Thursday, 31 March 2005

Reconciliation account

Akhirnya, selepas berhari-hari mengadap slic n slac Kedai Telekom sampai bab nak mabuk tengok nombor sana sini dan debit kredit yang tak pernah berhujung, dapat juga saya hantar kepada Finance Retail HQ segala write off yang mereka nak.

Aini, kau rasa pening macam ni jugak ke? At least walaupun kerja kat International Billing banyak, orang-orang sana lurus, amanah dan telus. Dan saya masih lagi di sini, bergaduh dengan orang Kedai Telekom yang saya sendiri pun tak pasti, amanah ke tidak apabila duit dalam bank declare satu juta tapi hakikatnya, duit itu tiada dan entah lesap ke mana.

Semalam mesyuarat lagi di Wisma sampai sudah pening mendengar segala butiran percakapan AGM kami. Finance State tiada AGM malahan kami terpaksa report kepada 2 division yang berbeza. No 1: State General Manager kami dan no 2: AGM Finance Retail HQ.

Tapi bagi saya, alhamdulillah walaupun pening sana-sini tengok operasi dan laporan yang tak kunjung sudah, saya dapat menambah pengetahuan.

Saya terlambat mengenali reconciliation account Kedai Telekom kerana bersalinkan Fawwaz tempoh hari dan seorang eksekutif sandaran yang sepatutnya menjaga operasi telah berhenti kerja pada tika itu juga. Apabila naik kerja, terus dihulurkan segala reconciliation account dan saya akhirnya berjaya memahami reconciliation berjuta-juta ringgit dengan nombor akaun walaupun pengetahuan masih di tahap cetek.

Sebelum bersalinkan Fawwaz, saya sibuk menjaga belanjawan dan membuat business plan negeri. Laporan jualan disediakan setiap minggu dan extraction daripada sistem Essbase untuk akaun untung rugi kawasan KL.

Kemudian kerja saya bertambah-tambah dan semua pekerja bukan eksekutif melapor diri kepada saya.

Saya memang penat. Ada hari tak menang tangan, ada hari saya dapat juga berehat.

Tapi memang betul cerita Aini, bila ada orang katakan padanya bahawa orang Finance State memang tidak boleh diomong kerana mereka tahu dari segala segi operasi Telekom.

Pengurus saya sendiri berkata, setahun awak menjaga operasi, insya' Allah awak boleh menggantikan tempat saya kerana sudah tahu serba serbi.

Saya bersyukur walaupun saya berhempas pulas di sini, dan kemungkinan tidak akan dinaikkan gred langsung, saya dapat lagi belajar benda-benda baru. Harapan saya, walaupun saya mungkin tidak lama di sini [kerana akan ada restructure besar-besaran Finance], saya dapat belajar dengan sebaik mungkin daripada pekerja bukan eksekutif saya [yang saya kira selayaknya mereka dinaikkan pangkat!].

Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Twice the bad luck

I have been busy with the reconciliations of Kedai Telekom for 5 days in a row.

My father's house was broken yesterday by thief. The house was quite big since our family bought a corner house and extended it with 5 rooms overall. I did wrote about my mom's handbag was snatched before last 2 months and now, this... They didn't steal my father's Sony DVD player and I haven't checked with my youngest sister the list of missing things but she confirmed with me that her coin box was stolen [which consist of RM30].

It was weird when my dad called around 6 p.m. and asked whether we are home or not. He must assumed one of us have gone to the house to check some things since the thief had sincerely locked back all the doors [which is quite funny but expertly done].

We came yesterday to the house to check for damages and even our policemen with CSI gadgets came to the house to check for fingerprints and footsteps - oh, mind you, there are none.

There goes my CSI expectation.

I am going to call my sister for updates.

Monday, 28 March 2005

Last Saturday's conversation about Sojourn

Note: A dedication to Puan Dewi :D

Perbualan ini adalah dalam bentuk konstruktif dan hanya dibayangkan oleh penulis semata-mata bagi menyampaikan maksudnya. Untuk perbualan yang sebenar, sila rujuk kepada Encik Firdaus di lokasi Tingkat 32, Menara Telekom.

Mr. X merupakan salah seorang daripada batch Mat Tabligh, suami kepada Puan Dewi :D

F: Kau main ke Sojourn tu?
X: Heh, apa tak mainnya. Batch aku ler yang memulakan permainan Sojourn kat MMU.
F: Best sangat ke Sojourn tu?
X: Game tu kan pakai networking.Dulu, masa tengah gila Sojourn, lab bukak jam 8.30 pagi, pukul 7 lebih dah pergi beratur.
F: Dah tu, semua dalam lab main Sojourn ke?
X: Yelah, satu lab, 30 orang main ooo.. Main sampai ke petang pulak tu, sampai lab tutup.
F: Korang makan tak?
X: Tak ingat nak makan pun. [note: ngaa.. ni memang kes addicted to Sojourn ni]
F: Wooo.. mmg addicted betul eh?
X: Kalau budak lain datang lab nak buat kerja, memang tension ler dengan kitaorang.
F: Hehe..
X: Malaysia siap kena ban sebab komputer MMU boleh connect 3 port terus. Kadang-kadang networking dalam lab, boleh connect worldwide gak.
F: Kau tak addicted ke?
X: Heh, tanak lah aku main. Nanti addicted. Imaginasi tinggi betul sebab game pakai teks.

Di rumah...
F: Eh, nama suami Tini apa a?
A: A**** *** *****
F: Mana dapat nick 'Kent' tu?
A: ********
F: Hahahah... ingatkan dari Clark Kent Superman.
A: Mana ade... :P


Friday, 25 March 2005

An interesting conversation

A handsome young bilal is in haste. It is nearly dawn, and he does not want to be late for his call of the azan at the surau.

His pretty young wife follows him around the house, and finally to the front doorstep. She is carrying with her a cup of coffee and a biscuit. She wants him to take a gulp and a bite before leaving. She is persistent. After putting on his shoes, he does as he is told, kisses her on the forehead, wishes her salaam, pinches her butt causing her to yelp, and leaves.

On his way, he passes some dark alleys. His quick footsteps break the silence of pre-dawn. A dog barks in the distance, somewhere in the night.

Just ahead of the bilal's path, along a disconcertingly quiet back alley, two women step out from the back entrance of an old motel. They are both wearing fish-net stockings and stilletoes, very short skirts, see-through white blouses that betray the presence of black brassieres underneath, big hair, and very red lipstick.

Just as they cross paths, the older of the two women says to the bilal, "Lambat hari ni Pak Bilal?"

"Itulah," he replied, "anak saya demam batuk-batuk malam semalam, jadi saya terpaksa gilir-gilir berjaga dengan orang rumah saya..."

It becomes instantly clear in the course of their brief discourse that the bilal and the whores are good friends.

Source: Yasmin the story teller

I surfed Yasmin Ahmad's blog yesterday to search for the opening scene of Gubra which really grabbed my attention before. On the comments box, I have noticed that Yasmin wrote that this scenario truly happens in Indonesia where an ustaz and his family moved near a prostitute area and give free lessons on Islam and Quran readings.

Last week, I have a thought provoking conversation with my husband in the car nonetheless.

He told me he felt uncomfortable to strike conversations with people he consider do not wear appropriate attires (i.e: men wearing earrings or women wearing short skirts). I understood his concerns. I do not really consider us [as the couple] properly attired before. But I know that most of us really cannot hang out with people that is different from us.

Let me clarify this, for example: there is a group of students in usrah, and suddenly, one of a non wearing tudung girl wants to join the usrah. Well, the group might be a bit skeptical, right? Questioning here and there about the girl's motive? So you get what I mean by being different and you want to join a different group? And it comes to the point that it is perceived as unusual by the society?

Now, that is the challenge of a Muslim. I was asking him, why should we perceive them as unusual? Because of the attire? No, no, I am not mad at my husband. But he raise a good point.

I know sometimes people would look at me weirdly when they saw I chat with girls who I know smokes in the public, wears short skirts, dye their hair etc. So, imagine that!

I even said to him [as a reminder to both of us] that I cannot judge this girl or guy by their attire or social life because we do not know how our life will end. Will it be in husnul khatimah [good ending] or su'ul khatimah [bad ending]? I, sometimes tend to think what kind of life I will be leading in 20 years in the future? Will I still adorn my big tudung or it will be the other way around? Nauzubillah min zalik..

But being different doesn't mean I cannot be kind to these people. Sometimes they just need a little guidance from us, we cannot shun them out as they will be more lost and didn't know who they will turn to for guidance.

What if all tudung wearing girls will not make friends with non tudungs one? There must be misunderstandings between them. Yes, yes, it's hard to be a techno daie in these days, but at least befriending these people will not hurt us at all. We already make ourselves accessible to them and along the way, the learning process will continue between each other.

Sometimes we saw someone who just adorn a scarf and we said "Alah, macam tu lebih baik tak payah pakai tudung."
Please, please.. don't judge them by that. It's actually better they adorn a scarf rather than being a free hair. Who knows in the future they will wear a proper tudung after all?

And for people with free hair, please do not say "Ish, macam baik betul je dia tu pakai tudung labuh. Orang tak pakai tudung pun ada yang lebih baik dari dia!"
No, no, don't say that.. sometimes proper attire will make the people behave much better in the future, insya' Allah.

Then it will come to a point when joining a diverse university, people with different religions question our faith. I think we have learned to think out of the box, where we do not answer them with dalil from Quran or Sunnah but rather the logical aspect of it.

Just my 2 cents worth :) since sometimes we tend to stick with our group rather than joining others.

P/S: Oh yes, I have an interesting tazkirah from my husband the other day, remind me to post it -it's about logical thinking and Islam :)

Monday, 21 March 2005

Excel Training

Dear friends,

The writer is on training at Menara CSM [near Asia Jaya LRT Station] on MS Excel from Monday to Thursday.

Do not put high hopes on my writings.. aku tengah sibuk drool tengok instructor aku yang sangat handsome.. oh, he is Indian BTW :)

P/s: Budak-budak kat Menara tu, kalau nak jenguk aku [or the instructor], boleh ler singgah sini sat.. baru aku tahu kat sini ada Metrojaya kat depan.. muehehehe

Thursday, 17 March 2005

Merotan: Relevankah dalam pendidikan anak masa kini?

Penceramah jemputan:
  1. Ustaz Hj Muhammad b. Hj Ismail, Mudir Madrasah Ar Rahmaniah, Geting, Tumpat, yang membincangkan tajuk 'Merotan anak - benarkah Islam menggalakkannya?'
  2. Dr. Khairi Che Mat, Pakar Psikiatri, Hospital Kota Bharu, yang mengupas tajuk 'Ganjaran dan Hukuman dari sudut pandangan psikologi pendidikan anak-anak'
Menurut Ust Muhammad Ismail, berdasarkan cara Rasulullah mendidik individu lain pada zamannya,Rasulullah banyak menggunakan dan mengutamakan pendekatan lain yang lemah-lembut dan penuh dengan kasih-sayang.

Di antara langkah-langkah atau tahap-tahap mengajar, sebelum kita memukul, adalah:
  1. beritahu dan sebutkan sesuatu perkara itu salah
  2. tunjuk-ajar cara yang betul
  3. memujuk dengan cara yang lemah-lembut
  4. menggunakan isyarat
  5. mencela keburukan perangai (bukan individu)
  6. memboikot atau memulau
  7. memukul

Kaedah atau cara pukul yang diizin dalam Islam
  1. tindakan memukul diambil, setelah mencuba segala kaedah lain, tetapi tidak berkesan.
  2. memukul atau merotan hanya dibenarkan kepada anak yang berumur 10 tahun ke atas.
  3. memukul untuk mendidik, bukan untuk mendera atau untuk melepaskan perasaan marah.

    • Jika marah, ambil langkah-langkah untuk meredakan perasaan marah dulu: duduk, baring, ambil wudhu', solat sunat, kemudian baru pukul.
    • Dr. Khairi menambah, jika mengikut fisiologi rangsangan saraf ke otak, keputusan semasa marah, adalah tidak rasional dan banyak lagi kaedah yang betul untuk memukul anak.
Menurut Dr. Khairi, kita perlu memberi respon kepada setiap perbuatan anak, samada pengukuhan positif dalam bentuk ganjaran atau pengukuhan negatif, seperti teguran atau hukuman. Jangan sampai anak kita kata, 'Apa yang saya buat, semua salah', kerana kita tidak iktiraf atau 'acknowledge' perbuatan yang betul. Jika begini, anak-anak akan suka buat perbuatan salah, untuk mendapat perhatian ibubapa.

Untuk bacaan selanjutnya, rujuk Allahyarhamah Kak Nuun's blog entri 9 Disember 2004 : [+] Kesilapan Mendidik Anak-anak

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

My angelic kids.. alhamdulillah

Both my kids are really angelic during our trip to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. They sleep all the way in the car and when they woke up, I just make some milk and they will happily suck the bottle.

Last time, when we went back to Kelantan, Amni was deposited to my father's car and Fawwaz was with me. But both of them still behave properly even though the ride is about 8 hours.

So I really can't imagine how Ameer howls like a wolf inside Kak Tini's car because he cannot play.

I guess my kids inherit their 'in car' angelic genetics from their father.

25 pelajar cemerlang SPM 2004

Membelek Utusan Malaysia di halaman ke 3 hari Khamis lepas, mata tertancap pada senarai 25 Pelajar Cemerlang SPM bersebelahan wawancara bersama Nur Amalina [pelajar terbaik SPM 2004]. Saya rasa gembira bagi Amalina kerana berjaya membuktikan bahawa orang Islam boleh cemerlang.

Tetapi saya agak terkilan apabila senarai 25 orang pelajar cemerlang, bilangan mereka dari SBP boleh dibilang dengan jari. Malahan, daripada MRSM, tiada satu nama pun termasuk dalam senarai.

Saya lihat Amalina adalah idola pelajar Islam. Beliau menunjukkan keazaman apabila dapat belajar sendiri subjek yang tidak disediakan di sekolah hariannya. Cita-cita beliau pula, menjadi pakar sakit puan, saya anggap sebagai nilai murni untuk meramaikan lagi umat techno daie dalam bidang profesional.

Apabila melihat senarai, keluh kesah juga terbayang. Saya cuba bayangkan mereka yang berada di sekolah berasrama penuh. Bagi saya, mereka cukup segalanya. Apa yang mereka perlu lakukan adalah menumpukan perhatian dalam pembelajaran. Masa belajar pun sudah ada. Siap dimasukkan dalam jadual sekolah harian. Jam 3.30 sudah ke prep petang. Ada pula satu sesi untuk prep malam. Catatan ini seperti membuatkan saya tersentak juga. Saya duduk di sekolah asrama, tapi saya ambil lewa hal pelajaran.

Tapi kemungkinan juga tanggapan saya di sekolah dahulu betul. Sistem pendidikan Malaysia terlalu berteraskan peperiksaan semata-mata. Bagi saya, ini adalah satu sistem yang sangat tidak adil kerana pelajar tidak didedahkan dengan projek dan assignment lain. Kita dibayangkan sentiasa duduk di dalam kelas, menelaah buku sepanjang masa [hahaha, memang betul pun!]. Senang cerita, cuba kita zoomkan kepada tujuan kita. Saya rasa, kebanyakan yang membaca tulisan ini, adalah juga seperti saya, belajar hanya untuk lulus peperiksaan. Cemerlang? Ah, jauh sekali. Itu pun akan cemerlang kalau betul-betul minat kepada subjek tersebut.

Minggu lepas, adik ipar saya menerima keputusan peperiksaan SPMnya. Sudah penat bergenang air mata lalu diujarkan oleh kami bahawa universiti sistem pembelajarannya amat berlainan daripada di sekolah.

Lalu keluarga suami pujuk dia. Mudah saja tanggapan saya:

Kita belajar agar cemerlang UPSR untuk mendapat tawaran sekolah berasrama penuh yang bagus.
Kita belajar agar cemerlang PMR juga untuk mendapat tawaran sekolah berasrama penuh yang bagus.
Kita belajar agar cemerlang SPM untuk mendapat tawaran universiti yang bagus.

Saya sedar, setiap peperiksaan besar yang kita hadapi sebenarnya adalah stepping stone kita.

Untuk adik ipar saya, kami katakan.. Ini bukan pengakhiran kehidupan, panjang lagi perjalanan.

Mudahnya, dia perlu tahu apa minatnya. Kami membantu mengumpul maklumat mengenai kursus-kursus yang dia minati dan akan menyokong keputusannya setelah dia mendengar dan mengambil kira pandangan ahli keluarga. Yang kelakarnya, dia minat architecture, dan semasa saya di walimatul urus Apai, saya bukan bertanya tentang persediaannya sebagai seorang isteri, saya sibuk bertanya mengenai prospektus kerjaya seorang arkitek dan sukatan pembelajarannya.

Dia akan berjaya, saya percaya, berdasarkan minat yang mendalam terhadap kursus pilihannya.

Dia harus belajar mencorakkan hidupnya sendiri.

Enough said, life is a matter of choice.

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

The wedding of Noor Fairuz Mohd Nordin

My ex-MRSM roommate got married last Sunday *sniff*. It was a tender moment. She was the last in our room to get married and it really shows the sign of us growing old.

"Yana tak datang ke?"
"Aku dah contact dia, tengah exam."
"Eh, exam budak Medic ke?"
"Lamanya degree Medic."

She wore pink that day. It was good to see her after such a long time.

"Mak kau tak datang ke?"
"Hiks. Sibuk kot dengan adik-adik aku."
"Nanti kirim salam yek."

Memories unfold slowly...

"Eh Apai, await bukak kipas laju-laju pagi-pagi ni?"
"Nak kasi kering rambut."
"Oit, sejuk le. Tutup le kipas."

And then she will laughed. But she never switch off the fan. After sometimes, we managed to bear the morning coldness with the fast fan.

"Eh, jom ler gi sarapan."
"Sekarang ke? Awal giler. Aku rasa DS takde orang lagi."
"Pergi awal-awal ler boleh pilih roti."

I still remember the breakfast menu, with breads and butter and sugar and jams. And the morning drinks, tea or Wahi [substitute for Milo]. The bread is something straight from a factory since the size is longer compared to the usual ones. But then, the morning routine stuck with us. Everyday we will be the first to be in DS [Dewan Selera] for our breakfast.

"Aida, nanti kita book hari Sabtu kerja kat Koop?"

Yes, both of us are Koop-eans. And we love to eat nasi lemak as our supper.

"Malam ni kau jaga Koop kan? Nanti book nasi lemak weh."

And if it is not our night, we will wait in front of the Koop for our fresh nasi lemak delivered by Abang Jaafar.

And knowing your outrageous and carefree attitude,

"Apai, kau ye yang ngorat suami kau?"
"Ye ler."
"Heheh, aku agak dah. Sama macam aku lah tu."
"Habis tu kalau kau tak ngorat suami kau, takde ler si Amni ngan Fawwaz ni."

"Weh, aku sebelum datang, dah balut tau hadiah kau, tapi terlupa nak bawa."
"Ala, takper le Aida. Seronok betul aku sebab korang datang kenduri aku."

Dear, I am SO PROUD of you *sniff*.

Monday, 14 March 2005

Amni, the super cooing girl and Fawwaz, the fantastic rolling boy


Venue: Bukit Merah Laketown Resort entrance
Date: Sunday, 13 March 2005
Time: 9.15 a.m.
Situation: Mommy was left alone with her 2 kids while Daddy ran to the car to pick up his card.

Mommy was in frenzy and feels like she wants to bang her head on the nearest tree because suddenly Fawwaz was screaming at the top of his lung. Amni was standing behind Fawwaz's baby stroller and was trying to behave as proper as possible without giving Mommy another headache.

Fawwaz was still wailing like there is no tomorrow and Mommy was at her end's wit waiting for the super Daddy.

Amni came in front of the baby stroller and peeked at her baby brother. She cooed "Fawwaz, Fawwaz" while slowly patting him [ok, she forgot how to pronounce "ibu" nowadays, but she can clearly said her brother's name, Fawwaz with a sounding F and Z].

Viola! The baby brother suddenly went quiet. Amni, the super cooing girl saved the day!

Moral of the story: Never travel without your maid when you have 2 small kids.


Venue: Bukit Merah Laketown hotel room
Date: Saturday, 12 March 2005
Time: 4 p.m.?

Fawwaz can roll his body for the first time. The interesting part is, the baby can roll his body again and again and again like a ball on his first day of his achievement. This is really a very fast amazing improvement. The fantastic rolling boy now loved to roll with a smirk on his face.

And yes, with the expression, "Yay! I am really clever! :P"


From: Amni
To: Auntie Ieka
Subject: Tunggu Teduh Dulu

Dear Auntie Ieka,

I have played with your book a lot of times. Mommy was in frenzy when she found out I keep hiding your thick novel. I have also autographed your book with a pencil so that when you read the book, you can always remember me :).

If you want a refund on the book, please contact my Mommy.



P/S: I know Mommy hasn't finish reading the book since I keep throwing it in our home.

Friday, 11 March 2005

Work smart, not work hard

Petang semalam

+ Aida, you kena buat ke tak sheet EBITDA ni?
- Hmm, jap saya cek. En. R rasa macammana?
+ You buat lah yer? [which to my ears, sounds very inconfident]
- Eh, you kan manager. Youlah decide!
+ Yang lain camna?
- Yang lain pergilah coordinate between units nak dapat jawapan. I yang sheet Revenues ni tak boleh jawab.
+ You tak boleh buat ke?
- Hello, hari tu dah lah you suruh I buatkan Powerpoint. Tukan kerja you, bukan kerja I. You kan Business Support Unit. Tu kerja youlah, bukan kerja I.
+ Alah, you buatlah.
- YOU KAN MANAGER? I NI AM SAJA! Powerpoint tu youlah betulkan, kang in the future asyik jadi kerja I padahal kerja you!

Ring.. ring

+ En. R cakap you taknak jawab sheet Revenues tu
- Hai Pn. N, saya pun tak fahamlah. [dalam hati, mengadu jugak orang tua ni]
+ Dah tu, Aida, tu memang kerja you.
- OK, OK, takpa nanti saya dig sikit sikit sebab apa revenue turun / naik. Tapi jawapan tu kenalah tanya orang sales. Sebab tu En. R kena coordinate between units.
+ Guna backdoorlah tanya.
- Pn. N, last time saya shoot out e-mail, diaorang tak layan sebab saya AM. En. R tu kan manager. Saya dah siap tanya your staff dah saya kena buat apa semua. Lepas tu saya pun rasa saya dah faham semua yang staff Pn. explain. Sekarang ni saya tak tahu, En. R yang tak faham ke atau saya. Dahlah training hari tu, dia tak datang, padehal dia yang tak faham.
+ Hmm, suruh lah boss you pergi slow talk dengan En. R
- Ya Allah Pn. N, dah berbuih mulut saya dengan boss ajar dia siapkan report tu. Saya pun dah tak tahu nak buat apa. Takpalah, saya try buat the best explanation yang saya boleh dapat. Nanti saya minta dia sambung explanation saya.

Time mengadu kat boss

+ En. Z, apsal ler En. R tu mengadu kat Pn. N cakap saya taknak buat kerja?
- Dah tu you jawab apa?
+ Saya cakapler En. R tu tak clear instruction. Sekarang ni saya pun tak tahu, saya ke yang tak faham ke En. R tu yang tak faham.
- Aida, dia tu, buat analysis by percentage increase / decrease pun tak faham.
+ Aik, dah tu buat apa jadi manager? Saya jawab je dengan En. R, dia tu manager, bukan I.

Takpa takpa, nanti aku shoot out e-mail lagi En. R. Silap ler cucuk lubang, ingat aku ni kuli batak hang!

Suatu petang di zaman lampau

+ Aida, nanti you buat agreement pasal JUCN ye. Biar Tini buat CUCN dengan SMW3.
- Pn. Z, saya nak tanya, kenapa F tak dapat kerja? Kenapa kiteorang berdua saja yang dapat kerja?
+ F kan jaga network development part.
- Kerja apa yang dia buat? Kenapa saya tengok dia asyik takda kerja aja? Kenapa kitaorang je yang kena stayback dan dia boleh balik on time? Habis tuh, takkan pasal cables ni [which refers to JUCN, CUCN and SMW3] bukan kerja technical? Kenapa kitaorang je yang terpaksa cover kerja dia?
+ Alah, nanti you suruh la F buatkan agreement SMW3.
- Eh, you kan boss kitaorang dengan F tu, YOULAH PERGI CAKAP DIA KENA BUAT!
+ Youlah pergi.
- Pn. Z takut sangat ke dengan dia? Pn. Z kan boss dia. I TAKNAK, YOU ASSIGNLAH SENDIRI.
+ [Quiet mode. Her eyes were not looking at me.]
- YOU lain kali assign kerja kat F. Takkan kitaorang je kerja banyak, yang dia melenggang!!

At that time, F just married the Agong's nephew. She is filthy rich, that's why my boss love to kipas her a lot and cannot bear the thought of giving her works.

See the trend here? Sorry lah if you see me looking so mute, but please do your work and do not drop your work to me!

Work smart, not work hard..

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Bookstores and etc.

After the 10 minutes training at Menara [which is the fastest training that I ever attended], I called dh who is miserably stuck at TTC and asked whether I should go straight over there. As a caring husband, he asked me to go straight to KLCC to kill the time. And I have to admit, KLCC is such a boring place since it is for people who have money, money and money some more.

I remember that Times is situated at the concourse area beside KFC. I did went there and have to circle it for 2 times to believe my eyes that the bookstore is not there. Guess it is having its renovation again.. hmmm..

And what do you think that I would do next? Should I stare longingly at the jewelleries displayed or should I look for some new discounted watches?

No, no, I.. in the name of the bookworms NEED to go to the next book store available. Yes, you guess it right, I went all the way from the concourse level to the highest level of KLCC for Kinokuniya bookstore. No, no, I didn't take the lift.. heh..

So there I was, climbing with escalators to the bookstore and have to search high and low for Lemony Snicket's books.. which sadly, I couldn't find the 1st from the series and decided just to wait for the full set before grabbing all of them at one go.

And for Kak Tini's pleasure, I might add they are having one whole rack dedicated to Meg Cabot alone. And to add Kak Tini's jealousy [which is unrelated to the books], Hallmark Astro will be premiering a new series entitled "Missing" based on Meg Cabot's novel of 1-800-WHERE-R-U.

Oh yes, BTW, Meg Cabot's books is categorised under the children section and NOT young adult section, OK?

So, I did went for another round of walks around the bookstore and noticed at the centre of it [where all the fictions books are parked], Kinokuniya dedicated 4 full racks of books for CHIC LIT section... HAHAHAH!

My fingers are still itching to buy The Da Vinci Code Illustrated Edition which costs about RM120. Ina, I don't want the Deception Point novel that I requested much earlier. In fact, I don't think I want any belated birthday present at all :).

Being a bookworm that I am, I did kill my time just being in a bookstore.

Monday, 7 March 2005

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet, Klaus and Sunny

This is definitely a must see movie. Wow! Awesome! And in my opinion, much better than Harry Potter [Oh, in case you guys didn't know, I have lost interest on Harry Potter since the books has lost its appeal to me. The magic seems lost somehow for the 4th book and beyond].

  • The orphans gave top notch acting and complement each other well. I SO adore the girl who played Sunny. She looks just like Amni and blabbers like her.

  • Jim Carrey is at his top notch performance, but imagine that the 15 month old Sunny keep upstaging him at every moment. And the subtitles for Sunny's blabbering is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Klaus, the big brother of Sunny looks like an older version of Haley Joel Osment [oh, I did have a crush on Haley Joel Osment].

  • The part where Violet and Klaus prepared dinner for the wicked Count Olaf is very creative.

  • The opening credit is confusing. It started with a short animation on A Very Happy Elf singing here and there.. but wait, do not leave the theatre yet. Reality sinks in fast and it bites, OUCH!!

  • I so adore the scene where they lived with Uncle Monty. He is weird with his snake collections and the part that Lemony Snicket narrates the scene as THE END.

  • The part where Klaus break a code using cryptography by Aunt Josephine. Salut toing wa cakap lu!!!

  • The last scene is very touching where they stood back in their burnt home and cherish the memories inside. They received a letter from their parents [the letter had travelled to various countries] and was given a telescope [which is quite peculiar and hinted us for another sequel].

The books totalled 13 in all. I am definitely going to collect all of them.. yeyyy!! And I have read it somewhere that the book had been in the NY Times bestseller list for 600 weeks.

The wicked Count Olaf

Harry Potter, here comes your rival! Goodbye Harry, goodbye Hermoine, goodbye Ron... oh, and goodbye Voldemort :P

Saturday, 5 March 2005

The Delifrance cute guy

We were having our dinner at Delifrance while waiting for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events showtime.

The cashier is so handsome that I keep peeking at him. Dh was paying for our food at that moment. Oh drats! Why haven't I voluntereed to pay in the first place? I totally forgot that I only have RM 18 in my purse at that time and I did ask dh to pay for our dinner... :drool:

His hair is GQ style which resembled to the male model's hair from the Sunsilk's [uwek!!] "rambut siapa ni?" advert. If he just run his finger through his hair and make it sway... :drool again: His face is a mixture of Malay Chinese... :starry eyes:

Dh came with our tray of food and looked at me. Unfortunately, I was still glancing at the handsome cashier.

"He is Portugese."

Erk, how did he know what was playing in my mind?

"But he looks like a Malay. Are you sure he is Portugese?"
"His name tag spells Emanuel. I did asked him whether he is Portugese or not."

Drats, why did I have to say that in front of my husband? Where is my brain? Have I lost my mind?

"Yes, he is. He looks like a Serani [Portugese-Malay parentage]."

To cover myself, "Well, I certainly can suggest him to one of my friends."

Oh, to anyone who wants to flirt with the cute guy :drooling mode:, please come to Mahkota Parade's Delifrance which is situated on the 1st floor. He was the chef who prepared our meal [yes, yes, he can cook!] and a part-time cashier [a multitasker!].

Thank God I have a cool husband who totally agreed with me the guy is handsome... :)

Thursday, 3 March 2005

Tauladan yang menginsafkan diri

Bila bercerita pasal MAPS, nak gelak pun ada, nak senyum pun ada. Tapi jauh sekali nak rasa kelat dan menangis, mungkin kerana sikap manager yang banyak menginsafkan saya.

Isnin lepas, pagi-pagi datang kerja, tengok boss kat pintu yang nampak gayanya macam nak melompat. Sengih pun macam kerang busuk.

"Nurul, saya dapat 66, yahooooo!"

Saya dah tersengih-sengih. Nak gelak pun macam kena tahan perut. Yang peliknya, manalah ada orang nak melompat bila dapat markah bawah 70. Bila bertanya, rupanya AGM dan manager dalam division saya, rata-rata dalam lingkungan markah 50-60.

"Tak rendah, kan? GM pun dapat level 2. Takkan nak lawan tauke besar kot."

Saya angguk-angguk. GM kami memang kedekut markah. Tapi syukur alhamdulillah, dia sangat rapat dengan para pekerjanya.

Bila saya tengok manager sendiri, keinsafan mengetuk diri. Dia selayaknya menjadi manager, tapi gred masih lagi di takuk AM. Rumah pula terletak di Melaka. Saya kira, azamnya cukup kuat untuk membesarkan anak-anak dia yang 6 orang dalam suasana yang aman dan gembira, dengan isteri seorang suri rumah, dan emak yang selalu sakit-sakit. Hari-hari datang kerja, naik turun bas Melaka-KL. Seawal 4 pagi sudah bangun menyiapkan diri. Matahari belum naik bila keluar rumah dan matahari sudah tenggelam bila sampai rumah.

Pernah juga dia bercerita dengan saya, buat kerja sungguh-sungguh, tapi gred di takuk lama. Saya senyum sahaja sambil berkata, "Tapi keluarga En. Z cukup makan kan? Ada tempat tinggal, anak isteri cukup duit belanja. Anak-anak murah rezeki, kan?"

Tika itu, dia akan cepat-cepat mengucap. Memang dia akui, anak-anak rezeki yang paling berharga. Dia kahwin awal usia 30-an [cukup lewat bagi mereka yang sebaya dengannya tika itu] dan sangat seronok bila mendapat anak yang ramai.

Saya kagum dengannya. Duit rumah dengan kereta, tak perlu buat pinjaman [walhal gaji dalam lingkungan RM4k]. Semua usai langsai awal pembelian. Dia, saya perhatikan, adalah seorang financial planner yang sangat berjaya [mungkin akan ada orang kata Azizi Ali atau Robert T. Kiyosaki lebih kaya.. hehehe]. Tapi bagi saya, dia dapat hidup dalam keadaan bebas hutang [debt free] adalah kehidupan yang paling kaya.

Yang paling seronok, dia tak kedekut ilmu. Dia akan buat financial planning kita secara percuma. Kalau ikut betul-betul nasihatnya, dalam masa 15 tahun lagi, saya mungkin boleh menjadi seorang jutawan [dengan syarat duit masuk setiap bulan di satu akaun yang perlu saya janji takkan terusik langsung]. Heheheh...

Errr.. pasal MAPS saya? Tengok markah pun dah rasa macam nak hantuk kepala kat dinding. Tapi bila tengok manager, terus urut dada dan beristighfar. Cepat alpa rupanya saya dengan ukuran ni'mat Allah yang lain.

P/S: Angan-angan boss saya nak ambil VSS, tapi isteri dia tak bagi. Rindu menjual di pasar malam, katanya.

Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Strategy for Performance Reviews

Since our MAPS evaluation is around the corner, here is a tip I found useful from The Dilbert Principle book:

You know you deserve more money than you're getting, based on two undeniable facts:

[1] You show up most of the time.

[2] See number one.

Hehehehe... I told you the book is good :P

Being a Kelantanese

An executive from the same post as mine at Terengganu just called and we chatted about works and other stuff.

Suddenly he asked me, "You Kelantan kat mana?"

I was like.. hello, tau mana aku orang Kelantan?
And he answered, "Slang BM bunyi cam asal dari Kelantan je.."

Oooo, dahsyat jugak ye orang Kelantan tulen ni dengar pelat aku ek. Boleh tau aku orang sana. FYI, I was born and raised in KL eventhough both of my parents are from Kelantan. That's why I consider myself as 'Kelantan celup'.

I love Kelantan actually. Much more than I love KL. In fact, he asked whether I am going to settle down at Pantai Timur :)

On a much MERRIER note:
Selepas 4 hari tak ada air, air mencurah-curah keluar... YEYYYY!!!! Toilet BSKL, bye bye!!!! I am glad I do not have to walk over there to answer my nature's call :P