Friday, 29 November 2013

Penantian itu satu penyeksaan

Being in 30s and being pregnant is not fun. I am waiting for my days to give birth.

Had high blood pressure, not so easy breezy bowel movement and hemorrhoids at the end of my third semester.

Went to the clinic on Tuesday and guess what, since I have been vomiting for 4 days, the doctor detected high blood pressure. Dr. Faridah who is always stingy with MCs ushered me back home in an instant.

Then the next day I met Dr. Rahman, my gynae for the past 3 pregnancies. Having a yo-yo BP, I was given MC with a warning on home hospitalisation.

And today it hurts like he##, the piles I mean. Been trying all types of creams and medication. Aiyoyo..

Been enjoying my me time last week with a bunch of friends from school. Love that our group of friends had been flying high all over.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hand, foot and mouth disease

So, my youngest son has been whining about 'sakit mulut' since Wednesday last week, and we saw that it was ulcer, and nothing else. We applied Bonjela cream to make it better for him to eat.

But the condition started to worsen on Friday, when the nursery told my parents that Fateh did not eat a single thing.

Then on Saturday, during one of the kenduri kahwin, I saw bubbles on his hands. I was like, "OMG, he must have chicken pox!". He lost his appetite and did not eat much.

On the way back, we went to my sister's rented house and she showed Fateh's hands to her friend.

Thus, when we got back to our home, we brought him back to the clinic. Yes, we went there on Friday just to check on the ulcer progress, or he might have some fever. The doctor confirmed it was HFMD, and we send our 3 older kids packing to my mom's house, because this will be infectious for children below 12 years old.

And Fateh, alhamdulillah, has been recovering well. He started to eat on Sunday, and the bubbles on his hand had slowly gone.

And for this week, I might take annual leave to take care of him.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Red and tiffany blue wedding themed hantarans

Now, since my Mak Long asked me to do hantarans for my cousin who is getting married on 30 November (which is end of next week), and she said to recycle some of the stuff from his brother's wedding (which was held in 2011).

So I recycled the boxes, the trays and the red flowers, and some of the stuff that I have beforehand for this hantaran.

She sent the items last Monday, and asked for 7 dulangs, which consist of:

1. Duit hantaran
2. Wedding ring
3. Al-Quran and prayer mat
4. Prayer telekung
5. Kain pasang
6. Cake
7. Fruits

I started with red, and searched for color combo palette. I don't know why but I was attracted to teal / tiffany blue. I found out that if I goggled in Malay, the hantaran inspiration or colour palette is not as good as the English site.

Inspiration comes from this picture, red rose and Tiffany blue wedding theme.

I added a dash of pink, since I could not find chocolate sand (burlop colour) to match with the red flowers. And presenting the works that I have done:

Prayer telekung in a box.

Wedding ring in a white tray.

Al-Quran and prayer mat.

Tray preparation for kain pasang.

Album for duit hantarans.

The hantarans.

Hope it give you some ideas for hantarans :).

Sunday, 17 November 2013

15 November 2013: My dearest friend had a fairy tale wedding

Ifah, one of my dearest friends in Manchester is getting married. We were in the same class at Kaplan Financial, Manchester. And with less than 10 persons in that class, luckily I was paired with Farah (who got married December last year) and Ifah, fellow Malaysians.

Taking picture of ourselves before the ceremony starts. The name of the table for Ifah's friends was Ombak Rindu. She had a penchant for Malay movies and dramas.

The white pelamin.

Door gift and menu.

Family and cousins asking for some money from the groom. This custom originated from Johor and was called 'duit tol'. We were laughing when the groom produced a Touch n Go card after he has given moneys to the relatives.

Ifah, waiting for her groom.

Best of friends. Even though it is obvious on the age difference, we studied together for our ACCA qualifications. Alhamdulillah, she is alreeady an ACCA affiliate and is trying to finish her 3-year work experience to be qualified as ACCA member.

Finally meeting Liz after nearly three years. She loves the Malaysian weather and dreaded going back to Manchester next week. It is, after all winter season in the UK. Liz was the student advisor at Kaplan Financial, before she changed her job. She is friendly and helpful with the students.

Picture with the lovely bride and groom. Congratulations Ifah on finding your Mr. Cool. The film and sketches were quite funny. And Ifah, wishing you the best in your marriage (in this life and hereafter).

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Birthdays, birth and congratulations

Selamat hari jadi Amni sayang, selamat hari lahir Fawwaz dan Fateh sayang

Selamat mendapat anak saudara lelaki baru. Boleh sambut birthday dengan kak Amni

Dan tahniah Ain Najwa, sebab dapat semua A untuk UPSR dan UPSRA.

Monday, 11 November 2013


Amni mendapat nombor 4 dalam kelas, dan nombor 6 dalam terbaik aliran (dari 341 pelajar). Jadi dia dapat hadiah untuk terbaik aliran tahun 4, tetap tidak dapat hadiah untuk kedudukan dalam kelas. Memang sudah potong kedudukan ibu dan Cik Aini masa kami di sekolah yang sama.

Fahri mendapat nombor 1 dalam kelas, tidak berjaya mendapat tokoh lelaki terbaik. Abahnya kata mungkin sebab pendiam.. hehehe. Tapi ambil gambar pun macam kena paksa je ni.

Fawwaz, dari nombor 1 dalam peperiksaan pertengahan tahun, sampai tiada nombor. Sebabnya, matematik dapat 57. Yang lain, semuanya 90 dan ke atas. Tidak apalah Fawwaz ^_^. Nanti ibu ajar matematik balik.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Ada budak bila tanya, dia cakap nak Nook reader.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Desa Waterpark

Long break.
Spent quality times with the family and redeemed Groupon for Desa Waterpark tickets.

Normal price is RM 25 for kids (RM 18 on promotion), and RM35 for adult (RM 22 on promotion).

Well worth it.
Picture was snapped by Fateh, who ironically, is afraid of water but takes long shower at home.