Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Busy as bees

I have been appointed as team leader for UAT NPCS (why God, why?) and an AGM telah mewajibkan my attendance for the testing.

I have to attend a workshop and have to do presentation (again!)

I have to attend a meeting this afternoon and I think I am going to do a presentation (again!)

Our outlet will be the pilot outlet to have a roll out on the testing (kalau tak jalan sistem tu, memang berkampung 3 hari 3 malam)

I can't wait for our Cuti-Cuti Thailand this Friday.

I am seriously brain damaged.

Thursday, 18 May 2006


My tastebud cannot sense any taste for 4 days due to the effect from the fever. I have not been able to enjoy my food as before and I usually cannot finish my usual serving.

Now the problem is, I couldn't even eat chocolate and feel the chocolaty taste.. arghhh

Kalau lama-lama macam ni, mungkin boleh cepat mendapat berat idaman.. hehe

And yes, the movie yesterday left a sour taste, very bland, no connection between the hero and heroine, stiff performance and the ending, argh, why did they have to change the ending? Tom Hanks nampak letih (I can see his age on his face), I only can applaud Silas' performance. Banyak scene kena ubah.

I don't think I want to review it, such a disappointment.
Untuk pembaca buku DVC, lebih baik simpan duit tiket wayang tu buat beli lunch/dinner.

Kalau korang nak tengok gak, aku jamin korang boleh mengamuk dan jadi zombie sebab tak sangka filem tu teruk. Tapi aku rasa korang boleh enjoy visual filem sahaja. Dan aku rasa ada juga orang akan cakap filem ni best kalau diaorang memang tak baca novel tu.

Dan aku jamin korang takkan tengok filem tu berkali-kali lepas korang tengok buat kali pertama.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Happy [Belated] Teacher's Day

Ok, sebab blog ini aku punya, sukahatilah nak buat posting berapa kali satu hari.
P/S: Sorry for the blunt reminder, I think I am [un]high on cough syrup.

Ini kiranya aku nak kongsi pengalaman tragis dengan cikgu-cikgu aku.

First and foremost, I believe I am a bright student, but with no pushing whatsoever (kalau cikgu tak rotan, tak marah, tak dera), laziness will come and overtook my whole body. Dan alasan yang cikgu aku akan terima adalah "Saya malas, cikgu."


That was what happened with my Form 4 Physic Teacher.
I was the only person in the classroom who didn't do (I said 'do' ok, not 'finish') the homework assigned by the teacher.

The day that we were supposed to show him our completed homework, he came and checked each student's book one by one.

First row, second row, third row... Dang! It's my turn.

"***** Aida, kenapa awak tak buat kerja rumah yang saya bagi?"
"Sebab saya malas, cikgu." [yes, it's true, I gave the answer]

And you know what the teacher said,
"Nanti saya gantung awak dekat kipas."

I was like, huh, boleh buat ke? Tak sangka gak cikgu ni pandai buat lawak.

Anyway, one more incident occured during our Chemistry class, which unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness (but if I was there, I would not be able to be woven into the plot).

It's already 10 minutes into the Chem class, and our teacher still didn't arrive. Assuming she would never come, one of my classmates and I started packing our things and went back to the hostel. I had about 30-minutes rest.. nak tidur gitu.. ekekeke

When my other classmates came back, they told us we got 'salam sayang' from the teacher (she wears purdah tau!). Unfortunately, the teacher did came much later after we 'cabut'.

The next class started with her (cikgu pakai purdah ok buat lawak ni!) teasing about did we get her 'salam sayang'. As usual, I would just smile macam kerang busuk. Senyuman kerang busuk nilah menyebabkan cikgu purdah tu tak jadi nak marah aku.. hehehe :)

Okla, cerita melalut sangat dah ni.
My point is, Happy Teacher's Day! (aik, ada kaitan ke dengan cerita merapu di atas? Ade kot..)

Today is d' day!

OK, I am so excited! The tixs for The Da Vinci Code are with my dad. The whole family is going for the DVC premiere. Tapi aku rasa macam berbelah bagi nak pergi ke tak sebab:

  1. Aku masih tak sihat.
  2. Fawwaz boleh ke dok diam lelama.
  3. Ayah baru cakap cerita tu 'for 18 and above only'.
  4. Anak-anak melepas kat dalam panggung, potong steam aku menghayati cerita itueww.
Lepas tu aku fikir pula jawapan yang aku boleh digest dalam minda aku:

  1. Demam takde dah.. tapi telinga cam berdengung-dengung. Ada cold dengan cough aje. Aku rasa nak saman je doktor kat klinik tu, doktor cucuk kat bon*** sakit siot! Siap bengkak-bengkak lagi.
  2. Tengah berdoa agar Fawwaz tidur sepanjang tayangan.
  3. Tak kisah ler, Amni pun 18 gak (dalam masa 15 tahun lagi.. kuikuikui).
  4. Tengah doa banyak-banyak agar budak-budak ni dah siap melepas kat nurseri, senang kerja :P

Anyhow, Yati, kan aku dah cakap John Grisham tak best, aku half abandon buku dia kat tengah jalan sebab memang tak best langsung.. Makhluk manalah yang puja sangat mamat tu sampai semua buku dia bestseller. Sungguh tak best!

Alamak, lari topik pulak. Sebenarnya, aku nak cakap, Yati, kau janganlah jealous aku dapat pergi DVC premier malam ni. Save your last breath. Esok or lusa aku tulis review, ok?

And to all yang menyatakan kejealousan masing-masing thru various communication tools, I am gonna have fun tonight! Yehaaa :P

Monday, 15 May 2006

Macam nak demam

Srot.. srot!
Itu bunyi hidung, dah berair-air, dah berapa kali dihembus, tak selesa.

Makan Panadol Soluble, tapi rasa macam makin tak sihat.
Office ni, air cond pun dah nazak (maklumla, nama pun unit Finance, mestilah berjimat cermat), tapi masih rasa sejuk dan mengigil-gigil.

Tadi pergi makan, adik kantin tegur, muka dah merah.
Aku senyum, "Selsema je."

Balik pejabat, kakak sepejabat tegur, demam ke?
Aku senyum lagi, "Selsema je."

Tapi sekarang memang rasa lembik sangat.

Kalau demam, seronok juga, tapi bila fikir balik, tak payahlah demam, banyak kerja!

Update (15.49): Dapat MC esok, doktor lelaki tu inject kat bawah, ish malunya. Cakap taknak, tapi doktor cakap virus fever. Kalau tahu kena inject dengan doktor tu, mesti saya tak jadi pergi klinik.

I left my heart in Borneo

From The Star, 14 May 2006
Happy Teacher's Day, I found this a heart rending story.

I left my heart in Borneo

For many teachers, a first posting to East Malaysia is something akin to a calamity. But for MANJIT SINGH DHALIWAL, the experience left him with the sweetest of memories.

AS a city boy, born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, I was horrified to learn that I had been sent to Sarawak for my first teaching posting. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

I still remember how I felt when I first docked at the wharf in Kapit, Sarawak; the culture shock I experienced. Of course, I realise now that I must have been just as much of a shock to the Ibans as they were to me.

Manjit (in turban) with his Iban students inside their classroom.

The first thing I noticed as the express boat docked at the wharf in Kapit were the telephone and electricity lines. I was relieved as I had not expected Borneo to be so modern. As I struggled with my luggage, I noticed that everyone was staring at me - people from across the street, people in coffee shops, people in slow moving cars. I quickly did a double check on myself. What were they staring at? Surely they have seen a Sikh before, I thought.

To escape their stares, I rushed into a phone booth to place a call home, but had to cut the conversation short when an old Iban man decided to step into the booth to take a closer look at me. He smiled, gave me a salute and shook my hand. He must have thought I was a policeman - a reminder of a past era when Sikhs were stationed to Sarawak as policemen.

How well I remember the next few hours! The Ibans seemed overcome by the sight of a burly Sikh from nowhere. Small kids hid behind their mothers while the bolder ones pointed fingers at me and jabbered excitedly. Long haired teenagers threw challenging stares.

I felt like an outcast, and fought desperately against the urge to stare back. Most of the Ibans had tattoos on their bodies - the women wore them on the back of their hands while the men, with far more elaborate tattoos, sported them on both arms and legs. Some of the women also had long ear lobes weighted down by heavy earrings.

But if they looked out of place to me, I must have looked just as weird to them - many could not stop staring at my turban.

Luckily, I met some West Malaysian teachers who helped me check into a hotel. When they heard that I had been assigned to a school at Nanga Mujong, they dropped another bombshell- my school was two hours upriver from Kapit.

The only good thing was, they also introduced me to Stephen Pui, the Sarawakian Chinese who was the headmaster of my school. Stephen lived in town and made me feel at home.

The next morning, I took an express boat to my new abode for the next four years. If the staring in town was bad, the attention I got on the boat was worse. It was the longest two hours of my life.

Finally, I was "home". There were no telephone lines. Electricity was via a generator switched on only from 6pm till midnight. The only means of transport from the school to town was by the express boat.

The headmaster's assistant Tawan ak Aban showed me around the house I was to share with a fellow West Malaysian teacher Ee Gim Siong.

We set out to explore the surroundings. As we walked towards a longhouse, I heard footsteps behind us, and saw dozens of school children following us from a safe distance. However, the minute they saw us looking at them, they dived into the bushes for cover. That was when I decided that I would only visit the longhouse after I had been properly introduced.

That moment came six months later. By then, the students were used to my presence.

All the teachers decided to pay a visit to the longhouse during the Iban harvest festival or Gawai.

As we approached the longhouse, there was laughter and cheers but as soon as I stepped in, everyone became quiet. The head of the longhouse or tuai rumah offered us tuak or rice wine, which the headmaster and senior teachers downed at one go.

Now, I come from an orthodox Sikh family where alcohol is a big no-no! But, there and then, when I found every eye in the longhouse upon me, holding a cup filled to the rim with tuak, and the tuai rumah gesturing at me to drink it all down... well, I held my breath and downed the tuak.

Immediately, everyone broke into cheers and laughter, and hands appeared from all corners of the longhouse to shake mine. I even had hugs and kisses on the cheeks.

Looking back now, had the tuai rumah offered me poison, I would still have drunk it.

After that incident, everyone became suddenly friendly. It was as if I had finally become one of them. The stares stopped and parents no longer stood outside the classroom windows to "study" with their children.

The teachers too became more helpful. I got on especially well with an Iban teacher Nyandang ak Seli, who was ecstatic at my arrival because he had finally found someone to practise his English on. We conversed in a mixture of Iban, Malay and English.

There was a time when we almost got into serious trouble because of this. It happened during a school trip upriver. I was the co-pilot, and Nyandang the pilot, in a longboat which carried seven students.

My job was to look out for floating objects and to warn Nyandang, who was the navigator, of them. At a sharp bend, the longboat headed straight for a tree. I was about to use an oar to push the boat away when Nyandang shouted, "Wait, wait!"

I quickly sat down, thinking that Nyandang would manoeuvre the boat to safety, then jumped up again when Nyandang started shouting desperately, "Use the oar, push the boat!"

With all my strength, I managed to push the boat away, just in time. Nyandang was furious! The misunderstanding was cleared up later.

I thought he had asked me to "wait", not realising that in the Iban language, "wait" meant to "steer the boat".

My four years at Nanga Mujong passed quickly. I am now back at an urban school in Kuala Lumpur. It has been 13 years since I came "home". There are telephone wires everywhere and nobody stares at me here. My house is only half a kilometre from my school.

Yet, I sometimes feel a strange yearning when I think back to my time among the Ibans in Kapit, Sarawak. It is almost as if I have left part of my heart there.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

The gathering on 6 May

Thank you for making my day!
Terima kasih daun keladi, tahun depan kita jumpa lagi!

with kak nora

one whole family

Mabruk Ida!

Sebuah lagi kisah Vaginal Birth After C-sect (VBAC).. Alhamdulillah

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Da Vinci Code premiere

Amni, Fawwaz, dh and I are going to the grand premiere next Wednesday!

:big grin:

P/S: Oh do please, I beg you, to comment on being jealous about my luck.. HAHAHAH :P

Sunday, 7 May 2006

Jalan-jalan balik Melaka

We went to Jusco Ayer Keroh in search of gifts for my mom and a friend who got hitched in February. My kids got excited playing at the furniture department section, and they loved the bean bag, and the stool, and the small table.. Haiya, calculating in my head how much we are going to need to buy these things for the kids.. $$$$

anak-anak lepak kat dept perabot

Abah, bila nak beli kerusi & meja untuk kami yang comel ni?

New shoes for the kids.. to replace the old ones..

new shoes from Bata!

Sayang Ibu dapat kasut baru, muah muah muahss!!! :X

Oh yeah, the sole reason for us going back to Melaka is to attend an important reunion - MMUSCC which were co-organised by Afizan, T-rex, Syed and myself. As usual, we all kecoh sampai nak pecah kedai!! Upload gambar later, k? It was nice to meet Kak Nora, Pakcik Poad and En Azizi. Should be an annual event :D

Friday, 5 May 2006

C-sect confinement tips

As promised ;).
Kak Aidura, sila tambah ye tips nanti...
  1. Eat the prescription prescribed by the doctor, religiously.
  2. Eat lots of ikan haruan. During my confinement, I have to eat it for 2 straight weeks and my mom had to cook in many styles, sup ikan haruan, ikan haruan bakar, ikan haruan rebus, etc. etc. If cannot tahan, you can try pati/pil ikan haruan. Good for healing your inside wounds.
  3. Swallow jeli gamat. Suggest to buy from Luxor (I'm a dealer, hehee). If you cannot stand the smell of jeli gamat, you can substitute with Sirap Roselle Gamat.
  4. Eat lots of vegetables.
  5. Drink lots of water.
  6. After every bath, use a hair dryer to dry your wound. This is also excellent for mommies who delivered normally, I can guarantee your wound can heal faster than usual.
  7. Since C-sect mommies cannot berbengkung, bertungku, bertangas etc. suggest to substitute with minyak panas (buang angin).
  8. If you want to eat jamu, start one month after you gave birth. You can also berbengkung, bertungku, bertangas etc. after one month.

P/S: Ida, I am praying for your normal delivery.. Yakin boleh!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

dead (adj.): Weary and worn-out; exhausted.

brain (n.) : The portion of the vertebrate central nervous system that is enclosed within the cranium, continuous with the spinal cord, and composed of gray matter and white matter. It is the primary center for the regulation and control of bodily activities, receiving and interpreting sensory impulses, and transmitting information to the muscles and body organs. It is also the seat of consciousness, thought, memory, and emotion.

cell(s) (n.) : Biology. The smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning, consisting of one or more nuclei, cytoplasm, and various organelles, all surrounded by a semipermeable cell membrane.


Monday, 1 May 2006

I am off (I suppose)

We went for Mawaddah's aqeeqah this afternoon. I completely forgot about it and had been planning to zoom off to Giant Batu Caves after Zohor. My mom asked me about it and I was slapping my forehead on why I could not even remember about the much awaited aqeeqah.

So off we zoomed to Farra & Deman's new house. Of course, the aqeeqah starts at 10 a.m., but our members came after Zohor (stated in the invitation). And that's when the 'sesi ukur mengukur berat dan ketinggian anak-anak' starts!

I was flabbergasted to meet the mother of Imaan *wink*, and her baby, masya Allah, tembamnya.. he will outgrow all the boys! (including Fawwaz and Mus'ab). Hehehe :P

Ok peeps, I am off tomorrow till Thursday, I think. I will be in a workshop damaging my brain cells :D. Don't be nakal-nakal, ok?

P/S: Safurah, I think I will post on how to berpantang C-section style later since I only realised you had limited knowledge on this.. tehee :P (even tho you are already out of confinement, but for future reference, boleh la yek :P)


Yesterday was only spent washing the curtains with Amni helping me spring cleaning the house.

Due to heavy rain and storms, our house is on blackout yesterday. Fawwaz was crying and Amni was on fever (again!). We decided to go to my mom's house and stayed there for the night.

The electricity was only restored around 10 p.m. after 4 hours of blackout. At that time, we were too engrossed with Lela Manja that we didn't go home.

Fawwaz had a really terrible cough (an evil virus) that makes him puke every time he finished his milk - due to coughing too much. We had to wash two t-shirts, two bedsheets, one blanket, and one pillow case this morning.

Our jalan-jalan plan is postponed from last Saturday. Yesterday, dh suggested we go to Ikano at Mutiara Damansara, but we settled for Giant Batu Caves.. hehe :P Nak bagi cukup syarat je untuk anak-anak berjalan...

Anak-anak ibu, permata hati.

Kalau ibu marah mereka, merekalah juga yang memberi penawar dengan sekuntum senyuman.
Kalau ibu puji mereka, mereka jugalah akan menceriakan hari ibu dengan menjaga kelakuan masing-masing.

Semoga cepat sembuh sayang...