Saturday, 30 August 2008

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

On being grateful for what we have

I have been busy this month, and got stuck doing BP 2009 (yaa.. this is like my YEARLY routine job). Of course, since I am the Finance people inside our division, I got to know sensitive items like the salary of each staff for me to do salary calculations and come with a reasonable figure on average salary per person.

Aini told me last week, about her collague, who keep complaining about her salary. I was amused. Her colleague is an executive with a starting salary at RM 2000+!

Of course, I assumed her lack of acknowledging about her good salary is because, 1. She was not exposed to do a Business Plan in her entire life (I have been doing this for 5 consecutive years) and 2. Her division is 99% surrounded with executives.

When I look at the non executive's salary figures at my division, I wondered how they survived. The starting salary for MS (diploma graduate) is RM 13**, so I assumed the starting salary for SK (clerk) would be less than RM 1000 (Yup, I check inside the handbook. The starting salary is RM 800).

Even 1 clerk, that I know, who worked for more than 10 years, still live with his parents-in-law. He has 4 kids.

Another clerk got married last year. I wondered how he saved his money for the wedding.

The rising cost of living, further more in KL makes my life harder. However, year after year doing the BP, it also make me realise, that I should be grateful about having a salary, and still working.

I saluted the people who had a salary of RM 1500 and less, but still make a decent living. They may not be rich, but they are grateful for what they have.

Of course, the society today measures someone's success by monetary value. But I believe that rezeki is not only based on money, but should also be based on other things as well (children's health, our own health, enough food for the family etc.).


Friday, 22 August 2008

1st time

Before I bury myself with the piling (eh ada ke piling sekarang ni... semua computerised eh) workload.. lemme do this tagging game first

P/S: Echah, awak punya tag nanti dulu ek...

Tagged by kak Ina

1. 1st time naik kapal terbang :
1990. Naik flight dari Kl ke KB, sebab nak balik kampung. Flight via Alor Setar. Dekat 2 jam.

2. 1st time beranak :
14 November 2003, 11.39 a.m., Firzanah Amni, 2.9 kg

3. 1st time gi oversea :
1993. Pergi London. Ayah was selected as best staff in his company (kalau tak silap ler..)

4. 1st time duduk jauh drp family :
MRSM Pasir Tumboh, umur 13 tahun. Setuju dengan kak Ina, rugi masa dengan family.. Ingat nanti anak-anak dah besar, biar diaorang sekolah kat rumah jer.. Form 4, baru consider masuk asrama ke tak.

5. 1st time keje :
1 July 2002. Jadi management trainee kat TMTouch (wahaa, company pun dah merge jadi Celcom). Gaji bersih masa tu.. RM 900

6. 1st time rasa gemuk :
Lepas bersalin, UWAAA

7. 1st time bercinta :
Cinta monyet banyak le..

8. 1st time rasa diri cantik :
Bila tengok Aishwarya Rai, rasa sungguh diriku very tak cantik? Err.. aci tak jawab camtu?

9. 1st time masuk cinema :
1993. Jurrasic Park. Masa tu budak lain semua balik rumah... kitaorang jauh, rumah kat KL. Jadi menumpang kasih dengan cikgu-cikgi MRSM je..

10. 1st time admitted in hospital :
Hmm, hmm.. accident masa umur 5 tahun sebab main gelungsur dan kena jahit dengan doktor standby kat hospital tu kira masuk hospital ke? Kayu gelungsur tercucuk masuk dalam p*ngg*ng. Of course la doktor tu jahit tanpa bius la rasanya, sakitnya masya Allah! Memang rasa jarum tu keluar masuk kat kulit.. huhuh

Atau masa umur 5 tahun gak, warded sebab tak dapat buang air besar dan kecil beberapa hari..

I wanna tag:
OLC, Kak Ida

Aini tak payah kot, experience dia lebih kurang je ngan myself :P

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Izan's engagement

Alhamdulillah, come this 12.12.2008, there will be a new family member joining us.

As his SIL, and bidan terjun for hantarans (as usual, duh!), I prepared everything in a day with my husband's help. My MIL still keep the baskets and boxes from our wedding's kenduri (dated way back in early 2003). Of course, I have the chance to recycle everything back. Coincidently, my mom lent us the dulang hantaran. She even managed to asked her friend for the tepak sirih.

Of course, now I have to prepare something grander for the wedding. He had high expectations for my next gubahan hantaran project.

Now, I am considering whether I should be in the gubahan hantaran business seriously. There seemed to be lots of weddings lately..


I received this award from kak Tirana and kak Siti (sorry kak, I am quiet busy nowadays.. tak sempat nak jenguk blog akak)

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Cherating trip: 10-12 August

We stayed at Holiday Villa for 3 days. Enjoyed the trip! There are so many interesting places in Malaysia :)

Main event at Cherating would be swimming pool time! The kids played in the pool in the morning and afternoon. How energetic they were!

Another main event, would be makan-makan. Kedai Kopi Hai Peng is situated just a mere 15 km from Cherating (you need to enter Bandar Chukai, Kemaman before you found this shop). The coffees are to die for. The kids love the creamy iced latte which cost us around RM 4 per cup.

Aini & myself were testing our batik painting skill at a souvenir shop inside the hotel. The batik painting cost us RM 15. Amni & Auni also tested their skills. We enjoyed the activity very much, under the hot sun.

The kids posed before we left the hotel. I think this is the first picture of the 5 kids. Fahri was cool enough to be posing with his cousins :)

We visited a turtle sanctuary, situated next to ClubMed Cherating. This is our last event before we went back to KL. The sanctuary was closed on Monday, so we have to come on the next day to watch the turtles.

The turtles in the basket were 5 days old. They got excited watching the animal. The officer told us, the sanctuary is also opened at night for tourists who are interested to watch the turtles lay the eggs.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A love story to tell (Part 3)

[Oh boy, I do hope this is the end of the story. I am very busy and just came back from Cherating.]

I wrote this in my diary (wow, I still can't imagine I wrote in a diary),

Thursday, 22 June 2000

Sayu dan sedih... abang ***. Nanti cerita.

This entry was written when I found out about him being an item with another girl.

Kak Shiqin jokingly asked me about 'kuaci'. About eating kuaci, calculating kuaci.. muehehe. I still wondered what is the relevancy of eating kuaci in this story. I told her I was in the midst of 'tawar hati' after I found out about him and his ex-girlfriend.

A few days later, we were chatting through AOL and I got disconnected. Actually, he was asking me, whether I am attached to anybody or not. He assumed that I got angry, but the truth is, the question was never received by me since I got disconnected.


I was actually a good friend with one my girl junior. She did asked me about his well being, since she know that I was always in touch with him. I never ever asked her on why she always seemed interested in knowing about his whereabouts, since I assumed it will be like a friend to another friend's question. She was a nice girl, has a ladylike manners and also in usrah. In short, she is a girl who will be a perfect wife. As for me, I was a loud and talkative lady, had too much gusto, always speak my mind out, and a far cry from the word 'feminisme'.

She gave him a beautiful sejadah on his birthday, while I can't remember what I gave him for his birthday. I was actually jealous with this girl who was trying to impress him.

On 3 o'clock in the morning, she told me personally that she had a crush on him. Hoho, this was interesting. I always imagined he never know that there was another girl vying for his attention. I always joked about her and him in the first place (so sue me, I am guilty in planting the seeds of infatuation on another girl's head).

That girl: Sebenarnya, **** memang minat dengan abang ****

The girl pushed my panic button at that moment.

Imagined me being in a tight situation (we are still not an item at this moment yet), and another girl actually confessed her crush on abang ***. I think she always assumed me not having anything with my husband, and of course, she poured her heart and soul towards me. I actually told the girl back, that I am in the midst of declaring myself an item with my husband. I assumed she got heart broken with the news, but oh well.. as they said, life must goes on.

I always think that I am somewhat evil concerning this love thing, and eliminate my so called 'opponent' with a knock out when I told her about me and my hubby. I had the evil pleasure telling her that we are already a couple a few days later.

I called him at 4 a.m. on that very same day (I was already panicking). I know he was shocked when I called in the wee hour in the morning. I explained to him about the situation, and of course we were an item around 4 a.m. on 9 June 2001. He told me he was sure about his feeling towards me, this time around.


Anyway, our news as an item spread like wildfire. It was much easier after that. I had a smooth sailing, pain free relationship with the usrah group in Melaka & Cyberjaya knowing about us.

And in my case, I was the one who talked a lot, while he was the one who is always calm and very silent. Of course, most of my friends were gawking at me when they found out who was my boyfriend, since they were puzzled on how a girl like me ended with him. As they said, opposite attracts.

Isn't it nice that this story had a happy ending?
And we have 3 children to prove it?

Monday, 4 August 2008

A love story to tell (Part 2)

I didn't know that I looked different. I am not my usual chirpy self (Yes, I am talkative by nature). My classmate, Sheeril, mentioned about me being such a mess. I actually feel dazed for a few days. He actually asked me why my saliva was dropping from my mouth (what an impression do I make with my classmates?). Of course I have to check whether I looked really THAT bad. I did replied back and said, "No, there's no saliva on my cheek whatsoever".

And then, he asked me back, "Kenapa nampak teruk sangat ni?"
I actually told him, "Aku baru kena reject la..."

He looked at me back, not very shocked and continued, "Aida, ramai lagi lelaki yang kau boleh pilih. Bukan dia seorang sahaja."
And then I said, "Tapi aku minat dia je..."
"Sebenarnya, ramai lagi yang minat kat kau. Kau boleh pilih mana-mana je."

Ok, I didn't actually take a second look at what he just said. I was silent.
I actually feel really bad when he queried about my saliva, and I was thinking that I must look in a mess when one of your close friends notice about it. I feel that I should not be thinking about it anymore.

I actually feel positive after being lectured by him. I was able to be my own self after a while. Of course, my feeling towards Mr *** was slowly diminishing. I was reminded by the fact that he was commited to another girl.

This continues till I am in the middle of my second year.

I actually got to know he broke up with his girlfriend from Aini (his ex-girlfriend requested to end their relationship). Aini was chatting with him through AOL when he mentioned about it. And then, I can't remember much, but he did asked Aini what is my feeling towards him.

Of course I said, "Dah tak rasa apa-apa dah. Dah anggap macam biasa je. Sebab dulu kan dia cakap dah ada girlfriend."

I was actually chatting with him as usual since I feel I did not owe him anything.

Once, we had a meeting for one of our oversea program at Cyberjaya. It should end at 9 p.m., but we finished it early and I headed back to Melaka. He was actually chatting with Aini when I arrived at the hostel, and he actually said he wanted to meet me at Cyberjaya. But Aini gave a breaking news that I already arrived in Melaka, and entered the hostel room. Hahaha :P

Our friendship continued as usual.
I received an AOL message from Arwah Kak Shiqin asking about my feelings towards him. Of course, Kak Shiqin was a good friend towards my husband, and my husband requested her to ask me about my feelings, again.

I told her again, that I do not feel anything towards him, just treated him as a friend. It started with 'kuaci' questions whatsoever, I can't remember what (have to check my diary about it..)