Friday, 16 February 2018

Thank you for a fitter and healthier me

Second day reunion picture. Terima kasih photographer, it was perfectly captured. I love the new me.

On the first day of my school's reunion dinner, my ex classmate said I am a fitness coach. Well, far from it. But I do train people who wants to have a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you coach dan founder #neckslimfit #noweveryonecankurus
This is my second year after the program, I am still maintaining the weight. Encouragement and support are the 2 things that are crucial for me. I got a stern coach, and that keeps me going. Kena marah dengan coach dan crew itu biasa, tapi sebab nak kurus dan sihat.

Kalau buat seorang, memang dah lama tak kurus-kurus pun. Now I am trying to shed fats and aiming to up my muscle percentage.

People think it is hard to maintain after a program. But trust me, with the right mindset and aim, you know you are going towards betterment.

I am not the perfect me, but I am loving my progress.

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