Tuesday, 30 June 2015


My aunt passed away during 6th of Ramadhan, hence the long silence.

Al Fatihah to Che Hazni. She took care of me when I was small, and we practically spent our school holidays at her house.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy Ramadhan, peeps!

Apart from being just a few days in Ramadhan, I feel that exhausted during the day. Maybe because of the aging factor, or maybe I find myself at that time of the Ramadhan month, adjusting to the fasting routine.

As usual, our sahur and iftar has been simple. I find it hard to cook during sahur, thus I just reheat the leftovers of iftar. I make it a point to at least cook something for the iftar, since this is the only time that the company give us permission to be back early from the office.

On the first day of Ramadhan, I had a meeting that went way past 5 p.m., thus I was stuck in the traffic jam for more than 1 hour before I even reached home. Unluckily, our house faced one of the main road (amazingly, a traffic jam in front of my house), so we took a long route to reach our own house (with the 5 kids) inside.

Lesson learnt, has to be punctual and at the same time never attend meetings way past 5 p.m. during Ramadhan. (oh BTW, the meeting was chaired by a Non Muslim.. tsk)

Anyway, Happy Ramadhan peeps!

Monday, 15 June 2015

My father is my hero

Last week has been a testing time for us. Ayah was warded and had a major operation to cure his illness - benign prostatic hyperplasia or known as BPH. Ummi has been pushing for it for quite some time, and since we have subscribed medical cards for my parents (at late age, I think it was in 2008), Ummi asked him to go to Hospital Tawakkal.

Ayah booked an appointment with the urologist, and the doctor give options whether he wanted to take medication or go for surgery. After discussing and seeking advice from family members, he decided for the laser surgery.

Previously, my dad went to Hospital Selayang and after the specialist has diagnosed his illness, we have to wait for the operation theater to be free. Ummi and Ayah decided to go to private hospital. At the same time, after Aini asked our Prudential agent, the operation was covered by the medical insurance. Ahamdulillah, good news.

I made a call to the hospital to book for single room on Monday. Ayah was admitted on Wednesday.

Since I have planned my holiday with the family on Thursday, we have not been able to come and visit Ayah on Thursday and Friday. He was operated on Thursday. Ummi has been accompanying Ayah in the ward since Wednesday.

After we were back from our holiday on Saturday, we straight away went to the hospital. The doctors made their rounds that evening, and alhamdulillah, he was discharged at night.

 Right now, Ayah need to rest and cannot drive for a month. Praying for his speedy recovery.

P/S: Since Ummi has been in the hospital quite a few days, Aini has been showing Ummi the murals at the hospital stairs.

I find it cute that we got so excited with the mural paintings.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Robo Junior Camp

My kids got 3rd place. Alhamdulillah.

But that Lego Mindstorm set is priced at RM 2800 *gasp*


Monday, 1 June 2015

Mei yang menduga

Bertimbun-timbun kerja, dan pada masa yang sama, walaupun telah bermula cuti sekolah pada hari ini, membina latih tubi untuk anak-anak. Tengok keputusan peperiksaan, terutamanya Fawwaz, memang sangat perlu perhatian.

Entah di mana silapnya, mungkin orang akan kata saya tidak mengajar anak. Walhal sudah duduk dengan dia setiap malam buka buku dan buat latihan. Semalam berbincang panjang dengan suami. Agaknya perlu hantar ke kelas tuisyen untuk perkukuhkan yang asas semula. Fawwaz, semasa di darjah 4, alhamdulillah terang hati. Bila diajar cepat tangkap dan mudah faham. Mungkin sekarang dia banyak bermain, dan sangat menduga kami.

Dugaan dari segi sentiasa mengeluh kalau dipaksa buat kerja sekolah atau kerja rumah. Saya paksa paksa paksa pun dia masih mengelat. Alasan biasa diberikan - cikgu belum ajar.

Pernah sekali, masa balik kampung, kerja sekolahnya bertimbun-timbun. Saya paksa buat dan dia kata "Macam ini bukan cuti balik kampung."

Allahuakbar. Mujur sudah dipaksa. Kalau tidak dipaksa, agaknya semua subjek dicatatnya F.

Moga ibu bapanya diberi kesabaran dengan si Fawwaz.