32)

[9] Jangan memakai pakaian yg glamour yang akan membuatkan pandangan orang terfokus padanya.

[10] Hendaknya tidak terlalu banyak keluar kecuali kerana memang dalam keadaan terpaksa.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

She, who has grown up (and I didn't notice)

Most of the times, I forget that my youngest sister is now older and more matured. It seems like yesterday I was teaching for her Science subject (I am a very impatient teacher) and keep ridiculing her with other sisters.. Ok, so I am not a good sister.

I was at my mom's house this morning and went to her room. I found makeups and body sprays and skin cleansers. It just seemed so fast, everything about her. She was the quiet one, the one who is different from us and now she has grown to be a young lady.

We talked about school, often. But I forgot that she also has life other than school, stupid examinations and extra co-curricular activites. She has friends who she confided her secrets with, and she actually loves reading (she grows to love the books at a later stage) and read the same genres as us.

Ahh, how times has changed.

I remembered when she was 2, she couldn't remember me because her oldest twin sisters were at a boarding school.
I remembered when she was 5, she loved to play with my spectacles.
I remembered when she was 7, I sent her to her first day at school and registered her name in her class.
I remembered when she was 10, I teached her Science.

And now, my sister has grown. She is 13 and she is humble. She didn't mind being shout at by us or our parents, well most of the times that I remembered.

I sometimes forgot that she is now older and wiser.

She maybe different from the old days, but she still smiled and laughed (enjoying the life) the same way as us when we were at her age.

I should treat her as a more matured lady than the youngest sister that we always viewed her.