Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tunjukkan sirih junjungnya..

Hantaran tunang dari kedua belah pihak.

 Kek dan buah. Komen suamiku: First time jumpa oren macam ni, chehhh

 Kain untuk baju Melayu dan kemeja

 Coklat dan sirih junjung (simple & nice)

Pocket sized Quran

Ok puas hati Aini? Ngehehehehehhe

Monday, 27 June 2011

25 June 2011

 Hantaran tunang warna tema merah - krim. Adik iparku sangat berpuas hati dengan gubahan hantaran ini.

Bersama sepupu-sepupu, dan adik-adik ipar. An, amazingly, was being make up by Lala & me. Ada juga dia complaint kalau dia mekap sendiri, muka putih sangat.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My dad cooks yesterday

And he made a delicious nasi beriyani dish.

Hah, sekali keluar skil memasak.. hambik kau. Anaknya pun tak reti buat nasi beriyani.

P/s: My mom is outstation for a week.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My village, Kelantan

I am a Kelantanese by blood, even though I was born in KL and raised in Selangor. My mom and dad, both hailed from Kelantan. It always amuses me that my parents both speak perfect Kelantanese dialects but they speak with us in clear Bahasa Malaysia. Hence, the siblings do not have strong dialects but understand it perfectly.
Kelantan has always hold a fond memories of us travelling back and forth during Raya and school holidays.

We always dreaded the long journey from KL - Kelantan. If not for the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur, the journey lasted 9 - 10 hours. Nowadays, the travelling was cut short by 1 hour. It was much worse when Aini and I was a small kid. We have to travel using old roads and the journey was around 12 hours.

Our kampung is only 1 kilometre apart with Thailand. Sungai Golok borders our kampung and Thailand. Even some people travels to the other side using only sampan, because only a small stream of river separated the border of Malaysia and Thailand.

Mok, which we fondly calls our grandmother, and our arwah Tok Ayah, our grandfather, always love it when we were back in Rantau Panjang. Especially during Raya. My dad's siblings consist of 2 uncles (1 deceased) and 6 aunts. Thus, you can imagine that at one point, the male cousins has to set up a tent outside Mok's house and sleep in there. When Raya comes, the house will be full with siblings, cousins, kids and grand kids.

Thus, last week we have the privilege to be going back to Kelantan, after more than 2 years not being able to go back. Fateh has never been to Kelantan before, since at 4 month old, we already travelled to UK to further my study. Last year, my cousin got married during Raya. But we were unable to attend it since we were in Manchester.

Tuesday was spent with us in Kota Bharu, visiting my mom's relatives and Pengkalan Chepa, visiting my aunt from my father's side. Only in Kelantan that you can see the billboards advertisement are in Jawi, and only in Kelantan you can see the advertisement with women in it are properly clad with tudung. I was smiling when I saw a Suria FM advertisement featuring Linda Onn, the DJ in jubah and tudung.

Kota Bharu has not changed much since I was small, and I schooled there for 3 years during secondary. I pointed to my husband where I would take the bus to travel back to Pasir Tumboh. Even the shop lots are still as I remember it.

What I do love about Kelantan is the friendliness of the kampung people. And the shop lots. Small shops strive here, Malay economy is very dominant in Kelantan. The shop's signboard, somehow, has a Jawi translation on it, even on kedai tabib cina's (which is well known as kedai sengseh) signboard. And the fact that my aunt's neighbour, who is a Chinese speaks to us in perfect Kelantanese dialects, rather than Bahasa Malaysia or English.

I remembered once my mom talked to her in Kelantanese dialect, and to my amazement, she replied back in the same dialect. My mom said, even the Chinese here (referring to Kelantan) talks in Kelantanese, which make sense since they were living in a state where everyone talks in Kelantanese.

Wednesday was spent travelling back to Rantau Panjang. Mok called my aunts telling her daughters that I have arrived and my aunts and uncles and cousins, has willingly travelled from Terengganu and other places in Kelantan to come and meet us the next day. That's how strong our bond is.

When I was in UK, we did travel to German and meet my cousin, who just settled there. I was glad to tell my aunt she is well, and surrounded by her good friends.

As of Thursday, we went to pekan Rantau Panjang and bring the kids along. I have not bought anything much, except for fish satays, asam gelugor, kerepek sagu and peanuts. My mom ordered rice and I send / take some clothes from my mom's tailor. The upah for a baju kurung is very cheap at a mere RM 20, but we have to wait, sometimes more than 6 months for the tailor to finish our bajus.. (which is the setback for a cheap baju kurung).

Rantau Panjang is always sweltering hot but it was raining cats and dogs by afternoon. We went to the pekan around 9.10 a.m. and finished our shopping at 11.30 a.m.

When we arrived back at home, my aunt & cousins already arrived. That night, most of my aunts/uncles/cousins gathered at the house and sleep there.

Friday was spent going back to Kota Bharu, since I have not meet my aunt, only my uncle and by afternoon, we went to my aunt's house in Pasir Mas.

We travelled back to KL by Saturday.

And on Sunday, we bring the kids for a mandi-manda session at a nearby river between Rawang & Selayang.

Oh, I do love that my older kids remember Kelantan. And all my kids enjoyed the Kelantan trip as much as us. They get the know about the swans, the goats, the sheeps and the rabbits.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The solemnisation: Aizu & Syaima

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry ~ Tom Mullen

It was simple and full of happy faces, and happy memories.

Even the groom could not ask for more. And he was nervous from the start, when he arrived at our home to prepare for his wedding. She was his best friend, and now she will become his wife.

Countless teasing between us about his non stop 'bergayut' on the phone talking to her, and he even said Syaima was his best friend. Haha. Not long till they were couples.

Aizu is one of my helpful bro in law. He is hardworking and helps mak a lot. And he is a loyal person.

Having my final touches on the hantarans before going for the akad nikah. Arrived around 8.20 p.m. at the bride's house, with the whole clan tagging along.

The bunga pahar made by Shida. Thanks for accommodating my short notice request. She works like a pro even though she just started her business
The white diamond ring. 

The hantarans. The pink one is from the bride side, while the blue one is from the groom side. Simple and nice. Ohh, I do take orders. So give me a call *wink*

Moi feeling happy.

Aizu, at the start of the akad nikah. He faltered during the akad, the first time. But everything went smooth the second time. Oh, that kerongsang was mine. And the butang baju melayu was his brother's. My husband asked to the groom, "What else is being subsidised to you?"
Yey, giving the mas kahwin that I made. 2 malam tu buat. I love the colours of their akad nikah wardrobe. Different and bold!

With the moms.

And us, with the newly weds.

Abang asked me what would Aizu be thinking before the akad. And I replied back, "Eh bang, awak fikir apa sebelum akad dengan saya?". He cheekily replied, he can't remember at all. Baru nak masuk 9 tahun kahwin dah lupa.. Sabar je.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Busy week

It is Friday. So it seems.

I hardly noticed the days flew by and tomorrow would be my brother in law's solemnisation ceremony (and this explains the lack of updates on my side).

It was such a daunting task when I found out my MIL specifically told him for me to take care of everything.

And it was not me who was getting married, but I have to worry about his bank draft for the hantaran, his bunga pahar, his sirih junjung and whats-not. He didn't even have the time to go for a toilet break! Wow, being a doctor on housemanship was so scary.

Friday was also spent with our usual gathering. True friends are much rarer nowadays, but we have known each other for 10 years and beyond ! Isn't it awesome, girls?

Went to Little Taiwan @ Bangsar South. Just look at the spread of foods, and that was just the half side of the table. The lunch set for 2 person consists of 1 main course + 4 side dishes (4 SIDE dishes, OMG!). And the price was cheap! I reckoned this will be a bi-weekly meeting on life.

The busy week makes me forgot to update about Toriq Muayyad's (my cousin's son) birthday party @ The Critters, which was held last 2 weeks. The kids were having so much fun. Fateh was reluctant at first, and it took him between 15 - 20 minutes to warm up on the idea playing with the others.

And how he played, and played with the pool of balls.

Ops, I think I am quite lazy right now to upload Tariq & his mum with Fateh & myself picture. Maybe later.