Thursday, 30 October 2008

Vitagen perisa Tembikai Susu

Tak tahu pun ada susu Vitagen perisa Tembikai Susu (Honeydew). Bila Saffa tulis dalam blog, baru tahu.. sebelum ni ingatkan tak wujud. Yelah, yang kita ni dok assume kalau beli Vitagen warna hijau, confirm rasa epal.

Yang kelakarnya, balik semalam, ada lagi Vitagen dalam fridge. Siap buka bagi anak-anak, abahnya selalu beli kat pasar malam sebab dapat 3 pek * 5 botol dengan harga RM 10. Rupa-rupanya dia TERbeli satu pek Vitagen perisa Tembikai Susu. Rasanya, of course macam tembikai susu :P. Mungkin selama ni kami dok beli, kita jer yang tak perasan. Padahal, memang dah lama dok minum Vitagen nie, tapi sebab assume perisa Epal, dan Vitagen memang rasa ala-ala manis gitu, ignore jerla..

Buktinya, mari tengok dekat sikit...

OOHHHH.. itulah dia Vitagen perisa Tembikai Susu. Warna hijau cair berbanding Vitagen perisa Epal :P

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Girls' outing (+ one boy)

When Dr. Yayan (ahemm.. she obtained her PhD after struggling for 4 years and 8 months in the UK) called me last 3 weeks ago, I scolded her for informing the news of her life in my blog (yes, I am so GOING to strangle her on the spot). She's getting hitched on 1 November. And when she told me she will be taking her leave one week before, I said, let's do a gathering with all those cool ex-J girls (ahem.. ahem..).

So a quick SMS to the lovely girls: Aini; my twin, Lynn; the content editor, Yatt; the pharmacist and Nurul; the SAP consultant (who still works with TNB, BTW!) and we set a date to meet, 27 October at The Coffee Bean, KLCC.

Gosh, 11 years definitely changed us all. And we did point out to Yayan, about how long she had taken her time to finish her PhD.

Ah yes, I did ask Lynn to bring the school magazine. Everyone were amazed that someone brought that school mag (Yatt said; she lost hers) but it proved to be handy when we walked down the memory lane, pointing to this and that pictures, and were astonished to know the fate of our schoolmates.

The girls warming up before hearing the juiciest gossip from Aini, Lynn & myself. Apparently, someone in our batch turns out to be a woman.

Yayan's reaction: OMG, he used to be my Physic tutor
Me: The girls who used to have a crush on him, must be devastated to know that he turned to be a woman
Lynn: They must be getting the shock of their life when 'she' came to the Raya gathering
Aini: He is one of the top students in school (our batch consisted of 330 students)
Nurul: What?
Yatt: ... (speechless)

Fahri slurping my hazelnut iced blended with whipped cream and caramel topping. He ignored us when we gossiped. (Yes, maybe Aini was stressing a point about one of the girls who ended up to be the second wife.)

Last picture with Yatt. She had to catch a flight back to Perlis. Of course, the others were busy reminiscing the old memories with Yayan personally handed us her wedding card (she saved cost on the stamps.. ahahah :P)

"How time flies"
"Look how 11 years had changed our schoolmate" (ah, not us..)

Finally, a 'group' picture to end the session. (Oh lookee.. the school magazine was on the table! Lynn, your mag is still intact like a new one! I am amazed!)

After our gathering ended, I made a must trip to Kinokuniya and waited for my family over there. My husband came and off we went to kak Nita's house.

Kak Nita: Your friend is just getting married? And you already have 3 kids?
Me: Yes, kak Nita *grinned*
Kak Nita: How old is Fahri BTW?
Me: 1 year 6 months
Kak Nita: Oh, how time flies. Last we went for the Hajj, you was 5 months preggie.

P/s: Ola girls, go and tag the pictures in the Facebook :P

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I really need a transfer...

For the past 1 month, I actually told my superior that I badly need a transfer. I have been in this unit for more than 4 years. I really need a new dimension for my job, and really need to move out.

His exact word, to search for a replacement.

I stumbled upon a placing for me to transfer to, and with such a sheer luck, I can get a new intake to replace me.

Then, the boss over there personally called my superior.
It turns out that my superior do not want to release me. Bummer!

Oh well, at least I tried my luck. I feel tired about doing the same job over and over again.
Of course, my superior would happily stay in his place since he scored 'Above Expectation' rating every single year (yeah, he never got Level 3 for his MAPS ok?).

Anyway, maybe I will be stuck in this post for the rest of my working life.

P/s: To those lovely buddies that I met yesterday, I forgot to bring my cam. Sorry that you girls cannot upload it to your Facebook yet (I still haven't open an account yet over there..).

Friday, 17 October 2008

Theme song Laskar Pelangi

Diangkat dari karya Andrea Hirata, sebuah memoir kehidupan 10 kanak-kanak dari Sekolah Muhammadiyah di pulau Belitong. Sebuah buku yang sangat mengesankan jiwa, di mana pendidikan itu mempunyai jiwa, dan dengan guru yang sedia membantu 10 kanak-kanak miskin yang dahagakan pendidikan. Buku ini memberi semangat baru kepada pendidikan, disegarkan dengan guru-guru yang tidak hanya memberi ilmu tetapi memberi hati kepada mereka yang ingin belajar tentang kehidupan.

cipt: nidji
theme song dedicated to laskar pelangi

mimpi adalah kunci
untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
berlarilah tanpa lelah
sampai engkau meraihnya

laskar pelangi takkan terikat waktu
bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
warnai bintang di jiwa

menarilah dan terus tertawa
walau dunia tak seindah surga
bersyukurlah pada yang kuasa
cinta kita di dunia selamanya

P/s: Dengarnya, ini filem terbaik Indonesia tahun 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008

Aidilfitri 2008

Clockwise (from top left):
1. Raya pic with Mok, my father, Amni & Fawwaz
2 & 3. The kids taking a morning bath outside my grandma's house at 8 a.m. (tsk.. tsk...)
4. My sisters & my parents
5. The kids with Mok
6. Us
7. Fahri trying to grab the camera
8. Us again!
9. Fahri having a bath
10. Us with the kids + Mok (Fahri was sleeping during the official Raya pic session)

Centre (from top to bottom):
1. Fahri riding a 'pony' at Mak Long Ummi's house
2. Another Raya pic with my grandma

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I have decided to open the blog for today. Let see what tomorrow holds.

Don't worry if you girls cannot open the blog, maybe I will try to open it in one or two days a week rather than being public all week.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Gubahan hantaran

Of course I am still in Raya mood!

Since I promised Izan that I will be preparing his hantarans (the wedding will be on 12.12.2008), I was busy decorating the hantarans last Sunday.

He requested for red & white themes.. More here...

The white flowers on the perfume set