Thursday, 23 July 2015

#lensamuslimchallenge #raya

Day 1: Celebration
Selamat hari raya. Aidilfitri is about celebration of the good against evil. The innocence of a child and their excitement of the awaited Muslim festival.
Day 2: Glutonny

Apart from the traditional dishes like lemang and ketupat, let us not forget that kuih raya is a necessity to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri nowadays.

Arrays of cookies being served to the guests always managed to put a smile on everyone who taste it. Sweet and with many new versions being introduced, kuih Arab and pineapple tart is always an instant classic hit.


Day 3: Bliss

Bliss is when you know you are going to balik kampung. And those chillies are waiting for you in front of your kampung house. The feeling is mutual between the chillies and myself.

Day 4: Consistent

 Consistent is having your family around you. Day in day out, you know that your family will always be there for you, supporting you and nourishing your soul.

Consistent is when a child will always do their activites, be in their own world - when it was just fixing a bike, it is not only about fixing, but more towards knowing what to do when a bike is broken. That is consistent.


Day 5: Gathering

Aidilfitri is an occasion for family to gather and be connected.

Day 6: Forgiveness
Forgiveness. Such a simple word. Thanks husband for always being there for me during our marriage journey. Thanks for keeping up with me. Thanks for giving me the chance to think about silly mistakes.

And thanks for holding my hands just for this picture (which is really a once in a blue moon occasion) 13 years and newly married. Let us be forgiving not only during Raya, but on daily basis.

Day 7: Pride

My family = my pride. Hari Raya is always about family. Stop and reflect the bonds that are tied by blood. Alhamdulillah...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tadarus Al-Quran di sekolah

Alhamdulillah, sekolah agama anak-anak mengadakan tadarus Al-Quran pada hari Jumaat yang lepas. Malam sebelumnya, ibu dan abah sibuk membelikan bunga telur untuk dibawa ke sekolah.

Walau anak-anak kenakalannya menguji jiwa, insya Allah mereka masih mendengar kata. Dan yang paling membahagiakan, suka ke masjid dan surau. Fawwaz dan Fahri memang sekadar berbuka puasa di surau. Hanya berbuka puasa di rumah ketika hujung minggu.

Ramadhan kali ini, terasa letihnya. Mungkin usia sudah meningkat. Yang pastinya, si bongsu Faiq pun sibuk hendak bangun sahur. Ya, dia masih menyusu badan (walaupun bukan sepenuhnya). Fateh pula masih belum berpuasa, diajar mencuba sedikit-sedikit.

Menatap gambar-gambar di atas sudah cukup membahagiakan ibunya. Anak-anak pula alhamdulillah, walaupun belum khatam al-Quran, bacaan lebih lancar dari ibunya semasa kecil.

Minggu lepas juga, adalah peperiksaan percubaan UPSR yang pertama.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Halfway thru Ramadhan

As for work, busy as ever. I have become more productive, come Ramadhan. The reason is because our office hour has been shorten, thus people effectively finish their tasks before going back home.

Early Ramadhan, I was able to prepare simple buka puasa dishes for the whole family. Then, halfway thru, I just outsource the dishes to my husband, and alternate with home cooked meals. Since I have been thinking of fried fish for quite a few days, then today, we had been breaking our fast with fried fish. Scrumptious!

I have always been a big fan of onde-onde, thus hubby has been scouting around trying the delicacies at our Pasar Ramadhan. When we found the stall that we like, we tend to stick to buy the delicacies at just this one stall.

I also had an iftar with my usrah teammates. I love that our usrah is still ongoing and strong after more than 10 years. My usrah friends dated way back from my university days. So, you can imagine the bond that we have. I Iove that we still keep in touch with each others. I find that maintaining the usrah is really important to feed the soul. At the same time, it was really hard to find an active usrah group that caters for the working level like us.

Post usrah, we have been planning something big for the ladies. I hope that this can be materalise soon. And I love the fact that we are giving back to the society.

And, insya Allah we have some big news soon at personal level. No, I am not pregnant. Thank you.