Friday, 23 March 2007

Book review: Honk! If You're Malaysian

"Lydia Teh, the observer of the absurdities of Malaysian life, returns with more absurdities of life and oddities of human behaviour. Everything in life is grist for her mill; there's always something in the nothingness of everyday life that does not escape her pin-sharp eye. In this collection of anecdotes, she brings on more trenchant observations that capture the variegated textures and nuances of Malaysian life as it is lived." Eric Forbes

This is a short anecdotes about Malaysians way of viewing life. I have never read a book /column written by Lydia Teh, but so far, I find this book really entertaining. Based on observations from her, I realised, what most Malaysians taken for granted; about our neighbouring countries, our amusement in our life, traffic jams, the Internet, the buzz about blogging, Malaysia Boleh spirit! and etc. She jots down her anecdotes in such entertaining ways that it reflects our own stupidity. And we can laugh at ourselves since we can connect with her writings, as a Malaysian.

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