Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Book review: Coraline

Thanks to Dali, for lending me this book yesterday. And yes, it has been ages since I last reviewed a book in a blog.

Since it is a children's book, and the fonts are big, I finished reading it in one hour.

Now, how should I start my review?

Thanks to Neil Gaiman (the writer), I would NEVER EVER looked at buttons the same way again!

The buttons I meant, it sent shivers in my spine. Because the evil characters had black buttons for their eyes.

Coraline is engaging, fast paced and scary. Yes, scary for a children's book. But I applauded Coraline because she's brave little girl who embarked on a quest to save her parents.

It is interesting though, she opened a door and stepped through it. She found herself in a house which was strangely similar to her house, but it was only better.

She found another mother (the other mother) and another father (the other father). They were thin, white and had buttons for their eyes. They want her to be their daughter and they want her to stay with them forever.

When she came back to her real world, her parents were gone. And that's when her journey to overcome her fear started.

The other mother loved challenges, and Coraline started a game. If she won, she can go to her real home and if she lost, she will stay with the other mother and be an obedient daughter.

Yes, she managed to saved her parents and other ghost childrens as well. But that's not the end of it...

I do think it is really not recommended for a children below 11 to read this. It was hard to digest and small children will be having nightmares after finishing it.

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