Tuesday, 29 May 2007

2 books

I have received these 2 books yesterday afternoon as a gift from one of the forumers, who I considered close to me.

She knows that I love Faisal Tehrani's writings and the fact that I've been dying to read Faisal's short writings compilation entitled Kekasih Sam Po Bo (yes Aini, I know you would borrow this book soon :P).

I have read Advencer Si Peniup Ney before, and written a review about it, but it was Aini's book, and now I have one of my own! I would consider this book as a keepsake and worth every money you've spent on it.

Thanks to my online friend, these books I would cherish in the years to come :)

I am currently reading: Ayat-Ayat Cinta (baru sampai bab Fahri naik LRT di Cairo :P, mintak mahap la yer, lambat sangat nak baca). And now, I better finish this fast before I can start with the new book.. huks :P - oh yeah Aini, I would never mind if you want to borrow Kekasih Sam Po Bo first (banyak sangat distraction kat rumah sekarang, seperti Movie channel di Astro, channel Discovery Home & Health [my favourite :P] dan Internet)

Monday, 28 May 2007


I just phoned the nursery and they said that they know how to use EBM.

One problem solved :)

Sunday, 27 May 2007

One more week at home

Before I am off to work. Erghh..

So here I am trying to pump out EBM as much as possible for Fahri. Teaching him to feed through bottle, trying to time his feeding etc.

I had a scare, yesterday. The electricity was out at Aini's house, and I was worried that the EBM stored for Fahri will turn out bad. Alhamdulillah, there's nothing to be worried about after we returned home. It turned out that our home do not have electricity breakdown. As of today, I had already stored 24 EBMs for Fahri. I am still doing my pumping session at least twice a day to stock up the milk.

I had to call the nursery to find out whether they know how to use EBM, and if not, I may have to list instructions to the caretaker. Anyway, it is a relief to find out that Fahri also takes formula milk (eventhough he only feeds 2 oz. till now). Hajat di hati nak exclusive breastfeeding, tapi kita cuba sedaya yang boleh sahajalah, since I have to take it slow at times. I remembered that I was so stressed out with Fawwaz, that I could not continue breastfeeding with him after one week of high fever.

Oh Allah, alhamdulillah for granting my wish to successfully breastfeed my son.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The stock, as of current

Nak bandingkan dengan Kak Amiizaa, ini baru stok susu untuk Fahri yang agak-agak bolehlah untuk Fahri minum. Sekali pam dapat 1 ounce.. Yang nampak banyak tu sebab dapat 2 ounces untuk 2 kali pam. Susu SNOW yang Dr Rahman bagi, Fahri baru minum 2 ounces. Ajar bottle feeding pun, lagi suka pakai EBM.

Kak Miizaa pesan supaya pulun buat stok masa tengah cuti ni.. Malam pun kena bangun untuk mengepam ni, haiyak! Haiyak!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Ini untuk menaikkan semangat mengepam susu

Credit to Kak Amiizaa from Forum Cari.

Kagum dengan dia, 1st day bersalin dah start pumping setiap 2/3 jam sampai naik kerja.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The gifts for Fahri

Play gym from dh's officemate. Hari tu buka dah, pasang dah.. tapi abang kepada Encik Fahri pulak yang main lebih-lebih. Jadi, ibu putuskan kena simpan play gym tu untuk kegunaan Fahri, dan bukan abangnya :P.

Aini got this for Fahri yesterday, which is nice and cute.. Bilalah ye Fahri nak pakai kalau asyik 'melekat' je dengan ibu?

Anyway, thanks Aini for 'sharing' the secret to get slim. Jealous makcik ok, dia dah turun berat bawah 50 kg. Makcik yang diet sakan ni tak turun-turun pula..


Oh ya, Sabtu lepas pergi timbang Fahri. Naik 200 gram aje (berkat susu ibu kot?)

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Kembang semangkuk aku bila kak Lily sebut nickname aku dalam blog dia. Kena cari balik novel lama yang terperuk di rumah ayah.. Maaf la, buku Kak Lily yang lain saya tak beli, nanti naik kerja baru nak mencari (Pesta Buku pun dah melepas).

Paling paling paling saya gamam bila jumpa SILENCEZ... alahai, mati hidup balik saya ingat silencez ni lelaki. Saya yang tidaklah pandai menilik, menggambarkan agaknya silencez ni jejaka pendiam yang gila membaca. Ha! Ha! perempuan rupanya silencez. Kurus, langsing dan kecil orangnya. Terima kasih Silencez kerana menegur saya. Sempat jugaklah bertanya siapa gerangan acun, coyotemawi, jujun, krufan, a.ceCCo, ESTRELLAS, Zubaidahmior, Ikz, telagamadu, limaunipis..

Kalau nama yg ada unsur kewanitaan tu, tak susah jugak saya nak jangka.. tapi macam acun, limaunipis, coyotemawi.. memang saya tak pandai nak agak. apapun terima kasihlah sekali lagi pada geng di CARI.FORUM... susah payah bincang dan scan cover novel-novel saya.
Monday, April 20, 2007

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The new big boss in the house: Encik Fahri Ahmad

8/4/07: 6 days old. Sleeping @ grandma's sofa in Malacca.

9/4/07: 7 days old. Fahri's head was shaved by grandma. Notice his 'benjolness' on the right side of his head?

10/4/07: 8 days old. Dengan fesyen rambut terbaru dari Fahri.

Just now: He's sleeping (finally) after he got his fair share of mum's milk.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

The ties that binds

We received a visit from my cousin yesterday.

I have never talked to her much, we had been cousins for more than 10 years now. She became my cousin after my aunt got married to her father. I believed it was tough at first, for her to accept my aunt. She was the oldest. When my aunt joined her family, she was 16 and had to look after her 5 siblings after the death of her mother.

The silence between both of us was broken when she got married at the age of 23. She took the first step in bonding with us. I had a very big family, from my grandma, downright to grandma's great grandchildren.

After the visit yesterday, I realised she is really good in trying to keep in touch with our big family, asking about our uncles and aunts. I was ashamed of myself, with the lack of effort to keep in touch with her.

The next thing I knew, her husband will be going to Johor next month for a new job. Eh? How times flies? She will be staying here with her 2 kids, Aina and Dina (both of them look alike, and resembles her a lot - my cousin is really a beauty).

It was nice having a long chat with her.

I should keep in touch with her more often, rather than just a SMS informing her about my child's birth.

P/S: To abe Faizal & family, Kak Aza & family.. thanks a lot for the visit. Terkejut tengok 'Ali yang sungguh la debab! Sama berat dengan Ikmal dah rupanya :P

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Fahri Ahmad, our 3rd child

Finally, I am home! And I can get to use the Streamyx and watched Astro channel. Dem right, I am bored at my mom's house, and I managed to finish 2 novels. Oh, BTW, I had my confinement alone (chewaaah) after the first week of delivery.

Fahri and I came home yesterday to our own home after a month travelling and living between my MIL's home in Malacca and my mom's home which is just a few hundred metres away from my own home.

To the bloggers out there, thanks for the wishes.

Our newborn baby was delivered in the wee hour of the morning at 4.28 a.m. on 3rd April. The birth was quick, my waterbag broke at 12.30 a.m. and after 4 hours in the labour, I finally gave birth to a healthy 3.3 kg baby boy (with Fawwaz, I had a 5-hour labour)

Since this is the second time I delivered normally, the recovery period was quick (tak koyak banyak compared to Fawwaz's delivery - masih lagi seriau memikirkan jahitan yang terlalu banyak dan kes tumpah darah yang terlalu teruk), eventhough the baby had to be vacuumed (benjol kepala anak).

And surprise, surprise, I managed to fully breastfeed till today (thanks for the encouragement: Aini, Hany and Farra). Huh, it's kind of weird to get the hang of it since this is my third child. With Fawwaz, I only managed to bf till 20+ days only before I got a high fever for one week, due to the case of cracked nipple. This time, I am a lot more prepared. I was determined, albeit a few problem (inverted and cracked nipples), but Fahri is really patient (it really helps a lot, and he cured my inverted nipple after a month), and I take it slow, one at a time, and being less pressured as compared to Amni and Fawwaz. Yes, I sleep lesser nowadays. Fahri really loves to feed, and the first few days was really hard, at first. He keeps feeding till 2 hours at one time, and sleep only between 10-30 minutes for each feeding.

The kids love their newborn sibling. They helped me a lot with not being too noisy and understands when I said I am sick (in confinement). Dh is also a great help with the kids and myself. It could not have been better, I suppose :).

Signing off for now, I have a baby to be fed.