Friday, 25 September 2015

Joining the boat (adult colouring book)

Since I started colouring Fateh's book a few weeks back, I decided to buy a colouring book from our local  illustrator, the creative kak Emila Yusof. I have been following her blog for years, and I find her illustrations are neat and cute (the iconic Dina).

She has published 5 books under OyezBookStore for adult colouring, and I decided to buy one entitled Nature Sings. Aptly named, the colouring book is about nature. There are 12 pages of illustrations (and the bonus part is, you can even colour the cover).

I started colouring with my kid's colour pencils. A few days later, I bought Staedtler colour pencils. I am really satisfied with the outcome as below.

Red flowers with yellow background. Since I decided to buy Staedtler Luna (which can be water coloured), I tried using the water colour function for the yellow background.

Got a copy with kak Emila's autograph. Amni asked me whether I colour the cheeks and the nose. No, dear.

I find this one interesting, because of the illustration details.

I coloured the sea bubbles later. I am OCD like that.
I find this book is worth your money, because:
  • You can colour the cover (which I mentioned earlier)
  • You support our local artist
  • The paper is really thick, I used other medium as well, such as magic colour and artliner pens. There is no colour bleeding incident.
  • The illustration is per page and there is no other illustration behind each page, which is actually a plus point, if you inclined to frame your art after you finished with it.
And I love that Staedtler Luna colour. The colour payoff is really brilliant. For an amateur like me, the 36 pencil colours is already enough to satisfy my colouring hobby (as of now).

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Have a long break everyone!

.. and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

We are celebrating in my hometown (yes, I was born in KL). And will have a stay-cation later, somewhere in KL. Tehee..

Friday, 11 September 2015

This boy

This boy is already 1 year and 9 months old, as of today.

He is still lactating with me (gasp) even though we decided to do early feeding with formula milks during his early days (for medical reasons). And now, he starts not to like feeding through bottle when I am around at home.

So, he is a partially breastfeed baby. And I am proud of it.

I know that some mommies would have different opinions, but I do find this one article on partial breastfeeding interesting. And I did write about it earlier when I was breastfeeding Fateh (Let's talk about partial breastfeeding).

I find that even with 5 babies (with my 2 eldest being formula fed), breastfeeding is still a struggling and daunting journey. Each baby has its own preference. I find that Fahri was really a fussy baby, and I fully breastfeed him till 2 years old. I think that is one of the best decision because we found out later when he was 1 year, that he has severe eczema (and it might worsen if he was on formula milk). He didn't want to sleep in the baby cot, and he will lactate all night non stop. It become much worse when he was growing up, that I think I woke up every hour just to feed him.

Fateh was an easy baby. I find myself getting the much awaited sleep at most nights. I remember that once he gets his fair share of milk, he would sleep through the night.

As for Faiq, well, he become fussy and dominant growing up now. But the reason might be because he has three brothers and one sister to cuddle and play with him. He will cry and get angry when I feeds him in the morning and suddenly he has to switch to bottle feeding.

Oh well, pats on my back because of the long journey on breastfeeding. I was able to learn about the tricks on breastfeeding when I had my third child. So do not put a blame on yourself when you have to formula feed your baby. There is no wrong thing in doing that.

Cheers to all mommies out there! You are doing your best. And somehow, the above cartoon reminds me of my youngest right now :)

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Destressing myself

Since Amni is sitting for her UPSR today, after I make do with my solat sunat and doa, I find myself cannot sit still. I am nervous for Amni.

I know she has prepared well for her exams. Yes, this is her first major exam. There will be many more to come in future years. We revised together yesterday, and she read through some examples for Karangan. Deep in my heart, I know she is nervous, but she is not having any panic attack. Alhamdulillah

Still, she is now in her school exam hall writing and answering the questions.

And me, back at home.. I coloured a picture from Fateh's colouring book.

After nearly 30 minutes colouring a character, I find that the Pelikan pencil colours give a brilliant colour pay off compared to the standard Staedler pencil colours. I find some reviews that people also mentioned Faber Castell pencil colours is also worth the money.

Presenting my artwork! I just make do with the colours that Faiq owned, which I found leftovers stashed in a box full of books. Thus, no light blue colours since I have found none. I would love to colour with pink, somehow.

Let see if I can do some colouring tomorrow and the day after. One picture per day for UPSR.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

UPSR attack!

So, as a paranoid mom, I have been busy because my eldest is going to take her exam next week.

I think I have even memorised the set of questions and answers to mark Amni's paper.