Saturday, 25 November 2006

Goodbye love!

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

A-packing we do

Last night was spent for packing.
Fawwaz was asleep and Amni followed us to the guest room.

I was busy tagging the bag while dh was counting his clothes to be packed alongside with his kain ihram.

"Amni nak ikut pergi haji!" she voiced out.
"Tapi barang Amni tak ada pun" he told her.
"Macammana nak pergi haji, barang kakak tak ada ni," I remarked.

She was busy playing with the teddy bear twiced her size.

"Ibu, ini surat kan?"
"Ha-ah, akak simpan dalam beg tu ok"
"Amni nak gi haji!" she exclaimed again.

I cried yesterday. It was weird not having to wake up in the middle of the night to change the kids' diapers or preparing their milk for more than a month. Or having your kids screaming at the top of their lungs early in the morning while we were still in bed sleeping. Or busy bathing them with their bubbles.

Leaving them was a hard decision. (but we were leaving them for Allah)

We were thinking of uploading the kids pic for us to view over there.

Today, I might be busy screaming at them for being hoydenish. But I know I will miss them (walaupun busuk and all). It's way different after having them with us for 3 years, and suddenly you have to adapt to a different lifestyle of not having them tagging along with you.

It's weird, isn't it? At one moment, you will feel that why the kids were doing this or that, or complained, penatnya nak melayan. But in another moment, you are grateful you have them in your life, and you want them to be your little child. Always.

Ah, the joy of parenthood.

Saturday, 18 November 2006


My friend, who should be organising her open house tomorrow is cancelling the invitation.

The reason? Her father died because of heart attack. He was admitted to ICU this morning and just passed away this afternoon.


DaripadaNya kita datang, dan kepadaNya kita kembali.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Hari-hari jual iTalk

Thanks to loyal customers (ho hum.. you know who you are :D) and extensive promotion from Ustaz Daud Che Ngah upon the cheap rates of iTalk calls from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, I have achieved my sales target for the iTalk program. And if anyone is interested to buy iTalk from me, please do no hesitate. Last order is on Monday for Menara people, and Tuesday for outsiders. Cakap banyak, bayar kurang!

The mosque organised bacaan doa and Yassin for bakal haji last night. We left Amni at my mom's house, while Fawwaz was screaming on the top of his lungs with these words, "Nak akut! Nak akut!" (Nak ikut! Nak ikut!) when he saw both of us busy dressing to go outside.

So off he went with us to the mosque, bringing his miniature helicopter and his botol susu. While I was reciting Yassin, he cannot stay put. After the recital, he keep asking "Abah mana?" and "Tok ayah mana?" and when I said "Kat depan", he asked again and again.

During Isyak prayer, I let him loose at one section. When I have finished praying, I was searching for him high and low. I saw him with his father and dh remarked a hand was grabbing his shoulder during sujud. He knew it would be Fawwaz. The boy ran in front to search for dh during the middle of the prayer.

Bertuahnya anak ibu!

Mom told me not to wash one of my clothes after wearing.
In case the kids got high fevers if they missed us :(

Oh, I can imagine that. Amni kept saying that "Abah ngan ibu nak gi haji", but she still couldn't grasp the meaning of the words, since we are still in front of her. She will notice when we are gone, and asked my parents to send her back home, but the house is empty. Then I know that she will start to cry.

As for Fawwaz, since his question would be "Abah mana?" or "Ibu mana?" like 100X per day, then my siblings/parents will have a tough time explaining to him about us going for hajj.

Dh remarked about how we will miss the kids during our hajj. We were trying to plan some quality family time with the kids, but maybe it will be materialised next Friday, when I started my leave.

I think I already miss the kids :(

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The 3-year-old Amni

Happy 3rd Birthday Amni!

First of all, many apologies to you since I posted this late at night, but do remember, it's our thoughts that counts. We were busy with the hajj course conducted by the co., but we still wish you well entering your 3rd year.

amni berbaju kurung
The girl with the flower

Oh, how big you have grown! Your arrival was anticipated with joy, eventhough ibu had to go through a ceaserian procedure, to get you. The reason is: you are in a breech condition, that I have to go to the OT entering my 36th week.

It was such a quick decision we have to make. I remembered we were going for the doctor's appointment on Monday, and there and then, the doctor decided that I should come to the hospital on Friday to deliver you.

You were born on 11.39 a.m. and we were anxious to know your gender. Your breech position does not help much though, you do not cooperate much during scanning. I was out from the OT at 1.30 p.m., I told the nurse I didn't even know your gender, and the helpful nurse went to the nursery and check my baby for me. Your father was doing his Friday prayer, when I asked the nurse to contact him. I just want someone to be near me, when the operation is over.

It hurts so much to wake up after the operation.

But I was glad, you came out safely.

amni membantu
Amni folding the tissues

You were such a darling these days, with a loving heart, and two helping hands. You were protective of your brother, and I am so glad that both of you loved each other.

Now, do remember, I love you so much :>

Monday, 13 November 2006

The birthday celebration.. tadaaa!

The yummylicious choc moist cake!

The boy cutting his cake (notice the purple pants behind? That's the girl who dozed off till morning)

Fawwaz with his magic hat and the Fisher Price cubes (siapa la interframe kat sebelah tu?)

Amni getting her chance to cut the cake on the next day (3/4 of the cake were inside 9 people's tummy)

Tiup, jangan tak tiup!

What we did last weekend

Was to have a kenduri kesyukuran with the relatives and the surau people, organised by my parents. Mom made delicious nasi dagang, terliur bayangkan nasi dagangnya sebelum hari kenduri. Met all the KL relatives, my grandma also came to KL after Raya celebration in Kelantan.

Met my youngest sister's friend, and we talked endlessly about Animax (Channel 75) and I discovered we shared the same passion for Yu Yu Hakusho (just found out Yusuke -left pic- had demon's blood). And I wondered whether I am a 14-y.o. or 26 y.o. mom with 2 kids?

Celebrate Fawwaz & Amni's incoming birthday. The birthday girl went kaput after one whole day she didn't sleep. So she dozed off on 7 p.m. and woke up the next morning, not knowing the cake had been cut by the birthday boy. To make do with it, we managed to ask her to cut the 1/4 cake left and blow the candle (berebut-rebut 2 budak to blow the candles).

Went to Safurah's open house. Met the kronis, and makcik gila jealous ok, Safurah pandai decorate rumah, English styled. Sorry didn't bring any camera to show her interior design (nanti kena saman dengan Safurah.. ahaks).

And dh bought me a new handphone.

Friday, 10 November 2006

The phone conversation

16 more days to go.. tick tock tick tock

The phone conversation with the-kek yesterday gives lots of insights.. Nak pergi haji ni, I thought we will be having our conversation in serious tones, but what-the-heck, should maintain our usual 'cerianess', kan kan kan? Thank God, ler, we didn't start any conversation about books or bags.. Nak naik haji ni, kenalah menginsafkan diri dengan lebih. But it seemed that we will still be the same person after the hajj kot, but with greater iman, insya Allah!

So we talked about injections, Hajj package, about Efi, but mostly, our conversation, is based on our preparation for our great journey.

I hoped I meet kak Elin over there, it's gonna be fun to know someone from the same co. is also going there, with Kak Tini of course (all of us are opting for haji tamattuk, due to earlier flights, alhamdulillah).

Talking about the Hajj, one of the staff remarked about being scared to go tanah haram, takut jadi apa-apa yang tak baik. But I said, it is based on our intention, and if there is any wrongdoings we have done in our life, and we already asked for forgiveness deep from our heart, then it should be ok. It shouldn't be an issue of "I am scared to go there due to various bad experiences from the people that I know" etc, etc.

I couldn't blame her though, her recent encounter with previous boss who keep calculating money in front of people and being stingy after getting back from Hajj, served a lesson for us. I didn't want to say anything about their previous boss, since I didn't know her. But I just keep reminding myself not to do the same mistakes.

Please pray that I will not face any difficulties during our great journey, insya Allah!

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Atete tu yu! (from the 2-y.o. boy)

Loosely translated: Happy birthday to you (Fawwaz style)

fawwaz membantu
Fawwaz giving a helping hand with the tent during kenduri on 3rd Raya

He is a miracle baby, he knows that.

But he doesn't know how many tears I shed due to getting pregnant for the 2nd time when Amni was only 3 months old. He doesn't know that I was blantantly angry at the doctors for getting mad at me because I got pregnant so early after my C-section experience with Amni.

He just didn't know that he was supposed to be conceived 2 years after Amni was born.

And here he was, healthy and growing. Entering his 2-y.o. with much joy and enthusiasm in his life.

I was glad that I managed to have a normal birth with him. That the hospital's specialist never scolded me for getting pregnant again.

And how dh, consolidated me time after time about his much awaited baby boy.

Now he knows so much things, that I was glad we decided to continue my pregnancy, even after stern warning from the clinic.

He was such a joy to watch these days.

Yesterday he was singing his Atete tu yu! (in his style) and he managed to draw something on our coffee table. Dh discovered last two days, that he managed to showed us where were his mouth, nose, eyes, ears, legs and hands (he learned that from the nursery).

fawwaz with the songkok
The one with the songkok

And I noticed dh was smiling from ear-to-ear on daily basis when he told me what my SIL told him:
"Akak [my SIL] cakap muka Fawwaz sama macam muka abang [dh] masa kecil-kecil"
"Sukalah tu! :P"

Dear Fawwaz,

Happy 2nd birthday! I love you :)

I have so many expectations for you, but the most important is, semoga Fawwaz menjadi seorang yang faham dengan Islam, dan mencintaiNya.

From: Ibu (he called me Aa-bu)

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Hajj package briefing

Attending the Hajj package briefing at Masjid WP yesterday makes it all so real, I am finally going for Hajj. And earlier than my target age, before 27.

I have applied for the Hajj leave last week, and the letter has been sent to HQ. The clock is already ticking away, we will be taking the first flight for Hajj package, on 26 November. The registration time is at 12.30 a.m. and the flight time is around 4.30 a.m.

The ustaz who briefed us gave a good presentation, he showed pictures of the hotels we will be living in, the place we will be going, which mosque door we should enter if we are living in this hotel, which door should we go for the Raudhah etc.

We took the lowest priced package and the distance from Masjidil Haram is around 480 m. The kursus perdana for KL will be held this weekend, and our co. is organising a half day course on hajj which will be conducted by Ustaz Daud Che Ngah.

Upon conversation with one of the staff, she said that THTS package is the best.. alhamdulillah. I did asked her about the condition at Mina, and the picture shown yesterday, memang berhimpit macam sardin. But I need to remind myself, I have been saving all these years for Hajj, and it will only take 5 days only, to aim for haji mabrur, so I really need to be patient during our pilgrimage at Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina.

I have 3 more weeks to go before I am off to fly for lambaian Kaabah, and I will be a guest to Allah. The boss had been scratching his head already, when I submit the Hajj leave application. But I know, I really need to go there this year, because I feel the lambaian is closer, the spirit is high for us to make the pilgrimage.

Please pray for our haji mabrur.

Oh, please also make wish for my colleagues; Kak Elin and Kak Tini, for their haji mabrur.

P/S: Yesterday, an old man remarked to my husband about how many young people is going for hajj. I think the new generation's preception had changed and not many people thinks that Hajj is done only when we entered our golden years.

Friday, 3 November 2006


NOW I have to search for a new secondhand handphone.
No wonder we got my current secondhand handphone at such a cheap price. Sekejap je pakai dah rosak. The speaker went totally haywire, I could not speak to the other person on the line.

I am not even eligible to buy the latest gadget in town, due to having 2 small kids, who love to play with my handphone so much. Walaupun idaman aku adalah untuk mempunyai ini.

And I will have to wait for my husband to choose my secondhand handphone. He loves choosing it for me, that I never had much say in it. I remembered one time, he asked me to tag along to search for a secondhand hp, but lastly, he ended up by choosing it for me. Hampeh je makcik ikut dia keluar. Tak boleh nak memilih langsung, ahaks...

As of now, you guys still can contact me through my hp number, since I have diverted all voice calls to my office number.

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Attack of the head lice

Hari Raya was spent with combing hairs and searching for lice. Both kids got lice from the nursery, including Aini's children. Mom was scratching Amni's head a few days before Raya, and walla, she found the culprit. It is an emergency for the family and every now and then, someone from my big, loud family started searching for lice on Amni's head.

Fawwaz was next. At one time, he was a goody-goody boy, he wouldn't mind me searching and combing his hair. At other time (mostly), he would not stay put and run when he saw my lice comb.

We searched high and low at the pharmacy for lice shampoo, and the pharmacist said they are out of stock. What? And when I told my cousins about it, one of them even give a shocked face and said "Eh, ada lagi ke kutu zaman sekarang?"

Oh, and since discovering the kids had lice, we had been scratching our heads frantically; tiba-tiba je terasa gatal sangat kepala.

Rushed back to KL and went for the first pharmacy that was nearest to the house, and walla, in 10 minutes shampooing the kids' hair, the scratching stops.. It works!

This coming weekend, will be spent with dusting and vacuuming the house, and wash all the bed sheets. Anyway, I told the nursery about searching for the culprit behind the lice mess. They found the kid, and told us, the mother tell them.. "Budak ni ada kutu, sikit je la tapi".. Ewah, sikit apanya sampai kutu tu habis terbang dan beranak-pinak kat rambut budak-budak lain? Ignorant mother betul! Takkan malas sangat nak buat prevention?

I bet all the 1-5 y.o. kids were also infected.


P/S: Anyway, I am glad to report, that both kids had been lice free for a few days...

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

I am feeling elated :D :D :D

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Monday, 16 October 2006

Selamat Hari Raya, okay?

Since I think I will be away from the office for a workshop cum briefing etc from Wednesday - Friday, this (I think) will be my last post before we are off for our balik kampung journey.

Last Saturday was nice, we had a gathering with my Pre-U housemates bunch. Unfortunately, Siti and Paie could not make it. The spread were delicious with mee bandung, nasi goreng kerabu, roti jala, and side dishes such as cheese cake and watermelon. Mak oi, makan berapa round, I tell you.. Even the husbands could not resist it, with their second helpings and above.

BTW, i t was nice having a meeting with the housemates. Lots of updates with each other. Ayu (at last) looked pregnant and Jie was 6-month heavy. Husna resigned from the co. and joined UiTM and Azie told us her story about being a janitor (much defined name for a cleaner.. ehem) at Scotland, and Siha got lost searching for the house - alhamdulillah, she managed to find us later.. hehehe. Anyway, we started recounting our Pre-U days, about ghost stories and the house etc, and it was nice having all of us together. Truly, this was the best bunch I've ever had, we were really, really, really close.

On Hari Raya, we are travelling to Kelantan, since my aunt (scream, scream, and don't ask why) is getting married on the 3rd day of Raya. My father will be joining our trip and we will be posting my mom and my siblings with a bus.. HAHAHA. Mom already called and asked me to take back the bunga pahar for my aunt and my sister's laptop. She queried whether there will be some space inside our car boot, and I said, YES (I think she will be plotting what other things she should pack for us to put in the boot).

The family baju raya, well, everything is in place. I managed to get new shirts and gowns for the kids. Our theme would be purple (exception for Amni: she will be dressed in green baju kurung since that was the piece my mom had chosen for her). Fawwaz will be wearing his last year baju Melayu, which he had outgrown. My MIL had to alter the baju Melayu, since he had grown a few inches taller. Dh will also be recycling the same baju Melayu, and I got to wear a piece picked by my twin and my sister.

So right now, I am still deciding what time we will be travelling back to Kelantan, whether it will be 9 p.m., 11 p.m. or 3 a.m.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all of you... maaf zahir dan batin

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Friday, 13 October 2006


Masa lepas iftar dengan AHM hari Sabtu lepas, tiba masa nak solat Isyak, suruh Fawwaz ikut abahnya sekali supaya tengok abahnya solat. Tapi bila balik dari solat, abah dia mengomel Fawwaz tengah sibuk main di tangga dengan geng terbarunya :P.

dengan caption dari Abu Amiir:
"ahli ahli majlis mesyuarat tangga" Penasihat kehormat ada berdiri kat belakang tu.

Siapa penasihat kehormat tu? Nanti balik rumah, jangan lupa angkat tangan :P

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Bloated stomach

Fawwaz puked yesterday after a series of cough.
Dh got mad because he was tired.

The boy had been crying unnecessarily non stop these past few days. That explained his bloated stomach. Thank God for whoever invented Minyak Mestika.

Adoi, manjanya anak ibu.

I was wondering now, why do both kids always puked?

Monday, 9 October 2006

Kisah seorang ayah

Ayah budak kampung. Adik-beradik ramai, 10 orang. Kerja tok ayah pula hanyalah seorang petani. Ayah anak sulung lelaki dalam keluarganya.

Seingat yang ummi cerita, ayah tidak pernah suka belajar. Dia lebih suka mandi sungai, mengambil upah menggali tanah untuk menyemai benih pokok getah, menangkap ikan atau menangkap belalang. Jarang aku dengar cerita kesungguhannya dalam menelaah buku. Cerita ummi lagi, musim cuti sekolah, ayahlah orang yang paling seronok. Tidak perlu pergi ke sekolah.

Masuk zaman sekolah menengah, ayah gagal dalam LCE (taranya SRP/PMR) ketika bersekolah di kampung. Tok ayah hantar ayah bersekolah di bandar pula, tinggal di rumah nenek sebelah ummi aku.

Ayah pernah menulis dalam resumenya, itulah turning point dalam hidup dia. Dia tidak mahu gagal lagi dalam peperiksaan. Ayah kemudian ambil semula peperiksaan, walaupun sekadar lulus. Ayah kemudian dapat tawaran masuk ITM Shah Alam lepas habis sekolah menengah. Dia ambil akaun.

Aku tak pernah rapat dengan ayah masa kecil. Bagi aku, ayah sangat garang dan suka marah kami bila anak-anaknya tak makan sayur. Seingat aku, ayah masih lagi bekerja di Bank Negara sebagai kerani ketika itu. Kemudian ayah bertukar tempat kerja. Ketua ayah galakkan ayah ambil ijazah. Ayah menurut saja. Tapi aku pernah ingat ayah berkata, kalau bukan kerana galakan ketuanya (sekarang sudah arwah), ayah mungkin masih bekerja sebagai kerani.

Dalam 3-4 tahun kami tak dapat jumpa ayah pada hari biasa, sebab ayah akan balik bila kami sudah tidur. Aku selalu sedih bila tahu ayah buka puasa tepi jalan ketika berkejar ke kelas. Kemudian ayah sambung belajar lagi, untuk masters pula. Ketika itu aku sudah masuk sekolah menengah, jadi adik aku pula yang merasa kehilangan ayah kerana cita-citanya.

Minat aku terhadap akaun bermula sejak kecil. Kadang-kadang ayah bawa kami ke pejabat menemankan dia bekerja. Aku suka tengok nombor-nombor di atas kertas kerja ayah. Ayah sangat rajin dan menjadi orang kepercayaan ketua. Ayah buat kerja dengan amanah, mungkin ada orang akan kata ayah tukang ampu, tapi bagi aku tidak, ayah seorang yang proaktif dalam kerjanya.

Ayah naik pangkat perlahan-lahan. Sekarang ayah dah naik tinggi, sampai aku malu nak bercerita mengenai kerja ayah. Aku tidak mahu orang bayangkan ayah aku berkot dan bertali leher dengan kasut hitam yang bergilap. Ada orang pernah tanya, "Ayah Aida kerja keranikah?", aku menggeleng, tapi tak menjawab.

Aku sebenarnya bangga dengan ayah. Dia anak kampung yang pertama berjaya, tapi dia sangat rendah diri. Dia sangat amanah dalam tugas.

Bila aku makin besar, ayah cuba rapat dengan kami. Kami masuk sekolah berasrama semenjak di tingkatan 1, jadi masa bersama ayah semakin kurang. Ayah suka bergurau, dan ayah sangat senang memberikan duit sekiranya adik-beradik aku ingin membeli buku.

Ayah tidak pernah ucapkan sayang kepada kami, tapi gerak-geri ayah sudah cukup untuk membuktikannya. Ayah temankan kami semasa ke temuduga biasiswa sehingga giliran kami selesai. Ayah sangat gembira bila tahu artikel cetusan pendapat aku tersiar di Dewan Siswa (ayah minta setiausahanya fotostat artikel itu untuk ditunjukkan kepada ummi), dan ayah pakai jam tangan yang aku bagi bila aku menang hadiah pertama penulisan cerpen sempena Ramadhan.

Dia tidak pernah bercerita tentang kegembiraannya, tapi dia akan bercerita berhari-hari kepada kawannya yang anaknya berjaya dalam temuduga, atau dia akan membelek jam tangan yang diberikan.

Ayah orang yang terlebih gementar daripada suami semasa akad nikah aku. Suara ayah perlahan sehingga tok kadi minta ayah ulang semula akad.

Ayah jugalah orang paling gembira ketika aku melahirkan Amni. Ummi bercerita kepada aku betapa ayah menjaja berita dia mendapat cucu. Satu syarikat tahu betapa gembiranya dia dengan kelahiran anak aku.

Aku sebenarnya tidak banyak menggembirakan ayah ketika aku kecil. Aku rasa mungkin kerana aku seorang anak yang nakal :).

Untuk ayah, selamat harijadi yang ke 53

Friday, 6 October 2006

Resipi bihun sup

Saiz hidangan: 3-4 orang
Masa penyediaan: 1 jam

1/2 peket Bihun sup

1/2 ekor ayam (dibersihkan dan dipotong biasa)
1 peket sup bunjut segera (boleh digantikan dengan rempah ratus biasa seperti bunga lawang, kayu manis etc.)
2 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk)
2 biji bawang merah (ditumbuk)
Daun sup
Bawang goreng
Sayur-sayuran seperti kentang, lobak merah atau celery
Garam secukup rasa

Sambal kicap
20 biji cili padi (ditumbuk)
Kicap manis

Cara penyediaan:

1. Rebus ayam yang sudah dipotong. Pastikan air menutupi ayam yang direbus.
2. Rebus sehingga air kering 1/2 daripada sukatan asal (agak-agak semua ayam sudah direbus).
3. Keluarkan ayam, kemudian disiat/kirai menggunakan tangan. Air rebusan ayam jangan dibuang.
4. Ketepikan ayam yang sudah disiat.

Sup ayam
5. Panaskan minyak dan masukkan bawang putih, bawang merah yang sudah ditumbuk.
6. Setelah naik bau, masukkan rempah ratus.
7. Setelah rempah naik bau, masukkan air rebusan ayam tadi.
8. Masukkan sedikit garam.
9. Masukkan sayur-sayuran (saya masukkan lobak merah dan kentang terlebih dahulu, kemudian masukkan sayur yang lembut). Tambahkan air untuk sup, jika mahu.
10. Ketika sup menggelegak, masukkan ayam yang sudah disiat.
11. Biarkan seketika.
12. Setelah sup ayam siap, hidangkan dengan daun sup dan bawang goreng. (jangan lupa rendam bihun sup dalam air panas)

Sambal kicap
1. Cili padi yang telah ditumbuk ditambah dengan kicap manis (kalau nak kurang/tambah cili padi pun boleh).
2. Gaul dan rasikan.

Kan senang? Selamat mencuba!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Resipi apa pula ye hujung minggu ni?

Sabtu lepas, dah siapkan bihun sup yang sedap menjilat jari untuk berbuka, anak-anak menambah dan makan dengan roti.. Amni siap hirup sup ayam daripada mangkuk, dengan sound effect yang berbunyi 'slurppp, slurppp'. Fawwaz macam biasa, makan roti yang lebih, sup bagi kat kakak untuk dihabiskan. Ada kawan di pejabat menjual rempah untuk bihun sup, sedap jadinya.. Resipi bihun sup pula, bukannya susah, turun temurun dari keluarga.. alhamdulillah, tiap-tiap kali buat memang umphh!

Minggu sebelum, semasa menyambut Ramadhan, sempat jugalah memasak nasi ayam (yang still sempoi, dan masih lagi dikekalkan sebagai menu utama berbuka puasa di kampung). Kakak dengan Fawwaz makan salad dengan sangat banyak, sempat juga sediakan onde-onde gula Melaka (walaupun tiada warna hijau).

Minggu ini hendak buat mee kari pula kah? Aduh, jemu juga makan nasi campur hari-hari, nak tengok pun dah tak lalu.

Hari ini, lauk tunjuk dibeli di food court Maybank - ikan bakar dan begedel. Terserempak dengan beberapa orang Indonesia selamba menjamu selera depan mata. Eh, tak puasa ke? Kalau tak puasa, hormatlah dengan orang yang berpuasa. Bila berborak dengan teman sepejabat, bukan orang seberang saja makan depan mata orang lain, perempuan yang tidak boleh berpuasa pun sama! Aduh, tak malukah? Hormatlah sikit dengan orang yang sibuk membeli lauk untuk berbuka itu.. Punyalah ramai yang membeli, boleh buka port makan-makan di tengah bulan Ramadhan. Memanglah namanya food court akak, tapi janganlah menjamu selera depan mata kami! Yang dia agaknya tak takut kena cekup sebab ada alasan datang bulan.

Pelik betul. Kalau tak puasa, tolong jaga adab (makan) boleh tak? Malu kami yang berpuasa ini melihatnya!

Monday, 2 October 2006

Book review: Tuesdays With Morrie

I could never care more or less about biography or autobiography. It always read from one person's point of view. I have not realised this book is a biography till the end. I was crying when I read it, the book is really a personal biography of two people, instead of one.

Mitch Albom was a great writer, and Tuesdays With Morrie is about life's greatest lesson. He had a mentor, once. His mentor was Morrie Schwartz, his professor back when he was in the college. Morrie was dying, and after 16 years, Mitch met his professor on his death bed.

They started a lesson every Tuesday, it's about the meaning of life. The unique way it was presented was the fact the writer knew the person so well, that their life experience was entwined with each other. It teaches everything a person should know; about world, regrets, emotions, death, fear of aging, marriage and forgiveness. This was what Morrie called Mitch's final thesis with him.

Mitch was the person we all know so well, which reflects ourselves, of aiming to work harder, to have more money, a bigger house, a new car - these cravings are all materialistic in its' nature. Morrie was a great teacher who embraced life in his full potential. He could never care more about these things, but he cared about his relationships with people and God.

At the end, it was what Morrie cared that had more life value than what we, as a human, wants in our life.

I cried, I cheered, I feel triumphed over their achievements in life.

I was crying when Morrie died, and I was crying when Morrie told about his childhood and the death of his parents. On Mitch, I cried when he wrote about his cancer-stricken brother, but cheered when he tried to amend the bridge between him and his brother.

This is an excellent book, and true to its promise, it is about life's greatest lesson.

Friday, 29 September 2006

Jangan culas bantu isteri

Memang selalu berjumpa suami yang menganggap kerja di rumah adalah hak mutlak isteri. Isterilah yang buat seorang, suami tak boleh masuk campur.

Ops, bukan hendak mengata. Tapi hendak kata betapa tak adilnya si suami berpendirian sebegitu.

Alhamdulillah, sepanjang 3 tahun lebih berkahwin, suami seorang yang ringan tulang dan tak banyak mulut (penting sebab masa aku membebel, dia senyap je, lama-lama malu sendiri). Orang sebelah pernah tegur suami masa dia mengebas karpet yang berpasir di luar rumah, "Rajinnya bang!"

Kalau minta jemur baju, laju saja dia membantu. Minta tolong kemas rumah, angguk saja tanpa membangkang. Kalau suruh masak, oh belum lulus lagi, tapi bersyukurlah dia rajin membantu untuk kerja lain. Dulu penat juga, tapi mula-mula, masa nak ambil maid, niat dia untuk kurangkan kerja rumah aku (tapi sama saja ada maid atau tak, kesudahannya maidless lagi mudah).

Apakah jatuh martabat suami jika membantu isteri dengan kerja rumah?

Kita bekerja sama-sama, isteri pun membantu ekonomi rumah tangga. Bila balik, isterilah orang pertama yang ke dapur, suami kepenatan di pejabat satu hari sambil duduk di atas sofa, isteri pun tidak penatkah?

Ada orang bising-bising kata isteri sekarang tak pandai memasak. Dah tu, janganlah diam nak tunggu isteri sampai pandai memasak. Pergilah usahakan cari guru memasak, kalau tak mencari pun, janganlah membebel sepanjang masa pasal ketidakadilan dunia kerana isteri tak pandai duduk di dapur.

Hai, entahlah, kenapa masa bercinta dulu tak ditanya "Yang, pandai tak memasak?" Lepas itu, kalau si gadis berkata tak, putuslah terus hubungan. Bukankah semasa berkahwin itu, kita sudah menerima pasangan kita sebagai yang terbaik antara yang di luar sana?

Agaknya mereka nak isteri yang 100% sempurna. Sempurna yang bagaimana ya? Pandai memasak nasi minyak atau nasi hujan panas agaknya! Takpun bila suami marah, isteri tunduk, diam tak berkata. Bila suami pukul pun, isteri senyap tak berkata.. Aduh, tak ke haru?

Ingat tak kata-kata pujangga ini,
"Janganlah mengharapkan isteri seperti Saiditina Fatimah r.a. sekiranya diri bukan Saidina Ali k.m.j"

Cermin-cerminlah diri sendiri, hai para suami yang culas!

P/S: Jangan guna tulisan ini untuk sesi bertekak dengan suami masing-masing pasal suami tak membantu isteri, ok? Gunakan kebijaksanaan akal masing-masing :)

Thursday, 28 September 2006

5th day of Ramadhan (insya' Allah)

As of today, alhamdulillah.. I still managed to cook when I am not going to work. I worked on Tuesday only, and yesterday took EL since Amni was on high fever.. demam kus-kus, sekejap demam, sekejap kebah, lepas tu demam balik. Dh was very patient, sebab ibunya ngantuk sangat, dialah yang tidur dengan Amni yang meracau malam-malam sebab badan sakit.

And this morning, unexpectedly, the car battery went kaput, so off we sent the kids by the motorcycle, kena buat 2 trip for the 2 kids. Of course Fawwaz had to be sent first, kalau tak meraung-raung anak teruna tu tengok kakaknya naik motor dahulu. I think after work, we have to pick Fawwaz first before kakak, to ensure he is not screaming on the top of his lungs.

Last week, I had to e-mail kak Ti about playschool age. I got panicked when I know some kindys even accepted a 3-y.o. to enter. And when I mentioned Amni's age to my neighbour, she said that Amni can enter the playschool by next year. After much deliberation, we have decided to enter her at age 5 for her playschool, which is still considered early for us, since dh and I entered our kindy at age 6. But nowadays, the demands of life, astagfirullah! And as what Kak Ti mentioned in the e-mail, certain schools expected our kids to know how to read even in Standard 1. I remembered that when I was in Standard 1, I can read, but certain kids, who is underprivileged, really need to learn from the start (which is ABC). Thank God masa tu cikgu very patient and undemanding...

Back to the Ramadhan month story, for sahur, we had our mee Maggi Ayam (I don't like the idea of eating rice early in the morning) and yesterday I prepared udang masak paprik, together with Kak Elin's delicious choc cake. And since on Monday, I was off, I made lots of sambal ikan bilis, in case we did not manage to buy any lauk for buka puasa.

I am still on track on what I am cooking everyday, at least budget nasi dan sayur memang dah save. Tapi lauk utama tu, beli yang tunjuk-tunjuk ajelah kan?

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

I look stunning on the TV yesterday, eh?

Friday, 22 September 2006


Pagi-pagi dah simpan perut, banyak betul jamuan sempena menyambut Ramadhan. Minggu lepas, tumpang menjamu dengan orang unit sebelah, lauk-pauknya menjamu selera. Makan sendiri, tak menambah, lewat musim ni, jadi tak lalu nak telan banyak-banyak.

Tengahhari ni ada trip pergi RSM. Duit daripada tabung unit cover untuk makan-makan, hasil menjual rak besi dan berbakul-bakul kertas A4.. Yalah, daripada buang sebegitu sahaja, kan benda-benda yang dijual itu boleh dikitar semula.

Minggu ini, sudah mula memasak balik. Entah berapa lama gantung apron kat rumah. Memang tak ada mood nak memasak, sebab kalau meeting meleret-leret, dalam hati, hai, cepatlah habis, nak masak ni, akhirnya tertunda sebegitu aja niat.. Rasanya dah sebulan lebih tak masak, beli luar saja. Orang kedai pun dah kenal suami, sebelum datang ambil makanan, order dulu ye melalui telefon! Tiba-tiba, entah mana datangnya semangat yang hilang, mungkin sebab syahdu melihatkan nasib anak-anak dan suami yang asyik bungkus makanan bawa balik, terus berasap dapur tu balik! Tapi diri sendiri masih tak lalu nak makan.. bagi anak-anak dengan suami sahaja yang menghadap lauk-pauk yang disediakan!

Yang kakak siap berpesan, "Ibu, nak nasi lagi!" atau "Ibu, nak sayur lagi!"
Jadi ibu pun semakin galak menanam hasrat hendak memasak. Semalam ibu janji dengan abah hendak buatkan tomyam, lama dah dia tak menjamu tomyam ibu yang pakai Maggi instant cube.. hehehe

Ramadhan ni, memang dah niat nak memasak.. insya' Allah!
Tapi kami ni bukan orang yang hendak makan pelbagai, dapat telur goreng dengan nasi pun dah cukup untuk buka puasa. Oh, untuk anak-anak dan suami, sayur wajib ada.

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Seronoknya Ramadhan!

Mungkin sebab masa Ramadhan boleh mengeratkan keluarga.

Sebab masa Ramadhan boleh makan semeja sekeluarga, dapat bangun pagi (untuk sahur, kalau hari biasa, liatnya!), dan dapat baca Quran banyak-banyak (insya' Allah). Tahun ini kalau tak ada aral, walaupun tak sempat masak (kat pejabat ni semua tak sempat memasak) semasa hari kerja, harapnya dapat la juga memasak sayur dan nasi yang panas-panas. Dapat save budget sikit untuk beli sayur yang pelbagai tu.

Budget untuk anak-anak pun gamaknya perlu dimasukkan, sebab anak-anak dah pandai makan nasi dan demand nak fish/chicken. Selalu time bulan puasa, anak-anak pun nak buka puasa sama-sama. Kena siapkan tempat di meja makan untuk anak-anak atau buka tikar untuk makan sama-sama atas lantai. Yang tak tahan, mereka yang demand nak buka puasa, seorang baru nak masuk 2 tahun, seorang lagi 3 tahun, puasa pun belum reti lagi! Tapi gaya buka puasa tu, mungkin sebab anak-anak excited nampak kami makan sama-sama, jadi mereka pun nak join the fun :)

Perancangan Ramadhan sempena poket yang makin 'terkoyak':
  1. Hujung minggu buat masakan istimewa macam mihun soto atau nasi ayam (suami dah terliur ni)
  2. Budget untuk makanan tak lebih RM 10/hari.
  3. Beli lauk di kantin.
  4. Masak nasi dan sayur panas-panas sebelum berbuka puasa.
  5. Stok banyak-banyak telur dan sayur untuk memudahkan perancangan quick meal semasa sahur atau buka puasa.
  6. Beli kordial untuk bancuh air.
  7. Cari resipi for easy sahur/berbuka puasa meal (last year buat murtabak Maggi).
  8. Makan luar ada budget ke? Itu pun kalau berkesempatan. Ingat nak host satu malam berbuka puasa bersama keluarga.
Selamat berpuasa semua!

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Anak solehah

anak solehah

Kakak kalau jumpa kain sembahyang dia, mesti nak solat. Lepas dah pack untuk kemas, dia suruh buka beg dan nak solat lagi. Fawwaz pula, kalau tengok orang solat, mesti nak main atas sejadah. Suruh pakai kopiah, taknak pula.

Insya Allah, ibu doakan anak-anak ibu faham akan agamanya.. Membesar dengan ilmu yang cukup di dada, dan sentiasa bertawadu' terhadapNya.

P/S: Ikan dah berkurangan seekor? Tak sampai seminggu lagi ni :)

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Our first pet

To make the children happy, dh bought fishes for them. Amni keep pointing to the fishes and Fawwaz, my God, Fawwaz, he put some french fries inside the bowl, then used his fingers to catch the fish and he even threw a small book inside (assuming the fish can read).

I think the fishes were calculating their escape when they knew Fawwaz is living there.

I just hope that the fishes can live for more than 1 week..

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Penat-penat BlueHyppo

Perihal kerja: kalau boring nak baca, boleh skip paragraph ini :)

Hujung minggu standby untuk kerja office lagi, letih menelefon orang dah tunggu kertas yang berjela-jela di mesin faks. Siap 'bergaduh' dengan Kak Min sebab orang KL dengan Selangor queue nak faks dokumen masing-masing. Nama sahaja duduk kat Bilik Gerakan, tapi aku dapat duduk di kaunter perkhidmatan sahaja. Dapat tengok patung BlueHyppo yang berderet-deret dan sangat comel, buat nota mental untuk belikan kepada anak-anak.

Pukul 7 malam, masih lagi berani nak pergi bilik air di kawasan yang serba usang itu, balik-balik, Ketua Hasil buka cerita hantu. Taubat aku tak pergi dah bilik air tu lepas jam 7 malam.

Perihal anak-anak :D

+ Vocab Fawwaz dah jadi SANGAT banyak, dulu limited kepada perkataan yang membawa faedah (makanan/minuman) kepada dia, contohnya: "Nak air", "Nak makan", "Shu-shu", tapi sekarang dah pandai cakap kalau nak tengok TV, atau ajak main, atau ajak baca buku.
+ Dari dulu dah pandai berebut barang dengan kakak. Tapi semenjak dua menjak ni, dah jadi lagi pandai! Kalau dalam kereta, nak duduk seat depan. Semalam abahnya mengadu diaorang berebut nak duduk seat depan sambil pukul-memukul semasa mengambil aku di LRT.
+ Fawwaz dah manja sangat-sangat-sangat.
+ Kakak dah pandai angkat telefon, semalam masa telefon, dia cakap "Abah naik atas. Abah mandi." Tapi bila aku berpesan, tak boleh pula dia sampaikan pesanan.
+ Kakak & Fawwaz sukalah sangat tarik langsir. Kena jentik dengan ibu pun, buat lagi kerja tu. Habis tercabut segala rambu-ramba yang aku pasang kat langsir tu.
+ Kalau ajak mandi, terus cabut baju. 2 minggu lepas, pasang pool kecil kat depan, berendam sampai kecut urat tangan dan kaki. Bila ajak keluar, dua-dua taknak.
+ Kakak kalau buat 'business', mesti tak cakap. Tahu-tahu, dah berbau 1 km.

Friday, 8 September 2006

A response to ehem.. my sister

Well, had a brush with prominent figures during university years, shook hands with former PM, his wife and some ministers. I was even seated at the same table with the wife and which limited my eating skill. The foods were delicious, but wasn't able to take it as much as I wanted to since everyone else at the round table were quite 'malu-malu' type and there was a waiter waiting to serve us. Left the table as soon as I can and I was really envious with my sister and a bunch of others who are able to eat as much as they wanted to during that time *sigh*
You will never make me forget about that, do you?

And my point is:
[1] My post is actually ranked much lower than yours in the organisation
[2] I do not have the 'privilege' to eat with the prominent (refer to point no. 1 :P)
[3] I am a greedy eater
[4] I had fun with other colleagues *MUAHAHAHA*
[5] Bukankah Siti sudah ada untuk menemanimu di meja makan yang serba formal itu? (ngeee)

She's a beauty, isn't she?

And full of self confidence, I wonder how she survived the 8 1/2 years ordeal.

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Yang pelik-pelik

Semalam, dapat rasa lagi yang pelik-pelik.
Bukan pelik-pelik sebab lain, tapi pelik sebab..

Orang Melayu kita kalau guru agamanya mengajar sesuatu itu A... maka sampai bila-bila sesuatu itu akan jadi A, tidak boleh B atau C.

Eh, eh peliknya saya berkata.
Beginilah, biar saya mulakan cerita.

Saya ketika di sekolah dulu, kalau ustaz/ustazah cakap perkara ini wajib, contohnya doa qunut, saya akan ikut baca doa qunut dalam solat Subuh. Jika tertinggal, hendaklah saya sujud Syahwi.

Jadi saya pun ikutlah, tak boleh tak tinggal, mesti kena. Kalau tinggal, kena sujud Syahwi.

Bila saya menunaikan umrah tahun 1996, saya pun jadi pelik. Saya pelik kenapa orang yang beramai-ramai solat Subuh di Masjidil Haram tidak pernah membaca doa qunut. Bila saya balik, saya fikir lagi. Kemudian saya masuk universiti, ada pula seorang ustaz menerangkan hukum doa qunut bukan wajib tetapi sunat muakkad dalam mazhab Syafie.

Ohhh.. maknanya doa qunut itu bukan wajib ya? Jadi tak perlulah kita ganti dengan sujud Syahwi, kan? Sujud Syahwi dilakukan apabila kita meninggalkan perkara yang wajib dalam solat, kan? Dan masa itulah saya faham, kita ini ada 4 mazhab di dunia, bukankah kesemua mazhab itu adab untuk kita mencemerlangkan diri kita ke arah menjadi seorang Muslim?

Kemudian saya masuk Bicara Muslim. Saya lihat rata-rata forumers akan rujuk kitab dan hadis dahulu sebelum menyimpulkan sesuatu hukum. Saya memang Islam ortodoks, satu ketika dahulu, kalau cikgu di sekolah ajar begitu begini, saya akan ikut begitu begini. Tapi, saya lihat cara ini lebih relevan, kerana dengan hadis sahih saya mudah melakukan sesuatu perkara kerana adanya dalil.

Yang saya peliknya, betapa ramai orang kita suka benar menghantar e-mel mengenai hukum sesuatu perkara TANPA usul periksa dahulu. Maka wujudlah hadis Melayu yang bila saya tanya siapa perawi hadis ini, mereka terkedu. Bila saya tegur dan mengatakan saya sudah rujuk kepada kawan-kawan dan minta tolong mereka tengokkan kitab mengenai sesuatu hukum itu, orang yang saya tegur melenting kepanasan kerana tidak mahu dengar apa yang saya ingin katakan.

Eh eh peliklah.. e-mel yang entah mana-mana percaya pula, tapi bila saya argue saya sudah jadi musuh pula?

Monday, 4 September 2006

Entah apa yang dibuatnya

Pagi-pagi lagi GM sudah datang dan minta buat kerja. Saya angguk.

"Mana pergi boss?"
"Dia di Bangkok."
"No wonder when I called him, he didn't answer." Itu sahaja jawapan GM.

Orang lain mungkin muak dengan GM kami. Terlalu banyak kerenah, mahu report itu ini itu ini, sampai mata pun naik juling.

Saya buat sekadar yang mampu, siapkan kerja lain dahulu. Oh, banyaknya kerja yang menghambat, gara-gara cuti selama 4 hari di rumah. Selepas short briefing kepada rakan sekerja, baru boleh buat kerja GM.

Tapi kadang-kadang saya terlupa, GM saya manusia biasa. Dia bukanlah orang yang patut disalahkan sekiranya kerja kita belum selesai. Dia juga seorang pekerja. Dia melakukan apa yang dirasakan terbaik untuk syarikat.

Dia juga berkorban masa dengan keluarga yang ditinggalkan setiap minggu di Johor. Tadi dia datang dengan senyumannya, membuka laptop dan menunjukkan gambar anak-anaknya yang 7 orang. Dengan penuh kasih sayang seorang bapa. Melirik senyumnya bila menunjukkan kepada kami gambar anak-anaknya.

Selalu sangat saya lupa, dia juga seorang bapa.
Dan dia juga hamba Allah seperti kita - yang sentiasa melakukan kesalahan. Jadi adakah kita layak menghukumnya apabila kerja kita belum selesai?

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Orang lain sibuk pasal kisah persandingan artis, dan pertembungan artis dan bekas tunangnya.

Aku pula masih lagi tersentak dengan kisah Natascha Kampusch dari Austria yang dapat melarikan diri daripada penculiknya setelah 8 tahun tinggal di bilik bawah tanah lelaki tersebut. Berita ini menjadi world headline tetapi orang kita masih tak tahu tentang kejayaan Natascha terselamat dari hidup yang menyeksakan. Ramai menganggap dia sudah mati. Pertama kali bertemu ayahnya, dia meminta kereta mainan kesayangannya.

It is believed Natascha Kampusch was held by Wolfgang Priklopil

Bila melihat muka si lelaki, sehingga kini masyarakat Austria masih menyatakan rasa terkejut kerana sikapnya yang pendiam dan tidak banyak bercakap. Si penculik membunuh diri beberapa jam selepas Natascha melarikan diri.

Hari ini, kes tahun 1996 JonBenet Ramsey temui jalan buntu. Suspek utama, John Mark Karr terlepas kerana DNA tidak sama seperti di tempat kejadian. Tetapi suspek mengaku bahawa dia seorang yang gila.

Apalah nak jadi dengan masyarakat kita.

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Breathe in, out, in, out

I am at home doing my work. I went back at 2 a.m. yesterday. Straight from a meeting and went for the system cutover at one of the outlet. OK, I am shocked. I was not prepared and suddenly everyone was rushing to go back, some were even from Kuala Kubu Bharu and had to rush back as fast as possible. Since my colleague asked for my help in assisting her staff, I had been teaching the staff to do everything from A to Z.

Bilik Gerakan called at 12.45 a.m. and bising-bising that we have not done our Start of Day yet. I got to know the other 5 outlets has done their start up, but ours still run the data migration for 4 hours.

The counters opened at 1 a.m. and finished everything around 1.40 a.m.

Ahoi, my boyfriend watched the Ina-Mawi interlude yesterday.. hohoho

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Ustaz Khoiron

Ustaz Khoirun with Suparti and Titin, photo by Rama Surya, Surabaya

He is an ordinary man with an extraordinary mission.

Published on August 20, 2002

The Holy Koran opens with the words "Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim" - "In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, The Compassionate." The immortal phrase follows you wherever you are in the Islamic world - it's inscribed on the walls of mosques and homes and yet very few people, let alone believers actually stop to consider its meaning.

Clearly, forgiveness is an integral part of Islam's timeless message and the prominence with which these two qualities - mercy and compassion have been singled out from the Ninety-nine names of Allah has, over the centuries provided a source of reassurance and solace for believers.

But man is flawed and all too often practitioners have been anything but 'forgiving'. Instead, faith and belief is reduced to little more than a list of 'dos' and 'don'ts'. In fact, contemporary Islamic practices in the Middle East (and especially the vein associated with Wahabism) appear to have sidelined the idea of forgiveness. Public debate - the Friday khutbah or sermon concentrates almost exclusively on transgression, on sin and on the suitability of punishment. Ritual has become all-important, assuming precedence along with a series of nasty 'fire and brimstone' lectures delivered by men (and occasionally women) who have no comprehension of humanity or a capacity for compassion.

However, the capacity to forgive and to be compassionate has not been entirely forsaken. Faith - true faith - can and does flourish in adversity, manifesting itself in the strangest places. Last month, in the heart Surabaya's grimy, red-light district of Bangunsari - just ten minutes away from the bustling port of Tanjung Priok, I came across an understated couple who showed me - without realizing it themselves, that man hadn't entirely failed to live up to the powerful and persuasive message.

Ustaz Khoiron and his wife Roudatul possess the quiet confidence of those who are truly religious. They are comfortable in themselves, they know that actions spoke louder than words: they don't need to show off or pontificate.

I knew they were unusual even before I'd met them. I'd heard about the work they were doing in the lokalasasi (a designated area set aside for prostitution) - about the two schools they'd set up, the prayer classes and the ceramahs they organized as well as the impressive thirty-three meter high minaret that Khoiron had recently added to the local mosque. Located at the entrance to the lokalasasi, on the lane that brought many of the clients and 'johns' to Bangunsari, the Masjid al-Fatah's striking minaret was an indication of the area's growing sobriety: the encroaching world of the middle classes. Khoiron had also pointed out and proudly the small library alongside the mosque. In the evenings the building was as lively as one of the whorehouses, crammed with youngsters who had nowhere else to go.

Still, it took a simple and unexpected gesture by the forty-one year old Khoiron before I really sat up and took notice. At the time, I was observing a ceramah that Khoiron and a local community leader, Gusrianto arranged every Friday afternoon for the neighbourhood’s prostitutes. One of the girls (Linda, a 29-year old from Jember) had just completed a heart-felt, if halting recitation from al-Nisar, (The Women) the fourth Surah of the Holy Koran. Her voice was hoarse and her throat was obviously dry. Just then, Khoiron leant forward to offer her a small plastic container of water.

It was ingenuous act. However, given the woman's profession his thoughtfulness was almost shocking. Most ustaz's I knew would have been disgusted and appalled to have been in the presence of so many prostitutes even though all fifty of women were dressed demurely. But, for Khoiron, the women were a challenge. They were his challenge. Somehow, they gave him justification: they were his target - his objective: he wanted to win them over.

Later when I talked to Roudatul at their small home, I began to get a sense of the passion that had propelled the couple. Roudatul was thirty-three years old and despite the seedy environment she was always generous with her smiles. She wore a hejab, albeit casually. Still, the plain, white material couldn't quite hide the beauty of her warm, guileless face. She cradled her youngest son in her arms as we talked.

"Khoiron and I had an arranged marriage. I was a pesantren girl - ten years studying at Bangil. I certainly didn't know I was going to end up living in an area like this! I was so upset when I first arrived: I was angry and embarrassed. The prostitutes were right outside the house! They were everywhere. But later I realized that this is 'my' battle. I wouldn't move anywhere else now: you must help people and we - Khoiron and I - must help these women to change their ways.”

The forty-one year old, Nahdatul Ullama ustaz Khoiron laughs when I ask him about his work in the lokalasasi. He's a handsome man: darker than his wife and well built. He has a firm handshake and an easy manner: like a businessman. As we talk, there are moments when he looks slightly Arabic. This is not altogether surprising given the Pesisir's (the north coast of Java's) strong historical and cultural links with the Arab peninsular and the Hadramaut in particular.

"Can you imagine how bored I'd be if I was living in a quiet little community surrounded by santri (or religious students)? When I first started here, twenty-five years ago there were three thousand girls. Now there are only 900. You ask anyone about Bangunsari! It's so close to the port and full of seamen. It was notorious!

"From a philosophical viewpoint we must remember that Allah is very loving. He gives food and drink to all men and women: good and bad. Who am I to judge? Who am I to say you're evil or you're good? My responsibility is straightforward: I must win the people over. Besides, if everyone was good I'd have nothing to do!"

Living in a tiny house along a narrow gang (or lane) in the middle of Bangunsari, Khoiron's home is little different from the girlie bars that surround him, except that there is mushollah (a small prayer hall) on the first floor. The family is clearly industrious and hardworking. His mother who still wears a tightly wrapped traditional Javanese baju kebaya every day runs a small warung and his wife supplements her income with a Wartel (a telephone store). Otherwise the ustaz's home is essentially as simple as his neighbours'.

The Nahdatul Ullama does not support individual ustaz's: the families are on their own. Essentially, they depend on the surrounding communities for their livelihood. As a result Khoiron earns his income by giving ceramahs, officiating at weddings and even accompanying pilgrims to Mecca. His wife also organizes religious classes for over six hundred children every week: the parents pay Rp2,000 (RM1) per child per month. The house shudders when the kids dash up the external staircase to reach the mushollah. Their shrieking is almost deafening but Roudatul is so used to it she's says she'd miss the commotion if it were to stop.

Every Friday afternoon, Khoiron and the local community leader arrange a small ceramah for the prostitutes. The location is neutral: the hall nearby - not the mosque. Having followed Khoiron as he walks through the lanes of the lokalasasi and watched him talking to the women I know the ceramah will be interesting. He is polite with them, respectful even. He smiles and says hello. He doesn't treat them disdainfully and they respond positively to his manner.

As M'bak Yah a prostitute in her forties says of Khoiron: "He's a good man. He treats us decently. I like his ceramahs - lots of us go. He isn't proud or haughty. He encourages us to go home to our families."


Imagine constant instruction when I drove from the house to the nursery yesterday in heavy rain.

"Hah depan ni ada simpang, jangan laju sangat"
"Tengok kanan dulu sebelum masuk simpang"
"Kenapa tak pasang wiper kuat-kuat?"
"Ada bumper kat depan"

And she can starts a long time ago story about my mistakes during the car ride.
It seemed like I have never driven the car and I can't forget her shocked face when I told her I had been constantly driving the car to Subang Jaya.

I am a mother of 2 ok, not an 18-year-old anymore. She still treated me as a small child with constant scolding.

Told dh about it and he just shook his head. He knows about my driving skill and he said I do not need to hear the constant bickering from her.

And before any of you had a wrong idea, I love her very much.. but sometimes it's just too much.


Monday, 21 August 2006

First match, and...

Manchester United wins!

In style of course. 5-1 over Fulham.

I counted his shouting last night. He shouted goals 4 times, and 3 are like within minutes from each other.

Second half was spent with misery, since Amni puked and we had to do the cleaning. It's bye bye for a moment with the game. But I know he will be smiling from ear to ear about the win eventhough we had to do some home cleaning.

Isn't it weird that life has changed when the EPL season started?

During my pregnancies, I had to tell him beforehand that if I am to give birth at night, he is not going to watch the football but rushed to the hospital. He agreed to that.

If not, I think I had to request the hospital to put a TV in the labour room.


Oh yes, did I tell you, being a good girl as she was, even though her mother shouted to her when she puked yesterday (minta maaf Amni, I am going to hug you today for the misunderstanding), Amni dah tak bangun malam! Almost a week had passed since that remarkable achievement.

It's a relief to my sweetheart.. nearly entering 3 years, and she decided to sleep till morning. Next on the list would be toilet training, but she seemed not prepared yet. Patience is virtue :)

Friday, 18 August 2006

Back from training

First time I attended a course at a hotel.
Makan SEDAPPPP memanjang..

The funny part is, there are 16 participants in the workshop, but 12 are from MMU. So it become some sort of reunion for us.. Kelakar tak? Macam Jejak Kasih pula bila ramai-ramai attend course.

Oh, BTW, the course was '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'. Very effective course. Actually, I did learned about it during pre-university, but it seemed boring since we had to read the book. And after 3 days of training, and it can be applied for our work, then I would say it is a very good course. They give lots of supplements for us, including the book, organiser, summary notes, notepad and personal planner.

Nice eh?

So today I am trying to figure out on how to use all the things. I would say the course is more like enforcing our belief in Islam. We actullay have learned these 7-Steps in Islam. And yes, the instructor is a Muslim, so he relates with lots of stories of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during the course.

Sunday, 13 August 2006

Mega Sale

Due to extensive retail therapy done this month, I am officially BROKE!

And no, Kak Elin, I beg to differ, I am not cash cow as what you said during our meeting about the handbags last week (this month budget lari sikit kalau nak beli beg, but still you can save the best for me eh? *wink*)

I shopped like there is no tomorrow! Got some new clothes for the kid, bought a new kain from Euromoda last month, and went to beauty counter TWICE! Ok, so I consider this month as our last minute preparation for Hari Raya which is due in 2 months. I usually shopped for the kids' Raya clothes during the April Mega Sale, but this year, I find myself rummaging through the piled new clothes with other parents due to my lateness in Raya preparation.

And after those shoppings for the kids, I had to go the beauty counter and bought the whole set in a blink of an eye *trial set, ok?*

After being broke, I had the nerve to buy Nona with TZ and her children posing on the front cover of the mag. That mag costed me RM 12! (It was selling like hot cakes, mind you!). The Gang of 4 are rummaging over it like crazy (Tini and Aini, especially) since we had a soft spot for TZ because her ex-husband ditch her for a 'pop princess' and a wedding in the garden. I hoped it rains! <-bah, that showed how much we don't like her, and everytime we met, we will be joking and gossiping about her.

So, tonight was spent on pitying TZ over the Internet. Ops, not pity (I apologise) but envying her, she had a nice bod! And she is 40+ ok?

was watching Ali Baba Bujang Lapok right now and I think I am going to join him. I had a soft spot on that film.

Thursday, 10 August 2006

BP time

Remember my mumblings last Friday?
I hardly had enough sleep, my head hurts etc.
I finally finished everything by Friday, and consolidate the State BP.
Imagine having to look at 5 cost centres, and I had to do for all of them from scratch. No helpful executives to help me. I broke down last time.

Met my old staff this week at Men@r@ and she told me she (the non exec) had to the BP for her unit. I said to her I shared the same fate, and people still take for granted about BP.

Told the boss, if I am doing this again next year (which is not in my job scope and people still does not appreciate it yet), I will be resigning or asked for transfer of division.

Next year I will be sitting next to the executive who ran away during the BP period and go for her training. Imagine that..

On the other hand, I went to Sogo during lunch time just now. Bought some beauty treatment (thanks to Kak Elin's rave review through the co's e-mail.. tsk tsk). Bought some new pants for Fawwaz (he had outgrown his three quarter pant, which he inherited from Amni) and forgot to survey some wedding gifts for my friends who will get hitched this weekend.

Nampaknya musim mendirikan masjid sudah tiba! And I already had 2 kids.. hmmm

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

A request to Kak Elin

I met the ever famous person behind the-kek yesterday.

She looked cute! And yes, she is one hot mama *ini sesi membodek untuk mendapatkan harga beg dari kak Elin with very cheap price*

Herewith, I would like to request that this bag (refer to the left pic, ok?), if it reached the Malaysian shore, shall be reserved for me (this is my dying request). Oh please kak Elin, pretty please!

P/S: Kak Elin pandai jual beg, macam nak melayang je duit aku semalam tengok beg yang dia jual. Aini pun dah angkut satu on the spot :P

Monday, 7 August 2006

Terima kasih Fawwaz

Sebab temankan ibu dari jam 11.30 pagi sampai 4.30 petang di tempat projek.
Sebab tak menangis bila ibu hilang tengok sistem yang dipasang.
Sebab pandai main sendiri-sendiri.
Sebab pandai makan sendiri-sendiri.
Sebab peluk papan tanda the Incredibles Celcom (berangan la tu dapat jadi Mr. Incredible).
Sebab orang lain dukung, Fawwaz tak kisahhh (baca dengan gaya 'Aiman tak kisahhh').

Terima kasih abang, sebab tunggu Aida siapkan kerja.

Malam ni balik jam 9 malam.. huhuhu

Friday, 4 August 2006

Mind crammed

Berpinar mata tengok Excel. Tengkuk dah sakit-sakit.
Nak bercakap dengan staff pun tak sempat.
Aku jadi baik, Firefox pun tak sempat jenguk.
Bukan kata Firefox, e-mel sendiri pun tak sempat tengok.

Jangan tanya kenapa, aku menyumpah orang yang melarikan diri itu.
Dia sudah lupa tanggungjawab. Tidak apa, itu hal dia dengan Allah.

Kurang pahala puasa aku.

Baru siap kerja pejabat di malam buta.

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Lost clues

The cliffhanger was WAY too much for me to absorb it.

I was like, why?

Why did Michael betrayed his friends?
Why the others choose Sawyer, Jake and Kate?
How was Penn connected to this Dharma thing?
Did John and Mr Eko survived?
How was the others connected to Dharma?

I am sick of Dharma. What is this Dharma thing?

When I read this blog, I got all the more confused. So many theories.

The Misfits Here

P/S: This is strictly for Lost fans. If you do not watch Lost, you will get lost in the clues.

Monday, 31 July 2006

Amni donned the tudung

We were planning for our jalan-jalan when I asked whether Amni wants to wear her tudung.

She replied "Nak ebu!" (mind you, eebu/ebu = ibu)

Dh asked whether she really wants to don the tudung (in case the weather gets hot) and I replied, "It's OK, if she doesn't want, we can just take it off and pack inside our bag."

So she wore her tudung and we went to Sogo to search new Raya clothes for Fawwaz (in case you guys wonders, Amni already had her Raya clothes). We travelled by LRT at 11 a.m. and went back to the house around 2 p.m.

She wore the tudung till we get back home.

Oh, and Fawwaz charmed a salesperson cum aunt at the Kobe cosmetic counter. He shaked and kissed the aunt's hand. He did that twice and said bye-bye to the aunt. She was bowled over by his ehem.. charms and keep saying he is very cute (isn't it weird the Chinese always said he's cute. I suspect this has something to do with his sepet eyes).

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Excuse to update cum chef-in-the-making

I do not know what I should write in my blog. The post get shorter, if you guys notice. There are so many things jumbled in my mind, but I do not know how to put it in words. Writer's block. Dot.

So here I am putting words for a few things that I noted in our simple life.

I had migraine these past few weeks. The frequency had been increasing, and I suspect this might had to do with my workload. Funny how the migraine comes during my brain drain session and I really need a cure for it. I really need my rest, but I suspect I could not take any leave yet. For the time being, I make do with the migraine.

We watched The Shawshank Redemption last Tuesday. I have lost counts on how many times we watched it. We started in the middle of the story (during the Rita Hayworth scene) and watched it till the end. And of course, for those of you who do not know, the film is 90% set in a prison. But it was a perfect film, and I did again cried during the last redemption (silly of me..).

Fawwaz & Amni loves the flap books that I have bought for them last Friday. It just costs me RM 9.90 each and the book have like 20 flaps for the kids to open and peeked on what's inside. Apart from reading, the kids had developed skills on playing rumah-rumah and main masak-masak. Which is weird, I think, since Fawwaz is a boy, and he loves to do some imaginery cooking. He loves the supermarket's catalog especially if there is a picture of food on it. He imaginarily picked the food from the catalogue and asked us to open our mouth (nak suaplah tu konon!)

Me thinks he is a chef-in-the-making!

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Buanglah saya jauh dari mereka

Lama-lama kerja di sini, mungkin saya boleh kena heart attack.

Cukuplah menyesakkan dada. Cukuplah.
Ini kerja saya, saya percaya kerja adalah amanah dari Allah.

Perlukah saya mengajar mengenai amanah kepada anda?
Perlukah saya mengajar etika kerja kepada anda?
Perlukah saya berdiam diri apabila kemungkaran berlaku di depan mata?

Adakah saya layak menasihati anda yang selayaknya saya panggil pakcik?


Buanglah saya jauh-jauh dari mereka.

Monday, 24 July 2006

You know you have watched a lot of Playhouse Disney Channel when...

[1] You watched Barney & Friends, and you realised the little girl inside the show has grown up (in terms of height)
[2] You know you will be greeted by Bob The Builder when you arrived home from work
[3] You suspect Pocoyo was based from Fawwaz's character
[4] You commented on the same outfit the Higglytown Heroes characters are wearing
[5] You watched The Shanna's Show and imagined Shanna as Amni and Shane as Fawwaz
[6] You watched an episode from Jojo's Circus and you know it was the third repeat
[7] You argued with your husband about Jojo's pet lion's name (the name is Goliath)
[8] You are confused whether Butter from PB & J Otter is a girl or a boy (you figured Butter is a girl later)
[9] Your favourite show is Little Einsteins because Annie is so cute
[10] You want your future baby to look like Annie but your husband said June looks cuter

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

40 hari

Penceramah: Nanti kalau sudah check in di Kelana Jaya, tak boleh keluar daripada kompleks, kena duduk dalam dewan. Bila tiba masa berangkat ke KLIA, azan akan dilaungkan.

Makcik sebelah aku: Masa azan tu nanti mesti syahdukan, masa tu la baru teringat kita dah tak dapat nak jumpa keluarga.

Aku: (dalam hati) Waaa... macammana la nak hidup 40 hari tanpa budak-budak ni? Sah-sah masa check in terus mengalir air mata..

Monday, 17 July 2006

Grand Liqa' 06

We have finished our 16-week course last Saturday. The practical will be held this coming Saturday. We have to check in at the mosque at 6.00 p.m.

Now, how about the Grand Liqa'? Attendance is only 31, but it's fun. Tired but fun. The venue was nice. Nanti buat lagi la kat tempat yang ada air, boleh anak-anak terjun kolam atau sungai bila nak mandi. The man of the house complained about the aches since he had to row the raft twice. I rowed the raft with my hand... tsk tsk.. The task was to get the leaf from the other side of the lake and row back to the starting point.

4 teams played, the game were great. The muktamar was the shortest in history (or so we were told). The kids were playing inside the hall during the Aqidah talk and muktamar.

Fawwaz made friends. He played with Abu Amiir's kids and Nufayl. He smacked Nufayl. Dh had to stop him. He played football with Nufayl (oh, that was great!). Amni? Dia tak main, jadi anak dara paling bersopan santun kat GL. Lebih bersopan santun daripada ibunya yang sangat bising.

Both kids behaved nicely during the sukaneka. Fawwaz was excited to watch other people opened their hampers. He loved to entertain his own self.

The kids slept for 4 hours that afternoon.

Friday, 14 July 2006

I will remember yesterday forever

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Happy belated birthday dear

Yesterday was his birthday.
We do not celebrate it because we have to attend a course at Masjid WP. I am delaying the lunch celebration to next week. Anyway, the course was good, but the organiser was not. I mean, they were not organised.

Ok, enough about that.

On Sunday, we went to see Aminah @ Ainul with her newborn, Muhammad Munzir. She was doing well, alhamdulillah. Her SIL served donuts for us, but Amni had to puke on it, and her puke coloured pink (due to drinking sirap bandung) with white rice. Two carpets had to be clean up, and dh had to bath her at Ainul's-in-laws' house.

Alamak malunya.. thank God Fawwaz behaved while sitting and looking at the new born.

She puked some more on the floor and I had to say goodbye to Ainul. She puked again at home, twice, and suddenly, her brother had to puke in front of the TV.

Ok, so I thought she was the only one who had stomach upset. Obviously, Fawwaz also had it, and I had a REALLY bad headache (and also rasa mual-mual).

Since the man of the house is OK, he had to ensure everyone is OK before he goes to sleep, but at 3 a.m., Amni puked again (alahai anak ibu, dah 5 kali muntah ni!!). It seemed that dh also had a stomach upset, and it confirmed our theory in the first place.

We blamed the sirap bandung.

And yes, our night was spent cleaning the mess, shouting at the kids, and less sleep. Even though the World Cup final was on TV, and I watched Zidane being sent off (it's during the 80+ minutes of the game with the score still at 1-1) during the cleaning up time, we went to sleep back again.

I had to dream and wonder whether Italy or France wins the World Cup.. cheh!
So, first thing in the morning, I had to discuss with dh who got the best players, and I predict Italy, but I decided it would be France, and vice versa (actually we had the WC conversation, like everyday, but I do not want to mention it over here, since it looked like I am a footbal fanatic).

In the end, dh switched the TV to look at the result and said Italy won 5-3 by penalty.

I predict, in year 2010, Argentina would win the WC.

Friday, 7 July 2006

Cheoeum Geu Jari-e by Lee Bo Ram

Geudae jigeum naegaseum-e deuleowa sarangeul malhago issjyo
Kkumi anigireul naneun gidohaebwayo
Naemami jakku geudaeran saram nohji malrago haneyo
yokshimeul naeramyeo babo gateun maleul haneyo

Uyeonhi dagaon geudae sarangi waenji nachseolji anhassjyo
Hajiman yaksokdoen inyeoigie sarani doel jul molrassjyo
jogeum humyeon geudae bonaeya haltende geureol jashini eobsjyo

Na holro issdeon geujarireul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
Dangyeonhan ilinde wae mami apeujyo
geudae wonhadeon sarangeul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
haengbokhan geudaereul useumyeo bonaeya haltende

nae nuneul bomyeo sarangeul malhajyo seuchyeogan sarangijiman
i sungan naneun neomu haengbokhaeyo machi kkumeul kun geos cheoreom
ijeya alasseoyo cheoeumbuteo urin saranghaesseossdaneun geol

na holro issdeon geujarireul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
dangyeonhan ilinde wae mami apeujyo
geudae wonhadeon sarangeul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
haengbokhan geudaereul useumyeo bonaeya haltende

naege sarangeul jumyeon andoenayo geudae jeongmal andoenayo
ijeneun geudaereul itorok saranghaneunde

1. Ini bukan spam post ye. Nanti kalau nak tahu maksud, kena tanya
Fawwaz. Fawwaz tolong translatekan.. like in 10 years time, ok? :P

2. Masa pergi Thailand, cerita Full House tengah hit. How do I know about that? Kat pasar Chatuchak ada dengar versi lagu Full House dalam bahasa Thai.. banyak kali pula tu radio kat sana putar, nak tergelak dengar :>

3. Agaknya, bila Fawwaz besar, ada rupa macam dia ni tak? Hehehe...

Thursday, 6 July 2006

New excuse for shopping

When Dali mentioned in her blog about being skinny, I laughed. No, it is not about her, but about me.

People used to tell me I had a small waist (macam kerengga) and asked whether I exercised. Well, that was like, 3 1/2 years ago, okayy?

My long time figure had gone and I gained 10 kg post marriage and post pregnancy with 2 kids. Even to some people, I look just nice and not too skinny, while for others, they even remarked about how fat I am compared to the old me - which is VERY VERY VERY skinny.

That's when I remembered that even though I gained 10 kg, I still fit in all my Form 4 baju kurungs. So I told dh about giving away a few of my baju kurungs and he asked why. I told him some baju kurung had entered its' 10th anniversary year. Anyway, I was glad to know that I still can wear my old clothes to work :)

And today, today, my dear friends, since I went back to Bangsar for the system's post review, where I was joined by my 2 colleagues, they went to Gulati's (which is on a BIG sale), and I bought a new kain to make a new baju kurung for myself. It costed me RM 143 after a discount of 55%! See, didn't I tell you it was a BIG sale? Of courselah, girls are always associated with BIG sale and shopping.

Oh yes, a good excuse to spend my own money. To reorganise my wardrobe.

P/S: I have 4 baju kurungs to be given away. Any taker? Will be adding more soon..

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Hectic week

Dear diary,

Sorry that I ditched you for a long time.
I am having a hectic week, with more works piling.

To summarise it in one breath, I attended 1 training (which I got offered to be a trainer after the training session), organised 1 meeting and 3 days of standby mode that I almost forgot I really need to do some major updating.

After 6 months of being in the team, FINALLY, with much relief, that I was smiling at 2 in the morning when we finally wrapped up. The project costed million$$$ for the company, and I could not contain my relief, with all those mind boggling pouring of ideas, that we successfully launched the Phase 1 system at Bangsar.

But the moment that I will miss most, is to be close with the team, knowing all sorts of people from other division, and it needed this one mega project to connect us all. I think I would miss the team. It was easy to think back the moment that we had to go back at 7 p.m. and with bated breath, stayed with me till 9 p.m. everyday at the outlet to ensure the smoothness of the project.

And amidst all this, I got to know that I was elected to be in the Phase 2 project (no, I am not complaining yet).

I received 2 good news amidst the hectic schedule. 1 is for my friend, who shall not be named, had been appointed to be a manager (I truly believe she deserved this, albeit the backstabbing that some people would do to her). I know she still could not believe it yet, but I know she will be a good leader, Insya' Allah...

My colleague is back from her maternity leave two weeks, and boy, was I glad that she came back. People said 2 heads are better than 1, and I believe we could set up the pace back with all those ideas outpouring session. I do respect her a lot, she is 9 years my senior, and we have become sorts-of-best-friend when it come to teaming up with each other (or backing each other, to be exact, for some matters).

And last, for Atie. I hope you are enjoying your work there! Do contact me if there is any job vacancy in like.. 5 years time (after I finish my contract with the company *wink*)

Friday, 30 June 2006

The one with the baju tidur


The project team was laughing hard when we saw her.

She came to Bangsar wearing a long sleeved baju kelawar. She told us she was wearing her kain batik and t-shirt before she decided to don the baju kelawar. It did crossed her mind to just wear her kain batik and meet us? HAHAHAH..

I should anticipate this much earlier, since we have to stay there till 2.30 a.m. Mata pun dah tak boleh buka masa tengok PC kat depan mata.

Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Whosshhh... breathless

I am going to Bangsar at 10.00 p.m. today

(No, I am not going clubbing, ok?)

In case you guys spotted me, bring me a nice blanket and a fluffy pillow, eh? I need my beauty sleep tau!!!

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Bicara Agama: Pereka 'hadis Melayu' dibalas neraka

Source: Bicara Agama Utusan Malaysia

AL-SUNAH dari segi bahasa bermaksud perjalanan, amalan, metod atau cara hidup. Ia juga bermaksud membuka atau merintis jalan sama ada yang baik atau yang buruk. Al-Sunah dari segi istilah ahli-ahli hadis ialah apa-apa yang terbit daripada Nabi Muhamad s.a.w. daripada perkataan, perbuatan, pengakuan, sifat, kejadian, akhlak dan sejarah sama ada sebelum diutuskan menjadi Rasul atau selepas diutuskan menjadi Rasul.

Malangnya masyarakat Melayu sering disogokkan dengan perkataan atau ungkapan yang didakwa sebagai hadis sedangkan ia tidak mempunyai hujah yang kukuh. Ini dilabel sebagai 'hadis Melayu'. Yang membimbangkan, 'hadis Melayu' ini seolah-olah diterima pakai dan menjadi pegangan agama oleh sebahagian besar masyarakat Islam di Malaysia.

Wartawan MOHD. RADZI MOHD. ZIN dan jurufoto IZHAM JAAFAR menginterviu pensyarah Jabatan Dakwah dan Pembangunan Insan, Akademi Pengajian Islam, Universiti Malaya, Roslan Mohamed untuk mengupas persoalan ini.

Apakah maksud 'hadis Melayu'?

ROSLAN: 'Hadis Melayu' adalah perkataan yang bukan bersandar atau disabdakan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w.. Ia adalah ungkapan mengenai sesuatu perkara yang kebanyakannya diambil daripada kitab-kitab Jawi lama ataupun banyak merujuk kepada buku terjemahan dalam bahasa Melayu tanpa merujuk kepada naskhah asal bahasa Arabnya.

Dalam konteks masyarakat Malaysia, ia memang mempunyai pengikut dan semakin sebati tetapi orang tidak menyedari kesan buruknya. Walhal ia ibarat barah yang jika dibiarkan akan membahayakan umat Islam.

Bolehkah ustaz jelaskan contoh-contoh 'hadis Melayu' yang sering dianggap sebagai hadis Rasulullah s.a.w.?

Ada beberapa contoh 'hadis Melayu' seperti melarang anak-anak kecil yang belum baligh berada dalam saf yang sama dengan orang dewasa semasa bersolat. Alasannya kerana kanak-kanak itu masih najis kerana masih belum berkhatan. Ini bermakna takrifan najis itu amat berat sedangkan dalam Islam, kanak-kanak walaupun belum berkhatan adalah bersih jika pakaiannya bersih kecualilah jika kanak-kanak itu kencing atau buang air besar. Dari segi bahasa, najis ialah sesuatu yang kotor dan mengikut syarak, najis ialah kekotoran yang menegah daripada sahnya ibadat.

Saya ingin menarik perhatian kepada satu peristiwa di mana Rasulullah mendukung cucunya iaitu Hassan semasa mengimamkan solat. Apabila sujud baginda meletakkan cucunya di tepi dan apabila bangun semula, baginda mendukung semula cucunya. Logiknya, jika kanak-kanak najis dan tidak boleh berada dalam saf dewasa, tentu perbuatan Rasulullah itu tidak boleh dilakukan.

Begitu juga dengan ungkapan 'tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri China', 'cintakan negara adalah sebahagian daripada iman', 'kemiskinan itu menghampiri kekufuran' dan kata-kata sahabat bukan sabda Nabi iaitu 'bekerjalah kamu seolah-olah seolah-olah kamu hidup seribu tahun lagi dan beribadatlah kamu seolah-olah kamu mati esok hari'.

Semua ungkapan ini tidak ada sandaran sebagai hadis. Persoalannya kenapa kita tidak menggunakan hadis-hadis sahih yang diketahui sanadnya kerana banyak lagi hadis yang turut membicarakan soal-soal yang disebut itu. Perbuatan begini boleh membawa kepada permulaan bidaah atau bidaah saiyiah yang boleh membuat seseorang itu terkeluar akidahnya.

Mengapakah penyebaran 'hadis Melayu' ini berlaku sedangkan kita tahu kesan daripada beriman kepada hadis palsu adalah berdosa besar?

Perkara ini berlaku kerana beberapa sebab. Sebab paling utama ialah kurang kefahaman tentang ilmu Islam yang membawa kepada tidak berapa kukuh punca nas dan tidak menapis punca ilmu. Ia juga akibat kesilapan penceramah, ustaz dan ustazah yang kurang cermat apabila membuat rujukan ilmu. Ada juga yang hanya menerima bulat-bulat sesuatu ungkapan yang diwariskan kepada mereka.

Penyebaran 'hadis Melayu' ini juga berlaku kerana taklid semberono tanpa dipastikan kesahihan nas hadis tersebut. Masyarakat pula menerimanya kerana orang yang menyampaikan perkara itu adalah ustaz, ustazah dan orang alim. Ia juga berlaku disebabkan kekurangan ilmu dalam bidang hadis kerana hadis juga mempunyai pelbagai martabat ada yang hasan, mutawatir, mauduk dan juga daif.

Satu lagi sebab ialah ketiadaan pengawalan dan tapisan dari segi penerbitan buku-buku agama dalam bahasa Melayu. Ini menyebabkan banyak buku hanya merujuk kepada tulisan kitab-kitab rumi semata-mata sehingga tidak membuat semakan kepada kitab yang asal dalam bahasa Arab.

Rasulullah pernah memberi amaran dengan sabdanya, 'Barang siapa yang berkata sesuatu yang aku tidak kata, bersedialah tempatnya di neraka.' (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

Ini adalah natijah kepada mereka yang mengada-ada atau mereka sesuatu dan mendakwanya sebagai hadis Rasulullah. Lebih buruk lagi, ada sebilangan masyarakat yang memperjuangkan falsafah biar mati anak jangan mati adat walaupun adat itu ada yang melanggar syariat.

Apakah kesan hadis Melayu terutama yang melarang kanak-kanak berada dalam saf dengan orang dewasa dalam konteks mendidik anak-anak bersolat?

Kepentingan solat telah ditegaskan oleh Rasulullah dalam sabdanya, "Suruhlah anak-anak lelaki (dan perempuan) sembahyang apabila mereka berumur tujuh tahun dan apabila berumur 10 tahun pukullah mereka jika tidak bersembahyang." (Riwayat Abu Daud)

Namun, 'hadis Melayu' ini membantutkan usaha mendidik anak-anak dalam bersolat. Membiarkan anak-anak dalam saf dengan rakan sebayanya tidak akan membetulkan solatnya. Kerap kali kita melihat kanak-kanak yang berada dalam kumpulannya bukan bersolat sebaliknya lebih kepada bermain-main, menyiku rakan dan sebagainya. Sebaliknya, jika mereka diletakkan di sebelah bapa mereka akan dapat belajar cara sembahyang yang betul dari segi perbuatan rukuk, sujud dan sebagainya. Solat bersama bapa atau dalam saf dewasa lebih mudah mendisiplinkan anak-anak supaya mereka mencontohi kaifiat solat yang betul. Malah di negara-negara Arab, kanak-kanak ini dapat dilihat bersolat dalam saf dewasa.

Mula-mula mungkin kanak-kanak ini bermain tetapi lama-kelamaan apabila sudah terdidik mereka akan bersolat dengan betul. Apabila hal ini sudah tertanam dalam diri, sudah pasti mereka akan menjadi generasi yang mengimarahkan rumah-rumah Allah apabila dewasa kelak.

Barangkali 'hadis Melayu' itu timbul akibat sikap ibu bapa yang tidak mengawal anak-anak semasa membawa mereka ke masjid dan surau?

Ada kemungkinan juga tetapi pokoknya jangan berpegang atau beriman dengannya kerana ia bukan hadis. Ibu bapa yang hendak membawa anak ke masjid dan surau pun kenalah bijak. Kalau anak masih kecil pakaikan lampin pakai buang supaya tidak menjejaskan kesucian rumah Allah. Kalau anak masih terlalu kecil dan nakal serta tidak dapat dikawal janganlah bawa kerana ia boleh memudaratkan jemaah yang lain. Tetapi yang jelas, Islam tidak pernah melarang meletak anak dalam saf dewasa.

Bagaimanakah kita hendak membetulkan persepsi masyarakat tentang 'hadis Melayu' ini?

Pertamanya ia memerlukan kerjasama semua pihak terutama pihak berwajib dalam membezakan antara adat dengan ibadat. Penjelasan ini perlu disusun rapi untuk memudahkan masyarakat Islam. Semua pihak kena berlapang dada dan hikmah kerana perselisihan memang dibenarkan dalam agama tetapi ia hanya terhad kepada hal-hal yang furuk (cabang) bukan perkara qat'ie atau pokok. Ini dijelaskan dalam al-Quran yang bermaksud, Kemudian jika kamu berselisih dalam sesuatu perkara, maka hendaklah kamu mengembalikannya kepada (kitab) Allah (al-Quran) dan (Sunah) Rasulnya - jika kamu benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat. (An-Nisaa': 59)

Pendakwah juga mesti amanah kepada ilmu. Sesuatu yang diterima itu perlu ada kajian dan jangan diterima secara semberono. Ini menunjukkan kepentingan berfikir. Imam Ghazali pernah berkata, sesaat orang alim berfikir adalah lebih baik daripada bercakap beberapa patah perkataan. Dengan kata lain, kita perlu kembali kepada rujukan asal yang muktabar iaitu al-Quran dan hadis.

Khalayak atau para hadirin juga mesti berperanan sebagai check and balance dengan bertanyakan soalan semasa mencari ilmu. Dalam kitab Tanbihulghafilin karangan Abu Lais Samarqandi ada disebutkan adab menuntut ilmu iaitu orang belajar mesti mendapat sesuatu yang betul daripada orang yang mengajar kerana adab belajar jangan menerima sahaja.

Kita juga perlu menerima hakikat yang kebenaran itu hanya satu dan tidak berbilang-bilang sebagaimana yang dinyatakan oleh Saidina Ali r.a.. Kalau ulama bertelingkah, masyarakat akan menjadi mangsa.

Komen Ummu Amni Fawwaz:
Sebelum mengulas dan menyebarkan sesuatu hadis, pastikan sanadnya. Masalah orang Melayu kita sendiri, terlalu fanatik dengan penyebaran hadis, sehingga tidak memeriksa sumber hadis itu sendiri. Akibatnya, kita mungkin beramal dengan apa yang dikatakan 'hadis Melayu' ini. Mahukah kita tersalah ajaran?