Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

What a beautiful verse. What a simple and meaningful verse. Soothing to the soul.

I want to share a story last Friday.

My aunt's friend managed to find and engaged with me in a meeting. She was so excited to meet me. She told me she even come and stay at our house when she came for her scholarship interview. Obviously, I cannot remember this because I was in primary school. The age gap between my aunt and myself is 8 years. I cannot remember her, but she was really keen to find Aini and me, that she even asked me to snap a picture with her. And to her excitement, she shared the picture with my aunt.

I received a wonderful news last week about my work. People appreciated what I did, and it is indeed an achievement for me. Last 2 years, I was really really down. And that affects my work, a lot. Alhamdulillah, I met with my current boss (who is actually my superior more than 10 years ago), and she offered me to transfer to her division.

So, back to the story of meeting my aunt's friend, this wonderful person, who is kind hearted, just got to know that I am an accountant. And she did ask why I am in a division not doing Finance matters. After I joined the current team, I got some unexpected offers from the management, who are concerned about me not utilising my ACCA membership. I feel honoured to receive the offers, nevertheless, I feel indebted to my current supervisor.

During my ACCA journey, I found that I love to do business analysis and data analytic. That is when I decided that I should do something that I love, rather than being tied to do Operational Finance / Accounting matters. I have been doing operational accounting for more than 8 years, thus being a Business Accountant is like a dream come true for me.

I realised that after such a long working journey, even though my promotion come quite late, I would rather do something I love rather than being promoted but not enjoying my work.

Alhamdulillah for the blessing. Indeed, it is true that when the hardship is gone, then you will be at ease.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Updates after a long break

Alhamdulillah di atas nikmatMu, ya Allah.

The small things matters. I have been too busy with my office work, that I sometimes forget that my eldest, Amni will be sitting for her first major examination in her life: Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah. With just a few weeks to go, the preparation has been intensive. From the start of Standard 6, her school has been conducting extra classes during the weekends. We have only been able to take a break during the Aidilfitri.

We have enrolled Fawwaz for tuition classes. At least a start for him. Let see how things goes.

Fahri has been consistently doing well in school. And Fateh has been improving after we enrolled him in the extra agama classes in the kindergarten.

That's Fateh and his best friend, Syafiq. He has been talking non stop about his best friend, and I noticed that he enjoyed his moments with this little guy. Went for his sport day last Saturday, with Amni at school involved in the Kem Pecutan program.

Went to Julie's house - she will be going for her Hajj on Thursday. We were able to reconnect with other long lost university friends. Imagine seeing some of our friends, after the university years.

I think Hajj story is better reserved for another post, I suppose. Talking about Hajj, we had a surreal experience. We went for our Hajj at the age of 26.

Monday, 10 August 2015

This set of friends

This set of friends have been through thick and thin with me.

We got to know each other during our university days. And even though some of us decided to study in Malacca, and the other half went to Cyberjaya (during the campus restructuring), we still remain close friends till now.

One of our friends, Faezah (or, we fondly calls Paie), quitted MMU, and changed to another public university - due to financial costs.

After university, we reconnect with each other, and it was heartening to be with them. Most of us are still with our same usrah circle, which is quite a feat, since we have left our studying days for more than 10 years. So of course, even though, this is a small gathering, it is something more to us.

We used to go to the town after we finished our semester exam, because we got too stress out. We went there by a bus.

And we went to visit historical sites in Malacca - yes, there was a picture of us in a museum, snapping a picture under a public sign "No camera is allowed." I do think that people would think us weird, hiking the hills with our baju kurungs.

This set of friends. So many cherished memories.