Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bumble bee Fahri

Untuk Acik Tini dan Acik Mynie, inilah bumble bee Fahri.. bukan robot Bumble Bee :)


Dan ini majalah ACCA yang Fahri baca semalam.. hehehe.. Sejuk perut ibu. Fahri ni kuat baca buku. Reader's Digest pun dia baca tauuu :P

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Counting the words

Fahri's current vocab:
  1. Abah
  2. Ibu
  3. Amni
  4. Fawwaz
  5. Yah (Tok Ayah)
  6. Nek Mi (Nek Ummi)
  7. Ya (refer to my 2 youngest sisters.. hehehe)
  8. Nenek
  9. Atuk
  10. nak
  11. lagi
  12. susu
  13. air
  14. mandi
  15. nasi
  16. dak (bedak)
  17. sikat
  18. buble bee (bumble bee)
  19. abbit (rabbit)
  20. miau (refer to cat)
  21. la (bola)
  22. kereta
  23. power (he pronounces every vehicle as kereta power)
  24. motor
  25. tutle (turtle)
  26. ish (fish)
  27. lo (hello)
  28. akit (sakit)
  29. muntah
  30. tal (gatal)
  31. byee
  32. bis (habis)
  33. mas (kemas)
  34. flower
  35. yak (ehem ehem)
  36. tumpah
  37. aby (baby)
  38. das (pedas)
  39. botol susu
Boleh la tu belajar ABC.. hehehe

Monday, 15 June 2009

Mid life crisis

Ayah sent us an e-mail last Friday. Found out that he is going to sell his motorbike. He said he was too old for a fast motorbike. I was so sad to read about it. He bought the motorbike end of last year, and Fawwaz was so excited about it that he insisted that the bike will be his when he grows up. Boys will always be boys..

Anyway, it is not only his motorbike that he is selling, he will be letting go his trusted digital camera to please my Ummi. .

As for the camera, it was one of the best in the line, and I find it very hard for me to see him taking the decision to sell it. I know that he has a deep interest in photography, since I was a child. When I saw him bought the camera for himself, I know it was about time for him to pursue his interest further. He is in his 50s and going to retire soon. He took beautiful pictures of the children with the camera, and I framed the children's pictures in our living room.

In his 50s, I found his indulgence pleased us, the children. Maybe because of the fact that I know Ayah's indulgences in life are very few, that I can't remember the last time he bought something for himself. All his life, he has been pleasing others (he splurged on his children a lot). So, when last year he pursued his interest (the camera + motorbike), I was so happy for him.

I have never known what Ayah really wants. I think when he bought the camera, it really pleased him a lot.

And when I found out he already bought the bike, I wish he would be a VERY happy old man.

Ayah, if you are reading this, please save the camera for me (I will pay you), and the motorbike for Fawwaz (maybe I will pay it in installment :>).

Cheers, Ayah!

Monday, 8 June 2009

I miss reading..


With my new workload, I find it hard to read books.

Even Harry Potter no. 6 that Lynn lent me like a few months ago, was not finished. I only read up to the part where Harry was fetched by Dumbledore to return to Hogwarts. Isn't that PATHETIC? And yes, the book was brought to the office, sitting in front of me, waiting for me to open it back.

As for Maryamah Karpov (tsk, tsk, sobb), I only finished reading up to where Ikal returned back to Belitong. (Yes Kak Tie, you can have my book if you wanna read it first..)

When my boss remarked that I am a minah buku, with these 2 books laying around, I said to her, when I entered this division, I have to forgo my leisure reading time. Even my staff noted, that the Harry Potter book has been with me for months, but he has never seen me opening it! UWAAAA.....

And when Aini cam to my house last Friday, showing her 2 full bags of books, I am SO NOT excited due to the fact, I have no time to read them! I do feel excited to look at tonnes of her books, but the fact that even I have not finished reading one single book this past few months makes me want to cry :<

Oh how I miss reading.. I wish I can enter the milk pumping phase again for me to indulge in books!