Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mari mensyampu

Aktiviti hujung minggu selepas acara merentas desa di MidValley.

Anak daraku tengah sibuk menyikat rambut Barbienya yang kusut masai. Kalau dah kusut tu, macam biasa, kena bagi hair treatment kat Barbie dia..

Ini ibu tolong kak Amni syampukan rambut Barbie dia pakai syampu Sunsilk, ahahah

Budak-budak ni tengah mengeringkan rambut Barbie dengan tisu sebelum menyikat dan mendandan rambutnya semula. Anak-anak laki I multitask, dengan Barbie doll pun depa main. Amni jer taknak main kereta..

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I am home!!!!

Syukran ya Allah... syukran sangat-sangat.

I was admitted on 2.58 p.m. at Tawakal Hospital. And I have my routine maternal check up at the labour room: urine test, baby's heartbeat monitoring + shaving for C-sect preparation tomorrow.

Even the anesthetist already came to my ward to check my heartbeat for tomorrow's operation.

Then Dr Rahman came at 5.30 p.m., and he said... "Hmm, kat bahagian kanan perut lembut ni. Bawah dah keras ni."

And we went for a scan (that's the baby's head already DOWN!).. So my last check up with him was on Saturday when my baby's head was positioned breech, and my baby now is in normal position. Ya Allah! What a miracle in 5 days... seriously I was so shocked staring at the scanning machine.

And the best part is, "Balik rumah, nanti hujung minggu berjalan kat Tasik Titiwangsa. Jangan jalan kat airport, jauh tu kalau nak datang hospital."

Most of my friends SMS-ed me saying lucky me, since my O&G does not force me to go for induced labour or elective C-sect. Yelah, borang C-sect pun dah sain, most O&G that I know would surely proceed with that C-sect without scanning whatsoever (that's the case with Amni, BTW). Or induce me to go into forced labour (alang-alang dah masuk hospital kan?).

And now you know why I am still loyal to that same Dr Rahman.

P/S: My dad made a joke when we went to his house to fetch my kids, "Baby mano? Dale supik (plastik) ko?" (seeing me carrying my shoulder bag).

Nak kena admit dah petang niee

Admission form

Ada orang tanya aku tak berdebar ke nak bersalin? Erm, heheheh... taktau lah nak jawab. Maklum ler, anak no 4. Yang berdebarnya... ni haaa, tengok bawah ni sikit, kena sign form sendiri untuk submission for C-sect. Yelah, last time C-sect tahun 2003 tu. Dah nak masuk 6 tahun dah pun, scar pun masih ada lagi.

Seram nak sign borang ni..

Ku kena admit masuk wad jam 3 petang ni. Kang jam 5 petang Dr Rahman nak check kot Encik Aqmar dah pusing kan.. Tapi still memang rasa kepala dia masih kat kanan perut maknya ni ha.. Hoho, kalau sempat pusing, bolehlah keluar hospital esok.

Kalau tak pusing, jam 9 pagi esok dah kena masuk OT buat spinal C-section.. Bzzzz *bunyi seram tak reti nak buat*

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yes, I am still with the same doctor

In case you girls are wondering again, yes I am going to the same hospital, seeing the same old trusted gynae for the 3rd time.

And still many wonders why I am still with the same doctor.

1. I delivered normally with him after only 1 year I delivered Amni thru c-sect.
2. He is the first O&G to be called when there is a high risk delivery.
3. He treated every visit as if I am carrying my first child, with detailed explanations, and suggestions to improve my pregnancy.
4. He knows the husband's name *gasp*. And yes, he remembers every patient he had (+ the patient's husband's).

And yet (drool eyes);

1. He still uses the same old weight scale, that I even phoned the nurse to tell them to change the scale once when I was pregnant with Fahri since it is not accurate. No, it is not a digital scale, it is still the old trusted scale.
2. He never changed his scan machine, so I never had the chance to see my baby in 3D scan. Ironically, there is a poster inside his office explaining the features of 3D scan.. hahahaha. Of course, the same old 2D scan is still in use.
3. He never ever decorates his office, it is the same old paint, same old chairs, same old desk.

On the other hand, Aqmar is a good name eh? Yes, I am carrying another boy! Er, should it be Fathi Aqmar or Fateh Aqmar?

As the doctor said to Amni, " Sorry ye kakak, dapat adik boy lagi."

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Do you know that...?

You can update your TH account at Bank Islam? And the best part is, it is free of charge starting this month.

Before this was implemented, a charge of only RM 0.60 is deductable when you want to deposit / withdraw your money in TH account via Bank Islam's counter (ATM still rechargeable on TH withdrawal).

Thinking of the hassle to just go to TH just to deposit / withdraw money (with LRT ticket to be paid, and the walk to TH), I think RM 0.60 is a reasonable amount.

Hah, some more.. you can view your TH account balance via Bank Islam ATM. How convenient it is!

Thanks sis for the updates!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Permata Dunia (MMU official song)

Semenjak Aini konvo ni, adalah sempat I dengar official song UIA.. tapi tak boleh tanding lagu MMU. Seriously, kalau putar kat radio, bukan ala-ala patriotik tau! Composed and sung by ex-MMU lecturer, Intan Nazrahayu (sekarang dah jadi komposer - Azalea).

Permata Dunia

Kami perintis generasi multimedia
Teguh mendukung harapan agung negara
Menyahut seruan wawasan negara unggul di mata dunia

Langkah seiring mengejar di hari muka
Kan terus maju bersama menuju jaya
Ketulusan jiwa semangat berusaha
Unggul di mata dunia

Ke puncak menara dituju
Keunggulan cita yang luhur
Melangkah kita bersama bersatu

Bersinar permata negara
Dikagumi serata dunia
Selamanya kan gemilang di persada dunia multimedia

ulang (1) (2) (3)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Aini's and Mak Su's convocation!

Congratulations Aini for at last getting your Masters of Business Admin (Islamic Banking) scroll after waiting for the convo for a year. Apalah nasib badan anda ek, konvo degree pun kena tunggu setahun.. kehkeh. And scoring your MBA (first class!). So jangan lupa sambung PhD ok.. hikhik :D

And congratulations to my youngest aunt, Mak Su, for getting the award as Best Student (MBA Islamic Banking).. hehehe, kena sebut tu my youngest aunt tau, nanti Mak Su I rasa tua pulak.. for getting 3.96 out of 4.00. (Soalan lazim aku: Aik, Mak Su tak dapat 4.00 ke?)

Both of you rock!

P/S: Err Mak Su, nanti buat le kenduri sebab dapat best student tu, kahkah..

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I have a date with C-sect

My appointment with Dr Rahman went quite well. My baby was in breech condition, with the buttock facing down, instead the head. In another twist of event, my air ketuban is also low (again!).

I did ask the doctor the possibility of vaginal birth, but he said that I have to sign a form to give him the consent. Of course, I opted for another form, the C-sect procedure form. He called the operation room to book a date for my C-sect.

Anyhow, I am going for the next check up next Friday. Kena tidur mengiring ke kanan pulak lah.. Hari tu sebulan tidur mengiring ke kiri untuk betulkan posisi. Sekali dapat posisi breech pulak, heheheh...

As for the gynae, he said, let us see the possibility of normal delivery next week. Dah dapat surat hijau dah pun... kehkeh (beg pergi hospital pun belum kemas).

Semuanya kuasa Allah kan?

Monday, 5 October 2009

The C-sect experience

When I was in my 20++ weeks, the baby's head is already down in a normal position. And in 30++ weeks scan, the baby did something unexpected, he/she turned position (ala-ala melintang), with the baby's legs on my left side of tummy, while the head is on my right side. Then the gynae announced, the possibility of another C-sect. With the baby's legs straight and not berlipat as usual. Yes, my baby had a good time inside my tummy with that position. And that's the reason why he/she still plays peek a boo with me on the gender.

Why I so not prefer C-sect?

  1. When I delivered Amni, I feel really well only after 3 months.
  2. I was bedridden for 2 days after the C-sect.. uhuh, even the nurses have to bath me on my bed.
  3. The side effect of C-sect, is coughing. It hurts a lot when you cough, and you could feel the ache on your tummy.
  4. I could not walk properly for 2/3 weeks, another effect from C-sect.
  5. It was not easy to start breastfeeding.
  6. My friends said, the C-sect second experience was much worse than the 1st.. (and I wonder how some people prefer C-sect than normal?)
  7. It still hurts to lift heavy objects.
  8. I could not do even a simple household chores for nearly a month.
  9. When the nurses woke me after my C-sect, it feel really really cold and I thought I have died and gone to heaven.