Wednesday, 30 April 2008

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A chat with a LC

Thanks to kak T*n (you know who you are, teheee), and in my desperate move to increase my MPI (milk pumping index), I called kak T*n's best friend, a certified lactation counsellor yesterday.

I was in desperate need of advice when my MPI decrease from the current 4-6 oz per session to only 2-3 oz per session.

It was a fruitful 10 minutes phone call, and I realised I really need someone who is an expert to talk to about my decreasing MPI. She asked me about my baby's age and my current MPI and advise accordingly.

Apparently, even when I eat all those food to increase my MPI, my prolactin hormone is not at its highest since Fahri is already 1 y.o. She told me lactating moms had its highest prolaction level when the baby is exclusively feed with breastmilk in the first 6 months of the baby's life. I told her that I have to work extra hard nowadays to get my daily 12 oz.

She said do not despair. She had been there, and done that. The waking up at night to pump the milk (oh I did pump twice at night, 12 am and 4 am to catch up with Fahri's intake when he was 3 months old and managed to exclusively feed Fahri after 2 weeks). The night pumping session is done for a month.

The major culprit is because of my 3 days fever and my worries that my MPI is dropping.

She advised me to drink a lot of water (I already did that!) and pump every 2 hours.

As I explained to her that Fahri is my 3rd child, I can hear her voice vibrating with shock and I told her simply, "Saya kahwin awal, kak.." (hehehe).

Anyway, I am now waking up at 3 a.m. to do my pumping session, so I am afraid if you girls noticed that my blog was written at 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning, you should know that was my milk pumping session. Hehe..

Here is a story, about mom's milk that I found interesting. Do read on.

Alkisah pada suatu masa, di sebuah hospital bersalin di Amerika. Maka ada le dua orang ibu yang melahirkan sorang anak lelaki dan sorang lagi anak pompuan. Masalahnya, kedua-dua ibu tadi, mengaku yang mereka melahirkan anak lelaki tersebut ! Ni kes berebut anak lelaki le....

Oleh kerana mereka melahirkan pada waktu dan masa yang sama, maka timbul le sedikit masalah bagi menentukan ibu yang sebenar bagi anak lelaki tersebut.Pada waktu tersebut, tiada lagi ujian DNA. Maka doktor pakar dari Amerika bertanya le pada kawan dia, sorang doktor dari mesir, macam mana nak selesaikan masalah tersebut. Dia orang dah buat ujian darah dah, malangnya, kedua-dua ibu tersebut mempunyai kumpulan darah yang sama. Lagi rumit masalah tersebut!

Maka doktor Amerika tu tanya le doktor dari mesir, macam mana nak selesaikan masalah ni, sebab dia dengar orang kata Islam dan Al-Quran ni agama yang sempurna, dan setiap masalah ada penyelesaiannya di dalam Al-Quran. Maka terkedu le doktor dari mesir tuh! Nak tak nak, doktor dari mesir tu, ajak doktor amerika tu berjumpa dengan sorang kawannya, iaitu seorang ulama terkenal dari mesir. Maka ulama dari mesir tu tanya le apa masalahnya.Setelah diceritakan segalanya, maka ulama mesir tersebut tersenyum.

Korang nak tau tak, apa yang dia suruh buat ? Alah...bukannya suruh potong dua cam dalam citer melayu lama tuh ! Ulama mesir tadi suruh diperah susu kedua-dua ibu yang melahirkan anak tadi! Dan dibuat ujian tentang kandungan kalsium, zat galian dan sebagainya!

Setelah selesai ujian, mereka diminta membawa keputusan ujian dan berjumpa semula dengan ulama tersebut.So, setelah dapat keputusan ujian, maka mereka pun bertemu semula dengan ulama tersebut.

Nak tau apa keputusannya ? Salah satu dari susu ibu tersebut, mengandungi 2 kali ganda bahan-bahan seperti kalsium, zat galian dan apa-apa yang sepatutnya berada di dalam susu ibu. Maka ulama mesir tersebut berkata, ibu yang mempunyai susu yang mempunyai bahan-bahan 2 kali ganda itulah ibu sebenar kepada anak lelaki tersebut ! Maka doktor amerika tadi bertanya, apa buktinya di dalam Al-Quran, maka ulama mesir memberitahu bahawa, bahagian untuk anak lelaki itu adalah 2 kali ganda dari anak perempuan, begitu jugalah dalam soal pembahagian harta pusaka. Jadi, oleh kerana itu adalah hukum Allah, susu ibu juga merupakan 'harta', maka untuk anak lelaki, adalah 2 bahagian, berbanding untuk anak perempuan !

Thursday, 24 April 2008

My to read list

We went to MidValley yesterday for a treat by Kak Tini. Then, after a wonderful lunch treat as usual, our next stop would be MPH. And yes, we bought books some more (that's me & Aini :P). Even Lynn remarked that we haven't finished buying books (non stop!).

The books I bought yesterday are:
1) Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern
2) Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas
3) The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

The Cecilia Ahern novel was bought as a gift for Kak Elin. Konon-konon gift untuk baby baru la, tapi sebab faham-faham mak Khazin ni memang gila buku, daripada dok beli hamper baby, baik bagi buku kat kak Elin kan. Pakat dengan Aini beli, I hope you like it kak! I know you are crazy about Cecilia Ahern. Semalam dapat 20% off lagi lepas mengada-ngada suruh kak Tini jadi MRC member :P.

Sugar Daddy is the new contemporary novel by Lisa Kleypas. That's mine! Since I keep reading the review is quiet good. I hope it does not disappoint me and raised the bar like the Wallflower series.

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult was a gift yang saja suka-suka beli kat Aini, hokay. She needs a book therapy right now, with the doctor prolonged her MC till this Friday. And since I know she craved a lot about Jodi Picoult, so I bought this book for her. Am not sure about the plot, but I think it's about a girl who got raped and how she gets along with her life.

Ah yes... these books actually was what I ordered from my online friends to be bought at KLIBF. Since I was busy with Aini (she was hospitalised that time), I only got to order the books. Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata, a bestseller in Malaysia and Indonesia which consists of Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi and Edensor.

The fact is Andrea Hirata was a first time writer with these books, but his books has revamp the education system in Indonesia - since the book wrote about how Indonesian children copes with education. That's the power from the tip of a pen (Pena yang menulis lebih tajam daripada pedang yang menikam). I heard the books will be turned into a movie soon. My friend promised me that I would laughed and cried with the kids in the book.

And they said Andrea Hirata is a humble writer. I got autographed copies from him. He signed all my books (3 of it!). I am SO GRATEFUL about it. My friends asked me whether Andrea Hirata did write his e-mail address inside my book. I said none. He has given his e-mail address to my friends (but then, they are not married, while I am already with 3 children!).

Oh, I bought yesterday these cute things from the stationery shop near my house. The left one costed me RM 4 while the right one, RM 3.50. Isn't it cute?

P/S: There are so many in my to read list right now, but these are the books I will read next.

Kak Elin, kalau saya buka sampul buku Cecilia Ahern dan baca buku tu, akak jangan marah ok? Akak kan nak balik KT sampai 11 Mei. Nanti saya lawat akak lepas akak balik sini yer :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Fahri's eczema

I punched in late today at the office.

We bring Fahri to Dr Noh's clinic just now to get some medicines for his eczema. He kept scratching his head, his neck, his forehead all the time and I noticed it got much worse.

Dr Noh asked us whether the family had a history of asthma. And I said yes, my father, albeit a mild one. He explained to us the chances of getting eczema is much higher for a family who have asthma in the family. It's a family trait, I suppose. With kids who had eczema, it is much easier to catch flu (in case of Fahri, it seemed every week he will catch one) and cough.

We had to do monthly follow up with him.

Talking about Dr Noh, our family had a long history with him. My first trip meeting him dated way back in year 1998. I had a very clean face, with no acnes whatsoever, but suddenly got a bad breakout on my forehead that I keep counting my acnes every night. My mom declared it was a national emergency in our family since her daughters rarely got breakouts. Dr Noh said my acnes was called 'jerawat air' (I counted 50 small acnes the night before on my forehead.. argh) and he prescribed a facial wash. Surprisingly, my acnes was cured after a week using his facial wash. My mom and my younger sister also joined the boat by using my facial wash. Mom even testimonied she feel she had baby soft face after the first use :P.

My next trip was in year 2006, before my Hajj, which I got breakouts due to using another facial wash and being pregnant some more. It does not suit me and my trip costed me RM 120. Surprisingly, the facial wash he gave me lasted for more than 2 months (he gave a small amount of liquid facial wash only). On my Hajj trip, I bring those medicines and I had crystal clear skin after that.

His fees, however, are quiet expensive for the first trip, amounting more than RM 100.

The kid with eczema

The medicines he has given us for Fahri's eczema. There are night cream, day cream, moisturiser, soap and fluid medicine. All these costed RM 160.

The receipt and the referral letter. Whoa, the next trip will be covered by GL, I will ensure that!

He got to know about the fact that I still fully breastfeed Fahri when he said to watch the formula milk Fahri consumed (and I told him that I still fully breastfeed my baby). He said it was excellent for me to do extended breastfeeding since eczema's effect is lesser when the baby was feed with mom's milk.

Talking about breastfeeding, my output at the office is not equal to what Fahri consumed. I get less than 12 oz per day while Fahri drinks 12 oz daily at the nursery. I got some advise from my breastfeeding friends about it. I feel pressured right now to equal the daily output with the daily consumption. However, after such a long chat with my friends, they give encouragement for me to try fully breastfeed. With Dr Noh's praise, I now feel much more motivated to continue fully extended breastfeeding. I will try to aim no formula milk for now.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

The week

Our week was not really good. Even though last Saturday, we have won various prizes from the dinner organised by AHM (ex-MMU usrah group), Fahri and I caught a fever.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots to be shared during the weekend. We have wonderful menu, but I could not eat much because I am feeling really not well.

The prizes we have won! Lucky 3!

The grand premium lucky draw prize is actually a Cornell table fan. We got to participate in it after my husband settled his fees for year 2007 (and we settled the fees for year 2008 also).
The bed sheet and the purple bath mat was for Fahri, since he is considered a new family member (hadiah baby baru, tapi dah setahun pun :P).
And the red carpet was the prize Amni & Fawwaz won (they got 1st place!) for the fashion show. Thanks to the judges for selecting them :P.

A few snapshots of the kids on stage. Konon-konon baiklah, anak orang lain tengah membuas, anak kami pula boleh malu-malu kucing naik pentas, padahal kat rumah, 2-2 tukang sepahkan rumah dan juara bising. Forgive me, the pics are not clear.. Fawwaz was the one with the red t-shirt while Amni wore a 'princess' gown (she told me that :P).

Sunday & Monday, as I wrote earlier, was spent with being down with fever. Dh caught the bug also. And yesterday, he was on MC from food poisoning.

Ni gambar budak kecil tengah demam. Seronoklah duduk rumah dengan ibu, sebab manja yang amat :P

Monday, 14 April 2008

He should be on MC

Suami saya demam tapi kena paksa pergi meeting dengan CEO sebab tiada sesiapa pun tahu pasal sistem yang dia buat.

Hello? Kalau dah nak bagi kerja kat dia pun, tengok-tengoklah staff tu. Overworked ok? 20 sistem dari planning sampai maintenance pun campak kat dia (termasuk sistem MA*S yang T* banggakan sangat tu, dia seorang sahaja buat ok!).

Kalau dia masuk hospital, mati kot T* macam ni.

Tapi tak pernah pula suami saya dapat level 4 atau 5?

Geram betul ni!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Vertigo imbalance

When Aini was admitted at Hospital Tawakal last Friday, it's not her symptoms of rhumetoid arthritis nor anemia nor high blood pressure.

The neurologist called it vertigo imbalance (balance disorder).

She went to 3 different clinics on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but the doctors assumed it must be related to her arthritis. I actually already told her to go to the hospital on Monday, when she said she felt acute pain in her stomach and it is much worse than giving birth to Auni. She even SMSed me to update her blog, in case anything happens to her.

The neurologist gave her a simple test. To walk straight with her eyes open and closed. She succeeded in the first test but when her eyes were closed, she couldn't walked straight. That's when the doctor diagnosed she might be having the symptom of balance disorder.

When I went to the hospital last Friday, I joked with her about her neurologist's fees. One assessment with the brain specialist, as what my doc-to-be BIL said costs more than RM 20k per 30 minutes session. And in Malaysia, there are only 3 or 4 neurologist available.

I was always the twin who tells a joke to lighten the mood. If you guys notice, I have never ever blogged about her arthritis, high blood pressure or anemia. I feel that if the mood was sombre, I should be the one to talk with her like nothing happens (and that include blogging about everyday life). It was hard to be the always smiling twin when your other twin was diagnosed with something that you have never even heard in your entire life.

When I went for my umrah in 2004, she asked me to make duas for her to get pregnant. It was not easy for her to get pregnant at that time, since she was on strong medications. When I went for my Hajj, mom said to supplicate to Allah about her arthritis.

And now, this. I have never heard about vertigo imbalance before. I have read in The Star last year about it, but never ever expected that my twin will be diagnosed with it. She went for a brain scan yesterday, the doctor said she might have stand migraine.

She is still in the hospital.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Money matters

Aduh, sekarang tengah musim cukai. Dah isi ke belum? Tarikh akhir 30 April ya!

Tahun ini, kami lambat sikit mengisi borang BE. Maklumlah, tahun lepas submit online. Itu pun suami yang buatkan. Saya isi yang manual ajer, bila sudah dekat due date, baru sibuk suami nak isi yang online. Padahal kiraan semua sudah lama siap.

Macam tahun lepas dan tahun sebelumnya, sayalah tukang congak cukai pendapatan. Semalam terkial-kial suami mencari resit zakat (kami baru pindah rumah, entah mana dia campak resit zakat). Saya pula sudah siapkan awal-awal resit buku. Bila periksa semula dalam nota penerangan BE 2007, rebat pembelian buku sudah dinaikkan daripada RM 700 kepada RM 1000! Oh, seronoknya! Sesuailah untuk ulat-ulat buku yang sentiasa perabis duit membeli buku.

Selepas sudah melakukan kiraan, suami pula terkial tanya saya apa kata laluan untuk isi borang online. Saya mengangkat bahu, "Entah!". Alasan saya, tahun lepas, dia yang rajin isikan borang online saya. Saya tak sentuh pun laptop semasa taksiran tahun lepas. Mujurlah kata laluan yang kami terlupa itu memang umum. 2 kali punch, terus dapat masuk borang online.

Dok sibuk isi, kami tunggu keputusan akhir. Berapa banyak cukai perlu dibayar. Alhamdulillah, seperti tahun lepas dan tahun tahun sebelumnya, kami tidak payah bayar cukai (sebab kami bayar zakat pendapatan yang agak banyak ditambah hasil ehsan saya membeli banyak buku).

Hehe, siapa kata jadi ulat buku tidak menguntungkan? Cuma letih sikitlah nak susun buku di rumah. Tak tahu nak selit ceruk mana dah buku. Itupun belum bertimbun, cuma merata-rata buku di sana sini. (And this makes me remember, kak Tie dan kak Nieta minta gambar built in book rack. Hari tu saya dok cakap tak ada, rupanya saya terlupa Alwi ada buat built in book rack, tapi kecil ajelah sebab mengisi ruang kosong yang terlebih. Gambarnya nanti saya snap ye.)

Disebabkan saya sudah beberapa tahun berturut-turut jadi penasihat tak bertauliah untuk isikan borang cukai, sesiapa hendak khidmat kira-kira saya, saya nak caj minimum aja. Kalau hendak khidmat saya, boleh telefon saya. Saya akan isi borang cukai anda dari awal sampai akhir. Dokumen sokongan siap-siap hantar sekali supaya saya senang mengira. (Tawaran ini sesuai untuk mereka yang rasa tidak faham bagaimana hendak mengisi borang BE.)

Just a reminder, jangan ingat gaji anda tak sampai minimum RM 2,500 (Untuk dikenakan cukai, gaji perlu lebih RM 2,500 setahun, bukan RM 2,500 sebulan ya! Saya sudah rujuk jadual banjaran pendapatan bercukai), anda tidak perlu mendaftar diri dan membuka fail LHDN.

Teringat kes seorang colleague, saya dok sibuk mengisi borang cukai pada tahun 2004, dia memandang saya dan bertanya, "Eh Aida, kau isi borang cukai?". Saya berkata, "Yup!" (saya ketika itu baru bekerja kurang dari 2 tahun.)

Terus dia bergegas turun ke kaunter LHDN yang dibuka di pejabat kami tika itu. Bila dia menyatakan dia sudah bekerja 4 tahun dan tidak pernah mengisi borang BE, laju saja pegawai LHDN menghulur borang BE untuk 4 tahun berturut-turut. Rupa-rupanya, mula sahaja bekerja, anda wajib mendaftarkan diri di LHDN dan membuka fail sekiranya anda menerima borang EA (ini untuk mereka yang bekerja makan gaji.)

Dia kemudian naik ke pejabat dan berkata pada saya, "Manalah aku campak EA form yang lama-lama." Mujurlah kawan saya itu cool. Kalau saya gamaknya, menangis tak berlagu di situ. Agaknya isi borang BE yang 4 tahun itu dengan juraian air mata yang tidak putus-putus!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Geng ulat buku

Ini gambar di Pesta Buku Jumaat lepas dengan geng ulat buku.
Kak Su yang bertudung labuh memang sangat peramah. Kalau sesiapa belum baca Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha, pergilah dapatkannya di booth Jemari Seni.

Saya jarang baca buku bahasa Melayu, tetapi SUUN memang menarik. Bahasa santai dan watak Nuha dan Muzammil yang biasa-biasa sahaja memang dekat di hati.

Dengki saya dengan Ieka bila kak Su menulis begini di dalam novelnya,

Benarkah tidak semua laut akan menemui pantai?

Sekarang saya tengah menguliti karya Khayrin Othman, Zahrah de Tigris. Asyik menangis sahaja bila dia menulis tentang kehidupan Khairunnisa yang bertugas sebagai tenaga pengajar di Iraq. Banyak kejadian dan kehidupan orang Iraq menyebabkan hati saya remuk redam.

Sejak kebelakangan ini, rasa nak hantuk kepala sebab menyesal tidak beli Lili Buat Najah karya Nazurah Aisyah.

Di sini saya menulis, saya tekankan saya jarang membaca novel BM. Alhamdulillah, banyak novel yang dicadangkan terbitan JS boleh saya baca. Agaknya saya ni jenis heavy reader, tidak suka cerita santai-santai sahaja.

Friday, 4 April 2008

KL International Book Fair: 4-13 April 2008

Ehem ehem.. kalau sudah namanya ulat buku, mana boleh dilepaskan peluang ke Pesta Buku!
Jad hari ini, selepas appointment dengan Dr Koh, sudah berjanji dengan Aini dan Ieka untuk ke PWTC - upacara tahunan kami membeli-belah buku.

Oh bestnya, pusing kanan nampak buku, pusing kiri nampak buku. Bayangkan ada 4 dewan disediakan untuk buku, macam duduk dalam syurga buku pula. Ini pun banyak yang tahan nafsu. Ada satu dewan tak sempat langsung dikunjungi gara-gara takut terlewat sampai ke rumah.

Antara buku-buku yang berselerakan di atas (ikut putaran jam):

1) Sayang (Pantun & Seloka Kanak-kanak) oleh Azah Aziz

2) Katalog Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL - berguna untuk mencari gerai-gerai berkaitan

3) Sajian Keraian, Perancangan, Penyediaan & Resipi oleh Noraini Sidek - dengan harapan saya akan lebih pandai memasak

4) MP3 Bacaan Al-Quran 30 Juzuk Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais - ini bukan buku, saya belikan untuk suami. Ganti CD yang kami beli di Mekah dahulu, sudah patah.

5) Dedaun Hijau di Angin Lalu oleh Manaf Hamzah - item 4 & 5, Aini dapat harga kenyit-kenyit mata dengan kakak jaga gerai. Maklumlah, 2-2 item daripada Pustaka Islamiyah yang depan rumah kami. Kakak seller siap cakap, macam pernah jumpa. Sudah Aini pernah memborong di sana, dapat diskaun.. hehehe. (Aini, aku tak tengok drama Cinderella yang Haliza Misbun dok main tu. Tak minat :P)

6) Zahrah de Tigris oleh Khairyn Othman - beli di booth Jemari Seni.
Kak Noor Suraya (penulis Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha) dan Kak Mariah yang cadangkan novel ini untuk heavy reading. Oh, saya boleh bagi 5 bintang untuk booth JS. Saya janji nak promosikan booth JS untuk mereka. Novel-novel terbitan JS ada diskaun 20-30%.

Saya dapat cupcake daripada kak Su (terima kasih), dan sempena pembelian novel Zahrah de Tigris, saya dapat kad comel daripada penulis novel, Khayrin Othman di Glasgow (Aini & Ieka dengki saya dapat kad dari UK) dan notepad. Sedihnya tak bawa buku SUUN saya. Saya paksa Ieka beli buku SUUN Kak Su dan dapatkan autograf. Ieka dok kacau saya sebab saya tak dapat autograf kak Su. Sob sob, waaa....

Sambil itu, saya dok mengomel pada kak Su, susah benar nak jumpa buku JS di kedai buku. Kawan-kawan Forum CARI pun dok sibuk berkumpul di booth itu sambil snap gambar dengan banner JS.

7) Notebook Ana Muslim untuk anak-anak

8) Asuh Kids (senaskah majalah hanya berharga RM1!)

Aduh, rasa tak puas lagi. Ingat nak pergi second round. Saya nak jumpa Habiburrahman El-Shirazy (diterbangkan khas dari Indonesia) dan Faisal Tehrani!

Banyak booth MASIH tak sempat jenguk. Itu pun dah banyak terbabas ke Dawama Publications (DBP) dan MPH.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Happy 1st birthday adik Fahri

Hello my baby! You are 1-year-old today :)

And still a fully breastfeed baby. Very manja because of it.

Ibu loves you SO much. Kakak and Abang really adore you. Most of my friends said you looked like Abah. Abah personally told me you are like a mini version of me. Oh never mind you look like abah or ibu. You are still our baby :)

Now for the haircut, I asked tok ayah to give you one this weekend. You have soft hairs like your abah. But your hair really stands out!

Oh yes, thank you for eating the french fries I baked for you yesterday. You self serviced it yourself. Even kakak and abang finished eating way ahead before you.

BTW, did you notice my tears? I still can remember the Hajj days when I am pregnant with you. You are always kicking to remind me to drink ZamZam water.

Happy birthday Fahri :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I am an amateurish driver

I consider myself (somewhat) an amateurish driver.

This is due to the fact that I have not driven the car for more than a year after giving birth to Fahri (yes, Fahri is going to be 1 y.o. this coming Thursday).

My lack of driving was contributed by dh, who insisted to drive around when I insisted (half heartedly) to drive our Waja. The matter worsens when he said he is not confident with my driving skill, at all.

And to say that I have been driving to and fro from Menara to the USJ Taipan TM exchange every week in year 2006. Well, that sums up my driving skill, of course. It's because of the fact, the exchange was so far, that I told dh, I couldn't depend on him to send me there. We had a group project there and I was a team member. My first time driving there after such a long break (after resting my driving skill for a few years.. hmm), I can't reach the Touch n Go tag, that I have to stop the car and reached out to swipe the card!

Thinking of driving to USJ Taipan send shivers. I feel goosebumps every time I was the one who was behind the steering wheel. I always assumed the worst (eg: car breakdown, not enough petrol, heavy downpour, accidents etc.) when I was driving.

Imagine me plucking my courage to drive to Menara today (my first trip by my own) and then drove to MidValley for a jolly treat with the girls. I even consulted my husband this morning about that. My mind keep thinking, "What if I drive all the way to Menara?" (I dislike the idea of driving to the LRT and drop there and take LRT to work. I assumed that there is no parking space near the LRT in the afternoon and keep thinking where should I park my car.)

11.30 a.m., I called Aini saying I am going to drive to Menara.
12.05 p.m, already there and me, with my girlfriends went to MV. I managed to park the car (oh, I am also a beginner in parking) without denting the car at all. Wohoo.. quiet an achievement for me.

Coincidently, my driving skill sparked a conversation with my girlfriends. Kak Tini was thinking when she should start taking lessons from her husband (as a refresher) on car driving. That's the beauty of being married, we have husbands acting as chauffeurs to ship us around with a snap of our dainty fingers.

Now, when we got back from MV, rain started to patter on my car's windows. Aini keep saying, she had been driving in a much worse weather than this. After sending the girls back to the office, lo and behold, the God did test my phobia by bringing a heavy downpour (He even sends some lightning for effects). I was having butterflies in my stomach and prayed that I drove back to the house in one piece (I mean, the car in one piece).

Safely parked the car in front of the house.
Phew, what a relief.

Now, where should I drive the Waja next? (rubbing hands gleefully with a mischief on my sleeve).

P/S: Oh yes, I am brushing my driving skill with the next trip to APSH this Friday (courtesy of dh). If I am OK with it, I imagine that I can go alone for my check up with Dr Koh.