Monday, 30 April 2012

Bonus masuk, bonus keluar

Ok, serius macam air paip. Berderu keluar duit bonus.

Sebab banyak barang kat rumah perlu berganti. Maklumlah, semua sudah berjasa hampir 10 tahun.

Dapur hob sudah lama rosak. Dari 4 burner, 2 burner sahaja boleh guna. Semalam pergi Harvey Norman Mid Valley, survey-survey dari bulan 12 lagi. Alhamdulillah, ada potongan harga besar-besaran rupanya. Dapat beli set tunjuk-tunjuk (display set), jenama Electrolux, dari RM 1099, jadi RM 650.

Karpet ruang tamu, sudah habis togel dan bulu pun sudah habis tercabut. Dulu beli RM 200. Sabtu lepas, berganti karpet di rumah dengan jaminan 20 tahun. Fawwaz main golek-golek atas karpet sebab empuk.

Kipas pun sudah lama rosak, semenjak balik dari UK. Hihi. Gantikan dengan jenama Alpha.

Water heater bilik air Fawwaz pun sudah lama berjasa, baya Amni. 9 tahun. Bila suami tanya kedai elektrik, kos baiki lagi mahal dari beli baru. Jadi terus kami beli baru.

Dan paling penting, sudah ganti balik duit dalam Tabung Haji yang semenjak dua menjak ni keluar untuk tampung sedikit perbelanjaan. Pergi linkkan akaun Maybank dengan Tabung Haji di ATM Maybank, terus buat transfer di mesin ATM juga.

Duit lebihan, suami kata nak survey akaun simpanan Bank Rakyat. Ok bang, saya setuju sahaja. Duit lebih jangan habiskan, kita simpan untuk masa depan.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Main jual-jual barang

Bersusun atas meja 'barang jualan'

Pemain tetap berjual beli

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bumiku hijau

I got a flower pot just now, in exchange of used electrical item.

Zue and I just found out about it yesterday when the company opened a booth in our office next to the sundry shop. It is quite weird seeing old computers in the same place with lots and lots of potted plants.

Apparently, the company has been opening their booth starting last Thursday and already gathered a lot of used electrical items in exchange for potted plants. We can trade in old hand phones, computers and other stuff for the green plants.

Since I am quite 'kayu' in gardening, I thought why not if I tried to exchange something. So today, I brought our broken water heater (I asked my husband yesterday whether we can change that with a plant, sheshh), with Zue carrying her rice cooker to be exchanged for a flower pot. Aini brought her toaster, which apparently had also been broken.

Apparently, the more valuable your item is, the more potted plant selection is given. And I think the staff understand our concern when we said we were unsure how to ensure our plant growing, so he tell us a little bit about the plants and we choose the most low maintenance plant we found.

Mine is.. err.. I am not sure the name of the flower, I think I have to ask my parents, but apparently it only needed to be watered every 2-3 days and can sit in an air conditioned environment. So fine with me since my potted plant will be in the office and not at home. Haha!

Err, maybe next week I have to update the progress of the plant. I hope the flowers do not die on me. I am counting on it *cough* *cough*

P/S: Malaysians are still new to recycling, so of course I find this initiative OK since most of us do not know how to dispose our used electrical items wisely (including me).

Monday, 23 April 2012

On abandoning the blog

I found out that I have abandoned the blog somehow. Maybe nowadays I focused myself with reading more books, at the speed of one book per day or lesser than that. I found out that I have discovered my inner bookworm self, after abandoning 'reading for pleasure' motto for two years.

Somehow, upon working back, I find that it is much easier to indulge in books, rather than sparing time to read at my own leisure during my postgraduate study. I read academic books on daily basis at that time, that even the exercises and assignments were done on daily basis. I even told my husband, if I give this same commitment when I was taking my SPM, I would surely score straight As.

It is wonderful burying my nose in books nowadays. Even though I somehow miss buying physical books, because I tend to read more e-books, I know that I can replenish my physical books with the Big Bad Wolf sale. I think I have become much better reader and reading at such breakneck speed, with new technologies.

My husband, thankfully, bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for himself. But we have been taking turns non stop with the kids, queuing for our time to use the tablet. And my main purpose is for reading, so of course I will get the tablet at around 9.30 p.m. at night, after the kids are asleep. I am liking the feeling that I can read PDF files crystal clear on it, since my smartphone has a small screen to cater for reading PDF files. I have the worst nightmare last time when I read a PDF novel on my phone because I had to squint my eyes to read the letters.

Nowadays, just for the pleasure of evoking my childhood memories back, I started reading the St Clare series by Enid Blyton, which consist of 9 books.

So ode to that, if there is no updates for me, you know I am speed reading books to cover my 2010 and 2011 quota :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

T_T (owww)

If I bring the kids, there is THE element of violence in the movie.
If I am the only one going for the movie, I have to take annual leave.
And then I saw most of the cinemas only had one slot for the movie.

Now I am cursing myself because I have read all the 3 books and keep looking at the trailers.
And I was wondering, when can Malaysian authors come to that level of writing for the young adults? (with the exception of the brilliant Saga Artakusiad from Ahmad Patria)

Reminder to self: Never ever read the books when you know the movie is coming out.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Ini Fahri bersama kek hari Jumaat lepas.

Orangnya kecil sahaja sebab memilih-milih makan. Lebih suka makan western food. Kalau makan nasi, dengan kicap sahaja. Tak suka makan sayur. Kalau tengok dia, macam budak umur 3-4 tahun, padahal sudah berumur 5 tahun.

Semenjak balik Malaysia, sudah makan banyak sikit. Masa kat UK dulu, nak suruh makan pun sangatlah susah. Baru nampak perut buncit sikit. Masa birthday party kat rumah Nek Ummi pun, hanya makan nugget dan fries (makanan kegemaran dia).

Sekarang pun manja lagi. Kalau Fateh tiada, mulalah nak bermanja-manja dengan kita. Tapi dia best friend dengan Fateh (walaupun Fateh suka buli abang-abang dan kakaknya). Kalau bandingkan Fateh dan Fahri, macam beza setahun saja dua orang ni sebab Fateh lagi bulat dari abang dia.

Masa dia pergi bercuti dengan Tok Ayah dan Nek Ummi, Fateh tinggal dengan kami. Hari-hari Fateh tanya, "Fahri aner? Fahri aner?". Bila ambil Fahri, tersengih-sengih Fateh masa Fahri peluk.

Perangai Fahri sebiji macam adikku yang nombor 3. Heheheh.. Manja, keras kepala, dan suka buat sesuatu yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Love you Fahri :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fahri's cake

Thanks kak Ila for such a colourful design (which suited very well for the 5-year old boy).

Requested for a vanilla cake with strawberry filling. And I choose the design based on her cake blog.

I bet the birthday boy is so excited!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Oh my!

He is already 5 years old.

Last week, we accidentally stumbled upon someone who was on Hajj with us.

"How old is the baby?"
"Already 5 years old."

Masya' Allah. 5 years ago I am on Hajj carrying Fahri inside me. Thank God I did not deliver him there!