Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Rezeki Allah itu ada pelbagai bentuk

Tahun depan usaha lagi.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Reunion of 6'S' (class of 1992) girl members

Wow, it has been 20 years actually. What a long time. It was such an adhoc meet up between the girls, since the boys keep discussing on the reunion part, but there has been no one leading the initiatives. So yesterday, we meet up at Aini's house.

The name tags prepared by Aini for us and the kids

The decoration at Aini's living room

The tid bits and other desserts - curry puff, apam polka dot, cup cakes, cakes, air kotak

Even Leez prepared goodies bags for kids and moms. Huda who is in Australia also chipped in

The main courses: we had nasi Arab by Faryna, bihun sup by Aini and spaghetti by Elle

Leez being the first person trying Faryna's nasi Arab. It was delicious to the max!

The lamb accompanying the nasi Arab

Ayam tandoori prepared by Hasniza for people who do not want to eat lamb with their nasi Arab

Haniza was the last person who came for the reunion

The girls: Hasniza, Elle, Eda and Faryna

Yus, Aini, Leez and Hasniza

Preparing for group picture

Group picture!

The kids feeling excited since they got a car inside the party pack

Fawwaz as the head photographer for the group picture

Still talking after the picture was taken

Fateh showing his name tag as below.. hehehe

All in all it was a good meet up and catching up with old memories.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bracelet(s) attack!

I was actually browsing the Pandora catalogue (I actually find it beautiful but very pricey), when I Googled 'handmade bracelet' and found this wonderful site: Crafted by Mei.

I found her handmade jeweleries are clean and one of a kind. I actually e-mailed her to buy a bracelet, but found out it was just sold out. Since she caters for customisation, I asked whether she can make bracelets for me.

Mei is very professional in her works, and it is easy dealing with her. Out of the 2 bracelets that I asked for customisation, I was quite particular on one of the bracelets, but it turns out beautifully. I also asked about other available bracelets since I want to buy for my 3 other sisters. She is really helpful in the customisation process and also reserve other bracelets that I booked.

The customisation process is also quite easy, you can pick an example in her site, or you can draw your own and ask her to cater it based on your own taste.

Even after I have confirmed my orders, the payment can be done through Maybank / CIMB. She even replied to me saying, if I have to use a cash deposit machine, and since the machine does not accept small notes like RM 1, then she will post to me the balance of the money. I find that this effort build customers' trust towards her.

Anyway, I have received the bracelets yesterday, all pictures are credited to Mei's website:

The first customised bracelet, I changed the charm to a cage charm.

Another customisation made by her, and since I love contra colours, I asked for a mix of bright red and blue. Then I add on a dove (means freedom to achieve) and a book (since I am a bookaholic), and A & F for my name and my husband's.

Cloud Nine: this makes me thinks of Alyaa, since she usually prefer a not elaborate piece. And the could seems like reaching for the sky! Go Alyaa go!

Night Sky: This one is more like Aini. Quite more details than Cloud Nine. And I know Aini will love the flower.

Papillon: A simple piece for Afiqah, I love the butterfly and the cage charm, for me means beautiful freedom. That is why I requested for a customised bracelet with the same charm.

Some sort of sisters bracelets, eh??

And Mei took 2 weeks to deliver these items, since she need to customise my pieces. Thanks for such a wonderful customer service.

Now I would say, support handmade jeweleries from our local country.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Selamat hari jadi Ain

Buat Ain Najwa, anak saudaraku..

Selamat hari jadi yang ke-12. Moga kak Ain sentiasa menjadi seorang yang sentiasa tabah dan berjaya. Moga Ain sentiasa ingat ibu yang sentiasa mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk Ain. Nenek pernah cerita, arwah ibu pernah marah Ain sebab Ain kurang cemerlang berbanding peperiksaan sebelumnya.

Untuk Azad dan Luqman, moga kalian juga ingat akan ibu dan ayah yang sentiasa mengharapkan kalian melakukan yang terbaik untuk sesuatu perkara. Ibu dan ayah tidak pernah sambut harijadi kalian secara besar-besaran, hanya dengan sebuah kek sahaja.

Hanya kalian bertiga yang mengetahui isi hati masing-masing. Kami percaya kalian anak-anak yang kuat. Jangan sesekali sedih kalian kehilangan ayah, ibu dan adik dengan sekelip mata, kerana kalian disayangi keluarga kedua-dua belah pihak.

Ingat tak atok tidak pernah ingin duduk di Kuala Lumpur? Tapi selepas ibu dan ayah kalian meninggal, mereka sanggup meninggalkan rumah di Melaka untuk menjaga kalian. Terima kasih Azad kerana  meminta nenek menemankan Azad.

Untuk kak Ain, tahun ini mungkin Ain penat untuk menghadapi peperiksaan UPSR. Moga kak Ain dapat buktikan kak Ain juga boleh cemerlang seperti mereka yang lain, yang masih punya ibu bapa. Jadilah insan yang sentiasa mendapat rahmah dari Allah kerana sentiasa melakukan kebaikan.

Salam sayang,
Cik Aida

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

4 hari demam

4 hari demam.
4 hari.

Saya makan sup dan bubur sahaja.

Masuk kerja, kerja bertindan-tindan sampai tidak tahu hendak kejar yang mana dahulu. Sambil pergi mesyuarat sambil buat kerja.

Ya Allah, Kau mudahkanlah urusanku.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy birthday sayang ^_^

Alhamdulillah. Orange Coffee Mocachino Cheese cake for him. I bought it from Yati yesterday. Had a quite celebration amidst of Parliament dissolution.

He loves it to bits and still eating it today.