Friday, 29 June 2007

The kids' art works

As I was shipping out their clothes yesterday from the bag, I was pleasantly surpised to see the kids' artworks.

The above green cat was coloured by Fawwaz. Considering his short span of attention (I mean, really, really, really short) in doing something, I was really surprised to look at it and told my husband that this is the first time Fawwaz concentrate to colour the character fully.

This artwork was done by Amni. I love the colourful house and the creative way of pasting the pencil sharpener's leftovers on it.

Both artworks were put on our fridge.

And yes, I did praise both of them. But Fawwaz, being himself, does not care less :P.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Luhur hati mereka

Aku sebenarnya selalu terpegun melihat keluhuran hati budi anak-anak.

Semalam kakak kena marah, dia hilangkan pensel warna Fawwaz. Aku cakap padanya, kotak penselnya digantikan dengan Fawwaz punya, sebab dia yang hilangkan pensel warna adiknya. Dia mengangguk saja. Kakak memang seorang yang tidak suka membantah.

Lagi sekali, dia kena marah. Mula-mula Fawwaz minta epal. Selepas abahnya ambilkan, tiba-tiba kakak bersuara perlahan, mahu juga. Bukankah 2 kali kerja itu? Aku terus naik angin. Dalam diam, si Fawwaz memerhati, diberikan epalnya kepada Amni.

Hati aku terasa luruh. Mereka selalu bergaduh, tetapi saling sayang menyayangi.
Aku rasa seperti aku ini ibu yang terlalu garang.


Semalam kakak tanya semasa aku mengambil mereka di nurseri. "Ibu, ibu nampak tak apa yang Amni buat?" sambil menunding jarinya kepada tiang kayu yang penuh dengan hasil kerja tangannya.

Sebenarnya, setiap kali menghantar mereka ke nurseri, aku akan melihat hasil kerja tangannya yang terpampang di situ. Aku sangat bangga dengan dia.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Untuk budak-budak busuk yang baru nak pergi nurseri

Pagi-pagi, abah mereka bertiga mesti letak atas bantal depan TV. Sambil layan Playhouse Disney Channel.

Yang paling awal bangun, mestilah Fahri.
Kak Amni, terlupa nak pakaikan lampin malam semalam. Mujur tak terkencing atas tilam (dah besar ye dia).
Abang Fawwaz, sambil turun tangga, siap cakap "Dah tak malam dah! Dah pagi dah" (teringat kat PBS, siap kejutkan kak Amni pakai ayat yang sama sebab nak ajak main)

Tapi yang paling penting, semua ibu dengan abah sayang :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

IUD: Intrauterine device

The IntraUterine System or IUS is a hormonal contraceptive device that is placed in the uterus. An IUS has a hormone cylinder that releases a progestin (progestogen) called levonorgestrel. The only brand currently available is the T-frame LNG-20 IUS, marketed as Mirena Coil by Schering Health and Berlex Laboratories.

The term IUS is used in the United Kingdom to distinguish the hormonal ntrauterine contraceptive from copper- or silver-based IUDs. In the United States, no distinction is made between hormonal and copper/silver devices. In the US, all intrauterine contraceptives are referred to with the term IUD, and the term IUS is not used.

After thinking about the contraception methods that I should use, I decided to settle on IUD. A drastic change of heart after popping Marvelon pills for more than 2 years, I suppose.

Saya ni memang penakut, bila doktor cakap "Pasang IUD dalam 10 minit je" pun dah melompat. Siap cakap dengan doktor, "10 minit? Lama gak tu!" Sampai doktor pesan dengan nurse jangan ambil lagi IUD tu, dia belum decide lagi (referring to me :P).

I didn't know where I pluck the courage to do it. But considering my 'kesuburan yang teramatlah sangat' situation, I think I better give it a try. The doctor actually took less than 5 minutes, and it did feel like another pap smear session. While he was inserting it, we actually had a chat about IUD.

It was funny when he scanned and I saw my womb with a silver thing at the end of it.

"Abang tengok ke doktor pasang tadi?"
"Tengok. Nampak macam doktor masukkan jarum panjang"
"Aida tak boleh tengok, takut pengsan"

Considering that was his answer, no wonder he never dreamed of being a doctor.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Iyah, iyah.. I can fly!!

Had a weekend breakaway at PBS, actually. These Fahri's pics were taken on Friday, while waiting for his siblings and dh to arrive and join me at the hotel.

Starting to gear up..

I believe I can fly.. I believe I can touch the sky..

Ibu, mana kakak & abang ni? Letihlah nak main terbang-terbang je

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Kakak & Abang with Pingu

I was on emergency leave yesterday. Kakak & Abang were on fever. Fahri was sent to the nursery. Kasihan tengok anak-anak lembik atas comforter depan TV.

So yesterday I got to watch Cartoon Network, MotoGP and F1. Cartoon was requested by kakak, while abang Fawwaz pleaded "Nak tengok kete.. nak tengok kete" like 100 times (now you know why I watched motor racing and car racing in the 1st place). We watched Pingu 3 times after my mom bought the VCD for a mere RM5 in Jakarta. I have made some rice porridge for the kids, but they have lost their appetite due to the fever. I did force them to swallow a little bit of everything, sebab kena makan ubat. The kids also swallowed air badak, which is good to cool their body (Ini memang tips turun-temurun sebelah suami agaknya. Kalau demam, memang kena minum air badak.)

They keep asking where is Fahri, and I had to explain to them again and again that the baby was sent to the nursery. Huh, flat makcik ok kalau nak jaga 3-3 serentak.

Having 3 kids in our home, we had to devise the housekeeping system. We came back at 6.30 p.m. only, and Fahri had to be feed till 8 p.m. usually. The laundry is done by me, while dh hang the clothes. Usually, 7-10 p.m., we had non stop household chores to be done. I haven't had the time to cook yet during working days, sebab Fahri asyik menempek bawah ketiak masam ibu. The nursery and milk bag (my EBM bag) will be prepared by me. Ironing cannot be done as usual (I ironed every 2-3 days), but now I have to pool everything and wait for the weekend. Clothes folding is done by dh. If there is a lot of unfinished household chores, I will wake up in the middle of the night to settle it. The kids will be asked to put their toys back before going to bed. By 10 p.m., I was already on the bed with Fahri.

I could not imagine how next year will be, with Amni entering the kindergarten. (Syed even told me, "Ala Aida ni, kecoh la.. baru masuk tadika" :P)

On the other hand, I can't imagine living without the kids.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Hilarious observations on breastfeeding moms who work

Credit to: MyMomsBest

Some hilarious observation I made about this whole pumping life: (Sze Sze)

1) You have stained your book, your desk, your radio, your keyboard, your company's annual report before.

2) And if you did any of the above, you have clumsily run out of the pumping sanctuary before - frantically looking for a wet towel to clean up the mess only to discover that you have created quite an impression art with the sprayed milk already dried up on the surface.

3) If you pump in the office, you have battled the initial shyness of taking the X no. of bottles of EBM in your hands, striding past at least a dozen of male colleagues while on your way to the pantry.

4) Your EBM is labelled with your big name and provide a great source of amusement amongst the colleague especially on a gloomy Monday.

5) Your EBM have helped to strike a convenient conversation with the tea lady, the CEO and even the not-so-intelligent colleagues around you.

6) Because you could see your milk quantity, with each subsequent pump you mentally compare your milk quantity and take great concern over the level of milk output for the day/week. In fact you are only "kiasu" when it comes to this matter.

7) You save every drop of milk you could possibly get your hands on, carefully knocking down every drop of milk from the pump or breast (if you hand express) into the bottle ensuring not a single drop of antibody/nutrient in the EBM is left uncollected.

8) You are already a multi-tasker when you are both a woman and a mum. But you are even more of a multi-tasker as you pump, boil the water, catch the ASTRO's world's birthday, pick up your bawling baby, talking to a friend from Holland, reading and doing manicure altogether, all while the other free hand's busy collecting those sprayed milk from the other boob.

9) You have the latest gadget for pumping, from breastshell, canggih-manggih pump, leopard print nursing mom (LOL), steriliser, cooler box and still know exactly what you ought to buy to make pumping even easier if you have the money.

10) On weekends, you can be seen rushing to the supermarket aisle to pick up some rarely used nursing tea, herbs and whatever secret remedy you could lay your hands on to increase milk quantity.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

My twin :)

We are twins.

I remembered that we are always different, having different sets of friends and etc. I was the extrovert while she was the introvert. I have the happy-go-lucky attitude, while she is more serious. She is a nerd while I could not care less about my results.

Ummi said she never expected she would carry twins. She never had a scan before the birth. Aini came out first and my dad was rushing her to the nursery. The doctor said, there is another baby coming out, and ummi managed to push me out. Ayah never saw me delivered.

We were best of friends during childhood, but as we grew up, we found out that we are different. Aini loves pink, while I would settle with any other colour. In Standard 4 and 5, she was placed first in the class ranking, while I, second. That is the highlight of our primary school life. Me securing the 2nd spot, while she will be at the 1st spot :P She was the school prefect (and my parents were really proud of it) while I was a nobody. But do I care less? No! Because when we entered Standard 6, both of us were placed in the selected class and I would say, out of 45 students in our class, only 7 students were not school prefect. So we had our fun time when there was a prefect meeting, since the class usually will be cancelled by the teacher :P

We went to boarding school after that. We started to have different sets of friends, and hang out with different people. But somewhere in Form 2, we started to get close. Even Linda, Aini's deskmate said about it: "Korang tak pernah rapat macam ni." One of my junior, Intan, remarked that when both of us talked endlessly, we are also good listeners to each other. We talked really fast and Aini's husband did comment on the astounding speed of chatters between us. The best part is, only both of us know what we are talking about.

Entering our higher secondary school, as usual, we drifted apart. I try hard to be close to her than before. I took her PRS application form eventhough she said she is not interested. But nevertheless, I did force her to fill the form after I had to line up and went beserk when everyone rushed after the application counter opened. And she did secured the post.

But university days turned out to be the best in our friendship. We were closer than ever before, and I noticed that I always try to protect her after our family found out that she was diagnosed with Rhumetoid Arthritis (Aini, you must be proud of me I spelled it correct :P). I cried when Ummi said I had to memorise her prescription. She said it would be easier to explain to the doctor, in case Aini had to go to the clinic.

After that, we had to move to the hostel. We had a double decker in the room, and usually I will take the lower bed. But, since she is already ill, she was given the lower bed. I still remember that I had to open the door for her when her hand hurt so much. Sometimes, people don't understand about her and made hurtful remarks, but I just ignore it, because I know Aini can depend on me and need not explain to them about her illness.

Being a roommate with her makes her more lazier, since I did influence her studying last minute for the exam (HAHAHAHAHA), surviving on tips from our coursemate.

We did argue, but it was always over silly stuff and easily forgotten. But I found out that I learned a lot from her about Islam (her, being more solehah than I was), and we shared the same opinions on SO many matters, that it comes to the point it was weird. We even managed to finish the sentence of each other, sometimes.

And oh yes, I enjoyed our birthday so much, that we always make it a point to give extravagant presents. Anyway, even if she did not give me anything, I will always know that someone will always remember my birthday :) (dh also remembers!)

I found out that I had the best of friend in the world. And no one can deny it, my twin is always my best friend.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Sending Fahri to nursery

Today is my first day at work.

Janganlah Fahri meragam. Selalu nak kena dukung.
Susahnya hati fikir pasal Fahri :(

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Kisah susu

Ingat lagi tak catatan yang ini?

Alhamdulilah, sebelum naik kerja hari Isnin ni, sempat la stock up sampai 30 bekas EBM. Itu pun banyak Ummi Fahri dah pakai, sebab minggu lepas banyak hari juga Ummi Fahri gunakan untuk ajar Fahri minum pakai botol. Ummi Fahri catat dalam buku kecil stok-stok yang ada. Bila Ummi Fahri kira balik, dekat 50 oz sudah diperah untuk Fahri (termasuklah yang telah digunakan). Kalau dapat 0.1 oz pun, Ummi Fahri simpan! (considering it is precious mom's milk)

Tetapi, semalam masa ibu buka freezer peti ais;

Fawwaz: Ibu, ibu, Fawwaz nak susu yang dalam bekas tu (sambil tunjuk-tunjuk bekas susu seperti dalam gambar)
Ibu: Fawwaz nak?
Fawwaz: Ha, nak!
Ibu: Nanti ye, esok ye.

Ummi Fahri dah terfikir untuk memerah stok si abang pula.

Hari ini pula,

Ibu: Susu Fahri tak habis tu, Fawwaz la minum.
Fawwaz: Fawwaz tak nak.
Abah: Kakak minum, kakak.
[Kakak minum sikit.]
Kakak: Tak sedaplah.
Ibu: Rasa apa?
Kakak: Rasa buah.
Ibu: Buah epal? (dalam kepala Ummi Fahri, banyak buah epal yang dah ditelan untuk snek)
Kakak: Ha-ah. Rasa macam buah anggur dengan buah epal.

Abang campurlah susu Fahri yang tadi tu dalam botol Fawwaz. Rugilah, kalau kena buang.

Fawwaz minum juga :P