Friday, 28 September 2007

Book review: Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever

'These kids don't need broomsticks to fly'

That's the motto for the Maximum Ride series.

Since I am currently obsessed with reading all James Patterson's books, it was a simple matter to pick this up eventhough this is the first venture by James Patterson for teen adult market.

Maximum Ride series is a spin off from his previous adult novels, When The Wind Blows and The Lake House.

And as I wrote earlier, I prefer this than Harry Potter. Yes you, who have not known what to read after HP, I have found the perfect replacement to fill your time.

I have searched high and low for the first installment of Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment), but since I could not find it, I started with this second book; Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever.

Meet Max (14), Fang (14), Iggy (14, he's blind), Gasman (8), Nudge (11) and Angel (6) (oh, don't forget about the talking dog, Total). They are reengineered kids with wings to fly (human-bird hybrid). They were being hunted by the Erasers (another pack of kids with the ability of turning into wolves; human-wolf hybrid) since they escaped from the lab.

This book is funny! It is sharp, had street slangs and all the right punches from what you expected from James Patterson's books. It also proves girls can be tough (oh yeah, Max is the leader of the pack, and she's a girl!).

I was laughing along the way with the book, with a lot of scary moments when they were being hunted by the Erasers. Fang even had the time to blog ( eventhough the pack were always on the run. Along the way, they try to search for their own identity and long-lost parents.

A few scenes that makes me smirk and LOL:

When an FBI agent asked Gasman his name;
'And how do you spell that?' the agent asked.
'Captain, like the captain of a ship,' the Gasman explained. And then Terror, you know, T-E-R-R-O-R.'
'Your name is Captain Terror.'

Angel, who had the ability to read and manipulate minds, while fighting with an Eraser:
'You're getting scary, you know that?' I said to Angel, not really kidding. I mean, making an Eraser drop right out of the sky by just telling him to - jeez.

Angel even manipulate the mind of the President of USA! (no kidding)

And this one tops the cake, when they were trying to break codes and said maybe a book can be matched with the code series.
'Not yet' Nudge said. 'There're still a couple of things we haven't tried. Like if the numbers all relate back to a book.'
'Which book?' asked Iggy.
'A big book, with lots of words. A book that wouldn't be hard for you to find,' said Nudge. 'Something all over the place, that a lot of people have.'
'The Da Vinci Code?' the Gasman suggested.

By the end of the book, the kids were still on the run. I would expect that since this book is the second from the trilogy. But it ends on high notes, all ends well :)

Yes, the third (Maximum Ride: Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports) is out already, eventhough it hasn't reach our shores yet.

I am keeping my fingers crossed since I aready read rave reviews for the last installment. (ops, dear me, dear me, I just found out this series will have 12 books in total?)

Bring it on, James Patterson!

'The man is the master of his genre. We fans will have one wish for him: write even faster' -USA Today

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