Monday, 31 July 2006

Amni donned the tudung

We were planning for our jalan-jalan when I asked whether Amni wants to wear her tudung.

She replied "Nak ebu!" (mind you, eebu/ebu = ibu)

Dh asked whether she really wants to don the tudung (in case the weather gets hot) and I replied, "It's OK, if she doesn't want, we can just take it off and pack inside our bag."

So she wore her tudung and we went to Sogo to search new Raya clothes for Fawwaz (in case you guys wonders, Amni already had her Raya clothes). We travelled by LRT at 11 a.m. and went back to the house around 2 p.m.

She wore the tudung till we get back home.

Oh, and Fawwaz charmed a salesperson cum aunt at the Kobe cosmetic counter. He shaked and kissed the aunt's hand. He did that twice and said bye-bye to the aunt. She was bowled over by his ehem.. charms and keep saying he is very cute (isn't it weird the Chinese always said he's cute. I suspect this has something to do with his sepet eyes).

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Excuse to update cum chef-in-the-making

I do not know what I should write in my blog. The post get shorter, if you guys notice. There are so many things jumbled in my mind, but I do not know how to put it in words. Writer's block. Dot.

So here I am putting words for a few things that I noted in our simple life.

I had migraine these past few weeks. The frequency had been increasing, and I suspect this might had to do with my workload. Funny how the migraine comes during my brain drain session and I really need a cure for it. I really need my rest, but I suspect I could not take any leave yet. For the time being, I make do with the migraine.

We watched The Shawshank Redemption last Tuesday. I have lost counts on how many times we watched it. We started in the middle of the story (during the Rita Hayworth scene) and watched it till the end. And of course, for those of you who do not know, the film is 90% set in a prison. But it was a perfect film, and I did again cried during the last redemption (silly of me..).

Fawwaz & Amni loves the flap books that I have bought for them last Friday. It just costs me RM 9.90 each and the book have like 20 flaps for the kids to open and peeked on what's inside. Apart from reading, the kids had developed skills on playing rumah-rumah and main masak-masak. Which is weird, I think, since Fawwaz is a boy, and he loves to do some imaginery cooking. He loves the supermarket's catalog especially if there is a picture of food on it. He imaginarily picked the food from the catalogue and asked us to open our mouth (nak suaplah tu konon!)

Me thinks he is a chef-in-the-making!

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Buanglah saya jauh dari mereka

Lama-lama kerja di sini, mungkin saya boleh kena heart attack.

Cukuplah menyesakkan dada. Cukuplah.
Ini kerja saya, saya percaya kerja adalah amanah dari Allah.

Perlukah saya mengajar mengenai amanah kepada anda?
Perlukah saya mengajar etika kerja kepada anda?
Perlukah saya berdiam diri apabila kemungkaran berlaku di depan mata?

Adakah saya layak menasihati anda yang selayaknya saya panggil pakcik?


Buanglah saya jauh-jauh dari mereka.

Monday, 24 July 2006

You know you have watched a lot of Playhouse Disney Channel when...

[1] You watched Barney & Friends, and you realised the little girl inside the show has grown up (in terms of height)
[2] You know you will be greeted by Bob The Builder when you arrived home from work
[3] You suspect Pocoyo was based from Fawwaz's character
[4] You commented on the same outfit the Higglytown Heroes characters are wearing
[5] You watched The Shanna's Show and imagined Shanna as Amni and Shane as Fawwaz
[6] You watched an episode from Jojo's Circus and you know it was the third repeat
[7] You argued with your husband about Jojo's pet lion's name (the name is Goliath)
[8] You are confused whether Butter from PB & J Otter is a girl or a boy (you figured Butter is a girl later)
[9] Your favourite show is Little Einsteins because Annie is so cute
[10] You want your future baby to look like Annie but your husband said June looks cuter

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

40 hari

Penceramah: Nanti kalau sudah check in di Kelana Jaya, tak boleh keluar daripada kompleks, kena duduk dalam dewan. Bila tiba masa berangkat ke KLIA, azan akan dilaungkan.

Makcik sebelah aku: Masa azan tu nanti mesti syahdukan, masa tu la baru teringat kita dah tak dapat nak jumpa keluarga.

Aku: (dalam hati) Waaa... macammana la nak hidup 40 hari tanpa budak-budak ni? Sah-sah masa check in terus mengalir air mata..

Monday, 17 July 2006

Grand Liqa' 06

We have finished our 16-week course last Saturday. The practical will be held this coming Saturday. We have to check in at the mosque at 6.00 p.m.

Now, how about the Grand Liqa'? Attendance is only 31, but it's fun. Tired but fun. The venue was nice. Nanti buat lagi la kat tempat yang ada air, boleh anak-anak terjun kolam atau sungai bila nak mandi. The man of the house complained about the aches since he had to row the raft twice. I rowed the raft with my hand... tsk tsk.. The task was to get the leaf from the other side of the lake and row back to the starting point.

4 teams played, the game were great. The muktamar was the shortest in history (or so we were told). The kids were playing inside the hall during the Aqidah talk and muktamar.

Fawwaz made friends. He played with Abu Amiir's kids and Nufayl. He smacked Nufayl. Dh had to stop him. He played football with Nufayl (oh, that was great!). Amni? Dia tak main, jadi anak dara paling bersopan santun kat GL. Lebih bersopan santun daripada ibunya yang sangat bising.

Both kids behaved nicely during the sukaneka. Fawwaz was excited to watch other people opened their hampers. He loved to entertain his own self.

The kids slept for 4 hours that afternoon.

Friday, 14 July 2006

I will remember yesterday forever

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Happy belated birthday dear

Yesterday was his birthday.
We do not celebrate it because we have to attend a course at Masjid WP. I am delaying the lunch celebration to next week. Anyway, the course was good, but the organiser was not. I mean, they were not organised.

Ok, enough about that.

On Sunday, we went to see Aminah @ Ainul with her newborn, Muhammad Munzir. She was doing well, alhamdulillah. Her SIL served donuts for us, but Amni had to puke on it, and her puke coloured pink (due to drinking sirap bandung) with white rice. Two carpets had to be clean up, and dh had to bath her at Ainul's-in-laws' house.

Alamak malunya.. thank God Fawwaz behaved while sitting and looking at the new born.

She puked some more on the floor and I had to say goodbye to Ainul. She puked again at home, twice, and suddenly, her brother had to puke in front of the TV.

Ok, so I thought she was the only one who had stomach upset. Obviously, Fawwaz also had it, and I had a REALLY bad headache (and also rasa mual-mual).

Since the man of the house is OK, he had to ensure everyone is OK before he goes to sleep, but at 3 a.m., Amni puked again (alahai anak ibu, dah 5 kali muntah ni!!). It seemed that dh also had a stomach upset, and it confirmed our theory in the first place.

We blamed the sirap bandung.

And yes, our night was spent cleaning the mess, shouting at the kids, and less sleep. Even though the World Cup final was on TV, and I watched Zidane being sent off (it's during the 80+ minutes of the game with the score still at 1-1) during the cleaning up time, we went to sleep back again.

I had to dream and wonder whether Italy or France wins the World Cup.. cheh!
So, first thing in the morning, I had to discuss with dh who got the best players, and I predict Italy, but I decided it would be France, and vice versa (actually we had the WC conversation, like everyday, but I do not want to mention it over here, since it looked like I am a footbal fanatic).

In the end, dh switched the TV to look at the result and said Italy won 5-3 by penalty.

I predict, in year 2010, Argentina would win the WC.

Friday, 7 July 2006

Cheoeum Geu Jari-e by Lee Bo Ram

Geudae jigeum naegaseum-e deuleowa sarangeul malhago issjyo
Kkumi anigireul naneun gidohaebwayo
Naemami jakku geudaeran saram nohji malrago haneyo
yokshimeul naeramyeo babo gateun maleul haneyo

Uyeonhi dagaon geudae sarangi waenji nachseolji anhassjyo
Hajiman yaksokdoen inyeoigie sarani doel jul molrassjyo
jogeum humyeon geudae bonaeya haltende geureol jashini eobsjyo

Na holro issdeon geujarireul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
Dangyeonhan ilinde wae mami apeujyo
geudae wonhadeon sarangeul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
haengbokhan geudaereul useumyeo bonaeya haltende

nae nuneul bomyeo sarangeul malhajyo seuchyeogan sarangijiman
i sungan naneun neomu haengbokhaeyo machi kkumeul kun geos cheoreom
ijeya alasseoyo cheoeumbuteo urin saranghaesseossdaneun geol

na holro issdeon geujarireul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
dangyeonhan ilinde wae mami apeujyo
geudae wonhadeon sarangeul chaja ije dolagal ppuninde
haengbokhan geudaereul useumyeo bonaeya haltende

naege sarangeul jumyeon andoenayo geudae jeongmal andoenayo
ijeneun geudaereul itorok saranghaneunde

1. Ini bukan spam post ye. Nanti kalau nak tahu maksud, kena tanya
Fawwaz. Fawwaz tolong translatekan.. like in 10 years time, ok? :P

2. Masa pergi Thailand, cerita Full House tengah hit. How do I know about that? Kat pasar Chatuchak ada dengar versi lagu Full House dalam bahasa Thai.. banyak kali pula tu radio kat sana putar, nak tergelak dengar :>

3. Agaknya, bila Fawwaz besar, ada rupa macam dia ni tak? Hehehe...

Thursday, 6 July 2006

New excuse for shopping

When Dali mentioned in her blog about being skinny, I laughed. No, it is not about her, but about me.

People used to tell me I had a small waist (macam kerengga) and asked whether I exercised. Well, that was like, 3 1/2 years ago, okayy?

My long time figure had gone and I gained 10 kg post marriage and post pregnancy with 2 kids. Even to some people, I look just nice and not too skinny, while for others, they even remarked about how fat I am compared to the old me - which is VERY VERY VERY skinny.

That's when I remembered that even though I gained 10 kg, I still fit in all my Form 4 baju kurungs. So I told dh about giving away a few of my baju kurungs and he asked why. I told him some baju kurung had entered its' 10th anniversary year. Anyway, I was glad to know that I still can wear my old clothes to work :)

And today, today, my dear friends, since I went back to Bangsar for the system's post review, where I was joined by my 2 colleagues, they went to Gulati's (which is on a BIG sale), and I bought a new kain to make a new baju kurung for myself. It costed me RM 143 after a discount of 55%! See, didn't I tell you it was a BIG sale? Of courselah, girls are always associated with BIG sale and shopping.

Oh yes, a good excuse to spend my own money. To reorganise my wardrobe.

P/S: I have 4 baju kurungs to be given away. Any taker? Will be adding more soon..

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Hectic week

Dear diary,

Sorry that I ditched you for a long time.
I am having a hectic week, with more works piling.

To summarise it in one breath, I attended 1 training (which I got offered to be a trainer after the training session), organised 1 meeting and 3 days of standby mode that I almost forgot I really need to do some major updating.

After 6 months of being in the team, FINALLY, with much relief, that I was smiling at 2 in the morning when we finally wrapped up. The project costed million$$$ for the company, and I could not contain my relief, with all those mind boggling pouring of ideas, that we successfully launched the Phase 1 system at Bangsar.

But the moment that I will miss most, is to be close with the team, knowing all sorts of people from other division, and it needed this one mega project to connect us all. I think I would miss the team. It was easy to think back the moment that we had to go back at 7 p.m. and with bated breath, stayed with me till 9 p.m. everyday at the outlet to ensure the smoothness of the project.

And amidst all this, I got to know that I was elected to be in the Phase 2 project (no, I am not complaining yet).

I received 2 good news amidst the hectic schedule. 1 is for my friend, who shall not be named, had been appointed to be a manager (I truly believe she deserved this, albeit the backstabbing that some people would do to her). I know she still could not believe it yet, but I know she will be a good leader, Insya' Allah...

My colleague is back from her maternity leave two weeks, and boy, was I glad that she came back. People said 2 heads are better than 1, and I believe we could set up the pace back with all those ideas outpouring session. I do respect her a lot, she is 9 years my senior, and we have become sorts-of-best-friend when it come to teaming up with each other (or backing each other, to be exact, for some matters).

And last, for Atie. I hope you are enjoying your work there! Do contact me if there is any job vacancy in like.. 5 years time (after I finish my contract with the company *wink*)