Friday, 27 July 2007

Hatiku berbunga-bunga

Hatiku berbunga-bunga sebab minggu ini dapat hit 20 oz untuk dibawa balik khas buat Fahri...

EBM yang menyendatkan fridge. Sukanya hati!

Dan ini adalah bayi yang membesar dengan susu ibu. Susu ibu sedap, kan Fahri?

Susu lemak manis,
Santan kelapa muda,
Adik jangan menangis,
Nanti emak balik kerja

Thursday, 26 July 2007

How to breastfeed in the early days

Continuation from my previous post, I would share my experience during the first few weeks (when I was in confinement) on how I handle breastfeeding.

[1] Breastfeed soon and breastfeed often
To stimulate your milk glands in producing milks, try to initiate breastfeeding soon. Play by the rule that your baby is the most important factor in milk production. If he demands to be feed every 30 minutes, so be it. I breastfeed Fahri on 8 a.m., 3 and 1/2 hours after delivering him.

[2] Tell the hospital on your request for exclusive breastfeeding
This is important and plays a major role in initiating breastfeeding. Do specifically request the nurse that you want to exclusively breastfeed your child (most private hospitals are not baby friendly, from my experience before). Ask for rooming in with the baby, if possible to ensure success.

[3] Request for lactation consultant
Do not be ashamed if you don't know on how to breastfeed. As I wrote earlier, it is not as easy as it seemed. When I was with Fahri, I asked the lactation consultant on how to feed him, the position etc. She is more than willing to ensure my success and come to my room every 3 hour to check on my progress.

[4] Mature milk only comes in 4-5 days after giving birth
Never fret that you don't find your milk is still not plentiful in the first few days. Your newborn only need a teaspoon of milk (capacity around 20 ml) for every feeding. During pregnancy, your breasts grew large and thus these accommodate your baby's needs in the first few days.

[5] Breastfeeding is truly tiring
During my confinement, Fahri seemed could not get enough milk. I remembers that I had to feed him till 4-5 hours at times. Then when he stopped, he only rests for 30 minutes and went for the next round of feeding. Do not be down, I've found quiet a few friends who also experienced this. Pergi toilet pun, baby gantung lagi dengan kita... Things only improved after confinement, but do not expect too much. My nearly 4-month old Fahri still wants to be hold.

[6] Seek help when you feel you cannot handle breastfeeding
In the first 2 weeks, I thought that I was going to give up, my nipples were still hard and it hurts to breastfeed. Seek help much earlier than later, when the problem become worse. I experienced this with Fawwaz, my nipple got cracked so badly and I only asked for treatment after being in pain for 3 weeks.

[6] Ignore when the elders said that your milk is not enough
Kuasa Allah! Breastfeeding is based on a supply and demand rule. If you try to mix with formula milk, your brain will be giving signals you are producing not enough milk. Do not succumb to your relatives who will be ridiculing your effort. This is where I find comfort with my husband and friends who supports breastfeeding. Even though we were far away from each other, I find that phoning my husband and friends for support really helps.

[7] Do not introduce bottles during the first 7 weeks.
This will resort to baby getting nipple confusion, if he feeds with bottle in the first 7 weeks. All feeding should be at the breast. If you still want to take a rest, try to pump out some milk and give in a syringe or teaspoon.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Tips for expecting mothers who wish to breastfeed

I received a call from my friend yesterday. She couldn't breastfeed and feel down. That happened to me when I gave birth to Amni in 2003. As dear readers know, I only successfully breastfeed my youngest after my attempts with Amni & Fawwaz didn't worked.

So here are some tips for pregnant mothers (hope it would be useful for first timers) who wish to breastfeed:

[1] Breastfeeding is a learned art. It's not as easy as it seemed
Many first time moms took this for granted. Unfortunately, I was also naive and thought breastfeeding was easy. How wrong I was!

[2] Read articles on breastfeeding
When I was pregnant with Fahri, and to prepare myself, I read a lot of articles on breastfeeding. I found these sites are really useful:

And to read the successful and unsuccessful stories, I sometimes go here

[3] Invest in a good pump
It was never too early to buy a good pump when you are pregnant. You don't have the time to search a good breast pump when you are busy giving birth and need your rest during your confinement. If you can trust your man to buy a good one, I suppose that would be fine. However, if you can do your research much earlier, I would strongly suggest to choose a trusted brand (even though it is more on the expensive side) i.e. Medela, Avent or Spectra

[4] Supplicate to God
It is the most powerful tool in preparing yourself for breastfeeding.

[5] Join breastfeeding support group
You can find on these websites;

[6] Find relatives and friends to support you in your breastfeeding journey
I find this is the most important thing to consider when you decide to breastfeed your child. Since most people around you may ridicule your effort (I have experienced this countless times, especially from the elders), it is important that you need the support most from your husband and your friends. This is where I find out that I can share my grief (eventhough it is only small matters to most people) with my friends.

For friends who has succesfully breastfeed, you can ask questions with them. I would say, they would love to share tips and tricks of the trade.

I will be writing more soon, eventhough I am no expert on this matter :)

Friday, 20 July 2007


Alhamdulillah, petang ni tercapai hajatku untuk mencapai 100 stok EBM di dalam freezer

P/S: Siapa nak hadiahkan saya peti aiskrim? :)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Meeting an old colleague

I met an old colleague yesterday at Aini's place.
The conversation goes on like this...

+ You dah ada anak 3 ye?
- Ha'ah, akak bila nak tambah?
+ Akak 4 dah, cukup dah. Tahun depan dah umur 40
- Yang sulung dah darjah berapa?
+ Darjah 4
- So nanti akak umur 40 dah form berapa?
- Ish, baru darjah 5. Awak kalau umur 40, anak sulung umur berapa?
+ 17 tahun


In a desperate attempt where fridge is not in sight to store EBMs, I frantically went to kak N's room to ask her where she stored her EBM. Nowhere in sight, since she went for a course, Aini frantically called one of our juniors, but to no avail.

I ran to the cafe and asked for ice. The makcik cafe was generous enough to give me a plastic bag full of ice free of charge. Phew, I was really relieved!

Sayang oo dah dapat 13 oz, tetiba je kalau basi.. menangis tak berlagu agaknya kat situ.

P/S: Aini, pinjam freezer hang hujung minggu ni nak simpan susu. Freezer aku dah nak penuh. (yes, I already stored a week's advance of EBM for Encik Fahri, mind you)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Novel-novel Habiburrahman El-Shirazy

Saya telah ketemu novelis terbaru yang masuk dalam senarai wajib saya beli, saya kira. Setakat ini, novel-novelnya yang telah usai saya baca adalah Ayat-ayat Cinta, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (Episod 1) dan Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra.

Yang peliknya, suami yang bukan peminat novel fiksyen sebegini, boleh menghabiskan pembacaan novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta dalam masa seminggu (satu achievement bagi saya!). Beliau menyatakan beliau tertarik dengan novel tersebut kerana penulisannya yang mengdeskripsikan sesuatu situasi sehingga kita sebagai pembaca terbawa-bawa dengan keasyikannya bercerita. Contoh yang diberikan, ketika penulis menceritakan tentang musim panas yang melanda Cairo, terasa bahang kepanasannya menyengat sang pembaca. Saya pula, terbayang-bayang ayam Masywi yang dimakan Fahri bersama rakan serumahnya, dan asyir mangga yang sungguh manis! Ketika membaca novel ini, setiap bab terasa hati bagai dilirih, saya terpaksa berhenti dan menghadamkan intipati bab novel secara tenang.

Oh ya, untuk mereka yang tertanya-tanya: memang nama anak ketiga saya, Fahri diinspirasikan dari buku ini. Thanks to Aini sebab dia yang sarankan nama ini. Dan saya rasa tidak salah saya memilih, kerana Fahri di dalam novel ini memang seorang yang saya kategorikan sebagai role model untuk remaja Islam.

Untuk buku Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra, dwi novel yang dipaparkan, saya sukakan cerita Raihana, seorang isteri yang lembut dan berhati mulia tetapi tidak didambakan sang suami kerana suami begitu inginkan seorang isteri yang sangat cantik seperti Cleopatra. Saya menangis ketika penghabisan apabila mengetahui cinta Raihana yang tidak kesampaian tidak sempat disambut suaminya sendiri.

Dwi novel kedua, Setitis Embun Cinta Niyala, ini mungkin cerita yang orang boleh kategorikan happy ending. Ceritanya pendek, tetapi terkesan. Mungkin kerana penulis menggambarkan adab pernikahan dalam Islam yang amat mudah, tetapi mendukung sunnah!

Saya baru habis membaca Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (Episod 1) tulisan Habiburrahman El-Shirazy semalam. Terasa seperti saya pula yang hidup dalam komuniti pelajar Indonesia di Cairo. Saya mungkin lebih suka buku ini daripada Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Azzam, digambarkan tidak sesempurna Fahri, terpaksa mengambil 9 tahun untuk menghabiskan ijazah S1-nya. Bagi mereka yang tidak mengenal beliau, mungkin Azzam dilihat sebagai seorang pelajar yang tidak lulus-lulus dan hanya layak menjual bakso dan tempe sahaja, tetapi sebenarnya dia terpaksa menanggung ibu dan 3 orang adik-adiknya di Indonesia selepas kematian ayahnya semasa tahun pertama pengajian di Al-Azhar.

In short, Habiburrahman El-Shirazy is an excellent storyteller!

Saya katakan demikian kerana dia berjaya mengubah suami saya menjadi seorang pembaca novel fiksyen Islamisasi.. heheheh

Friday, 13 July 2007

Yummy cupcakes!

We didn't celebrate in a very lavish style for my husband's birthday. I ordered 24 choc moist cupcakes from Kak Tini to commemorate the event, though.

5 of the cupcakes were sent to Aini's house, while I give 9 to my mom. That left us with 10 cupcakes. And, unfortunely, eventhough the birthday boy (err, man?) did eat a few of the cupcakes, I managed to gobble most of it.

The cupcakes was so rich in texture that even one of it satisfied our hungry stomach.

I managed to snap the picture of the cupcakes yesterday before we finished it. It was so yummylicious and so chocolatey-licious (my favourite!).

The kids love it! I also love it!

Kak Tini's yummylicious cupcakes!

P/S: This is a free advertisement for Kak Tini's cupcakes (as I promised to her yesterday :P)
P/P/S: Dey, bila nak buat kelas cupcakes ni?

Oh ya, malam masa birthday tu, mata Fahri membulat sampai jam 12 tengahmalam. Siap masuk buai tu tapi bulat lagi mata dia.. thanks to birthday boy sebab dodoikan Fahri :X

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Happy 28th birthday!

Happy birthday bang!

Sorry, nak angkat muka dari keyboard pun tak sempat.

P/S: I love you

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I received a short SMS from my friend yesterday.

"Beb, aku miscarriage. Baby x grow, no heartbeat. Ptg ni d&c. Mc smpi 10ari baik doc aku."


I know this wasn't easy for her.

Allah knows what is best for us, insya Allah!

And to you, my dear friend, do take care of your health. I know you are a strong woman and a wonderful mother.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Medela Swing

My Medela Mini-E (that I shared with Aini), which had been 3 years in service, suddenly went dead last Friday.

I was considering to buy a new pump and was vying for Avent Isis IQ Uno. However, my attempt in using the Avent Isis failed since I do not have good milk flow.

Since I am already familiar with Medela Harmony (I love it because it's quick, but tiring on hands) and Medela Mini-E (not tiring at all, but do take times to familiarise with it), I decided on Medela Swing (which combined both). After placing the order at The LilCaliph (Hajjah Elin promoted this website), I received the package last Wednesday.

Bismillah hirrahmanir rahim...

Medela had done some repackaging since I last bought a pump. It was nice to see the box.

Let me see what I have here...

Taraa.. my new pump!

Medela Swing in action :)

The package was delayed by a day. Kak Molina from TheLilCaliph personally called me to check whether the package already arrived and apologised for the lateness (suddenly there are many people ordered this pump). She even advised me how to clean the tubing and asked about the warranty card. When I couldn't find one, she even offered to replace it.

Overall, the customer service is really good! :)

About the pump, I simply LURVEEE it! I usually took nearly 1 hour to pump 4 oz per session, but within 30 minutes, I am done!

Love the letdown button and it's not tiring at all.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


A month ago, dh was asking about GTO VCDs.
And a couple of week ago, we watched GTO.

I remembered that the story was a massive hit way back in 1999, and Aini bought the VCD. Actually, I had promoted to my husband before this the series, and he never seemed interested. I even remembered way back in Malacca, the VCD was playing, and I watched it with my brother-in-law since both of us loved the VCD so much. Masa tu, suami tengah lalu pun aku dok promote tengok, tapi dia boleh buat dek ajer :P. That's why I was so confused when suddenly he asked for it.

Suddenly, he became a GTO fanatic. Tiap-tiap hari mahu tengok VCD GTO. Last two days, he was humming to the GTO theme song that he watched on YouTube. I had watched the whole series twice with him, OK? And that does not count for the times that I watched with Aini, my siblings and the brother-in-law. I found out that dh's friend promoted the series to him.

When I watched it back, I was giggling and laughing along with my husband. Especially the first episode where Onizuka's students blackmailed him. But then he called all his geng motor friends to show to his students that they should not mess with him. Oh BTW, I forgot to mention Onizuka is actually a new teacher in this high school, but he is also ketua tertinggi geng motor-motor. You can guess it's kind of weird to have a gangster as your class teacher, eh?

Now, watching GTO really relished old memories.. I remembered there were times that Japanese series were such a massive hit before the Korean dramas take over it. Semua tengok ok. Beach Boys, Love Story, etc. etc. Teringat pulak cerita yang budak laki-laki masuk rhythm swimming. Memang tergelak je tengok budak laki berenang terkedek-kedek buat bentuk bintang atau bunga dalam kolam renang.

And I remembered we did watched Wonderful Life, about baseball. That was so funny.. comel sangat anak-anak tu pukul bola.

Japanese series are really fun!