Saturday, 25 November 2006

Goodbye love!

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

A-packing we do

Last night was spent for packing.
Fawwaz was asleep and Amni followed us to the guest room.

I was busy tagging the bag while dh was counting his clothes to be packed alongside with his kain ihram.

"Amni nak ikut pergi haji!" she voiced out.
"Tapi barang Amni tak ada pun" he told her.
"Macammana nak pergi haji, barang kakak tak ada ni," I remarked.

She was busy playing with the teddy bear twiced her size.

"Ibu, ini surat kan?"
"Ha-ah, akak simpan dalam beg tu ok"
"Amni nak gi haji!" she exclaimed again.

I cried yesterday. It was weird not having to wake up in the middle of the night to change the kids' diapers or preparing their milk for more than a month. Or having your kids screaming at the top of their lungs early in the morning while we were still in bed sleeping. Or busy bathing them with their bubbles.

Leaving them was a hard decision. (but we were leaving them for Allah)

We were thinking of uploading the kids pic for us to view over there.

Today, I might be busy screaming at them for being hoydenish. But I know I will miss them (walaupun busuk and all). It's way different after having them with us for 3 years, and suddenly you have to adapt to a different lifestyle of not having them tagging along with you.

It's weird, isn't it? At one moment, you will feel that why the kids were doing this or that, or complained, penatnya nak melayan. But in another moment, you are grateful you have them in your life, and you want them to be your little child. Always.

Ah, the joy of parenthood.

Saturday, 18 November 2006


My friend, who should be organising her open house tomorrow is cancelling the invitation.

The reason? Her father died because of heart attack. He was admitted to ICU this morning and just passed away this afternoon.


DaripadaNya kita datang, dan kepadaNya kita kembali.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Hari-hari jual iTalk

Thanks to loyal customers (ho hum.. you know who you are :D) and extensive promotion from Ustaz Daud Che Ngah upon the cheap rates of iTalk calls from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, I have achieved my sales target for the iTalk program. And if anyone is interested to buy iTalk from me, please do no hesitate. Last order is on Monday for Menara people, and Tuesday for outsiders. Cakap banyak, bayar kurang!

The mosque organised bacaan doa and Yassin for bakal haji last night. We left Amni at my mom's house, while Fawwaz was screaming on the top of his lungs with these words, "Nak akut! Nak akut!" (Nak ikut! Nak ikut!) when he saw both of us busy dressing to go outside.

So off he went with us to the mosque, bringing his miniature helicopter and his botol susu. While I was reciting Yassin, he cannot stay put. After the recital, he keep asking "Abah mana?" and "Tok ayah mana?" and when I said "Kat depan", he asked again and again.

During Isyak prayer, I let him loose at one section. When I have finished praying, I was searching for him high and low. I saw him with his father and dh remarked a hand was grabbing his shoulder during sujud. He knew it would be Fawwaz. The boy ran in front to search for dh during the middle of the prayer.

Bertuahnya anak ibu!

Mom told me not to wash one of my clothes after wearing.
In case the kids got high fevers if they missed us :(

Oh, I can imagine that. Amni kept saying that "Abah ngan ibu nak gi haji", but she still couldn't grasp the meaning of the words, since we are still in front of her. She will notice when we are gone, and asked my parents to send her back home, but the house is empty. Then I know that she will start to cry.

As for Fawwaz, since his question would be "Abah mana?" or "Ibu mana?" like 100X per day, then my siblings/parents will have a tough time explaining to him about us going for hajj.

Dh remarked about how we will miss the kids during our hajj. We were trying to plan some quality family time with the kids, but maybe it will be materialised next Friday, when I started my leave.

I think I already miss the kids :(

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The 3-year-old Amni

Happy 3rd Birthday Amni!

First of all, many apologies to you since I posted this late at night, but do remember, it's our thoughts that counts. We were busy with the hajj course conducted by the co., but we still wish you well entering your 3rd year.

amni berbaju kurung
The girl with the flower

Oh, how big you have grown! Your arrival was anticipated with joy, eventhough ibu had to go through a ceaserian procedure, to get you. The reason is: you are in a breech condition, that I have to go to the OT entering my 36th week.

It was such a quick decision we have to make. I remembered we were going for the doctor's appointment on Monday, and there and then, the doctor decided that I should come to the hospital on Friday to deliver you.

You were born on 11.39 a.m. and we were anxious to know your gender. Your breech position does not help much though, you do not cooperate much during scanning. I was out from the OT at 1.30 p.m., I told the nurse I didn't even know your gender, and the helpful nurse went to the nursery and check my baby for me. Your father was doing his Friday prayer, when I asked the nurse to contact him. I just want someone to be near me, when the operation is over.

It hurts so much to wake up after the operation.

But I was glad, you came out safely.

amni membantu
Amni folding the tissues

You were such a darling these days, with a loving heart, and two helping hands. You were protective of your brother, and I am so glad that both of you loved each other.

Now, do remember, I love you so much :>

Monday, 13 November 2006

The birthday celebration.. tadaaa!

The yummylicious choc moist cake!

The boy cutting his cake (notice the purple pants behind? That's the girl who dozed off till morning)

Fawwaz with his magic hat and the Fisher Price cubes (siapa la interframe kat sebelah tu?)

Amni getting her chance to cut the cake on the next day (3/4 of the cake were inside 9 people's tummy)

Tiup, jangan tak tiup!

What we did last weekend

Was to have a kenduri kesyukuran with the relatives and the surau people, organised by my parents. Mom made delicious nasi dagang, terliur bayangkan nasi dagangnya sebelum hari kenduri. Met all the KL relatives, my grandma also came to KL after Raya celebration in Kelantan.

Met my youngest sister's friend, and we talked endlessly about Animax (Channel 75) and I discovered we shared the same passion for Yu Yu Hakusho (just found out Yusuke -left pic- had demon's blood). And I wondered whether I am a 14-y.o. or 26 y.o. mom with 2 kids?

Celebrate Fawwaz & Amni's incoming birthday. The birthday girl went kaput after one whole day she didn't sleep. So she dozed off on 7 p.m. and woke up the next morning, not knowing the cake had been cut by the birthday boy. To make do with it, we managed to ask her to cut the 1/4 cake left and blow the candle (berebut-rebut 2 budak to blow the candles).

Went to Safurah's open house. Met the kronis, and makcik gila jealous ok, Safurah pandai decorate rumah, English styled. Sorry didn't bring any camera to show her interior design (nanti kena saman dengan Safurah.. ahaks).

And dh bought me a new handphone.

Friday, 10 November 2006

The phone conversation

16 more days to go.. tick tock tick tock

The phone conversation with the-kek yesterday gives lots of insights.. Nak pergi haji ni, I thought we will be having our conversation in serious tones, but what-the-heck, should maintain our usual 'cerianess', kan kan kan? Thank God, ler, we didn't start any conversation about books or bags.. Nak naik haji ni, kenalah menginsafkan diri dengan lebih. But it seemed that we will still be the same person after the hajj kot, but with greater iman, insya Allah!

So we talked about injections, Hajj package, about Efi, but mostly, our conversation, is based on our preparation for our great journey.

I hoped I meet kak Elin over there, it's gonna be fun to know someone from the same co. is also going there, with Kak Tini of course (all of us are opting for haji tamattuk, due to earlier flights, alhamdulillah).

Talking about the Hajj, one of the staff remarked about being scared to go tanah haram, takut jadi apa-apa yang tak baik. But I said, it is based on our intention, and if there is any wrongdoings we have done in our life, and we already asked for forgiveness deep from our heart, then it should be ok. It shouldn't be an issue of "I am scared to go there due to various bad experiences from the people that I know" etc, etc.

I couldn't blame her though, her recent encounter with previous boss who keep calculating money in front of people and being stingy after getting back from Hajj, served a lesson for us. I didn't want to say anything about their previous boss, since I didn't know her. But I just keep reminding myself not to do the same mistakes.

Please pray that I will not face any difficulties during our great journey, insya Allah!

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Atete tu yu! (from the 2-y.o. boy)

Loosely translated: Happy birthday to you (Fawwaz style)

fawwaz membantu
Fawwaz giving a helping hand with the tent during kenduri on 3rd Raya

He is a miracle baby, he knows that.

But he doesn't know how many tears I shed due to getting pregnant for the 2nd time when Amni was only 3 months old. He doesn't know that I was blantantly angry at the doctors for getting mad at me because I got pregnant so early after my C-section experience with Amni.

He just didn't know that he was supposed to be conceived 2 years after Amni was born.

And here he was, healthy and growing. Entering his 2-y.o. with much joy and enthusiasm in his life.

I was glad that I managed to have a normal birth with him. That the hospital's specialist never scolded me for getting pregnant again.

And how dh, consolidated me time after time about his much awaited baby boy.

Now he knows so much things, that I was glad we decided to continue my pregnancy, even after stern warning from the clinic.

He was such a joy to watch these days.

Yesterday he was singing his Atete tu yu! (in his style) and he managed to draw something on our coffee table. Dh discovered last two days, that he managed to showed us where were his mouth, nose, eyes, ears, legs and hands (he learned that from the nursery).

fawwaz with the songkok
The one with the songkok

And I noticed dh was smiling from ear-to-ear on daily basis when he told me what my SIL told him:
"Akak [my SIL] cakap muka Fawwaz sama macam muka abang [dh] masa kecil-kecil"
"Sukalah tu! :P"

Dear Fawwaz,

Happy 2nd birthday! I love you :)

I have so many expectations for you, but the most important is, semoga Fawwaz menjadi seorang yang faham dengan Islam, dan mencintaiNya.

From: Ibu (he called me Aa-bu)

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Hajj package briefing

Attending the Hajj package briefing at Masjid WP yesterday makes it all so real, I am finally going for Hajj. And earlier than my target age, before 27.

I have applied for the Hajj leave last week, and the letter has been sent to HQ. The clock is already ticking away, we will be taking the first flight for Hajj package, on 26 November. The registration time is at 12.30 a.m. and the flight time is around 4.30 a.m.

The ustaz who briefed us gave a good presentation, he showed pictures of the hotels we will be living in, the place we will be going, which mosque door we should enter if we are living in this hotel, which door should we go for the Raudhah etc.

We took the lowest priced package and the distance from Masjidil Haram is around 480 m. The kursus perdana for KL will be held this weekend, and our co. is organising a half day course on hajj which will be conducted by Ustaz Daud Che Ngah.

Upon conversation with one of the staff, she said that THTS package is the best.. alhamdulillah. I did asked her about the condition at Mina, and the picture shown yesterday, memang berhimpit macam sardin. But I need to remind myself, I have been saving all these years for Hajj, and it will only take 5 days only, to aim for haji mabrur, so I really need to be patient during our pilgrimage at Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina.

I have 3 more weeks to go before I am off to fly for lambaian Kaabah, and I will be a guest to Allah. The boss had been scratching his head already, when I submit the Hajj leave application. But I know, I really need to go there this year, because I feel the lambaian is closer, the spirit is high for us to make the pilgrimage.

Please pray for our haji mabrur.

Oh, please also make wish for my colleagues; Kak Elin and Kak Tini, for their haji mabrur.

P/S: Yesterday, an old man remarked to my husband about how many young people is going for hajj. I think the new generation's preception had changed and not many people thinks that Hajj is done only when we entered our golden years.

Friday, 3 November 2006


NOW I have to search for a new secondhand handphone.
No wonder we got my current secondhand handphone at such a cheap price. Sekejap je pakai dah rosak. The speaker went totally haywire, I could not speak to the other person on the line.

I am not even eligible to buy the latest gadget in town, due to having 2 small kids, who love to play with my handphone so much. Walaupun idaman aku adalah untuk mempunyai ini.

And I will have to wait for my husband to choose my secondhand handphone. He loves choosing it for me, that I never had much say in it. I remembered one time, he asked me to tag along to search for a secondhand hp, but lastly, he ended up by choosing it for me. Hampeh je makcik ikut dia keluar. Tak boleh nak memilih langsung, ahaks...

As of now, you guys still can contact me through my hp number, since I have diverted all voice calls to my office number.

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Attack of the head lice

Hari Raya was spent with combing hairs and searching for lice. Both kids got lice from the nursery, including Aini's children. Mom was scratching Amni's head a few days before Raya, and walla, she found the culprit. It is an emergency for the family and every now and then, someone from my big, loud family started searching for lice on Amni's head.

Fawwaz was next. At one time, he was a goody-goody boy, he wouldn't mind me searching and combing his hair. At other time (mostly), he would not stay put and run when he saw my lice comb.

We searched high and low at the pharmacy for lice shampoo, and the pharmacist said they are out of stock. What? And when I told my cousins about it, one of them even give a shocked face and said "Eh, ada lagi ke kutu zaman sekarang?"

Oh, and since discovering the kids had lice, we had been scratching our heads frantically; tiba-tiba je terasa gatal sangat kepala.

Rushed back to KL and went for the first pharmacy that was nearest to the house, and walla, in 10 minutes shampooing the kids' hair, the scratching stops.. It works!

This coming weekend, will be spent with dusting and vacuuming the house, and wash all the bed sheets. Anyway, I told the nursery about searching for the culprit behind the lice mess. They found the kid, and told us, the mother tell them.. "Budak ni ada kutu, sikit je la tapi".. Ewah, sikit apanya sampai kutu tu habis terbang dan beranak-pinak kat rambut budak-budak lain? Ignorant mother betul! Takkan malas sangat nak buat prevention?

I bet all the 1-5 y.o. kids were also infected.


P/S: Anyway, I am glad to report, that both kids had been lice free for a few days...