Monday, 31 March 2008

Minor incision

My, my, I haven't expected the famed Dr Koh to be so young and handsome. Ehemm..

Oh yes, I have just come back from my hospital's appointment with Dr Koh and is still recovering from minor operation he did on my left thigh.

He opened his clinic at 8.30 on the dot, and with no nurse at his clinic's counter (his nurse only punch in at 8.50 a.m.), he self serviced himself checking my particulars on the GL I bought and straight away do my check up.

"Let me take a look. Oh this is easy, only 10 minutes operation. You go with my nurse to the operating room, ok."

"Are you on maternity leave?"
"Err, no," I said, while staring at my bulging tummy.

He straight away gave me a 3-day MC when dh insisted only 1 day for me.

The nurse only came later after we finished the check up and asked me whether we already meet Dr Koh.

Off I went with dh tagging along.

"So, this is your first surgery?"
"Err, yes.."
"Well, good luck!" he said while smiling at me.

The minor operation procedure will make Pantai Medicare RM 1280 poorer. I was still staring in shock at the bill when we went to the pharmacy to get my medicines. A 10 minutes operation costed us RM 1280? Hey, that's (like) half of the maternity cost.

And to think that I have been dreading today thinking that I am going to be warded. Hmphhh..

Friday, 28 March 2008

My baby

This week (on Monday & Thursday to be exact), Fahri was bitten twice on his cheek by a baby girl.

Tok ayah dah bising-bising semalam.
Aku? Dilemanya jadi ibu bekerja.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I am on MC :|

Jam 1 pagi, bangun. Mata dok pejam celik pejam celik.
Kepala asyik berdenyut-denyut.

Jam 3 pagi, anak teruna sudah bangun. Main-main atas katil. Yang kita pula dok muntah dalam bilik air.

Jam 4 pagi kejutkan suami, cakap tak larat nak layan si kecil. Awak tolonglah jaga, saya nak menyusu pun rasa dah tak sedap, badan lenguh-lenguh.

Jam 4.30 pagi baru dapat tidur. Si kecil, abahnya kata sibuk main. Masuk buai, lompat keluar. Bagi susu ibu dalam botol, dia boleh buat main botol. Jumpa pencil case Fawwaz, dia hisap macam makanan.

Jam 5.30 pagi hantar naik balik, baru si kecil tidur.

Jam 9.30 tadi, pergi jumpa doktor. Rupanya hari Rabu appointment untuk ibu-ibu mengandung. Masuk jumpa doktor, doktor ingat aku mengandung.

Eh tak doktor, saya demam.

Lepas itu, minta doktor check ketumbuhan di peha. Akhir sekali, dapat referral letter kena pergi jumpa pakar terus. Bahaya juga ada ketumbuhan ni.

Hmm, sesiapa boleh cadangkan surgeon yang bagus daripada Hospital Tawakal atau Hospital Ampang Puteri? Cadangnya nak jumpa surgeon minggu depan. Boleh dapat MC free lagi.. yahoo!

Macammana dengan Fahri, nanti tak boleh menempek dengan ibu?
Aduh, dilema pula jadi lactating mom ni.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

This is totally unexpected.
I wonder if 3 years ago, I would be appreciated like this.

Dulu-dulu, masa unit kami nak bubar, semua orang ada tempat. Aku seorang je terkapai-kapai, tiada siapa hendak ambil aku untuk kerja bawah mereka.


Cerita pasal aku busuk sahaja.

Sibuk potong budget GM-GM di luar negara. Sibuk bising bila diaorang buat duit TM macam duit sendiri. Sibuk naik suara bila diaorang pakai duit TM buat tebus ESOS sendiri.

Bila GM-GM marah, aku buat tak tahu aja.

Jadi, bila GM-GM balik Malaysia, akulah 'kambing hitam' di mata mereka.
Nama aku dijaja sana sini dengan busuk sekali.

Masa di unit lama, aku selalu ada 'nervous breakdown'.
Kat office, OK aja. Bila sampai rumah, mesti muka macam sardin.
Ada sekali, bila balik, aku terus menangis.

Tak tahan bila baca report GM-GM 'baik hati' pasal aku. Report mereka siap hantar kepada CEO.

Tapi dalam hati selalu doa supaya dapat keluar cepat-cepat dari situ.
Sabar Aida, sabar banyak-banyak. Itu pesan suami.

Bila unit kami dilupuskan atas hasil ehsan GM-GM yang 'baik hati' itu, aku suka.
Tapi nak dapatkan kerja lain, menempek sana sini, semua orang tak mahu.

Sebab dengar cerita pasal Aida yang sangat busuk.

Siap HR hantar e-mel cinta dengan bahasa lemah lembutnya menyatakan aku tiada tempat. Kalau hendak hidup, pandailah cari sendiri penempatan.

Tak sampai setahun di unit baru, bos lama mencari aku balik.
Tahun lepas, dia minta lagi aku kerja bawah dia.
Unit yang dibubarkan itu diwujudkan semula.

2 minggu lepas pula, Aini cerita ada orang bahagian lama cari aku nak offer penempatan.

Aku? NO WAY!

Dulu buang sangat aku, dah 3 tahun lebih, datang cari balik?

*ini sekadar luahan hati, walaupun ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup*

Cerita ini sekadar ingatan sebab ada staff komen pasal staff lain yang mengata pasal dia. Aku cakap, "Akak, akak baru kena macam ni. Saya lagi teruk, kena backstab dengan GM. Orang HR tahu nama saya sebab diburukkan orang lain. Tapi saya doa banyak-banyak biarlah kebenaran terbuka suatu hari nanti."

Friday, 21 March 2008

Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Aaahh.. I have just come back from such a relaxing holiday at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan. Thanks to Kak Moli for such a nice prize from TheLilCaliph!

We went there on Wednesday after the booking is done. The 2 1/2 hours drive from KL went quiet smooth. The happy faces below satisfied us. It was nice to break away from our routine once in a while.

The happy faces. As usual, the eldest keep fighting with each other to carry Fahri around. It was nice to see them doting on their baby brother.

Our room was something. I haven't expected it to be THAT nice! I just found out from the web that we got an Executive Suite with a tag price of RM 1800++ per night!

The kids in the living room attached to the bedroom.

The bedroom. Don't be fooled by the picture. It sure was roomy enough to accommodate us.

The stunning sea view from our suite. The pool is also just in front of our room.

As for me, I got to treat myself with a massage from the spa. I was just thinking of indulging myself with the kids under my husband's custody. When dh said it's OK to have one hour for myself, I decided it was time for me to go to the spa. Being a spa virgin, I told the beautician that I only have one hour to indulge in those spa treatment due to the fact I am still a lactating mom.

The pool was big to get splashy. The sea was stunning. It was nice to view the beach due to the fact that it was so clean.

Thinking of the cost that I spent to buy my Medela Swing, this is truly a worthy prize!

We visited my BIL at UIA. He was back from doing his ward review at Hospital Temerloh. He was attached to the paedietrician unit for 2 months right now.

He told us about a 9 year old kid, who had to take care of her 3 siblings. Her parents died because of HIV. He said that the father passed away just last week. The kid was in the hospital to take care of her 3 y.o. sibling who tested positive for HIV. She matures beyond her age, preparing the milk etc. for her sibling.

He saw another 11 year old kid who was still attached to the parents.

The other scene seems world's apart from each other.

When we visited him just now at the Kuantan Hospital, he was just checking another kid with a hole in heart.

I am writing this to remember the stories that he told us. It was just a few from so many that he told. I realised we had a good life and should be thankful about it.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Preparation to breastfeed at the hospital

Dear Arbee, I am addressing your concern here. Just try to chill out ok?
I am listing it in points for you to be prepared (so you don't have to panic about it in the labour room).

  1. Bring your breastpump
    This is important to stimulate your milk production, in case you need it.

  2. Tell the nurse beforehand about your wish to fully breastfeed your baby
    Convey to them that you do not want your baby to be feed with formula milk.

  3. Ask for a lactation consultant (LC)
    LC can help you with the positioning of your baby, teach you how to watch for the baby's sucking and even answer your questions about breastfeeding.

  4. Alhamdulillah, I have a very good experience with an Indian LC during my stay at Tawakal Hospital. She came to check on Fahri and I every 3 hours to update about the feeding progress.

  5. Room in with the baby
    To ensure success, you can ask for the baby to room in with you. I know this is hard work, with you being tired after just giving birth. But most private hospitals are concerned about a mom's rest, that the nurse resort to formula milk to give a break for the mom. This is a big NO if you want to ensure your baby do not have any nipple confusion (bottle vs breast).

  6. Be confident
    You should never doubt yourself that you can produce milk. My mature milk only came in the 4th day after I gave birth. I only feed Fahri with colostrum (the early milk) from day 1 to day 3. A newborn's stomach is the size of one tea spoon (5 ml) only.

Monday, 17 March 2008

(Need a title?)

I refrain myself from talking about politics in this blog, due to the fact that I will be talking non stop like Aini about it. It wasn't that I am against the Malaysia political scene, it is just the plain fact that I will be slamming the party who keep saying they are protecting Malay rights, when in fact, they are squeezing us, the rakyat, from our own money.

Enough about that.

Anyway, this Wednesday, we will be going to Kuantan for a holiday that I won through TheLilCaliph online shop. Thanks to Kak Moli for sponsoring the holiday. Haha! I am hoping to enjoy my break post PRU12 heated discussion. BTW kak, have you no interest in bringing the Medela Freestyle breastpump to Malaysia shore?

Ah yes, Afiqah, if you are reading my blog, please take note that I am locking my blog if you do not want to invite me to read yours. That would be fair, considering yours is already locked and I, your older sister cannot view it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Reading list

I have been tagged by Mynie.

And now, my aunt already tagged me. I guess I should be doing this tag. What a nice tag for ulat buku like me (and I found this tag really hard, so many books to list).

Last book read?

Hide and Seek by James Patterson

A really excellent thriller. Expect the unexpected. I have been second guessing everything from the start. The central character is Maggie Bradford, but I keep asking myself is she the good or the bad one? The bad guy is really really really bad. He is the husband of Maggie, Will Shepherd. But the plot behind the murder of Will is really hair rising.

Now now Mr Patterson, haven't I told you I am your fan? You should have known it from the way I keep reading your books. Even when a few does not come to my expectation, rest assured I will be the one to search for your books in CM.

Currently reading?

Practically Perfect by Katie Fforde

It was like a breath of fresh air, I haven't been stopping reading Patterson's books nowadays that I find it refreshing to read a chic lit for grown ups! This book is a bargain at RM 17.90! (Consider the fact that most books that I found is always RM 30+).

Sweet story, nice characters. Makes me wonder what if I live in a cottage? Isn't it nice to have a house at a countryside? I wish to be carefree like Anna, who learned how to build a house from the start. For me to find characters like Anna is really refreshing, for a heroine not to get all girly but ready to sweat and do some house building herself. The supporting characters are also so sweet.

Favourite genre?

I read anything under the sun. But currently, so into crime thrillers.

A wonder why I cannot digest Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs. Maybe forensic science is just too much for me, I cannot imagine the scene where they analyse the dead body even when Ms Riechs had describe it in detail. Guess I should stick to CSI. (And I ditch the book.. tata!)

Favourite author?

Need I answer this????

Favourite book - fiction?

Hmm hmm.. isn't it interesting to note that I would love these Malay/Indonesian language book even though I am an avid reader of English novels?

Yes, currently I am so into these 3 books (of course, the favourite books keep changing from time to time)

1. Ayat-Ayat Cinta by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy
2. Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1 & 2 by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy
3. Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha by Noor Suraya

Favourite book - non fiction?

1. I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman
2. The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams - a must read for you who holds an office job! *lol*

3 books you wish to read next?

1. Step On A Crack by James Patterson
2. Ibu Kool Bapa Hebat by Jamilah Samian - still haven't read it yet eventhough already bought it
3. ... I can't remember one right now!

5 people I'd like to tag:

None. I know it would be hard for bookworms like me to answer this tag. Let's just say, I will just let anyone off the hook, for now.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

A new dawn for Malaysia

Isn't it exciting to watch the PRU 12 result?
I watched till 2 a.m. this morning on Astro Awani
was quick to update the election result.
Forum CARI's current issue PRU 12 thread was moving very quickly, that everytime I posted, it appeared in a new page. By 1 a.m., it exceeded 100 pages. The thread just opened on 5 p.m. yesterday.

We cast our votes around 9.10 a.m. yesterday.
It was quick and easy, a far cry from the 2004 election.

A person calling me from Benut was asking why we have to cast our vote using a pencil and not a pen.
That, my dear, should be answered by SPR chairman, I suppose :)

I am hoping for this new wave of change stays and delivers its promise. Amin...

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ulasan filem: Ayat-ayat Cinta The Movie

(Terima kasih untuk Semah sebab tak lokek sediakan uncut version -bila kata uncut, memang nampak sangat filem ini macam baru roll dari kamera- untuk kami-kami yang minat dengan karya Habiburrahman El-Shirazy)


Baru habis menonton filem ini, padanlah mendapat sambutan hangat di Indonesia. Dengarnya, mereka yang ingin menonton terpaksa beratur 2-3 jam untuk mendapatkan tiket sahaja.

Versi filem agak berlainan dengan buku, itu sudah pasti. Alhamdulillah, karya Kang Abik yang fenomenal ini diangkat dengan penuh indah ke layar perak. Saya pasti akan menunggu untuk menontonnya ketika ianya tiba di Malaysia.

Maria sangat-sangat menyerlah! Watak gadis Kristian yang memilik jiwa muslimah sejati begitu payah untuk dimainkan, tetapi berjaya dibawa dengan baik oleh Carissa Putri.

Mula melihat wajah Fedi Nuril yang akan membawa watak Fahri, saya tertanya-tanya di dalam hati, adakah beliau sesuai sebagai Fahri. Habis filem, saya yakin memang Fedi pilihan tepat pengarah sebagai Fahri. Dia nampak canggung untuk mendewakan watak Fahri, malah kita dapat melihat bahawa Fahri sebenarnya tidak sempurna, tetapi mencuba untuk mengubah diri menjadi lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Watak Fahri di dalam novel AAC digambarkan terlalu sempurna.

Bagi saya, Aisha (Rianti Cartwright) seharusnya dikembangkan wataknya di dalam buku. Alhamdulillah, pengarah mengambil insiatif untuk kita lebih mengenali Aisha. Bak tulisan Aini, Aisha nampak cemburu. Saya sokong dengan perkembangan watak Aisha. Di dalam buku, kita hanya tahu dia cemburu ketika membenarkan Fahri menikah dengan Maria. Tetapi, tidak pernah diungkapkan dengan terang perasaan Aisha. Watak Aisha di dalam filem ini menunjukkan cemburu seorang isteri dan pengorbanannya.

Permulaan cerita sangat menarik. Penonton akan dipertontonkan adegan Fahri meminta bantuan Maria mengenai komputernya. Lantas, kita akan diperkenalkan dengan teman serumah Fahri yang sibuk dengan urusan mereka di rumah sewa itu.

Antara adegan yang saya suka:
  1. Sesi taa'ruf Aisha dan Fahri. Di sini, kita masih tidak dapat melihat wajah Aisha kerana shoot dekat kamera hanya nampak dia membuka purdah dan reaksi Fahri ketika melihatnya.
  2. Aisha menyolek Maria selepas dia meminta dan membenarkan Fahri untuk menikahi Maria.
  3. Pedih hati Aisha ketika melihat Fahri menyatakan cintanya kepada Maria di kamar hospital.
  4. Ketika Fahri dipenjarakan, seorang tawanan menyabarkan Fahri dengan kisah nabi Yusuf a.s. dan menegaskan bahawa kita sentiasa alpa apabila mengingatNya ketika waktu senang.
  5. Ketika Fahri mengimbau pertemuan pertama dengan Maria.

Saya harus menerima hakikat, tidak semua adegan di dalam novel boleh dimasukkan ke dalam filem. Malahan, interpretasi pengarah menjadi walaupun beberapa adegan terpaksa diolah untuk dimuatkan dalam filem.

Kalau di dalam novel, Fahri merupakan ketua rumah sewa, tetapi di dalam filem, Fahri perlu juga khidmat nasihat daripada teman seperantauan, Saiful. Watak Saiful diolah dan diperkembangkan untuk menjadi sahabat Fahri meluahkan masalah dan meminta pendapat.

Watak Nurul dan Noura, walaupun hanya diberi ruang masa yang singkat, tetapi cukup menyerlah!

Pengakhiran filem ini yang agak berbeza (ya, Maria masih mati) tetapi saya puas hati. Alhamdulillah, ini sebuah filem agama yang penuh pengajaran.

Setting filem, saya tidak pernah merasakan filem ini keluar dari Mesir. Saya sendiri tidak pasti adegan mana yang dirakam di India dan Indonesia. Malahan, props dan settingnya sudah cukup membayangkan keindahan Mesir (hanya 10-20% filem ini shooting di Mesir).

Nasihat saya, janganlah terlepas menontonnya. Sediakan juga tisu sebanyak yang mungkin. Terasa filem ini dekat di hati dengan penghayatan Islamnya.

P/S: Ketika Cinta Bertasbih juga bakal difilemkan. Siapa agaknya akan dipilih sebagai Khairul Azzam, penjual tempe dan bakso yang tidak lulus-lulus S1 nya?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

School registration

Enough about financial tips for now, we took a leave yesterday to register my first child for the 2010 school session. Huhu, how time flies eh? In 2 years time, our Amni will be entering primary school.

The school registration started in 1st March every year. If you want a school that is near to your house, I would recommend for you to take leave just to register since the school acts on 'first come, first serve' basis. Amni's registration number is 05/2010. That's number 5 in the school record! And, as usual, they will stamp and write it behind the original birth certificate number.

If your child is 5 year old this year, you have to register for the school already, since the queue could be quite long (yesterday, the queue for 2009 session at that school is already at 340 pupils); depending on which school you want your child to enter. In my case, the school that we registered is the nearest to our house and I was schooled there. During my time, it has the reputation of the best school in Selangor for its outstanding UPSR result.

While I was busy registering Amni, around 10 people already came to also register their child for the 2010 session.

Just to share with you guys, what you should bring to register your child:
  1. Original birth certificate of the child & 2 photostated copies.
  2. 2 photostated copies of IC of EACH parents.
  3. 1 photostated copy of latest bill (electricity/ water/ telephone/ ASTRO) - this is to confirm your latest address.
  4. 1 self addressed long envelope with 50 cent stamp.
The registration process was easy, provided that you have brought all the stated documents as above. We finished ours within 30 minutes (I forgot to bring the bill, thus hubby had to fetch it from home and photostate it). No upfront payment was needed.

A bell was ringing when we left the school compound yesterday. Hubby said, it seemed like ages ago that we last heard a bell rings. Of course lah yang, we have left the school scene for more than 10 years ago :P.