Friday, 29 June 2012

The Mysterious Benedict Society


Have you heard about the trilogy?

I was browsing through my TBR piles when I saw a catchy review on Goodreads. I was expecting magics and potions like Harry Potter series, but oh wow, I was pleasantly surprise.

When other books jump on dystopian young adults novels or started churning more magic potions like Harry Potter, this one is really a brainer with science, mysteries and puzzles. The kids neither need magic potions nor wands to unravel the puzzles. And oh boy, the puzzles boggles my mind that I wonder how this book falls under child category. I even read one review who confesses that he had to sneak to the children's library and endure the librarian's stare, just for the sake of borrowing the books.

Now, back to the books, a short summary on it:

Dozens of children respond to this peculiar ad in the newspaper and are then put through a series of mind-bending tests, which readers take along with them. Only four children—two boys and two girls—succeed. Their challenge: to go on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and inventive children could complete. To accomplish it they will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where the only rule is that there are no rules. But what they'll find in the hidden underground tunnels of the school is more than your average school supplies. So, if you're gifted, creative, or happen to know Morse Code, they could probably use your help.

I started reading it on non stop in May back to back. That is how good it is.

The Mysterious Benedict Society consist of four kids (who had more characters than most YA novels that I read); Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance. They answered a peculiar ad in a newspaper, and come to take a mind boggling test.

The brilliance of the books lies in the kids. Trenton Lee Stewart painted such vivid characters for his minions that I wish I was in their shoes. And sir, thanks for giving us complicated puzzles, that we, as readers cannot break it, but the kids will break it for us (I feel so muddle head after I keep failing to crack the codes and puzzles).

I wonder, if I am one of the 4 kids, who would I be?

Would I be:
Reynie - who is always sensible
Sticky - who reads everything and has brilliant memory
Kate - who love adventure
Constance - who constantly complains, but is very adorable and always think out of the box?

Out of the 3 books, I love Book 2 the best since Mr. Benedict was kidnapped, and it is up to the kids to search for him :)

Kudos to one of the most underrated series outside of US.

And thank you Mr. Stewart for writing a brilliant book, that is truly enjoyed by adults.

Now, Mr Stewart had just release the prequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society, entitled The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

And me being obsessed with the trilogy, I found out that Kinokuniya had the book!

Should I or shouldn't I? I think I want to run to Kinokuniya now!

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Smiley said...

menairk ni..harus ke baca jua

aida said...

sesuai untuk mereka yang suka puzzle atau pernah baca buku roald dahl (charlie and the chocolate factory)

Ummu Auni said...

i have the first book. indon translated, hehe :P beli eearly last year

Ummu Auni said...

wah cantik layout

aida said...

i think i prefer the english one, rather than indon one, hehehe

aida said...

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