Thursday, 25 February 2016

Indoor extreme sport with District 21

Our usrah group decided to have an outing at District 21 last weekend. The tickets were priced at RM 75 for active pass, and RM 10 for non active pass. For children below 90 cm, it is free of charge (well, this only applies to my youngest son, Faiq). We almost tried most of the games offered.

With the ticket priced at RM 75, the place offered multiple reentry for one whole day, and the price is already inclusive of gloves and socks to try the games.

We have to be properly attired (in this case, sport shoes and tracks). I think Fawwaz and Fahri had the most fun of all, trying all sort of games.

We went bonkers with jumping at Launch Pad non stop.

I did this! And found out that my hand muscles is not as strong as expected.

Even did my first wall climbing, yeah! I even did the rope climbing and the spider web climbing.

And I did this, but unfortunately, I did not reach the highest cube.
The team. Some of the mommies decided to buy the non active passes.

And here is Faiq, waiting for his brothers / sister / father / mother, trying the games offered.

Fateh decided just to jump around.

My husband tried the Free Fall, after knowing that I did that!
We went for lunch and solat, then we came back to try other things as well. It was a day well worth spent, and for the price of the ticket, for an adult, it is better utilised than for the kids (since the ticket price is the same for adult and kids).

IOI City Mall offers ample parking space, and it was easy to access. If your aim is just to go to District21, then the ticket price is worth it. We did not do any shopping at all, because our aim is just to spend some time here.

Friday, 12 February 2016

A short escape to PD

Went for a short escape at PD during the Chinese New Year holiday.
My kids love the beaches.
And Faiq warms up at the beach the second day we went there.
Built sand castles, searched for crabs and watched the sunsets.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Ola Bola: mesti tonton!

 I am proud to be a Malaysian. Watching this film, I realised that Malaysia is my home place, my country, and I love the country dearly.

Ola Bola tells a story where fame, fortune and money is not even a norm in Malaysia's football. I have bits and pieces recollection of the football era, I remembered about Mokhtar Dahari and our very glorious performance in the football field. I was in the 80s era.

I got teary eyed watching our landscape. The director shoot the train journey to Sabah (in one of the first scenes of the movie, where the journalist was assigned for her one final task before taking up the offer to work at BBC).

Then, we got the eye candy of the 80s, the depiction of that eras is nearly accurate, even though not 100%. With the afro head styles, and the big television, plus a scene with a Nuri helicopter. The details and research throughout the movie is astounding. I remembered clearly Stadium Merdeka in my childhood days exactly as in the film.

And the actors, I would say Bront Palarae who was casted as an RTM radio sport commentator is in one of his finest performance. He might win Best Actor award because of that role. "Gol go go gol!" A trademark of his character.

I am not a fan of the local movies, I rarely watch Malaysian films because of its stereotypes. And this one has no presence of the usual romance of boy meets girl. This movie is about a team, about cooperation and about unity.

I particularly love the scene where Tauke meets Muthu at the hospital, when he found out about Muthu's brothers involved in an accident. He even borrowed Rahman's car to console Muthu.

And I would love and still hope for the day where we will not talk about races, but as a Malaysian. I wish we are known not by race, but by our country.

I got teary eyed most of the times, and wait for the end credit, it is a surprise :)