Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Nook freezes on me..

I am already in the middle of an interesting e-book (Lost Lakes by Sarah Addison Allen).
And my Nook Simple Touch is already past its 1 year warranty.
And I hate reading on the phone because of the white glares that hurt my eyes.

Now the funny thing is, the e-reader works perfectly when I plugged it to the charger. But when I unplugged it, it just freezes to the current screen displayed.

Sob. Sob.

Guess I have to go to physical books for now.

Where am I going to fix my Nook?


On the other hand, I have been searching on the Internet for Nook Glowlight.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rambut dari syurga

"Ibu, rambut adik dari syurga, kan Ibu?" Fawwaz mengungkap. Dia mengusap kepala Faiq yang botak selepas dicukur minggu lepas.


Masya' Allah. Terima kasih anak atas tazkirahmu itu. Bukankah anak-anak ibu dari syurga juga?

Ibu sering lupa.