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Friday, 28 January 2005

OK, I should stop promoting my O & G around

Yes, I know I am TOO much. The blogging words on my trips to hospital is just full of praises and kind words to him. Giving advice this, that. Lots of advice, I tell you.. sampai ke family planning. Siap usik-usik aku kalau dapat anak seorang lagi tahun ni.. Gegegegegege..

Ya Rabbi, yang kat rumah 2 orang tu pun dah macam nak runtuh rumah!

I have been promoting Dr. Rahman to my pregnants friends over and over. And if I didn't know the wives, then I would be promoting the Doctor to the husbands. *Gasp!*

Even yesterday, one of my colleagues, which I rarely talk to [like only 2 times and she is located in the Weld, BTW] has been promoted by me to go to Dr. Rahman.
And also to one of my friend, who is trying to concieve. Who I suggest to go to if she get pregnant? Dr. Rahman.

I have also been promoting to my engaged friend [my friend will only get married by end of this year] to go to him.

Err... I saw a trend here.
Something is wrong with me.

Now, I am thinking that this might be the right time for me to promote the Doctor to my single and unmarried friends.

Lynn, nanti hang dah kahwin dan pregnant, hang jumpa Dr. Rahman tau!


Thursday, 27 January 2005

Short stories

Alhamdulillah, after delaying for 2 weeks, we have our first Tafsir al-Quran class yesterday. Ustaz Malik came to the house and teached us [only the 2 of us]. If any of you want to join the class [with some money contribution], please contact me.

The class is held on Wednesday and Thursday nights, after Isya' prayers at my home.

It tickled my stomach when I read yesterday's comments by Aishah.

sekali lagi kak... menariknya agak berbicara dlm bahasa melayu yg sungguh litar skematik skali... hehehe...

Sorry ye dear Aishah, I scored really well in SPM Kertas 2 [Karangan] and one of my karangan appeared one full page in Dewan Siswa [bragging.. hahaha] under Cetusan Pendapat column. I used to write short stories, lots and lots of it and love to read books by Faizal Tehrani and Antalogi Cerpen dan Puisi DBP.

Err, upon short stories. I once attempted to write one in English but never finish it [early year 2002] . About one girl who people believe is a sweet and demure girl, but by night, she is the ultimate sex toy. It's about murder and lust. But my mind got so confused since it has so many twists and dark secrets that I do not know who should be the ultimate murderer. The short story was abandoned and only a quarter of it has been written.

Kawan baik aku tertunggu-tunggu bila ler aku nak habiskan menulis cerpen tu. Tunggulah lagi yer.. ngaaaa :D

On our way back from Kelantan, I said to dh I wanted to write my own stories upon commenting the Malay bestsellers books are mostly rubbish [about love]. At least, when we are writing, we controlled the flow of the story ourselves. And I want to see more bestsellers books coming from other genres and not romance.

When I was smaller, I used to love happy endings. So I wrote lots of mushy short stories.

When I was in form 1, one of my roommates read some of the short stories that I have written about love and cried. Wowee, I realised that my short stories already reached the Hindustan movies standard [dapat menghasilkan berbaldi-baldi air mata].. ekekeke.

I even wrote one short story for my friend, Suriani, when we were in form 2 for her to score an A in her Karangan book. It's about dying and God's love, even though the character was a prostitute.

I am still in a two year hiatus on writing short stories. My last short story was submitted to a writing contest in MMU organised by Institusi Usrah [my goal is to win the prize]. And I won first prize, alhamdulillah :). 'Kak Long' is about memories of childhood friends and Islam. The minus side is: It is an informal love story and yes, it has a happy ending.

I guess I will start to pen down my writings soon. But please, do not expect much, since I do not refine my short stories and it will still be in first draft.

Wish me LOTS and LOTS of luck.. hahahaha :D

P/S: Suggest me some ideas for my short stories friends ;)

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Seasonal work

I slept at 3 a.m. yesterday. Started my work at 8 p.m. and finished sending the budget distribution by 2.30 a.m. since one 'singa betina' wants that thing by yesterday.

Dh take care both kids for the night while I was typing the figures VERY VERY fast with his precious laptop. I break for Isya' and late dinner yesterday. And both kids slept like angels. They didn't wake up at all.

Hoh, masa nilah rasa bersungguh-sungguh bekerja. Kalau tak, kadang-kadang rasa macam makan gaji buta. Kadang-kadang rasa ralit juga, gaji kita sudah dikira besar, tapi terasa kita tak fully utilise tenaga kita untuk bekerja. Banyak juga kerja sampingan di pejabat seperti berchatting [hehehe]. Terfikir juga, kalau orang yang makin tinggi pangkat [seperti ketika saya liase dahulu: yang berpangkat AGM dan GM], kenapa mereka tidak rasa ralit mengaut duit syarikat yang banyak kerana bertugas di luar negara?

Wah, syarikat ini memang bermurah hati mengenai elaun-elaun pekerja yang bekerja di luar negara. Usahkan bayaran hotel [bertaraf 5 bintang], duit dobi pun dibayarnya. Itu tidak termasuk lagi elaun luar negeri yang diberikan [walaupun makanan di hotel sudah ditampung] dan segala bentuk claims yang boleh diajukan selepas balik daripada luar negara.

Mungkin saya lebih selesa bergaji sebegini daripada terus memburu kenaikan gred yang membawa tanggungjawab besar. Semakin besar tanggungjawab, semakin besar amanah kita. Dan semakin ramai orang yang akan menuntut daripada kita di akhirat kelak jika kita gagal menunaikan tanggungjawab. Hmm..

On a much merrier note, Hari Raya Aidiladha was good! I haven't celebrate raya for ages in Kelantan. We also paid ayah for Fawwaz's aqiqah. Dh joined the fun of slauthering the cow :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

In case you didn't see me blogging till Monday,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha :)

Now, I am going to have a proper raya, with Fawwaz, Amni and dh.

How to Heal A Broken Heart [and Move On With Your Life]

As a part of Dear Aida column, I am answering one of my fans [hehehe!] request on healing your broken heart.

Since I have been heartbroken only once in my lifetime, I cannot explain much on this, but can relate other peoples' experience on dealing with it.

I was rejected once. I was heart broken, of course. I remember that I eat a lot during that time and gained a whopping 10 kg in a month. Part of me is trying to cheer me up and I did find turning to food do not help the healing process. Instead, I lost my self esteem.

I didn't notice that I have a problem to move on, but when one of my dearest friend, Mr. Business mentioned that he saw me monyok and not paying attention in class for 2 weeks, then I realised I must have look really stupid without my bubbling personality. So he did ask me what happened and I explained to him everything, about the rejection etc. [except for the name of the man who rejected me].

"Kau nih, Aida, janganlah risau. Aku tahu yang ramai lagi laki yang mungkin nak kat kau. Janganlah risau sangat perihal jodoh ni, itu kan dah ditentukan oleh Allah. Biarlah orang tu nak reject kau pun. Yang penting, kau boleh jadi macam dulu balik. Happy je."

It was my turning point. I should move on.

As with the case of Mr. President. He had everything except for the Faraway Girl. He mourned for days. For days and days and days till Aini and me dah jadi fed up with his mournings.

So I told him,
"We don't like this new you, we want the old you. You skip classes, you sleep late at night, you don't join us, what happen?"
"I am mourning for the Faraway Girl."

Hadoi, fed up fed up. Asyik-asyik dengan this Girl lah yang dia dok teringat.

"Mr. President, shall we approached the Girl for you?"
"Yes, yes, yes, please."

Since we badly want Mr. President to be his normal self [and I don't think it's a macho move that a guy wants his friends to approach his Faraway Girl to be his special], I approached the Girl for him. I told her everything, about how Mr. President mourned for her [more than 5 years]. Thank God that Girl had enough sense to accept him. If not, I think Mr. President will mourned to us until the end of days. And that 2 months mourning period seems enough for me to test my patience. Yelah, asyik sebut pasal budak perempuan tu, mabuk kepayang betul kawan aku.

So, I guess, the way to heal a broken heart is when you have good friends [seperti kes Mr. President, di mana kawan baiknya adalah aku.. hehehe]. You can't wait for the miracle to happen instantly, but rest assured. You have good friends that you can share your stories.

I took a new perspective in life. Life is too short to hold painful memories. Never fret if you think there is no one for you. You are not alone in this world. There are lots of singles out there who celebrate their singleton status. Don't worry.. Rejoice!

And who says rejection is hard? It's just a matter of time to heal and move on. But please, do not waste your time and hold to something that you cannot get.

And last resort if nothing of the above helps:

GO MAN HUNTING! Ekekekek :)

I feel SO bad :|

Fawwaz was fussy yesterday. He keep crying and crying in the middle of the night that I got mad at him.

He feel asleep at 12.30 a.m. and slept till morning.

I feel so bad about myself :|

What if last night was the last night I slept with him?
Now, I do feel I am a BAD BAD BAD muslimah :|

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Kemusykilan terangkat wudhu' semasa mandi junub

Alhamdulillah, setelah dapat dirujuk daripada buku Fiqh Sunnah dan bertanyakan kemusykilan terhadap mereka yang lebih arif, maka dilampirkan persoalan daripada ana dan jawapan-jawapan yang diberikan untuk kemudahan antum semua.

Apasal ler skema sangat aku hari ni.



Setelah berjimak, maka kita mandi junub, adakah terangkat terus wudhu' semasa mandi junub? Atau perlukah kita sekali lagi mengambil wudhu' selepas mandi junub?

Kerana ana terjumpa dalam buku Fiqh Sunnah, yang telah diriwayatkan Aisyah r.a. bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak angkat wudhu' selepas mandi junub. Tapi matan hadis ni tak ada, jadi tak tahulah hadis ni hadis sahih atau tidak.

Tapi dalam mazhab Syafie pula, tertib juga termasuk dalam rukun berwudhu'.
Minta penjelasan.


Sblm ana menjawab, ana lampirkan petikan dari Fiqhus sunnah spt yg dimaksudkan oleh Sdr Limau:

Buku Fiqh Sunnah:

Mengenai bab tertib, Sheikh Sayyid Sabiq berkata:

Fardhu ke-6 adalah tertib, berurutan, karena Allah Taala menyebutkan dalam ayat tersebut fardhu-fardhu wudhuk secara beturutan dengan memisah kedua kaki dan kedua tangan -kedua-duanya sama-sama wajib dibasuh- dengan kepala yang wajib disapu. Sedang orang Arab biasanya tiada memisahmisah sesuatu dari kawan sebandingnya kecuali karena suatu maksud tertentu, yang kalau di sini ialah supaya berurutan, dan ayat tadi tiadalah dikemukakan kecuali untuk menerangkan yang wajib.
Begitu pun karena umumnya sabda Nabi saw. dalam sebuah hadits shahih:

'Mulailah dengan apa yang dimulai oleh Allah.'

Disamping itu sunnah 'amaliyah telah berlangsung dengan rukun-rukun yang berurutan seperti ini, dan tidak pernah diterima berita Rasulullah bahwa ia berwudhuk tanpa berurut. Dan wudhuk merupakan suatu ibadat, sedang prinsip utama dan ibadat itu ialah ittiba', artinya mengikut. Maka tidaklah boleh menyalahi sunnah yang sah mengenai tata-cara wudhuk Nabi saw. terutama tata-cara yang tetap tidak berobah-obah.

Manakala pada bab wudhu' pada ketika mandi hadas besar, beliau berkata:

Bila seseorang mandi janabat dan belum berwudhuk, maka dengan mandi itu berarti ia telah berwudhuk. Berkata Aisyah r.a.:

'Rasulullah saw. tidak berwudhuk lagi setelah mandi'
Dan diterima dari Ibnu Umar r.a. bahwa ia mengatakan kepada seorang laki-laki sebagai tanggapan atas ucapan bahwa ia berwudhuk setelah mandi:
'Anda terlalu berlebih-lebihan!'

Dan berkata Abu Bakar ibnul Arabi: 'Para ulama tidak berselisih pendapat bahawa wudhuk itu telah termasuk dalam mandi, dan bahwa niat bersuci dan janabat mencakup bersuci dari hadats dan dapat menghilangkan hadats itu, karena halangan janabat lebih banyak dari halangan hadats, hingga yang sedikit pun termasuk dalam niat yang banyak, dan niat yang lebih besar mencakup niat yang kecil.'

Buku Tamamul Minnah:

Dalam Tamamul Minnah, Sheikh Albani tidak bersetuju dgn Sayyid Sabiq perihal fardhunya tertib itu. Beliau telah membawakan sebuah hadis yg dikeluarkan oleh Ahmad drpd al-Miqdan bhw bainda saw pernah mengambil wudhu' dalam keadaan tidak tertib. Hadis ini telah dishaihkan oleh asy-Syaukani dan al-Albani bersetuju dgnnya. Albani berkata lagi bahawa hadis ini dihasankan juga oleh Imam Nawawi dan Ibn Hajar.

Adapun mengenai terangkatnya wudhu' setelah mandi junub, Albani sekali lagi menentang pendpt Sayyid Sabiq. Beliau mengatakan bhw kata2 Aisyah ra adalah atsar Ibn Umar ra. Ia bukanlah kata-kata Nabi saw dan tidak layak utk dijadikan hujah. Jika dapat dijadikan hujah pon, apa yg dimaksudkan dgn pembaziran adalah mengambil wudhu setelah mandi sedangkan telah diambil wudhu' sblm mandi. Maka mengambil 2 kali wudhu' itu pasti satu pembaziran.

Mengenai tertib dalam rukun wudhu':

Sebenarnya jumhur mengatakan tertib itu bukanlah satu kewajipan. Hanya mazhab Syafi'i dan sebhgn mazhab Hanbali mengatakannya ia wajib.

Dr Yusuf al-Qardhawi dlm Fiqh at-Thaharah memilih pendpt yg mengatakan ianya bukan wajib krn tiada dalil yg mewajibkannya. Dalil ayat al-Qur'an yg dijadikan dalil wajibnya tertib kpd mereka yg berpendpt wajib itu, hanyalah membawa kpd hukum sunat muakkad.

Dr Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, juga dalam Fiqh at-Thaharah sependpt dgn Sheikh Sayyid Sabiq mengenai terangkatnya wudhu' dgn mandi hadas besar.

Berdasarkan kaedah Fiqh no.12

Apabila berhimpun dua perkara dari satu jenis yang tidak berlainan maksudnya maka biasanya termasuk salah satu kepada yang lain.

Apabila berhimpun hadas kecil dan junub,maka memadai menghilangkanya(hadas) dengan mandi junub sahaja,tanpa perlu lagi kepada wudhuk.

Qaedah ini sama dgn qaedah;yang lebih kecil termasuk ke dalam yang lebih besar

Mandi junub adalah untuk membersihkan diri daripada hadas besar maka hanya dengan mandi junub maka terangkatlah wudhu' [kerana wudhu' dikira membersihkan diri daripada hadas kecil]

[+] source: Bicara Fiqah - Mandi junub atau tinggal solat
[+] related post: Qaedah-qaedah Fiqh

Monday, 17 January 2005





Our beloved Alang

Just arrived from the United States this morning.

That's the news from Caza.

We have a good weekend

"So, where's the love of your life?"
"Well, he wanted to come to send something."
"Seganlah, Kak Aida."
"No. Me."

"When are you getting married?"
"He wants us to be engaged first."
"You tell him, Kak Aida said engaged for only 2 or 3 months, then get married. Kalau lama-lama, lagi banyak cabaran."

I smiled. It was good meeting her after a long time. Such a short period, 2 years. I already have 2 kids and still waiting for her to get married and settle down.

"Who will be next in your batch?"

I laughed. It seems unlikely since he was still searching high and low for the Love of His Life.

"You get married?"

And I was wishing someone would be the Love of His Life. Amidst his happy face, he is still heartbroken.

I wish you well, my brother..

"Did you try to call her?"
"Yes, and still trying."

We got lost in Seri Kembangan for 1 hour. Found the house but not the proud parents.

"Macam ada orang je. Kan ada kereta, ada motor."

Bagi salam, but no one answered. The gate was locked. What's next?

"Kita tinggal hadiah je lah. But the mailbox is too small. If we left outside, takut orang ambil pulak."

climbed the gate. With the presents.

Quick, quick.. kang orang tengok, takut cakap kita pecah rumah orang.
Rasa macam mencuri pulak.. :lol:

Send SMS to the proud mummy and said we left the presents.
Sorry ya dear, I would love to look at your son.
And don't forget to wear the bengkung, eh? And the jamus also ;).

Friday, 14 January 2005

The cockroach

When I opened the drawer, I saw the black cockroach. It was sitting there, waiting inside my cutleries.


I went kelam kabut all the way. Searched for the water based Shieldtox and took the cutleries out. Sembur sana sini inside the drawer.

The cockroach was gone and I have to wash all the cutleries.
A job added for that day. Tension aku sebab lipas seekor ni :P

The next morning, the cockroach is already dead near the toilet. Oh, euww.. I have to pick it up faster or some little girl would try to catch it. Try scooping with the broom. Eee.. tak jalan pulak! Have to pick with my fingers. I washed my hand with the strongest smelling soap that I can find for 3 times.

Eee.. geli geli

Spent the morning wondering why I couldn't kill the cockroach the evil way [with broom, of course and side effect sound of: splat-splat-splat] like the way I used to.

Ahh, being a married woman makes you more dependent to your husband and more geli to cockroaches.

I would NEVER EVER dream to have a job of killing termites inside the house. That would be my last job on earth.

Cracked nipple and solution


I have cracked nipple and managed to breastfeed my baby for only 1 month. Any suggestion how to overcome the problem of cracked nipple?


Sometimes it's because the baby is not latching on properly, so in that case you also need to correct that.

Lanolin cream should help, and it doesn't have an adverse effect on the baby, but if you're wary, you could clean the nipple first before each feeding.

Most low-tech way is to let the breast hang out to dry (sorry to be a bit crude), but may not be possible if you don't have the privacy.

In the mean-time, while waiting for it to heal, curl up your toes and bite your lips as the baby starts latching, I find that after a few sucks, the pain goes away (yep, been there, done that, one of the most unpleasant things to happen when we're breastfeeding, the other one is mastitis - ugh!).

But if it hurts so much, rather than stopping breastfeeding, an option while waiting for it to heal is to express your milk.

Thursday, 13 January 2005


My mom's handbag was snatched this morning on her way to work. She called me to terminate her handphone line for the moment. Yup, I registered her mobile number under my name.

The next that I knew, she called me and said, she didn't want me to take the new SIM card yet [I was prepared to go to Celcom's branch BTW]. And after 1/2 an hour, my father called me and said that I should take the SIM card no matter what my mother muttered earlier to me.

I am quite confused right now. Should I listen to my mom or my dad?

I think I will be heeding for my dad's advice though since my dad had been nagging me to register new mobile number for Afiqah [Kids nowadays; a 12-year-old can have handphone].

I have a long telephone conversation with Alyaa last week and she said she wants to buy a new handphone. I, being a good, loving and kind sister [hahaha, boleh muntah sekarang] suggested a few models [including my own].

Her comment? "I don't want like yours, I want flip or swing designed handphone with a camera attached to it, of course."

Hahahah, kids nowadays, they have moneys, they spend on buying new gadgets. I was startled when Alyaa casually mentioned that her friend is vying for new handphone like my husband's [Sony Ericsson K 700i] which cost me about RM 1k+. She said, her handphone is the most outdated between her friends' new ones. And her handphone has coloured screen, mind you! And I know that one of my sister's friends love to change his handphone so much that his lifecycle of a handphone is ONLY 3 MONTHS!

I wonder how the parents meet their children's demand. Pusing kepala all the way. My, my, hearing their demands alone, can make us have Permanent Head Damage [PhD]. My SIL demanded my FIL to buy her a motorcycle. My, my.. :PhD on the way:

I know they didn't realise it's hard to earn money. But haven't they heard the word of berjimat cermat?

Now, I do love my siblings so much. And when I know that Alyaa is saving her own pocket money to buy a new handphone, I generously offered to chip in RM200 as her belated birthday present.

Hmm, I shouldn't be encouraging her. Guess I should take back my promise, eh?

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Mi Gorda Bella

Watching time: 4.00 p.m.
Day: Monday - Friday
Channel: ntv7

I want to have a heart attack when I watched this telenovela.

"I will shoot you, for God's sake."

Then, why don't you shoot? You held a gun, right? And that woman is a bitch, so just shoot her lah. Dah tau perempuan tu jahat, apa pasal tak tamatkan riwayat dia on the spot? Oh, if the villain dies, then the telenovela will move at fast pace, right? So, cannot die right now, right?

And not only this telenovela, all South America's telenovela loves to make their character talks alone. Like La Usurpadora, Mis Tres Hermanas.

"Oh Orestos, why are you so handsome? You make my heart flutters."

Ini dialog heroin, Bella, cakap sorang-sorang dalam bilik. Kalau aku, ngee.. taubat, mesti orang cakap sewel a.k.a. sakit mental. Pastu suka pulak tu tulis dialog jiwang-jiwang sampai pengsan. I wonder how RTM did not rate this telenovela as 18 PG or something? And the fact that all the women inside this telenovela loves sexy clothes. Macam tak cukup kain nak buat baju.

"No, no, I cannot tell him I am actually Valentina. Auntie, I must have my revenge first."

Yelah yelah, the fat Valentina is now the beautiful Bella. So, why did you have to keep the secret from the hero. Nak revenge puas-puas? Kang hero mati, menyesal tak cakap awal-awal, kan kan kan?

And why did the hero sleeps with the heroine if he has a wife? This one, makes me want to smack him. Hai Bella, why are you so stupid and sleep with other woman's husband? Ops lupa, I cannot comment on this since IT IS the hero you are sleeping with :P

And why did I have to watch this in the first place? Ngee...

Tuesday, 11 January 2005

The conversation with Mr. Ustaz

Mr. Ustaz was my lecturer for our Islamic Studies education. Our first class during first year, he came into the class, and saw the same us again, and calmly said, "Tak mampus lagi ke korang ni?"

His class is always fun and considering only quite a small number of students in his class, we cannot skip the class sesuka hati. In the last class for the semester, as a token of rememberance, he looked at us knowingly and said, "I know what kind of men you girls will be marrying."

Ohh, ok, tabik spring toing.. Kind of cuak when he said that, because he is an ustaz and you cannot play-play around him. And what he said is usually true.

We saw Mr. Ustaz again during a wedding ceremony of our friend. He was shocked to see my husband and me and said, "Kau kahwin dengan dia ke?"

I was surprised. He said he knows what kind of man I will be marrying and he was shocked? Ok, so he is human after all.. Thank God!

When I mentioned this to my friend.. "Ala, ustaz tu, percaya sangatlah dia tahu pasal kita."

Ohhh.. okayy! Well, I can decipher his surprise. I was the loud, noisy girl inside his class, asking a lot of ridiculous questions and my husband is the kind of quiet, shy and withdrawn guy.

I can imagine his mind still boggling and wonders how my husband approach me. And considering my very friendly personality, this should not be a wild guess at all. I was the one who approached my husband.

I can imagine Mr. Ustaz looked really shocked that I even dared to do such thing.

"Then how come you guys didn't invite me to the wedding?" Mr. Ustaz asked.

Sorry lah Mr. Ustaz, we totally forgot about you. And quiet a lot number of people to. We all miang nak kahwin awal. Heheheh...

"So, don't you guys want another kid?"
"Eh, mahu mahu. But not next year lah (2005). We have 2 kids in 2 years of our marriage life."
"You want to stop for a while? I have 4 children and will not stop with that number."

Hadoi Mr. Ustaz, give me a break la. Pengsan mahu mengandung lagi tahun ni. And the TM's policy only cover for 5 kids, so we have to do some kind of family planning here.

"Er, no no. Just take a break. Want the kids to grow up. In next 2 or 3 years, insya Allah will be adding."

And just give me a chance to be slim for a while, boleh tak? Perut ni tak pernah slim semenjak kahwin. Mesti ada isi je. I also want to be slim like other girls.. huhu.

Last 2 year remarks from the bride, "Akak baru kahwin, awak dah ada anak. Tengah pantang pun datang kenduri."

Last year remarks from another bride, "Makcik, dia ni muda setahun pada saya. Saya baru nak kahwin, dia dah ada anak dua."


Monday, 10 January 2005



[I have a major nervous breakdown -the end-]

Friday, 7 January 2005

On my [temporary] maid

Sekarang aku dah ada maid [walaupun sementara], bolehlah dia bantu aku tolong kemaskan rumah dan jaga budak-budak.

Itu azam aku sebelum tanduk keluar.

Waa, I tell you, lepas tanduk keluar [dan belajar menjadi majikan yang sungguh bertimbangrasa], every household chores I handover to the maid. I haven't bath the kids for a week now, I haven't washed Amni's butt after she poo-ed [thank God, I am so relieved because her poo.. aiyoh, so smelly smelly smelly ganda 10]. I don't have to rush around to mop the floor. Oh, and I don't have to deal with that little girl since now she knows how to throw a major tantrum, she always wailed until she gets what she wants. Aiyoh, this part, it gives me headache so much. Thank God I have a maid [tanduk aku dah keluar].

First day she came to my house, she washed the floors -and I don't mean mopping- she ACTUALLY washed the floors. She asked me, "Ibu, mau cuci atas?" and my mind goes completely blank. I usually did the household chores myself, so, having the leisure of someone doing it for you, it was like God send. YEYYYY!

So yesterday, after my tanduk went higher [about an inch], I strike a conversation with her.

+ Lis, ibu mahu naik cuci toilet atas. Lis jaga anak-anak ya [I am talking Indonesian nowadays, but the pronoucation sucks]
- Ibu mau cuci toilet?
+ Ya.
- Biar Lis cuci.

Nyehehehe, actually I don't have the heart to tell her she had to wash the toilet, so I used the maksud tersirat style. I tell you, the next I saw, the toilet is all clean, sparkling and dry. I am SO IMPRESSED. Mental note: Washing toilet - the maid's job.

She also ironed all our clothes - including my T-shirts. WOW, no, make it DOUBLE WOW! I now have clothes that are creased free for a change.

So, right now, I am lazing around, can update my blogs more regularly, can sleep anytime I like. But the cooking, still on me lah. I am a considerate employer. Hehe...

I am hoping the permanent maid will be more hardworking than this temporary one - so that my tanduk can go much higher.

Azam aku: Kena cakap garang-garang dengan maid, biar dia takut dengan aku dan rumah jadi lagi bersih. Mueheheheh.

Thursday, 6 January 2005

Corat-coret di PD

+ Eh mana digi cam, nak tengok Fiqah bergambar ngan Siti Nurhaliza.
- Ni ha.
= Eh, Fiqah amik gambar dengan Siti Nurhaliza ke?
+ Ha-ah, balik Jakarta hari tu. Gambar ni. [sambil tunjuk kat skrin digicam Olympus yang sungguh power dan boleh zoom itu]
= Oo, yang ni ke? Ayah ingat orang marketing yang ikut Ummi pergi ekspo tu.

Hahah, Siti Nurhaliza.. ada gak orang tak kenal kau lagik.
Lynn, aku ingat lagi mukamu yang sungguh terkejut bila aku cakap ayah aku tak kenal Siti dengan reaksi - "Eh, takkanlah tak kenal Siti Nurhaliza? Tak percayalah."

Yang hairan dan ajaibnya, berapa kali dah adik beradik aku tunjuk muka Siti Nurhaliza kat ayah aku. Bukan kat suratkhabar je, kat TV pun dah tunjuk. Boleh lagi dia tak cam.

Oh ayah, nampak sangat kuat main dengan cucu je :P.

P/S: Ayah aku kerja kat law firm, ok? Bukan berumur 70 tahun ke atas :).


My bestfriend is turning into a bookaholic. After 4 years of unsuccessful tortures and drilling by me to make him start reading story books, I gave up. He suddenly SMS-ed me 2 days ago talking about The DaVinci Code. It's like he is a book guru or something.

And now, I couldn't talk nonsense about books anymore! He would know I would blantantly lie when I said I love The Lord of The Rings. I am writing my reasons why I couldn't stand the book:

[1] LOTR use old English -err, it's supposed to be old, right? But, too old for me [seems like bahasa Sastera - like I am reading Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa or something].

[2] The story is TOO slow that I dozed off everytime I started reading it [I would expect adventures that is more fast paced after I saw the movie].

[3] Plus: Since the book is supposed to be voted 'The Book of The Century' by book lovers, I should be expected to fall in love with it right? Instead, I don't like it and I have spent RM80 for that book.. Yucks!

[4] I am trying to continue it after halfway reading and abandoned it.

If I tell my bestfriend that I hate the book but love the movie, he will laugh at me. We are like a mirror or something. I drilled him to read Harry Potter and he said he loves the movie so much and couldn't stand the book.

And now, telepathic or what, he likes the same genre of books that I am reading.

I am definitely going to dig my romance books back. Err, he wouldn't read that genre, right?

On a bright side, I will give him good reviews [which is from the Internet] that I read about this book or that book and he can buy it, so I can borrow it from him later. He can spend on the books that I SO WANT TO READ. While I can save my own money. Nyeheheheheheheh....

I am waiting for him to buy The Rule of Four.

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Untuk tidak menghampakan Hartini.. :D

J'ai lu quelque chose intéressant au blog de Hartini's aujourd'hui.
Elle est enceinte. Wooww, félicitations. Si tout va bien c'est une fille de bébé, ainsi le bidon 'takel' de Fawwaz ; elle. Hihihi. Bienvenue au club :D

Je me suis senti beau aujourd'hui. Peut-être en raison de la nouvelle coupe. Une coupe RM10, qui a pris autour 10 minutes. Plus, j'ai obtenu un massage libre au fond. Régénération de sensation.

Ikhlas dariku.....

It was 10.30 p.m.

The lights were off. It was dark and a girl should sleep.
Instead, she tawaf the bed and Fawwaz's baby cot when she saw I was donning my telekung in the dark.

I was ready to pray for Isya'. She was behind me.

I started to pray when that girl squeezed herself between me and the cupboard. Never mind, concentrate Aida, concentrate. I am praying, for God's sake. Don't let the thought of Amni playing around in the dark bothers you.

That girl who successfully squeezed herself between the tiny opening was suddenly in front of me. She stood there, waiting. I prayed as usual and proceed to sujud.

It's time for duduk antara dua sujud and suddenly Amni plopped herself and sat on me. Uh-ow, hilang my khusyuk at that time. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I couldn't help myself.

She was actually seeking the opportunity to sat on my lap all the time.

Monday, 3 January 2005

101: How to Approach A Guy

[A friend's request]

[1] THINK first!

Before you make the move, ask for your ownself -Is he right for me? Can I introduce him to my parents later?. Well, you have to think of long term. One guy did complaint to me once, that girls usually couple for the sake of showing off a boyfriend. That is short term thinking, dah-lings. A big NO NO.

[2] Make the first move

Try to befriend him, slowly but surely. Find out whether he is attached to someone or not. What does he likes or doesn't like? What kind of attitude does he projected?

Don't try the old tactic, i.e. always giving treats to him -like cakes, biscuits etc., belanja lunch- it never works, believe me. I have seen many girls do these kind of thing all over again, but the guy is just too dumb to read the hints. SERIOUSLY! They do not have enough sense to read the maksud tersirat.

[3] Ask the 'magic' question

OK, this is really a drastic move. But it REALLY works! I do believe in 'perigi cari timba' concept. Don't be shy. An opportunity forgone will be much harder to accept if you never try. I believe there are not many good guys in the real world, so ask the question faster.

Orang laki baik-baik ni makin susah nak jumpa, dik oii!
Mana nak cari orang yang jaga sembahyang dan tahu agama?

Ask whether he feels something about the relationship between you and him. Or just ask "Nak jadi couple tak?" [that's my style, if you have guts].

If you got rejected, never fret. There are plenty of guys out there. Just hang out, don't badmouth the guy [my BIL had BAD experience on this], befriends him as usual. There is nothing much to lose.

Take my magic mantra:
Sekali petik, sepuluh yang datang tau
[even though (like me) if you petik-petik, tak ada orang yang datang tau]

HAPPY THINKING! HAPPY THINKING! It's in your mind. Don't feel shy.

One of my guy junior did asked whether he should approach a girl or not. And I said, "Zaman sekarang 'perigi cari timba'. Don't worry, there are not many good men nowadays. Wait for the girls to approach you."
And that junior is happily married. I still believe the wife approach him, not the other way around.

And my love story? I was the one who approached my husband, and got rejected by MY OWN HUSBAND the first time. So be HAPPY, don't worry. Hidup mesti ngam! Kalau dah termaktub dalam kalam Allah yang si A [A stands for Aida] kena kahwin dengan si F [F stands for Firdaus]... Get what I mean?

Continue with your life. Kalau dah jodoh, tak ke mana. *wink*

Sunday, 2 January 2005

To my dear Mas

Sorry that I couldn't meet you. I didn't know how to contact you. Even though you did specifically told me you are staying in Hotel Istana, I didn't know whether you check in with your name or your husband's.

And the main problem is: My handphone goes HAYWIRE! [duhh]
That's why you keep hearing my husband's voice at the other end. Luckily, I diverted all my phone calls when my number is unreachable. Dh told me to check your number at my phone but the battery went dead.. [Went dead in terms of really 'kong' that I SERIOUSLY didn't know how to fix my phone]. Drats!

And my dh, being the 'lurus' type, he didn't ask you how can I contact you later so that we can rearrange our meeting.

Please, please, please promise me that you would contact me again and meet my 2 kids. I am LOOKING FORWARD to meet you.

Boo hoo hoo.