Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Yes, I am calming down

Thanks for being concerned with me.

And as for the question of who it is, I would only say...

No comment.
-hoho, tiru gaya penyanyi pujaan Gang of 4 (err perasan tak, dia selalu sebut perkataan 'no komen' ni kan?).

Additional notes:
+ Please do not speculate if you don't know me, or any of my friends.
+ Please respect my writings and my friends.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Please respect

Please respect my writings, do not speculate too much.

Jangan sampai satu tahap, blog ini akan hilang sebab ada orang yang aku tak kenal buat onar.

Monday, 27 March 2006

School meme

Honoured to be tagged by Nusayba :). And yes Lynn, I know I owe you one.. tsk tsk

How many schools did I go to?

Should be 3.

The first one is my primary school - SRK Taman Seri Gombak. The school won the accolodes of having the highest numbers of achievers in UPSR and is touted as the best school in Selangor. Of courselah, when the school had like 600 students sitiing for UPSR, how would you expect the number of % to perform and scored straight As in the exam?

MRSM Pasir Tumboh. Yeay, the school is fun! We were the last batch to have rumah kedai as our school building and 1-storey linked house as our hostel. Isn't it cool? I still remember that since my class is facing the main road, and the hospital is not far away, the ambulance siren will be loud and we will be stunned for a moment to look at the ambulance before the teacher can continue the class.. HAHA!

And the pasar malam is just behind our wired gates, and we buy nasi lemak etc. through it.

Entering form 2 and form 3, we moved to proper buildings.. Sigh...

MRSM Jasin. Ok, this school is touted as Maktab Rendah Sains Agama. This is the most religious MRSM I ever attended, it's good for your spiritual well being. We had all sorts of activities for our Islamic knowledge and we even had ibadah haji, with miniature Kaabah for tawaf. Even we had to practice korbans and cooked dishes using our daging korban. Isn't it nice?

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

I am, definitely, without doubt, is the last minute hero.
I couldn't find myself as a nerd who reads books. During my secondary school at MRSM PT, I enjoyed studies, because everyone is having fun. But in MRSM J, it was a different story. Everyone is studying and I really feel out of place.

But the paper that I really scored was SPM Kertas 1 BM: Karangan. Yes, I know, Aini still scratched her head when I told her Kertas 1 is way much easier than Kertas 2: Pemahaman. I think, everyone is thinking I am crazy since most people scored in Kertas 2 (which I didn't) and I scored in Kertas 1 (which most people didn't favour). And yes, 1 of my karangan was published in Dewan Siswa. My father was beaming with pride on that one, and my mother said one of her friend suggested me to be a reporter.. Ciahh!

And of course, since I loved Prinsip Akaun, I studied really hard for it.

Was I the class 'taiko (don't-care-macho-attitude is what I presume it would mean in English) or the teacher's pet?

Yes, I am the don't care attitude people. I was only known with my favourite teacher, the Prinsip Akaun teacher since I kept scoring in her subject's paper.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

Ponteng kelas Kimia. My Chemistry teacher sends her regards to me.

And of course, I do not know whether this is considered as breaking the rule, but once my Physic teacher asked me why I do not finish the homework, and I said "Malas". He threatened to hang me to the ceiling fan.

Three subjects I enjoyed

Prinsip Akaun
. Definitely without doubt since my ambition is to be an accountant.

Additional Mathematics. Yes, I am really stupid during form 4. I failed. The teacher is very er... garang. I can't grasp the concept till I entered form 5. During form 4, if I scored 50%, I would be smiling already. Thank God there's another teacher during my F5 and she patiently teached me back everything. I enjoyed her lessons and my marks increased termendously for the subject.

Senireka. I loved arts.

Three teachers that inspired me

Prinsip Akaun: Cikgu Maznah
Additional Mathematics: Cikgu Kamsiah - she believes in me when I didn't even believe in myself.
Senireka: Cikgu Faridah. Yes, this is my best loved teachers, she is very understanding, and surprise, surprise, she came to my wedding all the way from Kelantan.

I should tag:

P/s: Don't you worry kak Tini, you are not tagged here!

Saturday, 25 March 2006

KL International Book Fair

Straight away after my meeting with old schoolmates at MidValley, we met with sis Ilham who loves to smile at KLIBF. She brought something for me.

Sincerest thanks from my heart, Ilham! You have endured a long journey with my dream book.

Oh BTW, KLIBF is always interesting. I didn't went to Hall 1, which exhibits contemporary books, but we went straight away to Hall 2 which focused on Islamic publications.

I found an Islamic encyclopedia (which is lovely for the kids), but the price is RM1,300 for 5 books. Next year bonus, perhaps.. sigh..

Friday, 24 March 2006

Kisah seorang sahabat

"Aku anggap kau dengan Sarah budak perempuan yang paling baik dengan aku."

Ayat dia yang aku masih ingat sampai hari ini.

Dua minggu lepas, aku dapat berita mengejutkan. Dia sudah berkahwin. Pesannya agar aku datang ke kendurinya. Aku tersenyum. Dia selalu mengejutkan. Tahu-tahu sudah jadi suami orang. Hari Sabtu, seorang sahabat berSMS suruh hadir ke kenduri si dia pada esok hari.

Bila aku SMS melahirkan rasa terkejut, dia sempat berlawak terasa macam kisah Cerekarama kerana tak sangka sudah menjadi suami orang.

Aku datang ke majlisnya, susah atau senang ditolak tepi. Kerana aku tahu, dia tentu kecewa kalau aku tidak datang. Walhal, aku amat baik dengannya semasa di zaman universiti.

Semalam, aku ke ibu pejabat. Workshop bersama Sarah.

"Kau datang kenduri dia?" aku bertanya.
"Tak sempat, aku balik KL sudah malam."

AKu faham, Sarah. Dia tentu kecil hati kalau kita tidak datang kendurinya. Panjang berceloteh tentang si sahabat.

"Isteri dia tentu berulang-alik tu," getus Sarah.
"Hah? Dia duduk di mana?"

Tahu-tahu dia sudah berhenti kerja, selalu sakit. Cuti sakit 1 atau 2 bulan. Kerja sendiri-sendiri, kata Sarah lagi. Panas duduk di KL, bila kembali ke tempat kerja, terus jatuh sakit. Balik Seremban, sembuh semula. Aku rasa tidak perlu berspekulasi sejauh itu. Mungkin suasana kerja yang cepat tidak sesuai dengannya.

"Aku terkejut dia kahwin."
"Itulah, tak sangka kan.. Dengarnya banyak masalah mula-mula dulu."

Aku jadi malu dengan diri sendiri. Jarang bertanya khabar dia.

Rasulullah saw said:
"Marriage is my way and my sunnah."
"The one who does not act upon my sunnah is not of me."

Tahniah, kau sudah menunaikan sebahagian sunnah Rasulullah.
Aku berharap kau kuat dalam menghadapi perjalanan hidup kau.

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

New new new

Yes, it's new!

And thank God I waited 2 weeks since I know Intel will launch its Intel Centrino Duo processor. I saved a whopping RM 1000 (from the quoted price last 2 weeks) when dh bought it yesterday!

Imagine that, saving RM 1000.. wohoooo!!

And yes, I am currently using it right now.

Monday, 20 March 2006

1st passport photo shoot session

Went to a photo shop yesterday for a passport photo shoot. I think the camera woman had to shoot Amni's pics for 20 times before it came out OK since she cannot sit still.

As for Fawwaz, kena jampi kot, he was really angelic and it took ONLY 2 attempts to get the picture right!

amni 1
amni 2
amni 3
fawwaz 1
fawwaz 2

Saturday, 18 March 2006

He who walks the talks

I forgot how my father is really really really good in financial planning and investment.

He went for a full lecture on us about unit trusts, shares and insurance for one hour.

Yup, it's how good he is in these things that I was slapping my forehead after he left. I was thinking how could I forgot to ask opinions from him about investments in the first place? Silly me :P

When I told you he's good, he's really good. He has been advisory to PNB about ASN/ASB and policy maker for KLSE a long time ago.

I forgot I have a financial planner at home, and it is free of charge.

Oh BTW, he said to invest in properties and Tabung Haji.

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Book review: Coraline

Thanks to Dali, for lending me this book yesterday. And yes, it has been ages since I last reviewed a book in a blog.

Since it is a children's book, and the fonts are big, I finished reading it in one hour.

Now, how should I start my review?

Thanks to Neil Gaiman (the writer), I would NEVER EVER looked at buttons the same way again!

The buttons I meant, it sent shivers in my spine. Because the evil characters had black buttons for their eyes.

Coraline is engaging, fast paced and scary. Yes, scary for a children's book. But I applauded Coraline because she's brave little girl who embarked on a quest to save her parents.

It is interesting though, she opened a door and stepped through it. She found herself in a house which was strangely similar to her house, but it was only better.

She found another mother (the other mother) and another father (the other father). They were thin, white and had buttons for their eyes. They want her to be their daughter and they want her to stay with them forever.

When she came back to her real world, her parents were gone. And that's when her journey to overcome her fear started.

The other mother loved challenges, and Coraline started a game. If she won, she can go to her real home and if she lost, she will stay with the other mother and be an obedient daughter.

Yes, she managed to saved her parents and other ghost childrens as well. But that's not the end of it...

I do think it is really not recommended for a children below 11 to read this. It was hard to digest and small children will be having nightmares after finishing it.

Tuesday, 14 March 2006


I shouldn't get too excited, yet.. about the marks.

But on the other hand, I should get excited since everyone keep telling us that our GM at HQ is really particular when reviewing the evaluation marks.

It is just a pleasant surprise that I got a nice comment from her,

"Receives good feedback and comments from Finance ***. Keep up the good work."

And she didn't even slash any of my marks. That comment put a smile on my face :)

Monday, 13 March 2006

Two news

Yeay... I scored big time in the KPI! Yeay!!
Rasa perit jerih buat kerja extra untuk pahala *bak kata kak Min* berbaloi!

kalau jadi bod Serious fiction n non-fiction...nak minta u jadi
co-mod dgn saya boleh tak? just utk sub-board tu jerr...


*Should I take this offer? I have been active in the Books & Literature forum, but this news is never expected. Do I have the time?

Saturday, 11 March 2006

Master of Medical Science

Orang kata, kalau mimpi yang baik-baik, sebar-sebarkan.. teeheee

A few days ago, I dreamt.
I dreamt that Aini and myself were selected for pursuing Master of Medical Science. We were elated, since it is hard to gain entrance to the course.

I had a vision of becoming a surgeon specialising as gynaecologyst.

And I thought we were going to further our study in Malaysia, in the first place. But the course instructor gave us 4 forms, and that's when I noticed that two forms are for universities in Japan, one in Australia and another in UK.

The dream stopped when I was thinking on how to bring along my family with me. At the end of it, I was still confused about the choice that I have to make.

I told dh about the dream a few days later, he said I am already old to pursue a course in Medicine. And he noted that my dream was really detailed, in a way.

But I still wonders, why did I dreamt about being able to further my study in Master of Medical Science? It sounds exotic and tempting. And I just found out that this Master of Medical Science really exists!! Ok, now I think this leads to a dejavu feeling. Am I crazy or what? I didn't know this program exists when it was first mentioned in my dream.

Thursday, 9 March 2006

Compaq Presario V2000

Setakat ni, mampu tengok jelah.
Tapi kalau tengok lama-lama, macam mampu je rasa.. hehehe

Lagipun laptop kat rumah tu masih boleh pakai, cuma tak larat bab nak angkat je, sebab berat sangat.. harga masa beli, effect papa kedana tu sampai sekarang terasa walaupun pakat bayar 50:50 dengan suami.

Duit bonus (kalau ada ler..) ingat nak buat beli water filter.
Tahun depan kalau dapat bonus baru boleh consider balik kot.. huehuehue

Mandi nifas = Mandi wiladah = Mandi wajib

Majalah ANIS bulan Mac telah menyatakan adanya mandi wiladah. Harap kawan dapat rujuk maklumat di bawah. Sebenarnya, dah lama diminta betulkan tanggapan mengenai mandi wiladah ni, tapi masalahnya orang kita, bila dapat satu sumber, tidak diperiksa sumbernya, kesahihannya, dalilnya, maka akan jadi seperti lembu yang dicucuk hidung. Kita percaya sahaja.. harapnya sebelum menjatuhkan hukum sesuatu perkara, pohon cari ilmu dahulu. Memang penat bertegar pasal kes ini dalam satu forum, tapi memang ada rakan 'maya' yang berdegil kata mandi wiladah itu wajib kerana ustazahnya bercakap adanya hukum tersebut. Janganlah jadi seperti orang tak faham agama, kalau tak faham, tapi mencari ilmu untuk fahamkan, tak apa.. ini tak faham dan degil pula!

Mandi Wiladah?


Ni aku terbace kat internet tentang "mandi wiladah" ni. Ade beberapa fatwa yg dorg kemukakan. Dan aku konpius. Boleh tolong sesape explain? Acai mesti tau punye sbb die kan dh nak dpt anak? Ok ni di antara fatwa yg dikemukakan ::-

1. Mandi wiladah dilakukan ketika selepas bersalin. Ia bukan merupakan "mandi nifas" iaitu mandi selepas kering darah nifas. Ia dilakukan supaya Ibu bersalin berada dalam keadaan suci, sebab mana tau kalu ajal tiba sebelum kering darah nifas. Dan ia adalah wajib dilakukan oleh semua para ibu bersalin.

2. Mandi wiladah hanya dilakukan jika sekiranya ibu tersebut mengalami keguguran atau pun bersalin tetapi tidak melibat kan darah. kalu bersalin normal,tak perlu buat mandi wiladah ni.

erm...ade due fatwa ni..mane satu betul? aku dh bace..ade penerangan die..tapi makin konpius...ermmm....

JAWAPAN: courtesy pengendali Bicara Fiqah, gayat


maaf krn lewat menjawab memandangkan saya sibuk minggu ini. Insya Allah saya lampirkan jawapan ust Zayed. WA.

Tiada dalil mengenai mandi wiladah.

Hadith riwayat al-jamaah kecuali an-nasa'ie meriwayatkan bahawa perempuan hendaklah melakukan ghusl dan solat selepas berhentinya darah selepas bersalin samada anak itu hidup atau mati Imam At-tirmizi menyebut, "di kalangan para sahabat dan generasi tabiin dan generasi tabi' tabiin sepakat mengatakan bahawa wanita selepas melahirkan anak hendaklah ia tidak bersolat selama 40 hari kecuali darahnya berhenti. Sekiranya darahnya berhenti mengalir sebelum tempoh itu (40 hari), hendaklah ia melakukan ghusl (mandi) dan melakukan solat."

Hadith S.A.W hanya menyebut mandi sekali sahaja selepas keringnya darah nifas.

Mandi wiladah merupakan term kpd mereka yg keguguran/bersalin melalui melalui pembedahan/anak mati. Ia masih dlm lingkungan mandi nifas.

Mengenai mandi dua kali (mandi nifas dan mandi wiladah) datang dari fatwa mufti brunei. Tiada dalil disertakan mengapa perlunya mandi 2 kali(dlm Irysad Hukum Edisi tahun 2000).

Tujuan mandi adalah utk membersihkan diri dan membolehkan kita bersolat. Selepas mandi nifas, boleh bersolat spt yg disebut dlm hadith. Jadi, apa keperluan mandi wiladah?

berikut tambahan ust THTL....

Mandi Wiladah = Mandi disebabkan illat bersalin ini adalah satu pendapat yg masyhur dalam Syafi'iyah, antaranya dalam Kitab-kitab popular mereka yg berikut: Fathul Mu'ien, Kifayatul Akhyar dan alGhoyah wa taqreeb. Ini dinamakan mandi wajib kerana bersalin kemudian kena pula mandi kerana tamatnya Nifas (40 hari). Tidaklah kita berminat utk memanjangkan kenapa mereka berpendapat demikian. Tapi spt kata Ust Zayed, mandi yg asah di sisi Jumhur ialah mandi Nifas sahaja. Jika bersalin tanpa darah atau bersalin secara Caesar tanpa ada darah, maka di sisi Hanbaliah dan fatwa2 semasa spt Lajnah Daimah KSA tidak wajib mandi sebab illat mandi ialah adanya Nifas
(bila kering nifas, barulah mandi)

Tafsiran mandi wiladah dan nifas ini adalah khilaf pada tafsiran illat (sebab) mandi bagi wanita: samada kerana bersalin atau kerana darah Nifas.

Pilihan kami: Illat mandi bagi wanita bersalin ialah adanya darah nifas.

Kesimpulan tambahan

Mandi nifas = Mandi wiladah = Mandi wajib

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Al-Fatihah to my staff's niece

Just to share something, pagi-pagi dah tersentuh hati bila staff ceritakan pengalamannya. I relate this with my own words.. Al-Fatihah

Anak saudara staff kat sini pun baru sahaja meninggal Ahad lepas. Umur baru 5 tahun. Rasa ralat sangat sebab sibuk workshop minggu lepas, tak sempat nak jenguk budak tu kat hospital. Bila saya masuk office semalam, staff lain cakap budak tu dah jadi arwah.

Based on my staff story, lebih terarah kepada denggi berdarah. Arwah mengalami internal bleeding sehingga darah keluar dari mulut mencurah-curah seperti air paip. Doktor di HKL yang 10 orang pun tergaru-garu memikirkan si anak kecil sakit apa sampai terlalu banyak darah yang mengalir. Rambut gugur bergumpal-gumpal dan kulit belakang badan dah tersopak.

Simptom sebelum dimasukkan ke hospital terlalu mengejut. Arwah bermain dan mengadu sakit kepala. Petang pada hari yang sama, arwah demam tinggi dan muntah-muntah sehingga pengsan. Bayangkan hanya satu hari berlaku, arwah terus tidak sedarkan diri dan dalam masa dua minggu di hospital, arwah meninggal.

Selasa lepas, doktor HKL minta kebenaran untuk buka mesin ventilator. Tapi ibu bapa arwah tak setuju, peluang untuk hidup ketika arwah diarahkan berpindah dari Hosp Ampang Puteri ke HKL adalah 30:70.

Sabtu lepas, doktor mengesahkan arwah sudah brain dead dan jika arwah masih lagi ada, dia akan hidup dalam keadaan koma.

Dan Ahad lepas Allah sudah memanggil arwah kembali ke pangkuanNya. Rasa tersentuh hati bila my staff relate arwah semasa di hospital dalam keadaan tidak bermaya, cengkung tetapi bila dimandikan dan dikapankan, pipi arwah yang cengkung jadi gebu, muka arwah berseri-seri, badan pula tidak susut seperti di hospital, malah pejal semula.

Malahan urusan jenazah juga sungguh mudah dan cepat.

Ibu arwah tidak menitiskan air mata ketika anaknya sudah terputus hayat di dunia. Malahan disabarkan lagi dengan kisah si anak menanti untuk menyelamatkan ibu bapa daripada api neraka.

Insya Allah, arwah akan menunggu di pintu syurga.

Saya berharap sahabat-sahabat dapat menyedekahkan al-Fatihah kepada arwah..

Fawwaz with a new haircut

The grandfather of the boy took him to a barber shop last Saturday.
The boy came back and his mother's first reaction was a blood curling scream (ok, I exaggerated that part).
[1] The boy sported a Mawi hair-styled cut - is that a good or bad news?
[2] He looked like Amar (my 8 y.o. cousin who is still popularly known to make everyone life miserable) - that's bad! Ampun Cik Mah sebab daku mengumpat anakmu.. :D
[3] His cute (I am a goody goody boy) is gone and he looked more mischiveous (I think I do not need to elaborate further on this).
[4] He can befriends Ameer (kak Tini's son) and formed a 'clean cut and bald hair style' cult.

Thursday, 2 March 2006


Yes, on a busy mode.
Updates on blogs? You have to wait for the-man-of-the-house to blog.

I am currently reviewing a Windows 2003 based system to replace the current Windows 3.1.1 (you know the Windows with only black screen and you still have to use the F1-F12 keys, yeah, that's the one). The system has been running for 10 years in our company. I found it quiet pathetic since we are in a telecommunication company, yet we are not forward in technology? Hmm...

Bak kata project manager, "Sistem ni, dari zaman kita bujang sehingga dah ada 3-4 anak, maknanya memang kena bertukar ke platform baru."

"Perkakasan lama tu bolehlah dicadangkan masuk dalam arkib Muzium."

Hai, nak muntah review sistem ni..

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Abah ni apa?

Amni: Abah ni sapa?
Abah: Pocoyo
Amni: Ni sapa?
Abah: Gajah
Amni: kann... eli-pan. Ni apa?
Abah: Duck
Amni: duk..

Sambil tunjuk kat lubang hidung Thaksin
Abah: Ni sapa amni?
Amni: hmmm (buat muka blur)

Sambil Tunjuk iklan M.Mobile
Abah: Ni sapa amni?
Amni: tersengih .... awi

Aduh-aduh.... sapa ler ngajor dia ni???

1. Mawi lebih popular dari Thaksin di kalangan kanak2 bawah 3 tahun
2. Otak diorang tengah ligat, kalau nak ajar cakap bahasa french, kena laa buat sekarang.
3. Siapa ada tips nak mengurangkan kelasakan seorang bayi lelaki berumur setahun lebih???