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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Happy birthday Fahri Ahmad!

 Happy 11th birthday Fahri Ahmad, walaupun adik dia yang excited nak potong kek.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Short trip to Langkawi!

Booked Malindo Air tickets for Langkawi trips with the kids (minus Fawwaz), during Thaipusam & Hari Wilayah (1-3rd March).
Flight to Langkawi was from Subang Airport

Booked AirBNB apartment and we got a newly developed apartment - Dayang Bay Apartment. Breakfast included in the package, and they have utility room for laundry.
Best kiddie pool. Faiq susah nak mandi kolam tau, ni mandi tak naik-naik
Went for Langkawi Sky Cab (Cable Car), and congratulations to my husband for conquering his fear of heights and cable car

Ticket price - RM 35 (adult), RM 25 (kid) - RM 5 discount from the normal fare because Dino Park was closed. And we need to show our My Kad /My Kid to get the price.
On top of the observation deck

I got a nice shot of Fahri!

Layankan pula anak-anak kat 3D Art Museum, inclusive of the SkyCab ticket
Fateh yang senyap dan pemalu ni enjoy sangat dengan 3D Art Museum

Kemanjaan terserlah! Hahah

Then we went to Rabbit Farm, just beside the 3D Art Museum (this attraction is included in the ticket price).

Underwater World Langkawi. Bolehlah, kalau rasa nak skip pun OK je hahaha

Ticket price = RM 36/adult, RM 26/child

Then at night, we went shopping at HIG. Luggage bags are very very cheap

Next day, went to Langkawi Wildlife Park. My family enjoyed the park very very much!

Ticket price = RM 24/adult, RM 16/child (with MyKad/MyKid) + animal feed packs. We went there early in the morning since the opening time is at 8.30 am, hence we were among the first tourists to arrive there and enjoyed every moment!
There is a deer...
Because some people are crazy for insta worthy pictures, kan?
Because the crocodiles are 2 meters long!!! That's why there is a warning!

A raccoon!

Went to Perdana Gallery, to see what are the collections Tun M received during his tenure as the Prime Minister. For history buff, bolehlah! Tapi penat sebab banyak sangat kompleks.

Ticket price = RM 5/adult, RM 2/kid (below 6 years old free).
Then we went to Dataran Lang, Langkawi. Panas lit lit ya amat! Iconic landmark for Langkawi.
We skipped Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar etc since well, we don't think that it was worth it for the kids. 

Second last day, ada budak main pintu terkena kuku... siap kena berkejar gi klinik

Hey Amni! Killing our time at the airport (last day) since the flight was delayed till 1 pm.

Got a full fledged flight!
Arrived at KLIA and went for our prayers, late lunch and snapping photos at Anjung Malaysia (walkway to Surau/Observation deck). Then, baliklah!

What we bought in Langkawi:
  1. Chocolates
  2. Luggage bags
  3. Minyak gamat (yes it is a must!)
  4. Tefal for me (nak ganti periuk dah buruk sangat)
Worth it, dah lama tak pergi Langkawi. Last trip was in 2009 with 3 kids. And we went during low season, best best tak ramai orang.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tahniah anak-anak

Menemani anak saudaraku, Afif Syafi untuk keputusan UPSR beliau. Macam biasalah anak saudaraku ni, no display of emotion. Tahniah juga la ye! Tu pun makcik dia kena paksa ambil gambar

Petang sambung sini pula, alhamdulillah anak-anak di Sekolah KAFA Al-Iman dapat anugerah. Sekolah agama ni sangat santai, tengah nak ambil anugerah, guru pula kena cari anak murid yang nak menerima anugerah. Anak-anak nak datang makan je sebenarnya, boleh?

Fateh pun nak datang sekolah agama sebab nak main dengan kawan-kawan. Ekspresi muka sama je dengan sepupunya si Afif.. hahahah

Monday, 3 April 2017

Happy birthday Fahri cayamm

Boleh diharap. Hihihi...

Ok, selamat menjadi 10 tahun. Have an awesome 10 years of life!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ready abang Fahri, ready!

Selamat bersunat Fahri.

Abah tolong jadi pompom man. Kuatkan semangat!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

We have a historian in the making

Fahri requested for a trip to A Famosa.

We were (literally) shocked, since we know that this is such an unusual request that we keep asking, "Betul ke nak pergi A Famosa?"

And he said that he wanted to go there. Because we went to visit historical places, only Fahri and Faiq were with us. Well, you know that your other kids are not interested, hehehe..

We also climbed the St. Paul's Hill. This trip satisfied Fahri's curiosity, thus it was nice fulfilling his request.

In front of A Famosa

St Paul's Hill

Faiq, look at the camera!!!

The city view from the top of the hill. Peace, adik, peace (Faiq's trademark when taking pictures)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Happy belated birthday my dear Fahri

Dear Fahri,

I know that you questioned why you were born in April, rather than November or December like your brothers and sister.

I love you, nevertheless. Please be yourself. I love that you have your father and your grandfather (both sides) to look to for always going to the mosque or musolla.

Thanks for always helping me, but you always make fun of your brothers.

May you grow to be the man that will always do everything for the rewards of the Hereafter, like your father.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Big Bad Wolf 2015

Aini won a preview pass on 3rd December for the BBW sale!

Look at me smiling with joy. In book heaven, hahahah.

And that OH SO AMAZING piles of books. Untouched. Pristine. All according to its genres (yes, I am OCD like that!)

Because raising a bookworm is a tough job, since you have to bring them along to any book fair or book shop.

And hey, I won tickets to TEDxKL event! Yes, I am a big fan of the TED talks. And the speaker line ups are amazing. Kuddos to the organisers:

  • Anna Karina Jardin - visual artist from Phillipines
  • Kid Chan - photojournalist (5th from right)
  • Jason Leong - a doctor and comedian (7th from right)
  • Umapagan A. - radio presenter (8th from right)
  • Davina Goh - entertainer (6th from right)

And this one guy, he wanted to go to BBW sale, because he was disappointed I only bought 2 books for him. So, let's go!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Buat anak-anakku...

Ibu doakan moga kalian dikurniakan syurga.

Ibu juga mengharapkan pencapaian di dunia, tetapi biarlah pencapaian itu sejajar dengan kehendak ibu untuk kalian ke syurga. Apa lagi yang lebih ibu impikan tatkala anak-anak ibu sendiri sudah sedar untuk menjaga waktu solat dan sanggup ke masjid untuk solat berjemaah?

Walau bagaimana susah pun sesuatu ujian itu, mungkin sudah termaktub itu sahaja yang Allah ingin hadiahkan untuk kalian. Ibu juga harus belajar menerima, dan ini juga ujian untuk ibu juga. Ibu tahu anak ibu sudah melakukan yang terbaik, dari segi usaha, maka tidaklah perlu kalian kecewa dengan hasil di dunia.

Rasa cemburu itu harus ada. Untuk kita memperbaiki diri sendiri.

Bagi orang lain, mungkin tiada apa-apa. Untuk Amni, inilah ujian terbesar sepanjang Amni bersekolah rendah. Ibu tahu Amni OK sahaja dengan keputusan yang diterima. Mungkin juga Allah hendak tunjukkan pada ibu, bahawa hati ibu sehingga semalam masih berbolak balik untuk Amni bersekolah di rumah atau perlu ke asrama.

Dan dengan keputusanmu nak, moga Amni lebih bahagia.
Alhamdulillah. Cukup sudah A itu, nak. Ibu bangga denganmu.

Friday, 11 September 2015

This boy

This boy is already 1 year and 9 months old, as of today.

He is still lactating with me (gasp) even though we decided to do early feeding with formula milks during his early days (for medical reasons). And now, he starts not to like feeding through bottle when I am around at home.

So, he is a partially breastfeed baby. And I am proud of it.

I know that some mommies would have different opinions, but I do find this one article on partial breastfeeding interesting. And I did write about it earlier when I was breastfeeding Fateh (Let's talk about partial breastfeeding).

I find that even with 5 babies (with my 2 eldest being formula fed), breastfeeding is still a struggling and daunting journey. Each baby has its own preference. I find that Fahri was really a fussy baby, and I fully breastfeed him till 2 years old. I think that is one of the best decision because we found out later when he was 1 year, that he has severe eczema (and it might worsen if he was on formula milk). He didn't want to sleep in the baby cot, and he will lactate all night non stop. It become much worse when he was growing up, that I think I woke up every hour just to feed him.

Fateh was an easy baby. I find myself getting the much awaited sleep at most nights. I remember that once he gets his fair share of milk, he would sleep through the night.

As for Faiq, well, he become fussy and dominant growing up now. But the reason might be because he has three brothers and one sister to cuddle and play with him. He will cry and get angry when I feeds him in the morning and suddenly he has to switch to bottle feeding.

Oh well, pats on my back because of the long journey on breastfeeding. I was able to learn about the tricks on breastfeeding when I had my third child. So do not put a blame on yourself when you have to formula feed your baby. There is no wrong thing in doing that.

Cheers to all mommies out there! You are doing your best. And somehow, the above cartoon reminds me of my youngest right now :)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Updates after a long break

Alhamdulillah di atas nikmatMu, ya Allah.

The small things matters. I have been too busy with my office work, that I sometimes forget that my eldest, Amni will be sitting for her first major examination in her life: Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah. With just a few weeks to go, the preparation has been intensive. From the start of Standard 6, her school has been conducting extra classes during the weekends. We have only been able to take a break during the Aidilfitri.

We have enrolled Fawwaz for tuition classes. At least a start for him. Let see how things goes.

Fahri has been consistently doing well in school. And Fateh has been improving after we enrolled him in the extra agama classes in the kindergarten.

That's Fateh and his best friend, Syafiq. He has been talking non stop about his best friend, and I noticed that he enjoyed his moments with this little guy. Went for his sport day last Saturday, with Amni at school involved in the Kem Pecutan program.

Went to Julie's house - she will be going for her Hajj on Thursday. We were able to reconnect with other long lost university friends. Imagine seeing some of our friends, after the university years.

I think Hajj story is better reserved for another post, I suppose. Talking about Hajj, we had a surreal experience. We went for our Hajj at the age of 26.