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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever at Popular Wangsa Walk last 2 weeks ago. I was tempted to buy since I know, one of my friends, kak Tie is a huge fan of the series. Later I found out that the 'Cabin Fever' book is the 6th in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

And I watched the movie first before I read the books. It was delightful and I laughed out loud at my kids, especially during the Cheese Touch scene. It was funny!

I started borrowing the series from kak Tie last week. It turned out that her daughter enjoyed the series as much as the mother. Amazingly, I finished the books in two sittings, but I was unable to read the first book since it was loaned to our friend. After I finished reading it, my daughter, Amni, started reading the books, and she will be finishing book 3: The Last Straw soon.

My husband was puzzled when he saw me laughed out loud while reading the books. It was funny. Furthermore, what made it more interesting are the illustrations that accompanied the stories. There are lots of drawings inside the books, that we can relate to the story much better. And the book ditch the usual font used in books, but rather use a handwriting font, which jives with the story of a middle school kid. Even the cartoon drawings that accompanied the diary look real, that I was going to believe that it was hand written and hand drawn by the main character, Greg Heffley.

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The plot was simple enough for kids (and their mother) to enjoy the story.

It is about Greg Heffley's adventure in school, on how he manage to juggle his life with family, friends and school. And the amazing part is, he want to keep a diary, so the series seemed to be born with the diaries written by Greg .

The books are on first term basis, like we are reading the diary of Greg Heffley himself.

We get to know about his family and his siblings (Greg is a middle child), how he braved his adventures in school and home. Sometimes, it was amusing to note that his family seems bizarre, but I guessed, if compared to my family, it is kind of normal (like mine).

And this include, having a mom who tries to juggle everything (like me), and try to exercise (failing miserably). She loves her kids, but does not have the wisdom insight when she hired a helper who is lazy even to start the washing machine.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is funny without being too preachy, of just being yourself. Of having the sort of family that I can identify myself with, and of knowing the characters had many similarities with my family.

And it makes me laughed at myself, for having such a wonderful family, but still I seemed to appoint myself as an all knowing mother and wife. (Greg's mum had the veto power to use her own decision even though the family members have voted differently in the family meeting :P).

This is a must read for the kids (and their mom)!

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Nida said...

K.Da mula beli The Last Straw, ketawa terbahak2. Anak sulung k.da loni ada semua koleksi, k.da tumpang baca ;)

aida said...

nampak sangat kita ni kuat baca buku kan, buku budak2 pun dibaca.. hehehe

Mynie said...

wah, review ni buat saya jadi tertarik nak baca!

aida said...

mynie, rm70 per set di book xcess :)

aliss said...

hahah..pengaruh kak aida n k aini sgt kuatlah kalau bab2 buku ni.. dulu saya terpengaruh dengan harry potter. Pastu dengan laskar pelangi.. jaja dan din.. pastu laskar cinta.. la nih.. macam terasa rasa nak g MPH nak cr buku ni..

Saya malas gila nak cr buku yg best. Saya cuma cr buku tu kalau ada review yang best atau suggestion drpd org yg obses buku macam kak aida n kak aini..

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