Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The image tag

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Own pic.. yes 2nd Hajj :D

Friday, 23 January 2009

Movie review: Chak De! India

I always have a penchant for Shah Rukh Khan. I grew up with his films, and started noticing him as a nobody in a 1993 movie, Darr when he won the Filmfare Best Villian Award. He and Kajol then acted in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in 1995 and won Best Actor award. And the movie went on to be played in the cinemas for more than 10 years (The movie remains the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema. As of April 2007, the film had set a record by completing 600 weeks of continuous play in Mumbai theatres).

And yes, before I got married, I was a Hindustan freak. I even can watch some Hindustan movies without subtitles (that's before 1998, and when the KKHH phenomenon hit, all Hindustan movies are subtitled). But I did went away to do some household chores, or just take a toilet break, when it comes to crappy songs (yes, I still do not understand how they can shoot a song sequence between the hero and heroine, and suddenly they have back up dancers appearing out of nowhere!). So imagine my relief when I found quite a few movies that do not need a back up dancer. And yes, I did watch Dil To Pagal Hai more than 10 times.

After I am married, I am more selective in the movies that I watched. It might be like 1 or 2 movies for a year. I have turned to a new leaf. So when Aini gave me Chak De! India (translated as: Go For It! India) to watch, imagine my delight...

Aahh.. I know about this film back in 2007. But being a new person, I postpone to watch it until it came in a VCD. I did ask hubby to watch it with me when it was released in cinemas, but he could not stand the thought of watching a Hindustan film.

Imagine my delight when:

1. There is no crappy song sequences like the old times. You don't even have the clothes changing acts between the hero and heroine (like 5 different dresses for ONE song? Wonderful magic act!).
2. Err, there is no lovey dovey scene? YES, no heroine!!
3. And I am suppose to watch this film without romantic innuendos? Chill out, the audience had matured and move on laahh
4. A bunch of unknown actresses to make up the 16 playes. Love the Chak De girls! Strong performances!

This is a wonderful wonderful movie. Even if you are not a Hindustan movie lover like me, I would suggest you to watch it. I know, it is a typical underdog movie. But the scene the Indian hockey federation sits where this man informed the selection of the girls for India's hockey team was done, is worth your time. Or the scene where the women's team went for all their best against the men's team - for the sake to determine whether they are worth to go to the World Championship.

Maybe it's the fact that the review went on like this:

Sudhish Kamath of The Hindu asks "when did we last make a solid ensemble film about sports — one that’s not about a few players saving the day but about the triumph of teamwork? ‘Chak De’ is that rare film where the hero watches from the stands and lets a bunch of ‘what’s-her-name-again’ girls do all the winning [...] At another level, ‘Chak De’ is about women’s liberation. It is one of the best feminist films of our times. Next, the girls themselves are the closest we’ve seen to a representation of India in any sports movie we’ve seen. They are not 16 pretty young things. The casting is first-rate. The rawness in the performances actually makes you forget these are actors. Though we begin by warming up to the ethnic/race differences among the players, soon enough, Amin skirts their inter-racial conflicts behind the uniform, the great leveller."

Jaspreet Pandohar of The BBC gave Chak De India 4 out of 5 stars stating that, "while the tale of the sporting underdog is hardly new, Jaideep Sahni's screenplay offers a rare look at a popular Indian sport often overshadowed by cricket. But it's not the type of bat and ball, or the number of practice sessions that are at issue here. Instead, the gender and personal prejudices of the players underpin the story."

And the social impact of the film in India:

The suspension of the Indian Hockey Federation in April, 2008 emphasized the film's influence. India Today used the film to label the event in two articles titled, "Operation Chak De impact: Jothikumaran resigns" and "Operation Chak de impact: Furore in Lok Sabha." The Indiatimes, in an article titled, "Five wise men set for a 'Chak De' act" also argued, "It looks like Indian hockey has done a real 'Chak de' this time around." In addition, former hockey player, Aslam Sher Khan, who was appointed by the Indian Olympic Association to head a committee which will replace the IHF, pointed to the film as a model to work towards. He stated in an interview, "We have to make a Team India as you have seen in bollywood blockbuster Chak De India. There are players from several parts of the country. We have to unite them to make a powerful force." In another interview, he emphasized that he wants "to create a Chak De effect" on hockey in India.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hari keluarga T*KL

Event last Saturday, family day tempat kerja ibu.

Semua tengah menung sambil makan free breakfast. Makanan sedap-sedap..

Amni & Fawwaz masuk colouring contest. Janji dapat krayon free, ok lah kan :P. Fawwaz tak larat nak habiskan mewarna, jadi kena kerah Amni jadi tukang bantu. Dia nak masuk pertandingan remote control racing car, tapi tak sempat register, ramai sangat! Event budak-budak banyak; sand art, colouring, bouncing castle, etc. Siap ada clown layan budak-budak.

Nih adik tengah sengih sebab dapat belon bentuk binatang. Yang paling tak tahan, bila jumpa clown je, terus menangis.

Ibu tengah tunggu bila la cabutan bertuah grand prize (siapa menang, dapat TV tau!). Adik dah ajak balik. Last-last balik jelah, budak-budak semua dah penat. Ibu pun menang le cabutan bertuah, beg sandang Nike cap pasar malam.. ok la tuuu.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I have lent my Swing to Kak Elin, a very pro breastfeeder.
Hope this will lessen her burden to the office, ekekeke :D

Yes, I also feel like sewel to bring back and forth my very kembung FS bag. But since Fahri is already on FM (he started on FM last Friday) + breastfeed at home, it was much easier.

This morning, when I transferred my small amount of EBM to his bottle before I take my morning bath, he saw it and said to my hubby "Nak susu."

Habis minum sebelum pergi nurseri.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Kedai kain Isetan

You know that you are a regular customer when the ah moi who sells the kain recognise you. Not only that, another sales person (kakak with a sweet smile) give sweet smiles to me again and again. The kakak did ask how to sew a DIY tudung in my previous trip.

And on top of that, when I asked for discounts for my dearie cousin, Puan Munirah, the ah moi said "Regular customer maaa... I kasi you discount!"
Isn't that sweet to the ears and your wallet?

And then she did ask, "Eii.. kawan you takda datang ka beli kain itu buat tudung?" (referring to kak Tini)
Then she asked again, "Hali tu beli kain cotton sudah buat blouse ka?" (referring to Aini)

And then I said to her, "Amoi, I datang kedai aa kira langkah kanan aa.. Selalu bawa customer beli kain sini."

She just smiled.

Me and my kids

Not an easy task to take the picture of the 3 kids together-gether tau!!
Since Mr Hubby is the photographer, he is not in the picture.

Bolehlah tunjuk gambar Mr Hubby naik kuda dengan adik.. hehehehe

All pictures are taken during our trip to PD end of last year. Better late than never, right? Gambar orang naik kuda tu yang mahal sehhh :D

Monday, 12 January 2009

I make milk, what's your superpower?

The above quote was from Neeza's blog. Love it due to the 'superpower' quirkiness.

Anyway, I think my full breastfeeding journey wil come to the end, in 2 days time. I am glad Fahri is already 1 year, 9 months, 1 week and 2 days (as of today). After this, he still breastfeeds, but I have to supply formula milk to the nursery.

The reason? My stock has been depleting slowly since Ramadhan. I had a very high fever 2 days before the start of the holy month that the doctor near my office had to give a lethal injection (ya Lynn, I so LOVE drama. Saja tulis gini sebab injection tu sakit banget ok. Hahaha :P, and I did write it for a fun purpose, sebab nak tau sape akan jumpa this sentence first) to stop my fever from shooting up. My pumping output went downhill afterwards. Usually, I would yield around 12 oz in the office, but after the fever incident, my output went from 12 oz to 3 oz per day. Of course, I have been preparing for these days for nearly 4 months. And keep telling myself, it's OK, I should be proud of myself for achieving this far.

The last of my frozen EBM. I think I should take a picture of it before it was all gone, used by my Fahri at the nursery. I used plastik aiskrim Malaysia to store my milk nowadays. It was not worthwhile using Playtex liners as before.

Someone asked me what's my output for the day? One stick of aiskrim Malaysia (around 3.5 oz). I transfer it using a small corong.

The hubby bought this yesterday at the Chinese herb shop. A small tin of Snow formula milk (400 g) costed him RM 19.80. He already feel the pinch after taking a break of not buying any formulas for Fahri. Back in 2004, when Amni was on formula, this small tin costed us around RM 14++.

Will I continue pumping? Of course! Since this has been my routine after Fahri's birth, maybe I will continue to pump, but not as frequent as before.

After all...
I make milk, what's your superpower? :>

Friday, 9 January 2009

The world of a bookaholic

{Warning, this is a really LONG post}

Since I was raised as a book lover since I was small, I always wondered why the friends around me, that I hang out, do not read book as much as I love. Being in a family with 4 siblings and parents who loved to just relax and read, makes me wonder about it. And ever growing in a family full of bookworms, starting from my granddad, it never occured to me that I am odd when reading a book.

Friends from past always remember us as bookworms, who always have a set of books inside our hostel lockers. We use novels to fill up our time. People always wonder why we spend so much money buying book, or when we go Potter crazy (that's before Malaysians know about Harry Potter since the movie came out, not many Malaysians can boast about THAT fact.. hah!). When our friend commented that we bring our Harry Potter book in a lecture hall and read it before the start of the lecture, I would command to them, "Read it!" (I am happy to note that we managed to convert quite a few friends to fall in love with Harry Potter).

I remembered that we have Yatt & Nurul during our boarding school days, to share our enthusiasm about books. We are so in deep discussion about books, that when we went to the shopping malls, we would try to search for new authors based on each other's recommendation.

But, being in a working life, it turned out quite lonesome for me as a bookworm. I have to turn to forums and blogs, to search for other book lovers. I could not share my passion about books with other than my siblings. People are not as hyped as us talking about books. When I stand in the LRT, on my way to Bangsar, with a book in my hand, people will always look at me curiously (yes, in the jam packed LRT, I still managed to read).

I sometimes wonder if I can talk non stop in a book forum, about books. I wish there is someone to invite me to talk about books, all over. I think if I can organise a book night with the ladies, I would jump with joy! Yipee!!! I find myself, so in love with books, that sometimes I wish I am a librarian, or work in a book shop. I found this one cashier lady in Creative Enterprise, Bangsar who obviously spends her time reading books. When we want to pay for the books, she would say,

"Oh, buku Tangisan Bulan Madu yang sequel no 3 tu tak sebagus buku pertamanya."
"Buku Nyanyian Tanjung Sepi menang anugerah novel terbaik CESB 2006."

Obviously, this kakak knows her job well, and we had fun listening to her chatterings.

I sometimes find people making remarks to me as a bookworm degrading.
For example: "Why should you read all those fictions? Isn't it much better if you read academic / non-fiction book?"
And I want to thunder back, " Excuse me, how many books have you read in the last year? Can you name and explain any academic / non-fiction book you have been reading to fuel my interest?"

Or when people remarked, "What a waste to buy fiction books. You would better save the money to buy academic books."
"Err hello people, can I see your VAST array collection of academic books? I bet you have none OR less that 10."

Or when someone remarked, when they saw me reading Time or Personal Money magazine, "How could you read THAT?"
I think I am mad when people commented on my book choices, and please, it is not your money paying for it, it is mine! (anyway, the Time's latest issue with Barrack Obama as the cover -he was voted as Person of the Year for 2008- is an excellent read, a remarkable journey for a man).
Anyhow, I am just spilling my feelings here, maybe due to the fact, not many people share my enthusiasm about books. If you are not a bookworm like me, and you comment on my reading habit, buck off. You are not entitled to give an opinion when you are not reading yourself.

The pen is mightier that the sword.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Fawwaz's first day

One thing that I am supposed to assume, is that, since Fawwaz is a boy, he will not like kindergarten. Specifically, learning with being quiet from behind the desk while the teacher keeps talking.

On our journey back after we fetch the kids from the nursery;

"Fawwaz, best tak tadika?"
"Tak.. Cikgu suruh pandang dia"
"Fawwaz warna tak kat tadika?"
"Fawwaz tulis tak?"
"Habis tu, Fawwaz buat apa?"
"Fawwaz belajarlahhhh"

I know it will be hard. A boy's development is really different from a girl's.

I remembered Amni already knows her alphabets when she entered kindy last year. As for my Fawwaz, he said "Penatlah ibu" when I started teaching his ABCs. I just leave him be. At least he is progressing with his Muqaddam eventhough sometimes he said to his father, "Tak tau, abah bacalah sendiri" when his father asked him what alphabet he read in his Muqaddam.

But he is really fascinated with anything associated with engines. Cars, trucks, even dumpsters. The first object that he learned is "lori sampah" since that lorry did it rounds on Saturdays in our home.

And boy, I bet he wants his Tok Ayah to put his name on the will, that is to inherit his Tok Ayah's bike.

My FIL, who had a master's in child's psychology said, leave him be. He will flourish according to his own self. Insya' Allah.

As I wrote earlier, every child is different. Specifically a boy named Fawwaz Amin :).

Thursday, 1 January 2009

What a week to start my new year with a fever bang

Our family viral fever attack schedule

Saturday, 27 December: Fahri & Fawwaz
Sunday, 28 December: Fahri & Fawwaz
Monday, 29 December: Amni (Maal Hijrah, I am at home)
Tuesday, 30 December: Amni & myself (I got 2 days MC)
Wednesday, 31 December: Amni, Fahri & myself (he got the viral fever back since he co-sleeps with me)
Thursday, 1 January 2009: Amni & Fahri (New Year holiday)

Phew, I am so tired. This time the viral fever bug attack us mercilessly. Hubby dearest was spared from the attack, since he was on fever for 5 straight days after the kids' birthday celebration.

Port lepak kanak-kanak dan ibu demam (kat tingkat bawah)

We went to the clinic twice, and Fawwaz was diagnosed with a mild asthma attack. He cried during the nebuliser session, ouch! Fahri went to meet the skin specialist on Tuesday, but I cannot follow hubby since I already got the fever. Ah, the amount of the medicines that I feed those kids, at least 4 bottles of medicine for each kid.

Left to right: Amni's medicine (inside the container), Fawwaz's medicine (including one for asthma) and Fahri's medicine (included 2 bottles from the skin specialist). Jus kurma kat belakang sebelah kiri bukan buat hiasan, memang jadi daily supplement untuk anak-anak.

And we had to handle the 3 kids. Imagine that one day your second already OK, but suddenly your oldest kid caught the fever. Aik, main pusing-pusing pula viral fever nie. Amni's was the longest with 4 straight days. Alhamdulillah, my younger sis, Afiqah, who is on her school holiday (she must be busy packing to go back to MRSM KukuBa this Sunday) helped me to take care of Amni (since I was also on fever).

I think I was the one who recovered quickly, since I was down on Tuesday, but had been bouncing back with a vengeance next afternoon. Of course, sleep plays an important role in my healing process. I ate the medicine, and went to sleep. Alhamdulillah, since I am not sure if I do not recover quickly enough, who are going to take care of my kids (beside my hubby)?

(Ok, tomorrow the kids are going to the nursery and I am going to enter the office for the first day of the new year and this week).

Anyway, my new year resolution would be..

  1. To have strength to continue breastfeeding Fahri until he is 2 years old (refer my last post)
  2. To have nazar for the family's health (refer to this post)
  3. To lose more weight. Target 43 kg! Oh please God, do you hear my desperate cry?
  4. To move to a new job, that I really love (I really need a job rotation right now!)
  5. To be more knowledgeable about life and its mysteries (so that I know my instinct is well honed for the next decision making)

That is not much of a resolution, eh? I think I should stick to a much simpler one eh??? :)