Thursday, 29 November 2007

Milk pumping technique

Sha, hope this helps.

[1] Do not get too stress when you are pumping.
Do not even think about your MPI (milk production index) at all. Do not even stare at your milk bottle. You just have to distract yourself from thinking about it. I read when I pump (in case you are wondering, I use an auto pump). I know it's hard, but it is a learned art. You will get the hang of it :).

[2] Learn how to do letdowns.
Different techniques works with different people. My letdown occurs when I pumped really fast in the first phase, and when letdown starts, I pump slowly to maximise the milk output. Thus, using Medela Swing really helps. But I know lots of people who even can do it with their manual pump. I even make do with Medela Harmony (manual pump with 2-phase expression) before.

[3] Switch from one breast to another.
To ensure maximum output, try to pump 7 minutes and switch, 5 minutes and switch, and 3 minutes and switch. In total, 15 minutes for each breast.

[4] Add more pumping session.
To ensure your stock is not fastly depleting, ensure that you achieved the baby's milk consumption for the day. Let say, if your baby drinks 20 oz of milk while you are working, please pump till you get 20 oz per day. If you want to make stock, add more pumping session to achieve more than that.

It is really tiring, but I managed to pump more than 20 oz per day when Fahri is less than 6 months. I woke up 1-2 times at night and ensure that I should pump at least 5 times per day to achieve my 20 oz target.

[5] Do tandem pumping.
While your baby drinks from one breast, try to pump from the other breast. I find this works and yield more MPI results.

[6] Feed from one breast ONLY at night.
Your other breast, you will save it for morning pumping session. You will have more MPI in the wee hours in the morning.

Credit to kak Amiizaa (with contributions from other forumers), the food that increase your MPI:

lobak putih
ikan semua jenis ikan ikan yu, ikan sardine, tuna, salmon
jantung pisang
kucai +tauhu+tougeh
kentang rebus
longan kering
biskut marrie
daun turi
susu/ soya
halba (msk dlm nasi & air rebusannya minum)
kacang buncis
sayur sawi

air masak
susu soya
jus buahan
buahan betik/honeydew
rebusan buah pala
air kelapa
rebusan air halba

supplement yg perlu ambik:
omega 3
vitamin c

Utk urutan plak:
1) sikat setiap hari, baca selawat pastu sikat dari atas ke puting....kanan dan juga kiri
2) cuci dengan berus gigi puting2 tuuu takut tersumbat liang2 puting susu
3) kalau sblm mengepam tuuuu, ambik kedua belah tangan urut dari atas terus lurutkan kebawah...(bc selawat dulu)...insyaallah itu salah satu urutan utk BF

Masa pengepaman:
1)cuba pam sekerap mungkin, lagi byk kita pam...lagi byk pengeluaran susu cthnya 3jam sekali
2)mlm bagi baby isap kerap ....sebab bila mlm kalou kita bg baby isap boleh membaykkan pengeluaran susu juga
3) bila pam, pam sampai susu tak keluar.....nanti tetek kita akan produce susu baru....istilah yg kita selalu guna mcm kita'buang sampah...sampah dah penuh, kita buang dlm tong sampah...pastu kita ganti dgn plastik sampah baru' gitu jugak mcm air susu kita...bila kita dah habis pam, die akan mengeluarkan susu baru
4) sblm pam minum air suam dulu....lepas pam pon minum jugak.
5) jgn minum air sejuk/ais nanti susu cepat kering
6)jgn minum teh/nescafe tau.....mkn supplement jgn tinggal

Ubat untuk tambah hormone prolactin (* recommended)
1) Domperidone*
2) Maxolon
3) Metoclopramide (boleh jadi depression)
4) Motilium
5) Raglan (boleh jadi depression)

Cara-cara Lain
1) baca surah al baqarah ayat 60. sambil baca letakkan tangan pada breast tu. (Koci baca kat thread sebelah ada satu lagi surah surah al-Hujurat kalau tak salah)
2) Sapukan sedikit minyak kelapa pada daun sirih. Kemudian layurkan pada api sehingga layu. Setelah suam, tekapkan pada buah dada. Lakukan setiap hari.
3) tuam tuala suam ke atas payudara
4) urut belakang
5) urut kat payudara
6) urut tetek pakai sikat… mcm sikat rambut
7) sentiasa berfikiran positif
8) invest pada pam susu yg berkualiti
9) Kerap menyusu bayi
10) kurangkan stress, jangan fikirkan perkara yang menyusahkan hati
11) doa
12) tawakkal

3 am, 7.30am, 11 am, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm = 6x

And lastly, my milk output, for motivation. I used to stare at kak Amiizaa's milk output before, to motivate myself.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

5 things

Went to Taiping for my cousin's wedding last Saturday-Sunday. He looked stunning in crimson red baju melayu. Shed off many kilos for his wedding. Ditto for him!

Met all my mom's relatives there. It was nice to meet them after not going back to Kelantan this year. I haven't meet Ayah Chik for nearly 5 years already. Last time, I saw him during my wedding day. He is still working in Pahang with the Sultan, always holidaying in London.. heheh..

Am not sure whether we will be taking leave to celerate Aidiladha over there since my grandma is staying from one house to another. No one is at the kampung anymore since my aunt got married last year.

Oh, I owed this to Ida

5 things in my bag
1. Purse
2. Handphone
3. LRT card
4. Pil ASI
5. '2nd chance' by James Patterson

5 things that are in my wallet
1. Money
2. Name card
3. I.C
4. ATM card
5. Pen

5 favourite things in my bedroom
1. My reading desk lamp
2. Moschino 'Funny!'
3. Hairbrush shared by the whole family
4. Fluffy pillow
5. Fahri's small pillows

5 things I wish to do
1. To be a housewife
2. Learn to sew
3. To do water painting - it has been ages since I last draw and waterpaint something
4. Engage professional kid photographer to take pictures of the kids and frame it
5. Treat myself for a holiday

5 things that I am doing now
1. Updating the blog
2. Reading office e-mail
3. Eating pil ASI
4. Drinking water
5. Look at laminated flooring quotation (for the new house)

5 people I would like to tag
Hmm... none

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Pre-kindergarten class

My Amni was enrolled for pre-kindergarten classes yesterday for a month.
She was so excited. Her class consists of 5 people only.

She was telling us she learned how to write #1 and #2.
She will be learning how to write #3 today.

Kindergarten fees nowadays.. hmmm.. I have been scratching my head about it.

My Fawwaz told us his kak Amni is going to Taska yesterday.

I can't resist the temptation to write about Amni going to school. It does makes me feel old *tsk*

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Hoo-hummm (with a very long 'm')

With this ongoing colouring cum painting project for our new home (thanks to dh for giving me the freedom to express my taste in paints :P), I kept myself busy dreaming at nights, which colour should I choose.

Yes, I am quiet obsessed with paints these days. Thanks to the paint shop for giving us generous discounts (berapa kali dah bertapak ke sana membeli cat).

And to sum up, how's my weekend going (apart from selecting the paints), scroll down to look at this boy....

Ibu, I got chicken pox!! *BIG sigh*

Thanks to my MIL for willingly helping me to cope with Fahri. He is off from the nursery for one week. My MIL is staying with us for the moment because I am still breastfeeding him.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Amni is 4 today!

Happy birthday dearest Firzanah Amni!

Tahun depan dah masuk tadika ye yang.. :)
[Ops.. I forgot to contact the kindergarten to ask about registration]

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A series of events

The gathering

"Ni haji kecil," everyone keep saying that to Fahri.
"Dia ikut mama dia tawaf, kan?"

I remembered that clearly, we have to do the tawaf nearly 2 hours due to the huge crowd inside Masjidil Haram.

"Ma, ni baby siapa ni?" Syira (the 13-y.o. who went for Hajj with her mom and shared the room with me) asked Kak Linda, her mom.
Kak Linda laughed. "Anak makcik Aida."

It was nice to meet my friends, whom I know during our Hajj trips. It was nearly one year, that I haven't meet my roommates and camping trip mates (yes, I refer Mina as a camping experience - we need a lot of laughters to break the angers).

"Kak R datang tak?" one of my ex-roommates asked.
"Siapa kak R?"
"Alaaa.. yang blur blur tu."

Another peals of laughters. We were giggling like schoolgirls reminiscing old memories during our Hajj trip.

"Ustazah kan pesan, lepas jadi Hajjah, ketawa tu kena adjust volume sikit," said Kak Pah.

We laughed and laughed. Sharing our experience during our Hajj trip. And everyone keep remembering each other's funny experience.

I was surprised to know one of our friends will held a wedding celebration for her 21-year old son. And she is only in her mid 40s! Yang terkejutnya, anak lelaki, kahwin muda.. And to give the measuring stick to us, dah kira advanced!

"Abang rasalah, mesti semua orang kenal kita kan? Kalau sebut, alah.. haji muda tu.. mesti ramai tahu kan?"
"Yelah, sebab kita jer yang datang sebagai suami isteri. Orang muda yang lain datang dengan mak bapak."

Fawwaz Amin

He celebrated his 3rd birthday last Friday! My mom cooked a lot of food. We bought a tiramisu cake for him. He is still wearing diapers.. Hmmm..


Fahri was with high fever starting last Wednesday. It was unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events. Yes, yes, my baby was contracted with measles.

After two series of chicken pox attacks with Amni & Fawwaz; Fahri (amazingly) did not get any chicken pox bug since I still fully breastfeed him.
Inilah yang membakar semangatku untuk meneruskan penyusuan ibu.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I wonder...

Our family attended my Mak Su's open house at Ara Damansara last Sunday.

I got to know that Mak Su resigned from her post a month ago. She was the 2nd top person in the Finance Division and accummulated 5 figures income per month.

She was one of the country's top SPM scorer and was offered to do her A-level at a prestigious college in UK. She graduated with First class Degree at LSE. And her career is steadily soaring when she came back from UK.

Her next step is pursuing a full time class Masters. She is aiming to be a lecturer.

I wasn't actually shocked by her decision, to be a family woman.

Sometimes I wonder, if I am in her shoes, I would also be happy just to choose my family over a booming career.

To Mak Su, I salute you on your decision.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Mixed news


Congratulations to Siti & Fahmee for your wedding! It was indeed a splendid reception. I love this picture. I can't remember when was the last time I laughed SO much at a wedding!

The girl clad in the green baju kurung was not mine. The boy who looked at me was Fawwaz with his exclamations of "Nak balik rumah.." (he was bored while mom was having a fabulous time meeting old friends).

I received an SMS from one of my online friends on 1.04 a.m. last Sunday:

Salam. Bb nur hamizah izzati, telah kmbali ke rahmatullah jam 11.15 p.m. td. Regard - yan

To Del @ Yan, I know you are strong. Hamiza was a fighter, when she was warded for 2 months due to her premature birth. But Hamiza was strong! She was released from NICU and went home with her mom.

She even got to celebrate her first Raya with you.

Dear Yan, you are a lovely mom. Do not ever doubt that Hamiza will be waiting in heaven for you..