Friday, 30 September 2005

Downgrading the handphone

Imagine downgrading your handphone, that's what I did!

I have been handphoneless for nearly 3 weeks after a very nice nice nice nice nice nice 10-month old boy put my Motorola C650 inside his mouth.

We have resorted drying the handphone with hairdryer, but to no avail. Since I am not concerned about the camera or the GSM or 3G for the moment, dh decided that I should downgrade my handphone to the old Nokia 8250 (which I remembered, when it was first launched, showed a whopping price tag of RM 1000). And that give me ease, as I would not worry about having expensive camera phone anymore and having someone chewing a cheap handphone do not worry me at all.. hahaha :D

I think dh was fed-up with me being handphoneless, since I have a briefing to external auditor at one of the kedais yesterday and my staff had to call the kedai's staff to tell me that I have a phone call. That incident makes me remember our old days, where we still rely heavily on public phones and wired-line phones.

I did give a very blank and confused look when one of the kedai's staff said that I have a phone call from the wired-line phone (since I have been used to the idea that everyone used handphone nowadays).

And Nusayba, your dream handphone costed RM 1999 - so my advice: save every shillings that you have :)

Thursday, 29 September 2005

The diet challenge

Now, I have a competitor!! It's good to have someone to challenge yourself with (ayat skemanya...). Introducing, Puan Zilla!! *clap clap clap*

So, the diet plan has been 1 week ++ progressively.

I ensure that I eat my breakfast - with 3 kuihs and a cup of Milo.
Lunch with at least 1/2 cup of white rice, tauhu and vegetables. Usually, I just have my vegetable soup with no rice.
Dinner, I only eat cereal or fruits with vegetables. Sometimes, if I want to eat white rice, I will be doing ikan singgang (kak Onde-onde sure knows this easy peasy Kelantanese recipe) with vegetables. Last week, I have overstocked our salad.

At night, I will drink Phytofiber - taste like asam jawa to cleanse my internal - well, Zilla will be ordering some from me.. tehee :) and another supplement called BioLady [I really feel energetic even after 10 p.m.].

Apart from all that, I have been doing my sit ups at least 30X a day and wears my slimming suit [with body toning gel]. Alhamdulillah, dh commented yesterday that my flabby stomach looks firmer now.

But whether I can maintain my diet, who knows? Last Monday, it's makan-makan time with ikan bakar and lots of other Malay fattening dishes. I tried to control myself by eating lots of ulam, 1 ikan bakar and 1/2 cup of white rice.

The weight scale do not show improvement at all, but I do feel healthier. Last week's free check up showed I have excess body fat of 0.6%.. I am trying to lower it.

Wish me luck @-}--

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Hancur harapanku untuk berdating

Arghhh... tadi kerani BSKL cakap sudah 4 kali bahagian aku kena offer pindah Menara. Diaorang je taknak...

Kalau pindah sana kan best, boleh dating selalu dengan suami... ARGHHHHHHH

Ulasan buku: Pemburu Mimpi

Bila sudah asyik membaca karya Faisal Tehrani dan Ahmad Patria Abdullah, maka hati ini sering membandingkan tulisan mereka dengan karya Saleha Hussin dalam novel Pemburu Mimpi.

Saya tidak bersemangat membaca buku ini sehingga terjumpa tuan empunya buku dalam LRT dan Ieka dengan ringkas mengatakan "Kau akan terkejut endingnya lain daripada permulaan cerita." Lalu pantas sahaja menghabiskan masa membaca buku ini.

Konklusinya, saya tidak begitu gemar novel ini. Mungkin kerana bagi saya ada ceritanya yang terlalu meleret-leret sehingga saya merasakan rentak penulis ini seperti meniru gaya Norhayati Berahim yang asyik berkias mengenai cinta (saya tidak minat Norhayati Berahim). Tapi ada satu kisah yang menarik hati saya, kisah Halina yang ringkas tetapi padat. Walau bagaimanapun, saya mungkin perlu menerima hakikat gaya penulis ini tidak menekankan aspek agama.

Saya unjurkan ulasan buku yang dikongsi bersama rakan-rakan seonline lain di ruang Books and Literature

Tajuk Buku: Pemburu Mimpi
Penulis: Saleha Hussin
Penerbit: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Dibeli Di: Pinjam dari rakan

Watak-watak utama:
1. Dr Hamimah
2. Hayati
3. Halina
4. Ariff

Tentang Apa Buku Ini:

Buku ini menceritakan mengenai ketabahan anak-anak perempuan Hendon di mana mereka ditinggalkan oleh bapa mereka, Johan dan terus-menerus berjuang untuk kehidupan. Bapa mereka berkahwin lain kerana hendak meneruskan zuriat dengan adanya anak lelaki. Bagi Johan, anak perempuan merugikan dan tidak membawa apa-apa faedah dalam kehidupan.

Apa Yang Saya Suka:

Buku ini mempunyai pelbagai cerita mengenai anak-anak Hendon dan menfokus mengenai kehidupan mereka.
Kisah Halina yang ringkas tetapi jalan ceritanya padat dengan unsur-unsur yang tidak dijangka.
Perjuangan Dr Hamimah dalam politik dan isu-isu berat yang dibangkitkan sepanjang perbincangan politiknya.

Apa Yang Saya Tidak Suka:

Kisah cinta Hayati dan Ariff yang terlalu meleret-leret menyebabkan saya naik muak dengannya.
Penulis juga terlalu berdeskripsi tentang sesuatu perkara (seperti jenama kereta, baju etc) sehingga saya rasakan buku ini seperti tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. Hanya golongan aristokrat sahaja yang digambarkan dalam buku ini.
Cerita hubungan Johan dan anak-anaknya tidak dikupas dengan mendalam dan hanya berlaku di awal cerita sahaja.

Kalau Anda Suka Baca Buku Ini, Anda Mungkin Suka Baca Buku-Buku Lain:

tiada cadangan

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Ramadhan diet untuk Mama Zahra dan Ummi Afif (moi included!!)

Bila tengok muka Mama Yot yang berubah tang aku cakap aku dah 10 bulan bersalinkan Fawwaz tapi berat masih tak turun, uh oww... berat badan tak turun isu sensitif.

Rupa-rupanya ibu Afif pun baru turun 3 kilo selepas bersalinkan Afif.

Sempena bulan puasa dan diet untuk mencantikkan diri masing-masing (tanpa perlu Marie France Bodyline), harapnya dapat semula berat badan ideal - disertakan menu Ramadhan.. teeheee

Stylo Full House: AJA AJA! FIGHTING!


Sahur - Eaten BEFORE Fajr

2 boiled eggs
2 strips of turkey bacon
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)

Iftar - Eaten BEFORE Maghrib

Break your fast with ONE FULL glass of water.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter with Celery (As much Celery as you wish.)
1 string cheese or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
16 dry roasted almonds (not salted)

Dinner - Eaten AFTER Tarwiha or ISHA

Salad with chicken (Stay away from Carrots, Corn, Beets, etc. They are high sugar content veggies.)
Sugar Free Fudgescicle, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Jell-O, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding. (OPTIONAL)
Sugar Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)


Sahur - Eaten BEFORE Fajr

2 boiled eggs
2 strips of turkey bacon
1 Piece of Fruit or 1 cup of fresh fruit salad
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)

Iftar - Eaten BEFORE Maghrib

Break your fast with ONE FULL glass of water.
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter with Celery (As much Celery as you wish.)
1 string cheese or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
16 dry roasted almonds (not salted)
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)

Dinner - Eaten AFTER Tarweeha or ISHA

Salad with chicken and light dressing. (Stay away from Carrots, Corn, Beets, etc. They are high sugar content veggies.)
1 slice of Whole Wheat Toast or your hand size of Wheat bread of any kind.
Tea/Coffee with sugar substitute only. (optional)
Sugar-Free Cranberry Juice (This is to flush out your kidneys, prevent kidney stones, and help aid in digestion.)
Sugar Free Fudge icicle, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Jell-O, or Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding. (OPTIONAL)

Monday, 26 September 2005

Something funny

Amni was with me and Fawwaz was with my BIL in the car from the Saturday's pasar malam. We reached home and my BIL said he will help us open the house's gate. We were out from the car and I was at the kitchen doing some food organising. Amni was watching the TV and dh was helping me.

5 minutes passed. Dh was searching for something.

"Azu, Fawwaz mana?"

They were looking at the car.

Someone was shouting and knocking the car's window from inside.

Ler.. camno leh lupa Fawwaz ada dalam kereta :P

Friday, 23 September 2005


Oh, I just noticed the nice Miss Nusayba (bodek bodek *wink* since I want the dory fillet :P) tagged me to do this list.

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1 - Perform Hajj by the age of 27 (insya' Allah)
2 - Perform Umrah again and again
3 - Have at least 6 children
4 - Built a nice house
5 - Double degree on architecture (or something else out of accounting)
6 - Holiday at Manchester (for dh)
7 - List 100 things that I want to do.. and do it one by one (before I die)

seven things I could do:
1 - Be a good wife
2 - Be a good mother
3 - Be a better Muslimah
4 - Talking (a lot obviously)
5 - Spring clean the house
6 - Read books
7 - Advise on basic accounting

seven celebrity crushes:
1 - The wonderful Mr Knightley (from Emma)
2 - Gilbert Blythe (from Anne of Green Gables)
3 - 7 : (blank)

I can't think of any person's name right now. But if I list it down, it will be characters from movies or books and not real person..

seven often repeated words:
1 - Fawwaz
2 - Amni
3 - Abang
4 - Iye ke?
5 - Ok. ok.
6 - Apa dia?
7 - A'aa.. a'aa...

seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
answering, but not applicable at all. thank you :)
1 - Religion
2 - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - err...
3 - 7: Look at my husband and identify by yourself ..tehee.. :D

seven tags go to:
1 - bunga-sakura
2 - tinidewi
3 - lynn-z
4 - rozas22
5 - zueika
6 - zunnurain
7 - fitrahzh

The dream home library

This is nice.. for a built in home library :)

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Adab Sopan Santun Keluarnya Wanita dari Rumahnya

Assalamualaikum.. something to share from Tafsir Wanita (Syaikh Imad Zaki al-Barudi)

Wajib bagi wanita untuk beradab sopan santun seperti garis panduan ini:

[1] Meninggalkan wangian (yang boleh menggoda) jika dia keluar rumah.

Dari Zainab At-Tsaqafiyah, sabda Rasulullah saw:
"Jika salah seorang perempuan di kalangan kalian menghadiri solat Isya', maka janganlah dia memakai wewangian pada malam itu." -HR Muslim:443

Dari Abu Hurairah, sabda Rasulullah saw:
"Siapa saja dari perempuan yang memakai wewangian, maka janganlah dia ikut solat Isya' bersama kami" -HR Muslim:444

Dari hadits Al-Asyaa'ri, sabda Rasulullah saw (sanadnya disahkan hasan):
"Barangsiapa di antara wanita yg memakai wangian, dan dia berjalan di tengah-tengah manusia dgn tujuan utk mencium wanginya, maka wanita itu berzina" -HR Ahmad:4/313 dan An-Nasai: 8/513 dgn sanad dinyatakan sahih dalam Shahih Sunan An-Nasai

[2] Berjalan di sisi jalan (bukan di tengah jalan untuk mencari perhatian).

Diriwayatkan Ibnu Hibban dan lainnya dengan isnad yang hasan, kerana adanya beberapa jalur periwayatan dari Abu Hurairah dia mengatakan, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:
"Tidaklah wanita berhak berjalan di tgh-tgh jalan" -HR Ibnu Hibban dalam sahihnya: 5601 dari hadis Abu Hurairah.

[3] Hati-hati dengan menutupi diri jika dia memasuki rumah seseorang yang didalamnya banyak lelaki.

Hadis Ibnu Majah dan lainnya dengan isnad sahih dari hadis Aisyah dia berkata pada wanita-wanita penduduk Hamsh;
Mungkin kalian adalah (seperti) wanita-wanita yang masuk ke kamar-kamar mandi. Saya mendengar Rasulullah bersabda,
"Wanita mana saja yg menanggalkan pakaiannya di tempat selain rumah suaminya, maka sesungguhnya dia telah menghancurkan penghalang yang ada antara dia dengan Allah" -HR Abu Daud:4010

[4] Hendaknya dia keluar dengan menutup aurat.

Hendaknya dia menutup semua auratnya kerana sesungguhnya wanita itu adalah aurat.

Imam Ahmad meriwayatkan, dengan sanad hasan dari hadis Usamah, dia berkata:
"Rasulullah memberikan pakaian asal Mesir yg agak tebal. Kain itu diberikan sebagai hadiah oleh Dahyah al Kalbi. Maka saya pakaikan kain itu buat isteriku."
Maka Rasulullah bersabda, "Kenapa kamu tidak memakai pakaian yg kuberikan padamu itu?"
Saya katakan: Wahai Rasulullah, saya pakaikan pakaian itu utk isteriku!
Rasulullah bersabda: "Suruh dia untuk memakai pakaian dalam di bawah pakaian itu, sebab saya khuatir kain itu menampakkan bentuk tulangnya" - HR Ahmad:5/205

[5] Wajib baginya untuk menghiasi diri dengan adab sopan santun.

[6] Wajib bagi dirinya untuk menghiasi dirinya dengan perasaan malu.

Sebagaimana difirmankan Allah,
"Maka datanglah kepada Musa salah seorang dari kedua wanita itu berjalan kemalu-maluan." (Al-Qashash: 25)

28:25 Afterwards one of the (damsels) came (back) to him, walking bashfully. She said: "My father invites thee that he may reward thee for having watered (our flocks) for us." So when he came to him and narrated the story, he said: "Fear thou not: (well) hast thou escaped from unjust people."

[7] Wajib baginya untuk tidak bercampur baur dengan para lelaki, dan jangan sampai dia berhias dan bertingkahlaku sebagaimana perilaku orang jahiliyah terdahulu.

33:33 And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless. (Al-Ahzab:33)

[8] Dan jika dia terpaksa harus bicara dgn seorang lelaki atau untuk meminta sesuatu, misalnya, maka wajib baginya untuk tidak merendahkan (mendesahkan) suaranya dengan mendayu-dayu.

33:32 O Consorts of the Prophet! Ye are not like any of the (other) women: if ye do fear (Allah), be not too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire: but speak ye a speech (that is) just. (Al-Ahzab:32)

[9] Jangan memakai pakaian yg glamour yang akan membuatkan pandangan orang terfokus padanya.

[10] Hendaknya tidak terlalu banyak keluar kecuali kerana memang dalam keadaan terpaksa.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

She, who has grown up (and I didn't notice)

Most of the times, I forget that my youngest sister is now older and more matured. It seems like yesterday I was teaching for her Science subject (I am a very impatient teacher) and keep ridiculing her with other sisters.. Ok, so I am not a good sister.

I was at my mom's house this morning and went to her room. I found makeups and body sprays and skin cleansers. It just seemed so fast, everything about her. She was the quiet one, the one who is different from us and now she has grown to be a young lady.

We talked about school, often. But I forgot that she also has life other than school, stupid examinations and extra co-curricular activites. She has friends who she confided her secrets with, and she actually loves reading (she grows to love the books at a later stage) and read the same genres as us.

Ahh, how times has changed.

I remembered when she was 2, she couldn't remember me because her oldest twin sisters were at a boarding school.
I remembered when she was 5, she loved to play with my spectacles.
I remembered when she was 7, I sent her to her first day at school and registered her name in her class.
I remembered when she was 10, I teached her Science.

And now, my sister has grown. She is 13 and she is humble. She didn't mind being shout at by us or our parents, well most of the times that I remembered.

I sometimes forgot that she is now older and wiser.

She maybe different from the old days, but she still smiled and laughed (enjoying the life) the same way as us when we were at her age.

I should treat her as a more matured lady than the youngest sister that we always viewed her.

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

The Amazing Race 8

As a HUGE fan of The Amazing Race, the good news is.. The Amazing Race 8 will be premiering at AXN on 28 September.

The fun part is, this is a family amazing race (which consist of parents and 2 siblings). Nice!!!

I still loved The Amazing Race 7 where Uchenna and Joyce won the race without any cash in hand. And who doesn't loathe Rob and Amber, the winner of Survivor All Star? Thank God they emerged as runner up only :)

Monday, 19 September 2005

The RM1 coin story

At the canteen, I was paying my food with RM1 coin.

"Akak.." - the cashier showed me the coin as if saying that the coin is useless.
"Lah, minggu lepas kantin juga yang bagi balance duit RM1 ni kat saya. Ni saya nak pulangkan balik kat kantin ler," I answered.

He was silent.

I was wondering, who is to blame in this situation: is it the seller or the customer? I personally think, it is unfair for the seller not to accept our RM1 coin, but we, as the customer have to accept the coin as the change given by the seller without any question.

But dh said that BNM should accept all money (counterfeit or otherwise) to encourage seller accepting RM 1 coin. Or else, we will be in the above situation for more than one month..

Congratulations and one week of Full House

First of all, I would like to extend congratulations to:

[1] Puan Ainul Qalb @ Aminah Wajihah for her wedding. It was a marvelous reception last Saturday at Masjid WP and it was the first time all of us (Ieka, Siti and Hany) met her.

Dear Ainul, enjoy your married life and bonjour to Germany :).

Someone asked Ieka whether she had kids or not.. HAHAHA, yep, it's Ieka and she said she is still single. That's the sign of maturity, my dear :)

[2] Nida and Cord for their baby boy which was born through C-sect on Friday.

[3] Farrah for graduating at the top of her Master class.. Dapat makan nasi tomato free Jumaat lepas.. hohohoh :D

Secondly, we have finished watching Full House for one week.

My comments:
This series is like a Hindustan film.. seriously, maybe that's why I like it.. :D

Kalau adegan hero dan heroin,
Kenapa asyik ada adegan memberus gigi dan minum air kosong?
Ngee.. I guess it's because of their healthy lifestyle kot!

Kalau adegan lain (selain dengan hero dan heroin), mesti makan-makan kat restoran ataupun pergi bar..

Rumah Full House tu cantik, tapi tak praktikal kalau untuk keluarga.. :P

As usual, I like the second hero, Yu Min-hyuk much better.. but then later, when I think back, the first hero, Lee Young-Jae is more suited to the role than the other guy, aight?

The heroin was the same heroine in my favourite series, Autumn In My Heart.

Ok, for those who haven't seen the drama, you should try to watch it... Full of comedy remarks (even though it looks quiet stupid for some).


Thursday, 15 September 2005

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)

I love it..

Because it has a wonderful melodious tune in it - "Pehla Nasha". So go search for the MP3 of that song, it's very beautiful and haunting.

A really really simple story, so simple in fact that the biggest challenge in the story is about cycling competition. But the narrative is brilliant with this story depicting relationship about father and son, brother and brother, and bestfriends.

This is the story of underdogs who achieved victories in a cycling competition.

I watched it at TV2 on Friday at 2.30 p.m. when I was 13/14 - and itching to buy the VCD (lama dah tak jumpa VCD cerita klasik-klasik ni. Wish list ingat nak beli Daar [cerita SRK jadi orang psycho obses dengan heroin] dengan cerita ni).

Aamir Khan gives a stellar performance as the underdog.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is a heart-warming story of a young man, Sanju, his buddies and his family consisting of his father (Ramlal) and an older brother (Ratan). The story is between rich and poor kids, where the rich goes to top notch schools and the local one like Model High School were attended by the poor, which were attended by Sanju and Ramlal.

The biggest event for the small town people is the inter school sports competition. Ratan, the older brother, in short, is a model student for the school - he excels in everything - study and sport while Sanju, on the other hand, is happy-go-lucky and hangs with his friends. This disappoints his father.

So the story unfolds when a sudden tragedy occured, and Sanju was transformed in being a better person. Better in terms of being a loyal friend, son, brother and student.

As usual for all Hindustan movie, it also has a happy ending. Sanju was the pride of his father and Anjali, his tomboyish bestfriend, who supports him during the lows in his life is his other half.

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Hindustan ops Hindustan

I am dying to see reruns of:

Yes Boss (1997) - this is the best movie SRK and Juhi ever acted!
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992) - the wonderful bicycle story, remember?

Oh oh..
And here are my all time favourite!
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanaam (1999) - ok the hero is Ajay Devgan, so what? He is so sweet even though he is not SRK :)
Lagaan (2001) :) - of course, I love Amiir Khan :P

Can someone please tell me the name of the film with the elephants (back in 70s) and another film which starred Hema Malini as the widow.. ARGHHH.. I can't remember that!
And the one where Aamir Khan starred as a child out of wedlock.. I cried buckets while watching it.

Oh hey, I remembered Sangam - Pearl Harbour cilok its storyline.. Shame on Hollywood! :P

P/S: Sorry.. I did watched all the Hindustan movies of 70s and 80s during my school days. Itching for the golden era films.. the new ones are not so good.. blegh :P
P/P/S: Opss.. sape yang suka tengok Hindustan cam saya? Faham tak apa yang saya tulis?

Why I love my Gang of 4!

SOB SOB!!! (I am feeling sentimental right now, tissues please..)

5. We dislike the same artist in our Malaysian industry (example: Mek ET)

4. We HATE the same person in the company (from our ex-division, even Aini who is from another division tumpang sekaki when we feel like we want to gossip about the person)

3. We e-mailed each other when we have BRILLIANT IDEAS such as: fresh gossips, shopping day or facial treatment (last month, we are so engrossed with The Star's WORD PUZZLE that we e-mailed everyday for questions and answers)

2. We hang out when we feel like it, no strings attached, usually for MAKAN-MAKAN

And lastly....



Sob sob... tissue please, again..

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

What's the point of going to Jumaat?

Wow.. this is truly a realistic approach on how to tackle people who think Jumaat sermon (khutbah) is a waste of time.

A Muslim wrote a letter to the editor of the Jammat newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to Mosque every Friday.

"I've gone for 30 years now," he wrote, "and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 sermons. But for the life of me I can't remember a single one of them. So I think I'm wasting my time . . .. and the Imaam they are wasting theirs by giving sermons at all."

This started a real controversy in the "Letters to the Editor" column, much to the dismay of the editor. It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher:

"I've been married for 30 years now. In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals. But for the life of me, I cannot recall what the menu was for a single one of those meals. But I do know this: they all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work. If my wife had not given me those meals, I would be dead today."

No comments were made on the sermon contents anymore.

Monday, 12 September 2005

Home decorating.. HELP!!

Calling the saviour of the universe!

I really really need to redecorate back the house.. but with 2 kids, I do not know how. My home is rojak styled theme, right now.

Could someone out there please help me? I want an IKEA styled house. Neat with lots of storage and creative ideas.

Oh, FOC please... I don't want to fork out my money.


Friday, 9 September 2005

My first nephew!

Aini delivered her baby at 1.38 p.m. Her baby boy (Afif Syafi -insya' Allah!) weighs 2.3 kg...

YEYYYY!!!! ;)

Aini's update!

She called me at 6.45 a.m. this morning

"Da, ketuban air camna?"
"Bla bla bla bla."
"Awak rasa saya nak beranak ke?"
"Aik, tak sakit ke?"
"Tapi dah keluar air sikit-sikit ni."
"Pergi hospital. Kang budak dalam perut lemas."
"Alamak, nak jemur baju dan mandikan Auni."
"Habis tu, bila nak pergi?"
"Dalam pukul 8 lebih kot. Jem a sekarang."

My Q (amusing):
Orang dah nak beranak boleh ke nak tangguh-tangguh? Hehehe..

A twist of fate

My husband's uncle passed away yesterday. He was admitted to ICU last month and was transferred to normal ward last Thursday. That means, his condition is improving.

And the news was a shock. His last wish of going for hajj wasn't fulfilled. He had been wishing to go there for years but there is always something along the way, that makes him postpone his dear heart's wish.

Now, the husband is busy saving in our Tabung Haji account so that we can go to hajj much earlier.

A lesson learnt well.

It is bizarre how sometimes your prayer was answered and how life can change in an instant.

Dh saw something in TV3's Buletin Utama coverage about the Mandala airlines plane crash last Tuesday. A man in his middle 30s was carrying a girl in her early 20s to a safe place from the crash. The image was short and I missed it.

He shouted at me, "Macam L****h" (she is our former runaway maid)
I said, "Bukan ke muka orang Indon lebih kurang je?"

I stared at the front page of Utusan Malaysia last Wednesday. The image was there. A girl in her jeans and head scarf was crying while being carried away with the pic's title saying the girl lost one of her family members in the plane crash.

As far as I know, she had one disabled father, one housewife step mom who take care of the father and one sibling.

I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry.
This is truly a twist of fate.

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Dizzy.. (in my complex mind)

I do not know what happened. Suddenly everything keep popping in my mind. I just finished my meeting with some people (that I don't want to mention here) and during the meeting, I do not know why, every time we have meeting with these particular people, we will be shouting at each other, blaming each other etc. etc. Maybe because this is due to one person that we really didn't like, since he keep going round and round and round. So I was like, hey, when are we going to settle this? Audit will be coming in the near future, so we should settle this.

Does the meeting came with any solution? I hope.

So this is also the same guy who didn't want to help us in the first place. He give his usual excuses of big transactions etc. etc. and we have to do his job. I complained this to one of my peers.. Sob sob sob...

Our job is amanah from Allah, so please do the job properly.

I also have to think about lots of things now. You see, the new boss is not a hands on person and I have to operate the office alone. My boss is a good guy, but he really need to understand there are some matters that he need to know and should be resolved together with me. So here I was, a few days before, I wrote an e-mail and had a telephone conversation with him about this one issue trying to ask about his opinion. And guess what, someone from HQ just called and blamed me that the e-mail has been forwarded to the TOP MANAGEMENT! I was like.. %%^&&*)???

I do not know what happened and after I told the girl about the misunderstanding, she calmed down. So I have to explain everything back to her and she seemed nodding with agreement to what I said. Alhamdulillah.

After my Zohor prayer, I really need to pray to Allah to resolve my work issues. I am tired of fighting alone.

Tiga pasang baju raya

Tahun ini tahun yang amat berlainan bagi saya selepas berkahwin. Dua tahun sudah, saya tidak membeli atau menempah baju-baju untuk beraya. Orang sibuk beraya, saya sibuk berpantang bersalinkan Amni (2003) dan Fawwaz (2004). Raya 2 tahun lepas meriah, tapi saya hanya kecur air liur melihat orang menjamah juadah Hari Raya. Saya sibuk berbengkung, saudara-saudara saya sibuk memakai baju baru.

Memang tak ada langsung baju raya, saya pula jarang membeli baju.. jadi kalau nak baju baru, biasanya saya akan tunggu raya. Tahun ini, baru dapat menempah baju.. dalam keadaan saiz pinggang yang sudah mengempis walaupun perut masih menggeleber :D.

Saya hanya membeli sepasang kain untuk baju raya. Budget lain, saya beli baju anak-anak. Mungkin rezeki, ummi membeli kain batik sutera di Indonesia, tapi ditempah buat baju saya. Suami ke Labuan dua bulan lepas dan membawa balik kain sutera Korea bercorak bunga hijau berlatar biru.

Tahun ini, merancang untuk balik ke Kelantan. Tahun sudah, beraya di rumah suami dalam keadaan berbengkung.. heheheh. Tahun sebelum itu, tak balik kampung langsung. Beraya di KL sahaja. Rasa sayu dan sunyi kerana kawasan perumahan sendiri pun lengang kerana ramai yang balik kampung. Bila malam tiba pun, kelam kerana deretan rumah berdekatan tidak bercahaya langsung. Tengok orang lain menjamu biskut raya dan ketupat, saya pula hanya dapat makan nasi berlaukkan ikan haruan.

Tahun ini juga saya dapat memilih baju sekeluarga agar sedondon semasa hari raya pertama.

Anak-anak saya yang dua orang sudah saya lahirkan semasa Ramadhan. Saya berharap anak-anak saya yang lain pun akan dapat dilahirkan pada bulan Ramadhan - tapi perancangan anak nombor tiga lambat lagilah, mungkin dalam masa 2 atau 3 tahun lagi. Tunggu anak-anak saya besar dan boleh dikawal, barulah saya akan terfikir untuk meni'mati pengamalan mengandung semula!

P/S: Saya sibuk membaca Asam, Garam, Gula & Kopi kepunyaan Aini, sesuai untuk mereka yang hendak belajar ilmu rumahtangga dari pengalaman!

Monday, 5 September 2005

Ulasan buku: Seruan Dari Kaabah

Saya habis membaca buku 'Seruan Dari Kaabah' tulisan Ustaz Daud Che Ngah, bekas Pengurus Besar (Bimbingan Haji), Tabung Haji semasa cuti Merdeka. Buku itu dijumpai suami semasa kami di kampung halaman.

Kompilasi cerita yang ditonjolkan Ustaz Daud adalah ringkas dan setiap cerita memberi pengajaran. Oh, ceritanya bukan mistik seperti paparan majalah Mastika itu. Tetapi ceritanya adalah cerita biasa yang boleh membawa keinsafan kepada diri kita. Himpunan kisahnya menyindir artis yang menunaikan umrah kerana ingin glamour, atau kisah seorang guru yang menyimpan duit dengan berkat untuk naik haji ataupun cerita sepasang suami isteri yang ambil mudah mengenai kursus umrah (terlalu sibuk untuk ke kursus!) sehingga terpaksa membayar dam sehingga RM5000. Itu pun, selepas pasangan suami isteri tersebut balik ke Malaysia, baru diketahui segala umrah yang dilakukan tidak sah!

Ustaz Daud memang berpengalaman mengadakan kursus haji selama 20 tahun. Kompilasi cerita ini memang amat sesuai dijadikan iktibar untuk mereka yang memperlekeh pantang-larang haji dan umrah.

Catatan saya ringkas sahaja mengenai buku ini. Jangan harap tulisan seperti dalam Mastika yang membawa cerita pelik dari Mekah, cuma harapkan cerita biasa yang sebenarnya memberi pengajaran untuk kita mendalami ilmu agama.

Rebonding with old friends

We went to Aquaria KLCC last Saturday. The ticket's price is RM28 with MyKad promotion. I still prefer Sentosa Island SeaWorld or Langkawi's. Aquaria is more to.. "Indah khabar dari rupa."

Nisa' came to the house. It's a dejavu. I have just been e-mailing to Fai, her best friend, last Friday saying that it has been a long time since Nisa' came to my house and she didn't even see Fawwaz yet. We catch up a lot with the latest news (BTW, Nisa' is one of my closest junior).

I even said to Nisa': Did Fai message you saying that I complained you didn't come to the house?
Nisa': Err, no.

Dilla, my ex-schoolmate SMS-ed me saying that she already delivered a baby girl entering her 7-month pregnancy. The baby weighs a mere 1.2 kg. She was admitted last month because her waterbag broke. I hoped both of them are well. Insya' Allah..

Oh yes, and yesterday was fun. I catch up with some old friends during our pre university days. We met at Ayu's wedding in Klang and were so excited to see each other. It's a pity Siti couldn't make it. Azie was glowing with the news of going to UK with her husband for her Masters. Jie's baby boy has outgrown Fawwaz. Dear Siha is the best woman for the beautiful bride.

It's good to meet them somehow. It's good to cherish the old memories. I am glad we make it to the wedding.

I wish that we will be more intact than before. It is a long way to go after our pre-university unbroken friendship days, but everything seems different now. I just hope the friendship bond will slowly grow back even with us settling down and having kids.

I do not know what is missing during our degree days, but we are not really that close- due to different campus, different course, different house etc.. It's good to share the laughter yesterday with my friends.

I know there is still hope. With us :)

Received a nice book on scrapbooking from Aini.. Now I can't wait to start the hobby!

This morning's KRISTAL session was so funny.. We had to sing Negaraku and recite our Rukun Negara that start with "Maka kami, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan..."

Errr... all of us couldn't remember the exact words of the Rukun Negara. Shame on us.. Hehe :D

Friday, 2 September 2005

Jalur Gemilang

We went back to Malacca last Wednesday.

Oh well, it's a Merdeka Day and we didn't even bother to fly a flag in front of our house. We just treated the day as another public holiday. So one day off for us from work.

I do not know why there is no spirit within my home. I was very ashamed of myself that when dh drove the car at Malacca, I saw a very huge wau made from Malaysian flags.

On our way back to KL, I remarked to dh how patriotic it seems to display the big wau. He just sneered.

"Semangat patriotik ke tu?"
"Habis tu kita ni tak pasang pun bendera."
"Patriotik ini bila kita pertahankan negara. Berjuang untuk negara. Bukan sebab pasang bendera."

I gulped. He had a better understanding on patriotism than I am. Yes, people always judged other people being patriotic only by measuring how big the flag was or how many.

He hit the right nail with those words.

Najmil Faiz the Malaysian Idol

I received this e-mail from one of my ex-staff. Funny isn't it that our generation idolise being a singer rather than being excellent in life - dunia and akhirat? A really inspiring read.. Err, if only I have push myself to the limit during my academic years *grin*

Najmil Faiz the Malaysian Idol

Dikala ini, ramai diantara kita yang lebih mengenali peserta-peserta pertandingan program realiti. Nyanyian dan persembahan mereka sudah lali dengan kita. Kita boleh mengetahui nama kampung atau warna kegemaran peserta tersebut. Namun apabila kita menyebut nama Najmil Faiz, tak ramai yang mengenali beliau.

Kita lebih mengambil berat dan sanggup mengalirkan airmata mendengar penyanyi dikritik atau diundi keluar daripada mengingati pengorbanan seorang pemuda Melayu berhempas pulas bekerja keras mencuci bangunan dan mengangkat barang demi mencari wang untuk membiayai pelajaran dan survival beliau di negeri orang.

Inilah cerita mengenai seorang pemuda Melayu yang pada 14 Mac 2005 yang lalu, telah membentangkan hasil kajian beliau kepada anggota Parlimen United Kingdom di London dan memenangi anugerah "The Best Research of Good Prospect (2005)". Para pelajar terutamanya diharap menjadikan Najmil sebagai contoh dan idola mereka...

Kejayaan yang dikecapi Najmil Faiz bukanlah dengan jalan yang mudah. Beliau telah mengorbankan usia muda dan keseronokan demi mencapai kejayaan. Pada pendapat beliau, sebagai manusia dan orang Melayu, beliau mesti membuktikan keupayaan beliau biarpun beliau terpaksa merangkak sekalipun.

Agenda untuk bangsanya cukup besar. Pendidikan menjadi satu-satunya aset tidak ternilai untuk kejayaan sesebuah bangsa. Beliau tidak boleh terima orang memandang rendah bangsa Melayu dan menganggap Melayu kurang asam, malas berfikir dan tiada daya saing.

Najmil Faiz Mohammed Aris, 26 tahun, pemuda berasal dari Ipoh, Perak ini mencapai kejayaan setelah 'tersedar' daripada keputusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan pangkat tiga. Selepas itu, beliau pernah bekerja di stesen minyak dan merasakan dirinya selalu dipandang rendah. Beliau pernah berasa malu dan tertekan kerana kegagalan, namun beliau berazam untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara seperti abangnya. Disitulah permulaan dirinya yang baru.

Kemudian beliau bekerja dengan sebuah firma di Kelantan untuk menyambung pelajaran ke peringkat diploma di Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (KUiTTHO), di Batu Pahat dan pada tahun 2000 beliau melanjutkan pengajian ke peringkat sarjana muda kejuruteraan dan seterusnya ke peringkat Ijazah Kedoktoran (PhD) di Universiti Metropolitan di Leeds.

Di sana, beliau terpaksa bertungkus-lumus bekerja sambil belajar sehingga tidur hanya dua tiga jam sehari. Pada waktu rehat tengah hari, sementara menunggu kuliah petang, dia bekerja. Semua jenis kerja keras dilakukan beliau termasuk mencuci bangunan dan mengangkut barang semata-mata bagi menampung kos pengajian dan sara hidup.

Semasa menceritakan pengalamannya di suatu majlis di Kuala Lumpur , beliau berkata bahawa tiada istilah penat dalam diri beliau dan beliau kerap tidak tidur malam mengulangkaji pelajaran. Beliau menambah lagi bahawa bukan mudah untuk beliau sampai ke tahap ini, sehingga untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris pun beliau terpaksa bertungkus lumus. Di dalam majlis tersebut, terlihat kesyahduan wajah kepuasan beliau dan menampakkan keyakinan untuk mencapai kecemerlangan dalam pengajiannya yang berakhir tahun depan.

Pada 14 Mac 2005 yang lalu, beliau mencipta sejarah pelajar Malaysia yang pertama diberi penghormatan dan pengiiktirafan untuk membentangkan kajian beliau "Micro Machine Process" kepada anggota Parlimen UK di London dan memenangi anugerah "The Best Research of Good Prospect (2005)". Beliau membentangkan kajian mengenai Proses Mikro dan Kejuruteraan Nano selama 15 minit. Najmil tidak menghampakan apabila anggota Parlimen yang hadir bukan sahaja amat berminat dengan ideanya tetapi juga memberikan galakan kepadanya untuk meneruskan kajian beliau yang membabitkan "Nano" dan "Micro Machine Process".

Najmil yang terpilih sebagai antara pelajar Asia paling cemerlang, berjaya membuka mata industri United Kingdom terhadap kebolehan rakyat menerusi inovasi yang dihasilkan. Menurut Najmil, kajiannya berkaitan teknologi mengurangkan geseran yang mampu mengurangkan kos serta meningkatkan keefisienan dalam industri dan sektor pembuatan. Katanya pengurangan geseran akan membantu meminimumkan kehausan terhadap peralatan yang digunakan dalam sektor perkilangan. Kajian beliau amat diminati pengilang kerana ia dapat menjimatkan kos operasi berbilion ringgit dan masa, meningkatkan kadar hayat mesin dan gear yang digunakan serta meningkatkan keefisienan sektor pengilang di seluruh dunia.

Selain itu, teknologi ini mampu dimanfaatkan oleh sektor perubatan terutamanya dalam pembedahan tulang belakang dan tulang pinggul. Ini dengan meminimumkan geseran pada permukaan dan sendi tulang yang dapat memastikan tulang berfungsi dalam keadaan terbaik.

Hasil daripada pembentangan beliau yang memancarkan kecemerlangan akademik dan mutu kajian yang tinggi itu, Menteri Perindustrian Britain, Brian Edden menawarkan Najmil peluang seumur hidup untuk membentangkan hasil kajian Najmil di House of Common.

Menurut Najmil lagi, sepanjang menuntut dan menjalankan penyelidikan itu, beliau mendapat banyak bimbingan dan nasihat daripada tenaga pengajar di universitinya selain sokongan rakan-rakan. Beliau terpilih untuk membuat pembentangan itu hasil daripada perakuan universitinya.

Beliau berhasrat untuk mengembangkan hasil kajian beliau di Malaysia agar Malaysia dapat bersaing dengan negara lain menjelang 2020.

Beliau dijangka pulang ke tanah air pada Mac tahun depan untuk muncul sebagai salah seorang rakyat Malaysia termuda memiliki PhD, sekaligus memulakan kerjaya barunya sebagai pensyarah di Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (KUiTTHO) di Batu Pahat, Johor. Beliau berazam untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dan teknologi yang dikumpulkannya sejak berada di UK dengan rakyat Malaysia termasuk pelajar-pelajar KUiTTHO apabila kembali ke tanah air sebagai seorang pensyarah. Memegang pepatah Melayu, "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri", Najmil menolak ganjaran tinggi yang ditawarkan oleh industri di UK.

Najmil Faiz Mohamed Aris adalah contoh intelek muda negara yang mampu mengharumkan nama Malaysia di peringkat antarabangsa. Beliau mungkin tidak boleh menyanyi dengan 'pitching' yang elok mahupun menjanjikan persembahan naynyian yang baik, namun beliau patut menjadi pujaan anak-anak dara dan ibu-ibu sebagai calon suami dan menantu, idola kepada para pelajar dan ibubapa yang mengecapi keselesaan hidup. Sedangkan beliau yang susah boleh berjaya, mengapa tidak kita terutamanya yang membaca artikel ini?

Anehnya ketika Najmil berjuang untuk kecemerlangan diri dan bangsanya, ramai orang muda langsung tidak memikirkan soal agenda bangsa. Mereka lebih kelihatan dilanda keasyikan untuk pencarian bakat nyanyian. Mendorong makin ramai remaja Melayu di bangku sekolah lagi sudah berlumba-lumba mahu menjadi penyanyi, bukannya pakar matematik dan sains. Seolah-olah hiburan menjadi agenda lebih penting.

Najmil Faiz adalah seorang idola yang tidak boleh di-AFSINGKIR-kan daripada hidup kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia .

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