Friday, 30 December 2016

Cherating, oh Cherating!

Look at that beach!

And what my kids catch!

And these guys just love the beach!

Cheap and tasty foods! RM 5 for 10 otak-otaks

Sata costs us RM 5 for 10

Turtle sactuary. Amni commented, these looks like Faiq (hahaha).

The famous Kedai Kopi Hai Peng in Kemaman

Monday, 19 December 2016

Hi Faiq who is 3!

Happy birthday to this boy.. last week we had a small celebration. His birthdate is 111213. And he shared the same birthday as me.

Since I have 5 children, this one is the most talkative as a 3-year old. He is still breastfeeding with me (a VERY long milestone), even though we opted for mixed feeding since he is around 1 1/2 months, due to slow progress of his weight.

Look at how excited he is, to cut his own cake!
There was a dinner last Saturday organised by Firdaus' office. Since Fahri is still recovering from his circumcision, and Fawwaz recuperating from last week operation, we brought him along.

And guess what? He won the lucky draw that night! He was the only non-staff who got the prize (and the VIP who pick up the names, was like, "Who is Faiq Aysar?" after announcing the winner).  I jokingly said it is a rice cooker, and my guess was right!

He even told his dad, "Abah, jangan lupa bawa balik hadiah Faiq tau!"

He promised me to cook rice, and the next morning, he thought he can play with his prize. Oh no no, it is not a toy, my dear son.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Yeay, holiday to Legoland!

Booked a trip to Legoland with my family from 27 to 29 November (Sunday-Tuesday). Stayed at Legoland Hotel to gain the most of our Legoland experience.

Arrived around 10.30 a.m. and requested for early check in. Was informed that the rooms were fully booked, hence we leave our item at a room near receptionist (yes, you can leave your bags there under the care of bell boy) and went straight to the park.

We got a call around 3 p.m. informing the room was ready (usual check in time is 4 p.m., and check out is 11 p.m.).

Now, review of the room. We took the Deluxe Room and it fits up to 8 pax of people. We were placed in room 123 and even though I have not requested for any theme, we got the most popular theme - which is the Pirate Themed Room.

It consists of 1 king bed and 2 bunk beds (with additional bed for pullover).

The bed in the main room.

The bunk bed and the pull over bed
Legoland toiletries, ahoy!

There is a treasure box inside the room. My kids enjoyed it very much, they even need to solve clues to open the treasure box. There are small Lego tokens inside.

3 TVs in this room! And strategically situated in front of the bed.

I even love the carpet, look at how it was nicely decorated and fit with the theme. For each room, it was equipped with 2 boxes of Lego for playing, and even a Nescafe coffee machine. Yums! We even had biscuits (nicely packaged and it was selling in the cafeteria for RM 8)

And hey, to top it off... the Family Lounge is full of Legos. The hotel even has Kinect X-box playtime (where I saw kids dancing to the game) and movie time at night.

Our package consists of breakfast. And how popular it was, that the hotel needs to give a time slip. We choose the 8.30 am time for our breakfast. They have the usual spread: nasi lemak, nasi goreng, Western food. Oh, and roti canai, roti pratha and roti bom.
So, about the park, what did my kids enjoy the most?

Well, well, this kid requested for boating. Since he is underage, he needs to wear a safety vest.

There is a train to bring the kids around. And I have to take it 3 times with Faiq. He is so obsessed with trains.

Another section at Lego Imagination. Suitable for kids below 5 years old. Beside this section, there is a building for kids to build and test their cars. My kids love it so much.

Went to the 4D theatre at Lego Imagination. Can you spot Faiq?

In front of the entrance. Since we were staying in the Legoland hotel, we have 30 minutes early access before the public. The park opens at 10 a.m., but we went there at 9.30 a.m.

In front of Lego Technic, this section is for much older kids and adults. We were actually in front a very scary roller coaster rides.

Went for Lego Ninjago ride (just opened in November). I love it so much that we can battle the bad guys using our hands.

Faiq went for driving, hence this driving license.
Oh, and the miniatures at Lego Miniland are intricate in details. Even the buses are moving! They even have a railway with a moving Lego train (KTM).

Overall, it was worth it staying at the hotel and taking the 2-day combo ticket. We know that we cannot cover the whole park for one whole day, hence the early entrance is really appreciated. And I do appreciate that we can do multiple entries.

Since the hotel is near, and the park is located at level LG2 of the hotel, we can easily went back to the hotel to get a quick break before we enter the park again. We maximised our visit and went to the park till closing time (around 7 p.m.).

My boys went to the Water Park, and they enjoyed themselves very much.

The foods inside the park are expensive, even an ice cream costs us RM4, hence we opted to buy our foods at Medini Mall (located in front of the entrance of Legoland). There is also a convenience store located there.

It was a fun filled holiday and we enjoyed it very much.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ready abang Fahri, ready!

Selamat bersunat Fahri.

Abah tolong jadi pompom man. Kuatkan semangat!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

We miss you ayah

It has been quite a scare when Ummi informed us that Ayah was unwell during their trip for umrah.

He feels pained quite a few days back, to be exact on Monday, due to his surgery scar last year. My parents has been waiting so long for this umrah, but rhey have to postpone it due to Ayah's health and need for an urgent operation.

Then, we lost contact with both my parents. It gave us quite a scare that I think all of us (his daughters) were crying since we cannot reached Ummi or Ayah, through any medium form of communication.

Afiqah had the agent's contact number, and Aini decided to call the agent the next day, since the company is situated in Shah Alam.

My husband contacted the mosque's nazir to ask for his help to contact my father.

Alhamdulillah, Ayah suddenly enable his data roaming services and decided to answer all the text messages.

He has been sick for a few days already, and has recovered slowly.

We love you Ayah and Ummi.
Enjoy your umrah and please stay healthy.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Terima kasih untuk usahamu

Alhamdulillah, semalam telah diumumkan keputusan UPSR 2016. Anak-anak ramai yang kecewa, sedih dan terkejut. Keputusan sebenar terlalu berbeza dengan keputusan percubaan.

Tiba di sekolah dalam jam 10 pagi. Fawwaz sudah menanti di kantin sekolah. Keputusan pun sebenarnya sudah diketahui melalui perkhidmatan SMS. Cuma didiamkan sahaja agar biar Fawwaz sendiri yang tahu dari gurunya.

Harapan ibu bapa, semestinya 6A. Melihat penurunan yang sangat drastik bagi sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia, menyebabkan saya bersyukur Fawwaz mendapat keputusan yang dikira agak baik. Dari sekolahnya, 4 orang telah mendapat 6A, 15 orang mendapat 5A, 16 orang = 4A. Bilangan calon adalah dalam 320 orang.

Fawwaz telah mendapat 3A, 2B dan 1C.

I love you to the moon and back.

Walaupun mungkin bagi kebanyakan ibubapa, keputusan yang @fawwazamin_ hadiahkan untuk kami mungkin kategori biasa-biasa. Berapa ramai anak-anak yang pilu dan menangis apabila keputusan diumumkan.

Mencabar hendak membesarkan khalifah Allah ini. Malahan, UPSR yang lalu sebenarnya membebankan emosi anak-anak dengan harapan yang menggunung.

Maka, haruslah ibubapa tersenyum, peluk anak-anak kalian. Mereka sudah dari mula bersusah payah dan memberikan yang terbaik untuk kita. Sekiranya kita kecewa, fikirkanlah hati anak yang berderai umpama kaca yang retak itu. Walaupun hanya berumur 12 tahun, sudah tentu mereka juga boleh berfikir dan mempunyai hati dan perasaan.

Sesungguhnya UPSR 2016 adalah sebuah ujian sebagai ukuran adakah cinta kita kepada anak-anak itu bersyarat atau tidak.

Dan saya memilih untuk meraikannya walaupun dia tidak memberikan semua A, malahan berwarna warni, hanya kerana usahanya.

Saya suka tazkirah ini

Aku Membesarkan Seorang Khalifah (AMSK)

oleh : UBF, Islamic Psychologist/ Motivator

Assalamualaikum wbt👍
Buat ayah ibu tahun 6, 2016, Insya Allah hari ini ayah ibu akan menanti📋keputusan UPSR anak. Anak2 pula penuh dgn debaran, risau dgn keputusan. Dan yg lebih mereka risau dan takut adalah respon ayah ibu.

Buat ayah ibu...👪
Keputusan UPSR hari inj bukan semata2 kegerunan buat anak2 malahan ujian besar buat kita. Allah uji kita bagaimana kita mahu respon setelah mengetahui keputusan UPSR anak.
✔peluk sambil nangis
✔tepuk bahu anak
✔cubit, tarik telinga

Macam2 andaian yg bakal berlaku. Ayah ibu pun mcm dah set je nak respon macam mana kan..😅 Sabar... Baca ni dulu.

❔Soalnya, adakah respon kita bergantung dgn keputusan UPSR anak?

❌Kalau begitu, ertinya sayang kita bersyarat kan... Sayang ketika berjaya, benci atau marah bila gagal. Dan 1 kesilapan yg besar kalau sayang bila berjaya marah bila gagal. Kerana keputusan berjaya ataupun gagal bukan urusan anak2 kita, apatah lagi kita. Itu urusan Allah yg memang kita tak boleh nak campurtangan. Bagaimana ayah ibu boleh menentang ketetapan Allah?

🙋Ye tau, yang ayah ibu marah bukan sbb gagal, tapi sbb anak tak belajar dan tak sungguh2 belajar. UBF cadangkan 1 cara terbaik utk respon kpd anak2 yg masih belum berjaya terutamanya yg main2 belajar.
🆗1. Peluk cium
🆗2. Nangis (kalau boleh😊)
🆗3. Dan cakap baik2 begini dgn anak,
          "Rasa apa bang? Sedih? Nampak kan bila main2 belajar, abg x dpt A. Abg gagal. Tp gagal pun ayah tetap sayang abg. Mmg ayah sedih abg x berjaya UPSR tp ayah lg sedih kalau abg x solat, tak dgr ckp ayah ibu. Klu abg x dpt nk gembirakan ayah n ibu dgn 6A pun takpe... abg gembirakan kami dgn solat dan dgr ckp ayah ibu ok."

🔮Yelah... nak marah pun result dh dapat kan...bukan boleh ubah pun. Dah tu, baiklah ckp baik2. Sbb dgn marah meretakkan hubungan. Walaupun dah tau keputusan tak boleh diubah, tapi sekurang-kurangnya dgn bercakap baik2 kita membina hubungan yg bahagia. Anak pun selesa, ayah ibu pun bahagia.

Hidup Mati Biarlah Bererti
Ust Bakhtiar Fitri Hj Abdul Hamid (UBF) 0196501002, Perunding Utama NADI ILMU Training Management

Just a stat


UPSR 2016: Under new exam format,  4,896 pupils (3,174 in urban & 1,722 rural) scored straight As.-Edu DG Khair

Last year, 38,344 pupils obtained As in all subjects.

Monday, 14 November 2016

My dear Firzanah,

Happy 13th birthday!

You have grown older and taller than me.

Thank you for being helpful around the house, and always help your little brother with the constant battle of changing his diapers, and making his milk.

I am ever grateful for the only daughter that I have. I know that you yearned for a sister, everytime I got pregnant. You have been blessed with 4 brothers.

Love you, always,
your own version of tiger mom

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Happy birthday Fawwaz (with a broken arm)

 He celebrated his birthday with a broken right arm. Fractured and dislocated.

Last Friday, we rushed him to the Emergency Department at Hospital Tawakkal. He was admitted immediately. Operation was scheduled the next day by the orthopedic surgeon.

Amni called me at 2 p.m. to inform about Fawwaz. And my husband rushed back home as soon as possible. He was wailing non stop.

 That is how his broken arm looks like, before the operation. Broken *gasps*

Before entering the operation theatre.

 During observation after operation. The operation was around 40 minutes.

Went there on Saturday. He was still on sedative. Vomiting non stop after operation. He was aware I was there, but he dozed off because of anesthesia effect, In fact, he did not eat anything at all. The nurse put on the drip for him.

 Cousins and grandparents went to visit him.
The x-ray after the operation. The doctor has to insert 3 wires.

Fawwaz missed his primary school graduation today. And another celebration on Saturday. He is OK with it, and I took long leave for one week.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fateh is 7!

Alhamdulillah, he is 7 today and went to school this morning as usual. Birthdays are really not a big event in our family. Usually, it will be like 'Happy Birthday' then we went for makan-makan. And since we have 3 November babies in the house, usually it will be a sharing of one big cake and they will take turn to cut it.

Anyhow, Fateh shared the same birthday as Fawwaz (I will put up another post on Fawwaz, as not to overshadow Fateh). Fateh is a very introvert person. He is very quiet, thus once I feared that he might not understand what he was learning during his kindergarten years. Then, it was like his potential being unlocked (April 2015) to be exact, and he started to talk and asking the teachers questions.

He was awarded as top student by the end of the year (quite to the shock of his parents). To be fair, the kindergarten students was around 20 persons. But still, it was an achievement for Fateh.

He is already in Standard 1, and suddenly, he is very active participating in the school sport and boria Hari Kebangsaan. His class teacher mentioned about his quiet personality, but that's just Fateh. He inherited that personality from his father.

Happy birthday Fateh! Let us celebrate your birthday later... I love you.

Monday, 31 October 2016

October passed by in a hurry

October passed by in a hurry, leaving me feeling not organised and rushed. Major decisions and plan to be made, that it was not easy to juggle between office works and personal life.

I got a very bad reading for my blood pressure. A health company came for a demo, and we have our check ups. Somehow, I scored at Level 1 High Risk BP, due to family history. So I have to follow up with the clinic on weekly basis as of now to ensure that my BP is progressing well.

After the first reading, I did a double take. I have been exhausting myself on my work, and the reading somehow was some sort of a wake up call. I messaged my husband after that, and suddenly feel exhausted after the ordeal (of just taking my BP). I did a second reading a few days after at another clinic, and somehow, the reading was the same as per previous reading.

I have to organise my life back, and I have to start all over. It was not easy, since I have been much more a workaholic after entering the new team. Albeit all this, the work loads keep coming (and we have to move to new office by end of November).

I cannot wait for the school holiday to start since we have book tickets to go to Legoland (yeay, finally! Since my kids have been asking non stop since the theme park's opening).

Sometimes, I wonder, if I have been working and give it all, would anybody appreciate it after maybe it is taken in the blink of an eye from me? Alhamdulillah, my sister reminds me on the purpose that we work because we want Allah's blessing. I have to remember that, I work to provide for myself and my family. I work because I want a halal source for my income, and with the salary that I gained, I will be buying clothes that cover my aurah, and halal foods for my family. I want my family to know that their mom / wife has loves them enough to work for them, to ensure that they were given the best in term of fulfilling their needs.

Well, that is what I believe. And somehow, I understand, after being a mom, the sacrifice that our parents made for us. To give the best to their family. I appreciate that my Ummi and Ayah are very determined in their life. I have the best memories of my childhood (even though my Ummi is the stern parent figure), and I did learn to let go the few memories that might not benefit me at all.

Alhamdulillah for the lesson in life.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Alhamdulillah, Fawwaz messaged me that he finished (khatam) the Quran this afternoon.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I feel so tired nowadays.

It drains my energy somehow, it feels depleted. I know that I should not complain, but I exhaust myself well. And that's the problem.

I hope I will be able to cope.

Insya' Allah..

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Fawwaz is having fun!

He finished the PSRA (Penilaian Sekolah Rendah Agama) last week. What a relief! UPSR + PSRA passed in a flurry of activities, and 2 weeks apart (in between, there is Raya Haji, Malaysia Day and school holiday!)

So how did he celebrate after finishing his PSRA?

Playing around with water and tepung (flour), even the ustazs and ustazahs were not spared from being pranked by Standard 6. After that, they had to clean up the school and classrooms.
And then, Fawwaz went to Langkawi that Friday night, after Maghrib prayer. Since Sunday is a public holiday (Awal Muharam), Monday is considered a replacement public holiday. Hence his trip was from Friday - Monday.

Since he is an extrovert, I guess you can identify him in the picture quite well.. Tehehehe

And one more picture with their Guru Disiplin
I asked Fawwaz to buy chocolates (one of the must buy items if you went to Langkawi), and he bought stashes of Smarties, Tic Tac and Daim. He also bring back the delicious fish satays. For himself, he bought an MU jersey (the trip also covered Padang Besar) and a Ray Ban sun glasses.

An enjoyable trip nonetheless.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Short staycation during Malaysia Day

So, we decided to have a one night staycation in KL during Malaysia Day, to end the school holiday with the kids.

Breakfast at Restoran Binjai

Once in a while, I have a cuppa of teh tarik. Since I started my eat clean program for the past 5 months, teh tarik is a sort of rarity for me.

And the next day, we went to Quill City Mall. And snapped a 3D picture with Faiq at the ground floor.

We have a cinematic time with 'The Secret Life of Pet', such an adorable movie :)