Friday, 28 December 2012

Roti John Semabok

Ah heaven.

Beat the queue and bad luck with the best roti john I have ever tasted. This pakcik has been selling this delicacy since my husband was in his primary school!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mini convo tadika

Walaupun sudah sebulan berlalu, sebab kami berdua sibuk uruskan hal akak - ya Fahri konvo tadika pada hari Sabtu sebelum akak meninggal. Untuk mengabadikan kenangan.

Fahri ini, anak yang bijak. Kalau bagi buku kerja, satu hari dia cuba habiskan. Sebab dia suka menulis. Dia masih lagi tak pandai sangat membaca, ibunya tengah cuba usahakan bab itu. Untuk kanak-kanak yang berumur 5 tahun ini, alhamdulillah.. perkembangannya agak memberangsangkan.

Sibuk menari joget ketipang payung.

Tak sangka ada bakat terpendam. Bersungguh-sungguh dia menari. Siap berborak dengan pasangan dia di sebelah.

Surprise, surprise. Kalau tanya bila ujian, dia siap tanya kita balik "Ujian tu apa?". Ibu kena telefon cikgu tadika tanya bila tarikh ujian dan hari penyampaian hadiah.

Rupa-rupanya, dia dapat nombor 3 dalam kelas. Diam-diam ubi berisi (eh lamanya tak pakai peribahasa Melayu). Alhamdulillah.

I believe in celebrating the kids achievement, even though how small it is. Sometimes, when they asked for something, maybe they would not get it. But the kids also has to learn that not everything in life is given free. I am proud of you, and your siblings.

Friday, 21 December 2012

10th anniversary

Life is a box of chocolate. You would never know what would you get.

The same goes to a marriage. Thanks dear, I didn't know you are such a romantic at heart ;)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Choosing your ACCA tuition provider

To Ned Ayub,

I bet you stumbled upon my blog when you search based on keywords of 'ACCA in Manchester' or 'ACCA with SPC MARA' or anything related to ACCA.

You can check for the status of the learning provider here in ACCA website.

Please please please check the status of your ACCA provider. I cannot stress how important this is, as to know whether the institution that you choose is recognised by ACCA or not.
The highest award given is Platinum, followed by Gold.

Kaplan Financial Manchester has been awarded as Platinum ACCA tuition provider. I think I have explained further in this post on why I choose Kaplan in the first place. The institution is focused on professional and financial accounting training for as long as I know. Before it was known as Kaplan, the institution previous name is Emile Woofe College.

I was a full time ACCA student, and I was grateful that I had good tutors for me to focus on my studies. In fact, before I flew to UK, I did ask one of the previous recipients on the learning provider - and I got to know Kaplan Financial is one of the best providers.

I have tried searching for University of Manchester at the ACCA website, but cannot find the entry.

Hope this really helps.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Not your usual wedding fare

She told me during Ramadhan in August that she will be getting married. And asked me to save the date. Of course, for such a wonderful friend and my comrade in ACCA, she was my classmate buddy - together with Ifah.

And I picked not a wedding card, but a Congratulations card - Horray! Just because, I do think that the usual wedding card will not suit her. She is vibrant and humble. And when we registered for our ACCA in Kaplan Financial, the three of us - Farah, Ifah and me - bonded instantly. Just because we were the only Malaysians in that class.

I bet she will be laughing when she saw the card, and the wrapping paper (so typical of me, picking something that is not in sync with a wedding). But the wrapping paper is kind of cute :)

Of course, we attended the wedding just now. I even told her that I may not come in time because my husband had his Masters exam. She texted me saying it was okay. And Ifah suddenly message me yesterday, asking what time will I be attending Farah's wedding. I slapped my forehead since all these time, I thought I have lost Ifah's number - but it was actually stored in my phone.

I remembered way back in 2010, when I received an urgent call from Farah - while we were in Wales. She had a crisis with her landlord from hell. She calmly told me that her housemates got kicked off from the house, and asked nicely whether she can put her stuff at my house.

And then when she asked me again, whether it will be OK or not to put her stuff. I said 'Yes, of course Farah.' Because she is my best friend.

Arrived at the Grand Dorsett Hotel at 2 p.m. I picked up my husband at the office. Just because I don't want to drive all the way to KL Sentral and got stuck in traffic jam with 4 kids. The bride and groom were on their beradab table. So hey, let us eat first and let Farah do her formal bits first.

Door gift. I even asked one of the girls at the receiving table (where we put our presents) whether she is the sister of Farah. Err, that girl is actually her cousin. They seems to look alike somehow :P

 Ah, the pelamin.. nice eh

Oh hey hey, a reunion. Finally meeting Ifah, after she finished her Masters in Liverpool John Moores University. We were best of classmates cum friends cum comrades. She worked long hours at KPMG, and I was really laid back in my current company. Welcome back, auditor!

And she said, don't ask her when she is coming back from her office. Hahaha, I guessed it was at 4 o'clock in the morning. I had a few colleagues that I met during my ACCA ceremony who came home from the office at 4 a.m.

Finally, meeting Ifah's youngest sister, Syaraf. All of her siblings studied in MMU. OK, Ifah is like 6 years younger than me. And Syaraf is now enrolled as undergraduate in Finance. Forever MMU! Haha.. Of course when she asked me whether I worked as an accountant, "No Ifah, I am not." "So, what are you doing with your ACCA?". "Errr, don't you think it is a little bit boring looking at all those finance compliance?" I asked her back. She just nodded. Gotcha!

After lots of cam whoring with the family members, finally we get our chance to reunite with Farah on her pelamin. And we had a nice long chat on the pelamin. Aduh poyo, orang lain beratur nak ambil gambar. We took such a long time chit chatting with each other - just because I have not seen both of them (Farah & Ifah) in such a longggg time.

Farah even saw Fateh and said, 'Oh my, how big he had grown' with Fateh smiling. Last time, she was holding a 6-month old Fateh at a car boot sale with me.

Ifah asked me whether it is OK to join in our picture. Of course I would say yes to both of them, anytime!

Nice colour blocking from Ifah. They are best of friends. I even told Ifah, if she got married, never ever forget to invite me. It seems that we basically knows her whole family, from her parents to her sisters. We shared our family moments. And Farah told Ifah that she will be flying to Manchester next week for holiday.

The last to arrive. Wan, who is also called Khairul by Ifah. Oh man, you look smart (after nearly one year of seeing your long hair in Manchester). He told us he came with his mother and grandmother. Ok nice Wan, I will be searching for you if one of my juniors wants 'calon suami'. That is his sister, BTW. Wan has been back from Manchester since early this year. And we had quick updates about our other Malaysians classmates - even though I could not find Ryssa or Aisy there.

The door gift is actually a crystal glass with chocolates. Unfortunately, Fateh had been gobbling the sweets.

Best of wishes for your wedding, my friend :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jungle Gym @ BSC

Beli melalui promosi tiket di Groupon.Walaupun sudah bermula cuti sekolah, masa untuk anak-anak seronok agak kurang. Jadi semalam, bak kata tok ayahnya, "Hostel tutup." (anak-anak masa cuti sekolah lepak rumah atuknya).

Ke Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Kami masuk jam 10 pagi. Untuk ibubapa dan untuk kanak-kanak yang baru merangkak, tiada bayaran yang dikenakan. Free of charge.

Ni muka budak paling masam. Muka macam kena paksa main sahaja masa mula-mula masuk.

Ini dah nak senyum selepas 1 jam berada dalam Jungle Gym.

Baru sengih dan nak bergaya dengan bola.

Yang ini tak payah ceritalah. Masuk je dah berlari sana sini.

Datang dengan sepupu-sepupu yang lain. Ini gambar terbaik mereka berenam tengah main.

Enjoying themselves very much. Fawwaz ajar adik dia main ball gun.

Walaupun hari ini harijadiku, tapi semalam memang saja mengada-ngada nak rasa kek Just Heavenly yang sangat sedap semalam.

Gambar kejadian kek Red Velvet - sebelum dan selepas 10 minit. Sedap. Melt in your mouth :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012

Yey, the world's biggest book sale is back in town! Attended the sale last year in October. This year, the venue is at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre and opens to the public from 9 a.m. to 9.p.m. daily till 23 December.

We decided to attend the event yesterday just because of Mission #63, which will be explained further here. Arrived there just before 7 a.m. in the morning, albeit being lost because of the lack of sense of direction. My sister picked me up after the Subuh prayer.  

The morning crowd. Ahh, I love the early morning crowd.

My sisters at the entrance, ready with boxes in hand. I, actually, have come prepared with a travel luggage bag. Yes, I learned my lesson well.

There were not many people, early in the morning. But, OMG, the piles of the 3 million books! Weeee *jumping with joy*

Just on the first pile. Cam whoring first before the start of the book hunting.

With the sister cum driver. We were near the non fiction pile. At first, we agreed to meet at 8 a.m., but since I can't even finish the children section just yet, we decided to meet at 8.45 a.m.

Ahhh, the first of the Big Bad Wolf event. Just because, this year the organiser decided that Malaysians could not have enough on cheap books, that they open 63 straight hours from 6.30 a.m. on  Friday till 9.30 p.m. today! You can even come at 2 a.m. just to buy the books! Yes, you can come in your pyjama (that's what the ad says!)

One whole section dedicated to Young Adult. I found piles of vampires books. Hehehe.. Anyway, my first stop would be the children section. I found my junior there, and this was her first time attending the event. She was quite confused with people having to pull their luggage bags along at first, that she assumed maybe they were going to check in the hotel next to the building.

Non fiction, yes!

Romance book piles. The choices are aplenty. I stick with chick lits this time. All are priced at RM 8 per novel. So cheap, yeah!

Just because I was searching for Disney Pixar comics that I came to this graphic novel section. Turns out there were tonnes of comics dedicated to superheroes for Fawwaz. This section is a little more over budgeted for me, with the comics priced around RM 15 - RM 30 (even though the original price is around RM 70 to RM 100++ per piece).

For the first time in BBW's history, they have Malay books section. And, I found tonnes of old novels (which I read during my secondary school days). Found a book by Zuraidah Othman, she is still my favourite author. After looking at the price of RM 8/novel, I feel it is totally expensive just because you can buy a new one at RM 20! Haha..

There are many cashiers on standby. Just to save time, we brought the books using cash. The credit/debit card lane was so long that it was such a breeze for us paying at the cash counter. Before we paid for the books, did some inventory checking between the 3 of us, just to ensure we pick different books.

I did told you I bring a luggage bag, right? And oh yes, my husband has been dedicated with my mission by clearing one of his backpacks and give it to me, just because I can stuff more books inside. Both bags were full to the brim.

Books inside the bag. My 2 youngest want the Cars book, but I bought another Bob the Builder book for Fahri :)

Inventory checking with the kids. I invested around 5-6 books for each of them. And my sisters also searched for exercise books for them.

The pile. Bob the Builder book (pictured on the top corner right) even had wheels and lamps. Fahri need to turn the wheels to light up the lamps. The cost is only RM15.

Top left: Fahri
Top middle: Fawwaz
Bottom left pile: Fateh
Bottom middle: Moi, I was the one with the least books.
Bottom right: Amni - she asked for book series.

And the exercise books went to my mom's house.

Small notebooks priced at RM 2.

Kirigami craft set, just because my kids love to do craft. This one costs me RM 15.

The BBW event was filled with cheap books, that I only shopped for my books there once a year. And my total damage was RM 342 with 46 books. Average cost per book is around RM 8. Yeay!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Minggu ini aku sibuk menelefon beberapa agensi mengenai hutang tertunggak Kak Long sekiranya ada.

Aku baru dimaklumkan pihak JPA bahawa akak sudah habis membayar hutang pelajaran beliau pada 13 September lepas.

Alhamdulillah, hutang-hutang akak yang dikira agak besar - rumah, kereta dan pinjaman pelajaran sudah selesai semuanya semasa akak hidup.

“Wahai orang mukmin, apabila kamu menjalankan sesuatu urusan dengan cara berhutang (yang bertempoh) hingga ke suatu masa yang tertentu maka hendaklah kamu menulisnya (kadarnya dan tempohnya) dan hendaklah ada jurutulis yang menulisnya dengan adil dan benar, dan janganlah seorang penulis itu enggan menulis/mencatit sebagaimana Allah telah ajarkan. Oleh itu hendaklah penulis itu mengikut yang merencanakan oleh pihak yang terlibat dengan penuh rasa taqwa kepada Allah Tuhannya dan janganlah dia mengurangkan sesuatupun dari jumlah atau kadar dan tempoh masa berhutang itu dimulakan hingga selesai dibayarkan balik dengan sempurna.”

Surah al-Baqarah ayat 282

"Barang siapa yang mengambil pinjaman dengan niat melunaskan, Allah akan memudahkan pembayarannya dan dengan niat melesapkan, maka Allah akan membinasakan orang itu"

Riwayat Al-Bukhari

Sabda Rasulullah yang diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah bermaksud:
“Roh seorang mukmin yang berhutang jika hutangnya tidak dijelaskannya maka tergantung-gantunglah ia di antara langit dan bumi, yang bererti terseksalah roh itu hingga dibiarkan hutangnya itu”

 Riwayat Abu Hurairah

Friday, 30 November 2012

Durian fest

Our boss parked in the parking lot of the office, and let us have a picnic. How cool was that?

And the funny part was, when other people were walking by, my boss even invited them - and these people join us to feast on durians. And also rambutans.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hati seorang mak

Selepas Kak Long meninggal, hanya dua kali aku melihat mak menangis.

Kali pertama, ketika kami menerima berita bahawa akak telah pergi. Itu pun hanya di tubir matanya.

Dan kali kedua, pada 2 Ahad yang lepas, apabila Pakcik Zubair, ayah mertua akak, menelefon mak dan bercerita tentang anaknya serta penyesalannya.

Mak memang sangat tabah. Selepas kejadian itu, suami tiba-tiba sahaja menjadi anak sulung, dan aku terus menjadi menantu sulung. Beza akak dengan adik lelakinya (suami) agak jauh, dalam 7 tahun. Mak pernah kehilangan anak lelakinya yang sulung (nombor 2 dalam adik-beradik) semasa abang suamiku bersekolah rendah akibat kes kereta langgar lari.

Mungkin disebabkan mak, di umurnya, memang banyak belajar tentang agama. Semasa kak Long, abang Kimi dan Faris dikebumikan, aku menemani mak dan Ain (anak arwah akak) di pintu tanah perkuburan.

Mak pesan dengan kami, "Orang perempuan tak perlu tengok ketika kebumikan jenazah." Itu pun selepas mak turun van dan memeluk arwah Faris yang telah dikapankan. Jadi dari jauh kami hanya melihat pengebumian jenazah.

Selepas selesai urusan jenazah, mak dan ayah terus mula bersolat sunat dan banyak membaca al-Quran. Ketika cucu-cucunya tidur dengan mak, mak akan berpesan agar membaca al-Fatihah untuk arwah ayah, ibu dan adik mereka. Bak kata Farra, setiap ibubapa mesti tidak ingin melihat anaknya pergi dulu. Dan ada pula mak mertua adik ipar aku menangis bersungguh-sungguh dan berkata, "Anak, kalau pergi jauh pun mak dah menangis. Apatah lagi kalau pergi buat selama-lamanya."

Ayah pun begitu. Ketika hari kejadian, ayah masih kelihatan tidak percaya dengan apa yang berlaku. Tetapi apabila kami tiba di Taiping, dan melihat arwah, baru ayah dapat menerima berita itu dengan tenang.

Syukur ya Allah, Kau berikan aku mertua yang terbaik. Yang sentiasa ingat tentang akhirat dan menerima sesuatu musibah itu dengan redha.

Sekarang fokus kami adalah meniup semangat anak-anak saudara kami yang telah yatim piatu itu.

Anak saudara perempuan aku, Ain, sangat rapat dengan neneknya (mak mertua), dan yang lain masih lagi berulang-alik antara Melaka dan Cheras.

Kami balik Melaka, dan tinggalkan anak-anak aku untuk bersama mereka. Ain masih lagi tersenyum (gambar sebelah kiri hujung) ditemani anak-anak aku untuk menonton filem 'Istanbul, Aku Datang."

Mereka masih lagi OK-OK. Cumanya aku tak terbayang apabila mereka akan ke sekolah, dan melihat orang lain dihantar oleh ibubapa, dan mereka tiada kedua-duanya.

Kuatkanlah hati mereka, Ya Allah!