Friday, 26 August 2011

Selamat hari raya

To all,

In case this will be my last post before Raya,
Wishing happy Eid ul Fitri, and with Ramadhan is coming to an end, hope you guys are going to make full use of it.

Aida & the clans

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I actually had an amusing week.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The weekend.

 My kids playing at home since there is no outing due to Ramadhan. I am preparing the dishes for buka puasa with my friends; nasi beriyani, ayam tandoori & acar timun. And also for Aini's family. The kids were all excited to buka puasa with their cousins.

Cooking for the Kaplan Financial Manchester's girls. We are the regulars in class. Oh I miss you girls!

There is no word to describe our bond. These are the only Malaysians when I first arrived for class in March 2010. And to top it up, we are the only one who attended every class without fail. Farah, is already back for good in Malaysia. And Ifah is continuing her study in MBA.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Giveaway Mesra Idea :)

My wishlist:

  1. Saya nak Excel / spreadsheet tool yang mempunyai function copy & paste different cells (yang dipilih di row & column yang berbeza) secara serentak untuk memudahkan kerja saya (analysis)
  2. Saya nak satu financial analysing tool untuk mengeluarkan dynamic report, seperti Essbase dan seharusnya ada ciptaan Malaysia, kerana Essbase, walaupun ciptaan yang mengagumkan, tetapi bayaran lesennya agak mahal 
  3. Saya nak pejabat saya mempunyai persekitaran yang kreatif, contohnya seperti, Google HQ ataupun Unilever Malaysia yang persekitarannya tidak rigid dan kakitangannya boleh berehat secara kreatif (boleh baca buku,  tidur dan sebagainya). Ini saya rasa perlu untuk buat kakitangan rasa menarik untuk datang kerja
  4. Saya nak sekolah anak-anak saya tidak terlalu rigid dan mengadaptasi model sekolah di negara maju seperti Sweden / UK untuk memberikan rangsangan minda kanan & kiri
Wish list pun pasal kerja :P

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sumbangan untuk iftar warga emas *sticky post*

Assalamualaikum adik-adik/kakak-kakak dan kawan-kawan sekelian,

Insya Allah, sekarang ini beberapa warga ex-MMU sedang mengumpul dana untuk didermakan supaya dapat menaja iftar warga emas dari rumah orang tua di Klang.

Bersempena Ramadhan yang mulia ini, sekiranya tuan/puan ingin menderma/memberikan sumbangan, hatta RM 1 pun.. insya Allah saham di akhirat akan dijanjikan untuk tuan puan.

Kita sentiasa makan pakai cukup, berbuka puasa dikelilingi sanak saudara, keluarga atau anak-anak dan suami tercinta. Rasanya tidak salah sekiranya kita menyumbang kepada mereka yang 'lebih makan garam' dari kita. Tetapi berbuka puasa pula, hanya dengan rakan-rakan, tanpa keluarga di sisi.

Pernah terlihat suatu program di UK, pegawai-pegawai kebajikan datang menghantar makanan kepada orang-orang tua yang tinggal bersendirian, dan apabila ditanya kepada mereka, warga emas, "During holiday, it is always the hardest", kerana mereka tiada sesiapa ingin menemani untuk menyambut Krismas.

Lalu bayangkan pula pakcik dan makcik sekelian, yang meniti hari di penghujung usia, menanti dan menanti.
Ramadhan kan bulan kita menggandakan pahala. Apalah salahnya sekiranya kita memberikan wang gaji kita yang berlebih sedikit cuma untuk mereka?

Antara sumbangan yang akan diberikan oleh kami (dan mengharapkan derma tulus hati kalian):

1. Kain pelikat dan kain batik untuk warga emas kita yang kita beri dari hati yang tulus ikhlas, untuk kegunaan harian mereka
2. Iftar (berbuka puasa) yang mungkin bagi kita lauknya biasa-biasa sahaja, tetapi mungkin mewah bagi mereka

Lalu sebuah pemberian dari hati yang ikhlas, apakah lagi yang ingin kita raih selain sebuah tapak di syurga Allah kelak?

Kita gembirakan hati mereka, maka dengan kegembiraan mereka biarlah kita menginsafi diri kita.

Untuk sumbangan derma bolehlah menghubungi saya di limaunipis [at] googlemail [com] atau tinggalkan alamat e-mel anda di comment box di bawah agar saya dapat menghubungi anda

 Tarikh tutup untuk derma adalah pada 17 Ogos 2011.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Taare Zameen Par: Like Stars on Earth

Sometimes you wonder how you miss this film in the first place? This film makes me feel understood as a child.

Oh yeah, and I clearly remembers Aini said 'Tak best!', that eventhough I bought the VCD way back after watching Chak De! India. And suddenly, after watching this movie last Saturday on Astro Channel 108, I was like going to slap my forehead, and said "Darn, how can I miss this???".

Prior to watching this, I know that:
  1. Taare Zameen Par tied with Chak De! India as Filmfare Best Film in 2008
  2. That Aamir Khan always acts in a wonderful film, with strong plot like Lagaan
  3. And, a story about a special child is always something that is out of the norm in India

What a wonderful film! It was like an orchestra performance, you have to sit back and savour. The story is not fast paced, it is not rushed, and with this kind of pace, I think it was integral that the first half movie belongs to the child actor who played Ishaan.

Yes, Darsheel Safary won Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor as Ishaan, a dyslexic kid.

For a Hindustan movie, which nowadays, I am really, really selective when it comes to the storyline, I would highly recommend it to all parents and kids to watch it, especially the parents. Childhood is always misunderstood, and through Ishaan's eyes, we explore his artistic mind. Ishaan is the star in this film, and you would never expect that Aamir Khan only came on screen after the second half of the film.

Ishaan's scene is always wonderful, and the climax of the film, where the teacher (played by Aamir Khan) held an art contest, is well applauded. I cried buckets after watching the film, because I do feel Ishaan is being misunderstood - he is failing in every subject in his class, he was always compared to his older brother (who is an all rounder), and he was sent to boarding school to be strengthen out.

Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi the story's leading character, is an eight-year-old boy who dislikes school and fails every test or exam. He finds all subjects difficult, and is belittled by his teachers and classmates. But Ishaan's internal world is rich with wonders that he is unable to convey to others, magical lands filled with colour and animated animals. He is an artist whose talent is unrecognised.

Ishaan's father, Nandkishore Awasthi, is a successful executive who expects his children to excel. His mother, housewife Maya Awasthi, is frustrated by her inability to educate her son. Ishaan's elder brother, Yohaan, is an exemplary scholar and athlete, which Ishaan is frequently reminded of.

Source: Wikipedia

And the impact of the movie, was astounding, as found in this article here

A recent Bollywood movie about a dreamy 8-year-old boy had all the ingredients of an Indian blockbuster -- six songs, tearful ups and downs and a happy ending. But the film has also planted the seeds of a movement to raise public awareness about dyslexia in India

When Madhu Mangla, 45, watched the movie, "Taare Zameen Par," Hindi for "Stars on Earth," she broke down and wept in the theater. She recalled feeling as if it were her son's life reenacted on screen.

"My son changed five schools, but he could not read and write. He was labeled a failure by teachers. Children picked on him at school. I scolded him at home all the time," Mangla said of her son, now 18.

Educators and analysts say that as Indian schools have become more competitive, they have put too much emphasis on textbook studies and not enough on other skills. Schools dismiss children with learning disabilities as hopeless and badly behaved.

In the film, when the father is told that his son has dyslexia, he asks: "My son is not normal? Is he mentally retarded?"

The screenwriter, Amole Gupte, said his film has changed the way dyslexia is seen in India. Since the film's release, Gupte has been asked to write on the subject in the press and has answered countless reader questions.

"I get so many painful letters and phone calls from parents across the country," Gupte said in a telephone interview. "Fathers weep on the phone and say they saw the film and realized that they have been wrong in the way they treated their children. This is catharsis."

While the response by the Indian government was:

These reactions have also brought about a change in policies. The film, only ten days after its debut, influenced the Central Board of Secondary Education to provide extra time to special children—including the visually impaired, physically challenged and dyslexic—during exams. In 2008, Mumbai's civic body also opened 12 classrooms for autistic students. In Chandigarh, the education administration started a course to educate teachers on how to deal with children with learning disabilities.

Do watch it! Even though this movie is about a special child, I realised that I need to brush up most of my parenting skills. Regardless of our kids being a normal child or not, we have always pushed our kids for being an all rounder, rather than trying to flourish them in the things they really love.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Fateh's take on bf

As a breastfeeding mom,  I have stopped pumping my milk more than 1 year.. way back when I was struggling to attend my full time classes. Amazingly, as a part time feeder to then 4 months old Fateh, he was on full breast milk when my school gave a 2-month break and since then, he didn't want to drink any formula milk anymore. My baby waits for me to come back from school around 5.15-5.30 p.m. to have his take on breast milk. And this continues till we come back to Malaysia in March this year.
As an alternative, since we are going to send him back to the nursery when we reported back duty, we introduced these Dutch Lady Kids milks to him. Oh mind you, he finds it weird to look at milks in a milk bottle, thus saving my budget to buy new milk bottles. I have since stashed all the milk bottles.
Amazingly, for a 21-month old toddler, he is still breastfeeding, when I am at home. Some friends that I have met was quite amazed that I still breastfeed Fateh since I have not pumped vigorously like I used to with Fahri. In fact, not many people know that I am still feeding him.
I have not talk much on breastfeeding with Fateh, but do bear in mind that if you are not giving full or exclusive breast milk, please do not be hard on yourself. There are many factors contributing to the growth of a child, and it is not solely on breast milk.
In fact, I do not regret that I don't give him exclusive breast milk in the first 6 months of his life. I have other priorities at that time, and I feel the added pressure being a full time student with my family (my husband and 4 kids) living oversea.
Cheeky Fateh, now, with his ever smiling face, would drink milk from me, and after he finishes his take, he would say "Habehhh" (Habis) or "Dah". And that amuses me the most, since not from my three other children, did they ever say anything after drinking milk. The most they would do, just ignore the bottles or boobs.
I guess, that is how he shows his appreciation for me to sit down and enjoy the moment with him ~_~

Monday, 8 August 2011

English flowers inspiration

Syu is dreaming of an English flowers inspired themes. Her soon to be engagement, although is a low key event, was full of hantarans. At first, her soon to be fiancee said that it will be 9 from Syu's side, and 7 from his side.

As of last week, the hantarans stand at 13 from her side.

Her soon to be fiancee will be giving 15 hantarans + 3 for her older sister (Syu is the second in the family). In Malay tradition, especially in Perak, there is still this adat called 'langkah bendul' where the groom to be has to give some token of appreciation for the unmarried older sister since the groom to be is asking for the marriage to her younger sister.

Her love for something rustic and looks wood, makes me search for this dark chocolate coloured box. She specifically told me she wants 'wooden' boxes, and it stands out with her hantarans' theme of light blue. The contrast between the box and the embellishments really pops out.

Since she love blue so much, it was much harder to find ribbons to the exact light blue colour (biru cair). She searched for blue coloured towels & prayer mat, to ensure it is in the same colour as her chosen theme.

The turquoise coloured towel in a wooden basket.

As for her love of English inspired things, she bought this vase - alike thing from a shop (if I am not mistaken, the shop was called 'Romantika') at Amcorp Mall.

..and the 3 heart shaped boxes are also from the same shop. I do prefer her to find her own boxes for her hantarans, for me to get an idea on what kind of themes should we expect for the hantarans. Since the light blue boxes had pink roses as its patterns, thus I also used the same coloured flowers for her hantarans. I found a bunch of flowers in the combination of pink, white, yellow and purple.

And lastly, for some of her delicacies, a light plastic see through box.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My current project..

This is for my ex-staff, cum colleague. She is so into English flowers theme.
She also loves pastel colours (like moi).

Stay tuned for the pics after I have finished organising her 13 dulang hantarans.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shahirah Adibah weds

Went to Ipoh last Saturday for a wedding reception held at the groom's side. We cannot attend the wedding reception on Shahirah's side since I have to attend a business convocation at Putrajaya.

Shahirah Adibah is a sort of 'sister' between us the postgraduates and undergraduates back in Manchester. We attended most functions together, and even go camping at the Lake District. She took care of Fahri & Fateh where I go for shooting lesson.

Currently, will be entering her 4th year of medical degree, and she came back to Malaysia to be wed. Her choice of groom is another graduate, Hilfi from Liverpool Leeds (thanks Baiti!).

 Shahirah & Hilfi. Oh my, the bride & groom are above average height. It was the first time my husband remarked, "I have never feel shorter before." My husband is also much taller compared to other guys.

Nice colours for the wedding, grey. The wedding theme nowadays dare to be bold and daring. I remembered when it was our wedding day, and the current trend at that time, it will be pastel colours for the bride & groom.

We left Ipoh and stop at Tapah for solat and some needed break for Fateh (which consist of running).

He found something on the floor while waiting for his dad to finish his solat. A straw. He was happily running back and forth.

Adik, eating the boiled egg that we get during the kenduri. He is currently 21-month old, and is considered an eating machine. His favourite phrase would be, "Nak, nak, nak!" other than, "Nak air", "Alahhhh" and "Aduh" (some oldies expression considering his age.. *_*. I wonder when did his vocab become so like mine?)

Tapah's stop was wide, with open space suraus and toilets. There are rows and rows of fruit stalls and we bought 2 bags of jambu air.

Oh, and did you notice that we only bring Fateh?

My kids went with their cousins for a screening of Transformers 3 at 1 Utama, with free tickets courtesy from my office. Remembering Fawwaz saying that he wanted to watch the movie, we asked Aini & my dad to bring the kids along.

And attending a wedding invitation, as per this reading from Haq Islam:

Islam endorses performing marriage contracts in the mosque. Muslim jurists stipulated that this is based on a Hadith reported by Al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Maja: ‘Publicize the marriage, execute it at the mosques and celebrate it with drums.’ Another Hadith reported by Imam Ahmad and Al-Hakim and others supports the first Hadith: ‘Publicize Marriage.’

It also supported by a third Hadith reported by Ahmad, Al-Tirmidhi, Al-Nasa’i and Ibn Maja: ‘The difference between a legitimate (Halal) and an illegitimate (Haram) marriage is the presence of voices and drums.’
And I do remember, in Manchester, that our Malay Muslims community always make an effort to attend any invitation for weddings / open house / buka puasa event. They believe in bonding with each others and our community is a tight bunch of people.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Saya nak kek lapis Kedai kek Hanis

Gigih OK sebab nak dapat kek ni.
Tapi nak perasa masam manis, aci tak? ^_^ (hamboi, demangg nampak!)

Kenapa kena bagi saya?
  1. Sebab saya suka baca blog akak
  2. Sebab akak suka baca blog saya
  3. Sebab senang suami akak nak pass kek tu kat saya
  4. Sebab saya awet muda (anak baru sorang ke?)

Harap maaf, entri no. 4 itu adalah entri memuji-muji diri di bulan mulia ini.
Insaf kejap T_T