Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Book review: Cradle and All

I picked up this book, not knowing what a bizarre coincidence it was, when I just watched the remake of The Omen last 2 weeks. It was a Christian novel, no doubt about that. I just didn't know it was a Christian novel until I started to read it.

"Breathtaking.... The master is back. Oh, what a writer!" -Larry King, USA Today

That was the quotation printed on the book cover.

However, the story does not move in such a breakneck speed like The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown (one of my favourite novels). In fact, when I was reading this, since I have just watched the movie about Satan's child, I could not shake off the comparison between the novel and the movie.

The plot outline was simple: Two virgins find themselves pregnant. And around the world, it seemed that apocalypse is coming. The question is, which one is the God's child and which one carries the Satan's?

The book had so many creepy scenes, but, even it move in fast paced scenes, I still feel that the book cannot be absorbed much by me. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the turns of events in the book, which makes me questioning what happen next. It had such a shocking ending that reading it (eventhough it was a tad slow for me), seemed blurred. Many secrets were revealed that makes the main character, Anne Fitzgerald (former nun turned P.I.) questioning her faith.

I love knowing Colleen's secrets at the end of the book.
I was shocked knowing about Kathleen's uneventful day when she got pregnant.
And I feel like I was watching a movie with an open ending.

I guessed, I just had to stick with James Patterson's other CSI lookalike novels. This book screamed faith on Christianity all over it.

Why am I writing this?

We always marvelled at some people who embraced Islam after reading the Quran and compared it with the Bible.
We were proud of Ahmad Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik who can quote comparisons between these two; The Quran and the Bible.

But, as a Muslim, we were ignorant of the fact to know about other religions. I believe that as a Muslim, I should not be reading about Islam only.

We were afraid that other Muslims would be looking at us and questioned why we read this kind of book that stressed on Christianity. We were afraid that people would label us as losing faith in Islam when we watched Christian-like movie, such as The Omen, Stigmata or The DaVinci Code.

But, I feel that if I am ignorant of these things, I would not understand others' religion. I have been to a church in England before, where Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married. And actually looked around the people who offered their prayers in the church. I have also been in a church turned to a mosque in Turkey. And marvelled in the time where Islam is strong.

As other Muslims converts had done, they read our Islamic books with open mind, but we, as a born Muslims do not read other religions' books, and feel that it would harm our faith.

I have not read The Bible yet. But DaVinci Code, amidst its Christianity controversy, makes me understand more about the root of Christianity.

I am glad I read it with an open mind, it actually strenghten my faith in Islam.


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